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Live and Let Die is my 4th favorite Bond film.

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Nobody cares what anyone does off the clock. Most people don't even care about your resume, or what titles you've held. You can tell within a few hours in the kitchen whether or not somewhat can cook, and is a "knower of food", whatever the fuck that means.

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>the lower standard of living compared to the US or do they up the quality of their products in this continent
It's not really a lower standard of living. They just have less options. You know how you go to a French/Chinese/Thai/Indian/German/Mexican/Korean/Japanese/Vietnamese/Italian/etc restaurant in America 6 days a week, and can be like, "yeah, I like Mexican food, but tonight I feel like bun bo hue"? In all of those countries they eat that exact same food 6 days a week, so having cheap/easy alternatives is still a novelty for them in this current year. That said, they take American fast food much more seriously for that reason, so the quality is usually much better, as it's seen as a treat.

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