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McDonald's cult classic: the McRib. Based or cringe?

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I miss this lil nugga like you wouldn’t believe

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This is what you should be pulling your pud to anon. You're on /ck/, this is our porn.

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Christmas Eve, 2013.
I was alone as usual.
I was hungry after getting off work. I had three options: pick up a shitty pizza, eat some cold cereal at home, or swing through the Golden Arches. You all know what I had to do.
It was a holiday after all, so I decided I'd treat myself. No Dollar Menu shit this time (sorry Buffalo Ranch McChicken).
I decide to go inside for some reason, place is empty. The young hispanic girl at the register is pretty cute, nice change of pace. Merry Christmas to me, I thought.
Behind her, the menu caught my eye. Double Quarter Pounder had just gone out the window because there sat the BBQ-drenched sandwich of a better time.
"Welcome to McDonald's, what can I get for you sir?"....

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I... I gave.

I took the McRib-pill.

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/ck/, I have a confession to make.

I've never even tried a McRib

I've failed you, and I'm sorry.

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At long last I have tried the McRib. And desu it’s pretty good! Solid fast food sandwich and I like the long sesame seed bun. The rib was pretty tender and the sauce was okay! Only complaint is that there wasn’t much of anything going on. Sure nothing outwardly gross but it’s just a very basic bbq sauce on a tender but not incredibly juicy or flavorful pork slab with a little bit of crunchy red onions and two pickles. I will probably order it again bc it honestly sits a lot lighter in the stomach than most Mickey Dees and it was a nice pleasant simple meal that didn’t make me feel crappy and wasn’t too greasy, but on the other hand I can see why this was nobodies first choice item at McDicks causing its discontinuation. If the McRib has any aspirations of being an S tier item with the likes of the McChicken and the bacon quarter pounder with chee (add mayo) it needs a more interesting sauce and something more than a meager handful of raw onion slices going on flavor wise. Perhaps some kind of roasted pepper, or better yet a pat of crunchy coleslaw placed overtop the soft and tender pork slab. As it stands the McRib is a solid but fairly unremarkable sandwich. The texture and mouthfeel is nice, and there’s nothing wrong with how it tastes, but there’s not enough going on for this sandwich to be anything more than average.

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