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>Actually cooking rather than posting shitty food memes

came to the wrong place buddy

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>Not getting Mac Sauce instead of tartar...

It's like you dont want to live your best life.

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Had some burgs yesterday, in fact. They were really fucking good, even out of the freezer. Personal recipe. People who don't make their own burgers are subhuman.

23% mince, an egg, handful of home-made chilli-infused breadcrumbs, generous dash of home-grown parsley, three cloves of crushed garlic, black pepper, small handful of onion finely diced, splash of white wine vinegar, generous splash of worcester sauce.

Before cooking, sprinkle of sea salt and rub some olive oil over both sides. Griddle pan as hot as it can be. Sear one side, flip, sprinkle of grated parmesan and then some thinly sliced cheddar and colby to cover. Lower the heat to medium and cook through. I know by now when the burg is perfectly cooked by the state of the cheese.

Sesame bun, lightly toasted. Home-made tomato salsa, a tablespoon of home-made coleslaw, caramelised red onions, tomato, gherkin, lettuce. In that order. Tomato is fresh from the greenhouse when possible.

Burg night is an exclusive event. Ain't nobody in my social circle does burgs like I do burgs. Four times a year, I deign to blow everybody's minds. I usually have enough left over for a few meals worth to eat myself, if I freeze them. Naturally, they aren't as good after being frozen, but that's fine.

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Jack is god's gift to food gore

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Okay friend, I googled smashburger and got the website for a chain restaurant, so I am guessing you're a pathetic NEET who has systematically obliterated his palate with years and years of garbage fast food.

So what you're going to fucking do is get some breadcrumbs, some onion, some eggs, some cooking oil, garlic, dijon mustard, fresh parsley, worcester sauce. For accompaniment/garnish, you want iceberg lettuce, salad tomatoes, gherkins, and some mature cheddar. I am assuming you already have salt and pepper.

Prepare your ingredients. This means chopping shit without killing yourself, and for fucks sake make sure everything is actually finely diced and not just hacked into chunks or it's going to have a shitty texture. You want one onion, and a few stems of parsley. Remember to get rid of the stems. The garlic should be crushed, about two cloves.

Chuck a kilo of beef into a bowl, about 250g breadcrumbs, the egg, the onion, the parsley, the garlic, a couple teaspoons of dijon mustard, and a few splashes of worcester sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Cover and leave to chill for a few hours.

Next, take this mixture and shape them into burgers. They'll shrink a bit while cooking, so keep that in mind. You can freeze any that you aren't going to eat right away, they defrost with about 4 hours in a fridge.

Heat a griddle pan until it is fucking hot. Not warm, hot. If you don't have it hot enough then your burger will start steaming itself and won't brown properly, and will be shit. The pan needs to be really hot.

Brush both sides of the burgers with oil and chuck them on there. After 3-4 minutes, flip them, and check if they're properly coloured. Repeat for the other side, continue until they're both well browned.

Shred some of the cheddar and put that shit on there, then bung them under a grill until the cheese melts.

Remove from the grill. Lightly toast buns. Add salad to buns. Add burgers to buns. Add condiments if you like.


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Not everything is meant to be taken literally, calm ur tisms buddy

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>oven on fire
>"fuck fuck what do I do?"
>takes picture of burning oven
>cries about it a Slovenian sausage board
nice job bud

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Nope. I meant /fit/. I left that shithole a while back. I popped in randomly last week and saw about 6 threads all the same shit, along with that "first sip" line. Sad really, they were my bros...


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It's been in the gutters, man. Oldfag here. It pains me to see 4chan go down this path. I may move on....

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This fucking nigger asked me how many chicken nuggets vomebin a number 10 (10pc Chicken Nugget Meal)


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