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Do you autists really save pictures of all your meals?

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>blood sausage?
>your presentation sucks
>Only Europoor slavmonkeys would eat this
>just season your rice please

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Do you guys ever order Chipotle and then eat it in the car?

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5'11" 185lbs
I want to lose more weight but im too depressed to care

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I've made some homemade quality beef broth and demoglace, how should I use it?

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I made some demiglace, a lot of time for little quantity so I wanna use it wisely. what's a good dish to use it for?

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I wish I had a gf

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>poor af family
>"anyone want a ramen ?, I wanted to cook some"
>everyone want it
>dump 4 ramen into a big pot
>eat it with rice
yeah, we poorfag are supposed to be independent and help with housekeeping

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I too love microwave corndogs OP. State fair brand are my go to. I only eat beef ones though

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Thanks anons. I've been watching some YouTube videos now, and seems like there's no need to add any water while boiling it, the grapes release enough liquid.
I know that removing the seeds or using seedless grapes would be the best option, but i just cant think of an easy way to remove the seeds from so much grapes, i guess ill just hope they get sliced enough by the chopper that they aren't annoying to eat in the end product. Ive read that grape seeds are acrually pretty good for you and have important nutritious benefits so i guess that's a plus.
Also, should I bother putting any of that powdered gelatine shit they sell in stores or is it pointless?

And about preserving it, it should be fine to just put it in clean jars and then keep it in my fridge for a few months, without having to seal the jars and boil them and shit, right? Sorry, for the dumb questions, I've never done preserved food before

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They really don't know how to cook. Their traditional food is laughable and gross. Traditional spanish/french/italian food is miles ahead of the british.

You are an island with great fish and you waste it with shit recipes. Imagine being proud of your national cuisine when the national dish is fish and chips. Fish is delicate. It doesn't need to be deep fried you fucking retards.

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>fell asleep watching Report of the Week again
>dreamed of having endless supply of fast food without consequences again
>know this dream is impossible
It hurts bros

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>love cooking, worked in restaurants for years
>want to do interesting and experimental recipes, baking and such
>kitchen is a tiny piece of shit with maybe 5 feet of countertop for prep, shitty coil stove and one sink with no space around it to do all dishes with no dishwasher
it's not even worth it, now I know why city cucks order all the time, they have no room or equipment to cook nice meals if you aren't rich to afford a big apartment

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does your poop turn black after eating blueberries?

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What cookies should I make?

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o-ok sorry

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i’m hungry

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