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based ham sniffer
conceptualize the odor
and then conceptualize it again

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sure thing, buddy. you keep drinking that gatbage and telling other people that no, they're the fat ones. fatty.

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i eat what i want

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meow (he said herbs in cat)

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I sustain myself for the first half of the day on boiled eggs and rage.

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>first >>>/a/223298183
>now this

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that's not a joke anon.

You would never call japanese curry indian so don't call british curry

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was like biting into a soggy piece of styrofoam desu

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What are you retarded? Did you not choose your food when you placed the order?

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What's the difference between marmite and vegemite? Also, how are you supposed to eat them?

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>wheat bread
>blue cheese
>canned tuna
>sourdough bread
>white chocolate
Tfw fucked over by gluten allergy

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I pack lunch for work every morning. Protein bar, fish, wasa crackers, fresh fruit. Been eating this at work every day for years. I eat the fish and crackers with random sauces and spices to keep it from destroying my soul

My coworker eats multiple little cans of chicken a day. We both drink a lot of black coffee and water as well. Occasionally if I overpack fruit I give what I don't want to him

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>snack food / drink has backstory on how product was made
>always overpriced and bland

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are you a real wumao

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>not disabling the oven safety and baking it on the self cleaning cycle

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Crisp red onions are great on pizza. Not sure why everyone's hating. They're especially delicious on a proper thick and crispy pan pizza.

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