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A lot of people think "spicy" and "hot" are synonyms.

They aren't Though. It's called "hot sauce", not spicy sauce.

get it together

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Lots of stupid opinions about the military in this thread, from both military members and civilians.

I honestly can't decide which I find dumber.

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Well, there's things I wouldn't eat when I was younger.

Meat with any sort of sweet sauce, I'd always say sweet doesn't go with meat
Food that touched eachother, if there was ketchup drizzled on the fries in advance, I wouldn't eat it
sweet pickles
poutine(pretty much for the food touching reason but it also wasn't good)
Ah, I dunno, there was probably more. Like Jam. I've never had a peanut butter jelly sandwich. But I've grown up now and I don't have people hectoring me about how I eat so I don't really notice it anymore. There's no more screaming matches about how I have to eat my fries. Even when I do get the odd criticism, I can shut it down pretty quickly.

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