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Flamethrower Burger from Dairy Queen. Its honestly an amazing burger and is great with extra sauce. Really nice seared bite that hits the spot on my way home from work when im usually starving after doing slave industrial work all day. Usually pair it with a tall boy and a cigarette while listening to talk radio in my car. Only food that consistently gives me mild heartburn and burger breath though.

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You rang?

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Son, how would you like a fulfilling career?

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>The only thing that doesn’t belong on pizza is a bad attitude.
subtle. i still hate muslims tho.
>Please consider making your own pizza if you have access to any type of flour and yeast
what kind are you using? i use a mix of type 00 and semolina. i havent got any pictures right now and its like half past 2 here, but i will make one tommorow and post. also how do you layer meat/cheese? cheese or meat on top?

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>implying im not a racist myself

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