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Most disgusting food you've ever eaten?

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Fresh raw oysters on the half shell are god tier and perhaps the ultimate manchild/pleb filter. If you don't like them and can't understand why they're so enjoyable then you just have shit taste I'm afraid. They're truly one of the finest culinary experiences known to man. Few foods are so perfect in their raw, natural form.

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that is fucking putrid. What is it

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Tuna salad. Pasta salad. Disgusting mayonnaise and cold pasta with Italian dressing

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These chips. Maybe I got a bad bag, but it tasted like someone fried them in rancid 50 year old oil and then vomited on them.

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>Fresh raw oysters on the half shell are god tier and perhaps the ultimate manchild/pleb filter. If you don't like them and can't understand why they're so enjoyable then you just have shit taste I'm afraid. They're truly one of the finest culinary experiences known to man. Few foods are so perfect in their raw, natural form.

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Do you miss eating at diners? I sure do. I haven't had a good hot turkey or hot roast beef sandwich in a long time.

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>when he eats your dog, so you have to settle for his microdick

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Crazy rich Asians do gets laid pretty good

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How is bee yourself bitter?

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Good morning frens, I'm going to make some deep fried pickles today. I've got a recipe and that seems simple enough, but I've never really used the deep fryer for anything other than french fries. How much pickle can I put in the fryer at a time? I'm going to cut them into spears.

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At least do a cook along to show us fren

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Objectively the worst fried pickle shape.

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Maybe, won't be for a couple of hours though as I still need to go to the grocery store

Why? what would you recommend?

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How to make the most refreshing drink? Most common options are too acidic or sugary, and leave an acidic mouthfeel after a few minutes. I have discovered coconut water, which is the most refreshing beverage I’ve had, but it’s a bit expensive. It has some mild, round yet fresh flavour, is not acidic, and there’s something about the character of the beverage that makes it seem much more cooling and refreshing than just water.

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>make post requesting most refreshing beverate
>cum brought up instantly
Not gonna pretend this was a surprise

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Lightly flavored water or just tea.

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Tap water running on cold

If you really want greatness, put that fucker in a plastic bottle and let it sit out for a bit, once it gets to 68 degrees youve got heaven

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Coconut water /thread

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How old are you /ck/? Remember Dawei? Dave, as white barbarians called him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYwvfxWF460 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K9IciaC5oI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2O4GuNHwEg

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need me a grinder grrrrl

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who here /lacroixboix2020/ whip and naynay on them niggers

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what were they thinking?

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also, what do you mean? something like on pic related?

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do they even know what croissant mean?

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shitalian here, i remember when at school, during the last exams period, the school's caffetteria would offer those savory croissant filled with soppressata salami, grilled before serving
it did literally sweat oil but fuck it was so fucking good

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Is it just me, or french dough* lefts significant aftertaste in mouth? Irony taste and kind of sticky texture, unpleasant feeling generally speaking.

*by "french dough" I mean dough for making rolls, like that one on your pic, I'm not sure if it's international name for it 2bh

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so I don't know exactly when or if it is confirmed but my uncle who works for McDonald's told me that in a few months the price of the McChicken is going up. it will probably be priced at $1.50 according to him and I believe what he saying because he usually has always been correct on the cutting edge McDonald's news. I'll probably buy some at a good price and freeze them for the time being but idk what I'm gonna do In the long run.

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shut up Chang. take your humiliation fetish elsewhere

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>eating fast food

dumb spic

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No kinkshame, prease.

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Did you already done this response somewhere

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What got delete

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Essential Kitchen Accessories Edition.

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why wouldn't they dice the chicken before they marinated it?

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Lack of planning

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well now i'm just angry.
they planned enough to make a video

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Trips confirm. Hoes mad.

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What's for breakfast, /ck/?

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There are many health benefits to eating blueberries. It is considered a 'super food'.


Plus it gives you amazing shits.

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>Plus it gives you amazing shits.
That's what the coffee is for.

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Made this earlier today

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>thinks coffee gives you amazing shits by itself

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What do you eat for your vitamins? Or do you just take a pill.

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>Hubbys favorite!

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>dumb frog poster

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>my grandmother came up with this on the raft of plague corpses she used to sail to the states! Easy, and always a crowd control device-I mean pleaser!

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>"simple traditional recipe!"
>ingredients from a different continent that couldn't possibly have been in the dish

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This is the universal signal for rampant portioning and spicing mistakes throughout the recipe

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Easy to peel they tell you if they're ripe or starting to rotten their the best.

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me like nana

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>inb4 bananas are berries lol

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There great with peanutbutter

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why the fuck do you need to make 10 threads every day, you attention seeking faggot? just fuck off already

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Practicality, health, how well it energises you in the morning. What's the best?

What do you have and do you have a traditional one?

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>eggs seasoned with sugar
>polished white rice (nutritional void)
>soycurds coagulated with gypsum


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Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. Fight me, fatties.

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Some mornings I feel nauseous as soon as I drink water, it goes away in about 2 minutes. Anyone know why? I feel like it might be because I'm dehydrated.

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same thing bro, feels weird in my throat and stomach, drink coffee or tea instead

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How much chicken base can you eat

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>tfw you freebase chicken base

>> No.14539322

base on what?

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I actually thought this was some form of ice cream at first.. I was getting excited

>> No.14540223

Want to freebase some chicken base and do butt stuff to each other?

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>12 !

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just tried this. it's really good. tastes just like an ice mocha. chocolate flavor and sweetness is mild, just the way I like it. I give it a 9/10, great drink. loses points because the can ain't aesthetically pleasing in design.

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there's not much else to do in the circumstances in which we find ourselves

>> No.14538692

Do something constructive. Porn is bad for your mind.

>> No.14538694

i know, but i'm into femdom porn, so that knowledge makes it even worse to stop watching it lol

>> No.14538695

Do you have a gf or wife?

>> No.14538698

btw i meant "harder" not "worse" in my previous post

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See k, I want to try using doenjang ( Korean soy bean paste) in a stir fry. Recipes, tips would be nice. I'm thinking maybe mixing it with oyster sauce and some water and corn flour to make a stir fry sauce.

>> No.14538808

I add a little bit to most ground beef and stew preparations.

>> No.14538903

Korean anon here and you should try the doenjang-jjigae, which is a really hearty and nice stew you eat over rice and other "banchans" which are like mini side dishes in Korea.

>> No.14539102

This stuff leaves a feeling in my throat like I gargled salt water.

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The Melton Mowbray, an absolute delight. Please, feel free to post other absolute delights.

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Doritos and ramen

>> No.14539942

It already is, anon. You're deluding yourself if you think the meme brand name becomes less of a meme brand name with a DOP sticker on it.

>> No.14539976

You've got it the wrong way around. You can make a better pork pie and compete, you just can't call it a Melton one because its not from fucking Melton.

>> No.14540055

Delusional. You can't make a better Melton pork pie without uprooting yourself and moving to Melton. Imagine thinking arbitrary lines in clay determine the quality of a product instead of objective facts, sound reasoning, and market facts.

If Melton pies were so good in the first place they would stand on their own. You're just another leftist justifying state-sanctioned monopolies because it makes your feelings a little better.

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On the subject of regional British foods that are a delight.

Bakewell pudding (not to be confused with bakewell tarts).

Sweet puff pastry with almonds and raspberry jam. Insanely nice but ultra rare in shops because it needs to be freshly baked, unlike Bakewell tarts which can keep for weeks.

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Is coffee good for you?

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>> No.14538575

On a side note, I really dislike people who keep saying how much they're addicted to coffee as if it|s some kind of interesting personality trait

>> No.14538579

Is being addicted to alcohol an interesting personality trait?

>> No.14538580

Caffeine increases alertness, which can help with everything from concentration, testing performance, tasks, and to elevate mood. Because of caffeine's effect of water in the colon, it may stimulate gastric spasm and create motility, for people who need that to be immediate like that. Coffee mornings mean people can evacuate and do a BM prior to shower and prior to starting their day away from home.

It has antioxidants which are known to help move out those free radicals which help cell regen from being messed up damaged and mutated. Highest antioxidants are brewing method, esp if the volatile oils aren't filtered out of coffee such as with drip.

I've not aware of any other purported health benefits of coffee other than these 2 compounds, but the benefits of antioxidants is an exhaustive list from anti-cancer to beauty which you can now apply to coffee too, and of course the mental alertness and attention is also beyond what I listed.

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It is if you're a fun drunk.

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Thank you :) Gonna have to get some of that sirop! I bet it makes a great pastry filling.

>> No.14538616

My favourite meal and I'm from Liège

>> No.14538622

Flemishbro here, did I make you proud?

>> No.14538624

There is also brown beer in the original recipe anon.

>> No.14538636

Yes and no, if the recipe is made properly then yes and it's not the case in OP post.

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We're grilling them today, boyos.

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Meat is good for you.

>> No.14538728

Vegans fuck off

>> No.14539260

I have a problem with morcilla in that I like to eat a little bit of it, but can't really love it. I couldn't even eat half of one of those,and they're quite small

>> No.14539277

Me too, but there's a reason they are typically fewer in number at bbqs compared to other sausages, so you can eat a slice or two.

>> No.14539284

>>>14538519 (OP)
>I have a problem with morcilla in that I like to eat a little bit of it, but can't really love it. I couldn't even eat half of one of those,and they're quite small
They are part of a mixed grill. Steaks and other meat, and everyone also gets like 1/3 of a sausage on their plate. All people truly just eat a few bites only.

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