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I'm starting to. I just love eating.

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hob soss

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I have been eating nothing but chicken nuggers for all three meals for the past week. Unironically. Feeling better than ever and I have even lost some weight. Is it safe to keep this diet going?

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This famalama ding dongs.
I am a bit of a heretic and have a thing for Arkansas styled smoked dry rubs for pork.

Also contributing to current discussion
Fuck this gook. His NF show had so much potential but by episode 3 I wrote NF a scathing complaint. Basically implying if they continue to promote anti-white bullshit I, like many, will cancel their subscription. I warned them about pushing the real subscribers to go back to were we started, VPNs and such.

If it was all schucking and jiving with mild racism targeted at all groups in would be laughing my ass off. Anyway....this is just a bump.
Gook I am sure is just mad because Koreans treat him like a bitch when ever he goes to Korea and some white guy is always stealing his little gook gf ever since he was 12.

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I ate two packages of reese's big cup stuffed with reese's pieces and a fastbreak, now my tummy hurts. Did I mess up?

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