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>be me
>got drunk.
>have leftover pizza saved for lunch.
> wife ate my pizza for lunch not knowing i was saving it for dinner
note here we do both eat each others leftovers all the time it's not a big deal and i didn't say shit like i should have.

>not the end of the world
>remember i have ham and gruyere cheese.
>I'm out of bread
>am desprate. wake wife up to go get me bread from the gas station
>being as cool as she is knowing I've been drinking she's like sure, but I'm crashing back out when i get home.
>get my bread. open up my ham AND it's slimy and i see mold trying to form.
i ended up eating my last hot pocket and now I'm waiting 3 hours for chick-fil-a to open so i can order breakfast. i don't drive drunk and she works in the morning.
i have got to get better about keeping some bullshit frozen food in the house. everything else i have right now would take forever to cook and i don't like doing anything that complicated hammered.

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