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its cringe yes but fuck me did it have flavour. Plus the heat levels are indeed on the masochistic scale. good shit.

10/10 would hurt myself again.

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Best i had was at Nando's. They were trying some experimental sauce (only lasted about a month), slathered it on my grilled chicken burger and thasted great; nice and sharp. Then the heat kicked in, it wasnt just in my mouth, the entire sensation was coursing through my face and gut making my hands feel numb and sweating more than when you forgot to wipe your browsing history. In the end get so high off of the ensuing endorphins I forget what happened and find myself somehow with a box of 1$ for 12 donuts in the middle of the city (15k's where i had my meal) having one of them street preachers talking to me about Christ. The next morning I had lava pouring out of the arse. Best hotsauce experience ever.

TL:DR, Hotsauce got me high.
10/10 would be in agony again.

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