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Forgive the image, just for relevance.

My friend came home to visit and I wanted to send him back with some hot sauce I made. I ordered the bottles from Amazon but Corona delayed my shipment. I was making the sauce when I got the text so I finished it up and put it in the fridge. I got the bottles now but am wondering, do I have to heat my sauce back up in the pan or can I just sterilize the bottles and after the cool bottle it?

It's been in the fridge sealed for 2 days. When I was making it I brought it to a boil and then backed the heat down for about 10 mins before letting it cool.

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Posting the superior choice. Not spicy but better tasting than most.

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To this day, I still haven't found a hot sauce that I like more than plain old Tabasco

>I put it on my hand and eat it without food

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