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Some Rooneyesque reflctions on Japanese foods

Bubble Tea: what the hell is this stuff? I mean, in what possible sense do unsweetened tapioca curds add to the experience of drinking anything? I had one of these things and it was like slurping up snots through my straw. I can only sit here and imagine what kind of insane man was sipping on an iced matcha and thought, do you know what is missing here? Something I can really sink my teeth into! With the approximate consistency and taste of an eraser.

Mochi: At this same occasion I was moved by my friend to try Mochi which is all they had for dessert. This is one of the most texturally unpleasant things I’ve ever eaten. It sounded terrible, ice cream wrapped in rice dough. Yet I still went ahead with dessert. I can only sit here in total confusion at the thought process of the man who had some perfectly good ice cream and thought “hmm, if only this had something of the consistency and taste of an eraser”.

Oh well, at least the Ramen was good.

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what is up with boba tea?

2 of these have just opened in my bumfuck redneck town

is this some coastal zoomer thing

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