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Leave and never return.
You too, faggot.

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>Like leaving the bone on beef
Both practices are awful. It's [current year], if engineers can fit (far superior versions of) computers that used to take up 1,800 square feet, into a tiny plastic rectangle that also has the ability to make phone calls, take high resolution photographs and video recordings, emulate Sega Dreamcast, and support digital networking, then the absolute least culinary-fags can do is serve food that's ready to eat.

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How is this even a question? It's easily one of the greatest beverage inventions of all time. It's 80-90% of what makes soda so enjoyable. And it literally cures small bowel obstructions caused by the trash "food" known as vegetables ("b-but muh fiber!"):
If you can't instantly and intuitively understand how good carbonated drinks are then you're a terrible person, or at the least, a severely damaged person.

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