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Yeah next thing you're going to tell me is you've never seen stuffing made with cornbread. Go on OP keep making me laugh ya bozo.

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>mostly single cheeses
>some of them don't even fucking have cheese
>so many of these combinations sound like ass
I guess I would consider this the "ultimate" idea guide as far as inspiring me to do better.

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>Why don't you spend money instead of getting the knowledge from your fellow peers
>Inb4 >fellow peers

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>For real. Stupid people, so obsessed with things like calories and sodium content, without getting to the root of the issue: they're still eating processed crap instead of healthy home cooked meals.

You people are so fucking retarded. That is not the "root of issue". The root of the issue is too many calories, not enough burning off of those calories. It's not fucking rocket science. Do you know how many chubby faggots I know who spout off bullshit about "hormones in food" and "muh processed" "muh corn syrup" "muh gmos" like literally none of that shit is why you're fat, faggot. You're fat because you eat too much. You're fat because you sit on 4chan all day and jerk off to porn, loser.

The reasons to eat quality food have to do with harm reduction against containments and impurities in manufactured food, combined with the lack of micronutrients. Quality food ingredients are important for overall health and energy levels, but it is not even close to the "root" issue of why people are obese in modern first world society. Having a healthy appetite to eat a lot of food is good and evolutionarily advantageous for an organism that naturally burns 3000-4000 calories in a day from manual labor and movement in general, but it's not good when you keep those same genes but then only burn 2000 calories in a fucking day because you work in an office like a cuck.

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>implying the lard that literally got a pause during the middle of a pro match so he could get a snack isn't an eternal god
He's more based than you can even imagine. Washed up or not.

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>what if i posted the same, low-effort soyjak thread over and over

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>mashing red potatoes

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by using a mandolin or a grater

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I remember more oc originating there. I'm pretty sure pic related originated on /sp/.

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Children have pitied you?

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>refrigerate after opening

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>leaving your butter outside the fridge
is this a meme i haven't heard about?

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this image made me laugh hard because several friends and i like ragging on britain for being bland garbage. thanks for the fuel anon

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You fucked up when you said blue steak. Blue is what someone who doesn't like food would imagine a food lover as enjoying. You trained yourself to not act disgusted by it and you think that's what everyone else is doing too. If you don't like steak just say so, tastelet manchild.

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>eating shrimp at all

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> he doesn't subject his onions to a 12-hour interrogation under bright lights

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>cheapening your meal by "enhancing" it with MSG

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shut up u weeb faggot lmaooo. sushi is for gays and japs

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>not Mr. Boss

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>american bashing european toilets
listen yank I've been to your shitty country and your toilets are a fucking abomination for dicklets. You have water literal inches from your asshole so you need to hold onto your cock to stop it from dipping into the water and your shits float around disconcertingly close to your body, looking down and seeing a shit knowing if I let my dick go it would start dunking for turds like a snake at a scat enthusiasts halloween party far exceeds any sort of discomfort I've felt in even the worst bouts of diarrhea I've been afflicted with in my lifetime. I'll concede that our homes seem to be built exclusively for manlets but I will never let an american act like their toilets are anything short of a fucking disgrace designed by retards.

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>not living in spain and having 5€ packets of high quality jamón** (not jámon you fucking bong) in your fridge at all times
>buying a whole fucking leg when you probably only live alone and don't have a reason or a family to celebrate it with

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tfw my sister orders pizza

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