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this must be why orthodox jews and muslims live so much longer than everyone else on average

oh wait, they don't

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>working for free because a robot replaced you

This is a new level of retarded. Here's your (you).

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Slumfag cuisine is not counted

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>posts a pic of an apple

OP is a fag

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You're trying way too hard m8. Here's your (you)

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>You still reply, but with no evidence.
Get on your fatass and search, anon. I'm not feeding the troll for your sake. You don't even know where I stand on the matter. I just wanted to see your thought process, and this is it. Probably this is a troll. Like 99%. If it isn't, I got to see your critical thinking prowess. It's nonexistent.

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This is obviously because women are worse at work and not because of the transparency of emotions over the internet and economic pressures


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You fools are thinking about this in the wrong way

Thing about how many college age yuppie/hipsters there are out there in the world with their parents credit card who, when seeing this picture then reading that description, doesn't wonder for a second what it might taste like. And that's all that business probably needs to make a profit. There are enough fools who think "fuck it im gonna buy a single bottle just to see if it's awesome, then never get it again"

This is fucking genius. Screen cap this right now: in the next 5 or 10 years someone is gonna claim they've discovered that powdered water is actually the purest way to drink water. It'll be the new craze that everyone latches on to. Water fountains around when world will be lined up with people waiting to make their own water in front of their eyes. Think of the sheckles

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