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the trillion-dollar question: is eating cultured vegan?

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Eat diarrhea

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Already in jail for being too based m8

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>move to new town for college
>apply for job at pizza hut, among other places
>worked at a pizza hut in my hometown before moving
>at pizza hut job interview
>store manager stresses over and over he is looking for someone that will stick around and not quit within 3-6 months like many other college students have before
>make all kinds of promises I am the man they are looking for
>assistant manager grills me about my class schedule, availability, etc and hounds me again about not quitting the job
>look her dead in the eyes and swear on my grandmother I am in it for the long haul
>sign my hiring paperwork
>come in next day
>work a 6 hour shift (in store)
>other employees talking shit about the past several hires quitting within a couple months
>tell them from the bottom of my heart they can count on me to be there whenever they need me to cover or anything
>have a long talk with the assistant manager at the end of shift about how I can tell I'm really going to like it here
>the next morning
>get a call from a call center I had applied at
>pays $1.25 more per hour
>interview that afternoon
>get hired
>no show pizza hut shift the next day
>ignore dozens of phone calls and messages from manager and assistant manager over the next 2-3 days
>mfw I'm livin' that call center lifestyle f a m

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Yes but I tried the atomic flavor a couple weeks ago and I've been craving it ever since. Tonight I'm thinking Wingstop fellas

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Thanks. You wanna meet up and touch peens?

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>college roommate is spoiled rich fat idiot
>anytime I cook something he has to comment on it even though I'm being generous and sharing with him
>the very next day he goes to the high end grocery store
>spends a fortune on the best quality ingredients
>comes home and makes the exact same dish I had made the night before
>costs 5 times as much
>takes him 5 times as long

Mfw I leave the apartment just as it's almost finished, not giving him the satisfaction

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If you smoke weed or eat weed edibles or talk about weed, you are a fucking manchild.
alcohol is based though

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>vigorously swish vodka for 30 seconds
>swallow it
>mouthwash and get drunk all at once

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Be quiet, the neo-nazi euro spamming all the threads might have another mental breakdown if he hears about this

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I used to eat those honeysuckles as a kid. Onion grass too, that shit was tasty.

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I'm never eating fast food again.

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Junk food plays a big part in your life doesn’t it, anon?

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>friend invites me to some soiboy cuckold's house
>soiboy insists I try his casserole
>politely tell him that I can't eat casserole and that I only eat chicken nuggets and spaghetti
>"why are you such a picky eater?"
>tell him I'm not picking anything, I literally can't
>he tells me I can if I try
>smile, take his casserole, put in my mouth, and immediately vomit all over his dining room table
>"I told you I can't, lol"
>never get invited back

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Bring a babka to easter dinner. Family loves it. They dont even know.

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>be me
>figure I'll probably want fiveguys in 40 years ago
>open a roth IRA
>regularly contribute every year.
>mfw I'm now abole to afford one burger without the tip
feels good bros.

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I make pizzas but with flour tortillas as the "crust", salsa as the "sauce", queso as the "cheese", and top it with jalapenos instead of pepperonis

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Eating fat makes you fat.

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I don't eat sushi very often, but when I do, I enjoy California rolls. When I eat them, I derive pleasure both from the taste of the food itself, and also from the idea that I am standing athwart a fashionable opinion against them. I enjoy eating California rolls and nothing that you can say will dissuade me of the fact of my own private phenomenological experience.

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>blue Doritos

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Fuck you bully

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