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Peanut Butter
Shredded Sweet Coconut
Salted Butter
Homemade White Bread

suck my boaner

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>mug-less loser

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hope you have a nice bday anon cheers

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>poorfag cope
Normal people can afford spices.

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jose ole doesn't hold a candle to el monterey

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potatoes, rice, eggs, beans, farmers markets are dirt cheap.

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Back in my day 4chan had managed to craft some coupons that actually scanned. Got like $4.89 off a frozen pizza, I lived off these coupons for nearly 6 months

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sketti is gay as fuck lmao

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>hanging out with some friends one time
>a couple guys say they went to the best restaurant ever like 5 hours away from here
>won't tell us what it is but insists that we go
>got nothing better to do so we all agree
>pull into a Chili's parking lot
>"okay guys we're here"
>mfw remembering this

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Imagine calling someone else autistic and defective after you wish death on someone because they don't like your beer.

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>You don’t need a smug attitude and a blonde pompadour to reject bad information

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>He still thinks covid is a thing

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Im sure he had his wisdom teeth pulled too lmao.

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>be 11
>spill a massive plat of spaghetti all over my weeb friend's carpet in front of his autistic clean freak mom

>sunday morning through the years as a child
>hungover dad gets up early to make french toast
>slathered in butter
>sausage and bacon too

>be 13
>order cheese burger from macdownland's
>last burger I ate until I was 28 because I went vegan pescitarian for the next 15 years

>loved koala cookies as a kid
>little sister got them for me for Xmas

>first time drinking beer
>sopporo for my birthday
>spent the night playing serious sam BFE with friends

>be 8 at Epcot
>man makes grilled sprouts in front of me
>I eat them and hate them cus im 8
>whenever I think of jap food I think of gross grilled sprouts

>be 12 at friend's bday party
>talking about pizza with his mom while we decide what to order
>she's fat as fuck, and says she loves pizza hut because it's so greasy

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Good shit, anon.

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You're autistic. You white knight Jack of all people. Think about that, anon. Seriously--just dwell on that for a single second.

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ITT: Americans getting BTFO

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Americans are so insecure about their quality of their shit cheese lol

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>Make soft-scrambled eggs
>Literally hucking a tablespoon and a half of ice cold butter in to emulsify my eggs
>Perfect everytime

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So Shitcago has nothing then.

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