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If you leave the kidney in a bowl of water in the fridge overnight, there's very little piss smell/taste.

It's something I have to have my butcher order in especially for me when I want it. Such a shame.

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Never really got much piss smell from kidneys. I water them out overnight in the fridge.

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Leave it in a bowl of water in the fridge overnight first.
Cut it into manageable pieces, salt and pepper them, flour them, fry them at fairly high temp in plenty of fat for a short time. I wouldn't say leave it rare like you do with liver, but you don't want to cook the hell out of it either. And don't crowd the pan.
Fry up some sliced onions too and use the leftover fat and flour in the pan for a nice easy gravy with lots of flavour.
I like to sprinkle a good amount of chopped parsley on the finished meal but you don't have to.
Have it with toasted bread or boiled/roasted potatoes or whatever.

Definitely seconding the steak and kidney pie too, but as the other guy said; you need a nice crust for it.

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You do you, but kidney gets a bad rep, especially from people who never tried it.
I usually just leave the whole thing in cold water in the fridge overnight, then slice it and fry it. Or grind it into the sausagemix.
The kidney's do indeed make pee, yes. They make it from blood. The same blood that passes through every other part of the animal's body.
They don't even smell or taste pissy if you water them out like I described.
Just don't overcook it. Same as liver.

Pic related; cow kidney. Lovely with some butter and onions on the pan. Makes a nice gravy too.

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Says pate in the file name

I'm sure we're all mature enough to not make any jokes about THAT.

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Don't ever bother arguing with people who think kidneys and livers are "filters" and somehow nastier than any other part of the body.
They either cannot or will not learn something as simple as basic human physiology.

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I think we should call it something else.
It's delicious and versatile food. Calling it offal is insulting.
Grew up eating pig hearts stuffed with parsley and braised. Delicious and the gravy you get from them is out of this world.
Cow tongue on rye bread with mustard.
"Leverpostej" which is paté/liverwurst with pork liver. Also on bread.

My father would sometimes make pork liver but I hated it. Only many years later and living on my own did I give it another chance and loved it. Turns out my father overcooks it massively; something that ruins liver utterly.
Cooked right it's amazing. And cheap.
Same can be said about kidney, although I never had that at home before moving out on my own.
Went to the butcher's one day and bought a veal kidney on a whim and fried it lightly with onions. Soaked it in water in the fridge overnight first, though. Basically cooked it the same way I would liverslices and it was great.
That is also a fairly cheap cut.

Even if you're not a big fan of the organmeats by themselves like I am you might enjoy the "kick" they add if you add a little to the meat next time you're making mince. Or add a little to stews or meat pies or chili or sausage...

Chickenhearts are pretty cheap here too so I'll sometimes get a pound or two and fry them up whole and have them with roasted potatoes or with rice and vegetables.
You can also skewer them and put them on the grill. They're delicious and perfectly bitesized.

Pic is a veal kidney. I need to take some new organ pics because I keep using this one.

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Fuckin' love me some ox tail. Braised all day in my big cast iron pot I inherited from my grandmother. You can use an osso buco recipe for it.
Used to get a few pieces for free when I went to the butcher's but I moved recently and now I have to get to know a new guy.
Meanwhile I'm paying for my ox tail and it's not as cheap as I remember. I asked about it and there just appears to be more demand for it now. Hrm!

At least chickenhearts are still affordable here. Love those fried or grilled. Fry up a handful of them and add them to ramen or stews or whatever. Or skewer them and grill them in Summer with some mushrooms.

Tongue is great. I don't understand these people who think tongue or heart or liver is somehow nastier than muscle. I agree with >>10414427

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I eat the inner organs of beasts and fowls with relish.

Growing up we always had the pig hearts split open, stuffed with parsley, trussed up again, and braised for a couple hours in a big cast iron pot. Delicious meat and delicious gravy.
Beefheart is quite good as ground meat. I usually mix it with "normal" meat but you really don't have to.

Fried liverslices with mushrooms and onions. Either with gravy and potatoes or on a thick slice of schwartzbrot or a similar dark rye. Toss the liver in flour with some salt and pepper before frying it.
Liver is great as sausage/pate as well and even if I'm not making an actual liver sausage I'll usually throw a little liver in the mix. You can do that with heart as well.
Growing up I absolutely HATED liver and it was only many years after I left home that I gave it another shot, apart from liverwurst.
Turns out liver is just fine if you don't fry it in margarine for an hour and a half. I had already made a similar discovery with porkchops, which for the first 20 or so years of my life I didn't know could be juicy and tender.
Give it a chance is what I'm saying.

Kidney I don't have so often but I do like a beef kidney when the butcher has them. Fried and served much like the sliced liver or in a nice meat pie. Like the liver you don't want to fry it too much.
Works well as the meat in a stew as well but what doesn't?
And no, it's really not very pissy. I soak the whole kidney in a bowl of water in the fridge the night before I am to cook it and there's only a fine tang of faintly scented urine after that.

I got into organ meats because I grew up eating some of them, mainly hearts and when I moved out on my own I kept buying them because they were also cheap. They're less cheap now but you can still find at least livers and hearts on sale sometimes.
Kidneys, tongues, blood, tripe I only ever see at the butcher's and sometimes not even there. Not much demand I suppose so they probably use most of them in sausages and such.

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Never had mole but this thread is making me want to try it.

Surprisingly much good meat on a head, though.
You do eat sylte, right? It's in season too.

Is it the cabbage that makes it bad? I don't suppose I ever had that particular combination but cabbage seems like a pretty inoffensive side that can be made to work with most meats.

That's crazy talk. If you don't like lamb chops it must be because you only had poorly prepared ones. I can see why not everybody likes mutton, but lamb?

Because you might like it now. I grew up thinking liver and porkchops were both dry and tough and terrible. It was only years after I moved out of my parents' house I tried cooking either by myself and now I love both.
Your taste changes with time and from the way you describe the lasagne it was clearly not made as well as it could have been.
No skin off my nose if you never eat it again but you're most likely cheating yourself out of some nice food.
Hell, I never even tried kidney until I was in my thirties because my parents always told me it's nasty and tastes like a toilet. It's not and it doesn't.

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That would be kidneys, you idiot.
Those are also delicious, though.
Don't even smell or taste much like piss if you leave them in a bowl of water overnight. It's "faint" if you will.

"Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liverslices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencods' roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine."

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Get a new one from the butcher.

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Just don't burn it like he did.

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