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Made rice and beans with a spoonful of vegimite, a little bit of franks wing sauce, two drops of dave's ghost pepper sauce a good bit of liquid smoke, garlic / onion powder and some butter. What does that say about me?

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Beans and Rice.
That is all.

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just made blackbeans and rice with mushrooms and spinach. only spices were salt and pepper. it was pretty good.
what are some other cheap and easy rice or noodle based dishes?

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How do you spice up rice and beans without adding a ton of calories?

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What are /ck/'s favorite struggle meals?
Post them here.
I am having money problems for the first time in a while and I need to resort to struggle meals.
I've been making rice and beans and I'm just tearing through my 50lb bag of white rice and my canned beans.
Like I said, I it's been a while since I've been totally broke, so I've got pretty much any seasoning or sauce that I need.
Cookwear/ Equipment
>any pot or pan I could need
>slow cooker
>instant pot/ "express cooker" (purchased years after)
>decent knife set
>kitchen aid (x2)
>grain mill attachment
>pasta attachment
>juicer attachment
>a fucking fondue pot (this is fundamentally retarded to list, but bonus points if you can figure out a struggle fondue)
>a cheese grater (listed because some people don't have one and block cheese is cheaper. I realize cheese shouldn't really be on this list, but I love the stuff)
In my pantry there is some basic stuff that I've stockpiled
>aforementioned 50elbow bag of rice
>baking flower and sugar
>about 150 packs of ramen that I will never touch under normal circumstances
>some potatoes (need to buy more)
>4.5 28oz jars of crunchy peanut butter
>10elbow bag of pancake mix
>27 boxes of assorted pasta, about half is penne
>about 84 packets of pre-seasoned oatmeal, various flavors
>2 jars of mayo
>breadcrumbs (panko and italian)
>beans (dried kidney, lentil, and lima)
>a lot of fucking canola oil (I don't usually fry stuff but am open to it. Grease disposal at home is a pain to me)
>hella eggs (fridge)
In addition to this, I do have a little bit of expendable cash to spend on groceries. Chicken breast is often buy one get one where I am.
While I am well aware that I could survive off this shit alone for pure calories, but I am looking to the creative side of /ck/ to help me find a way to make this taste good. I need a few good pasta recipies, I have too much fucking pasta.

tl;dr I am about to be broke and have some shit to burn through.

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OP you'll be fine because there are enough calories in it + vitamin/mineral fortification. However, cereal and milk are terribly expensive per serving. Eat ramen, or better yet rice and beans instead.

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