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I have £20 to feed me for two weeks and have literally no food in the house. What should I buy? I'd really like to eat meat once a day if possible, even if just cheap frozen sausages.

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wait, is there finally a good rip of this movie?

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No. You're eating rice, beans, potatoes, eggs, and frozen vegetables. It's gonna be rough, but you can do it.

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>20 ain't enough to feed you for 2 weeks,.

Shopping at ALDI can do it.

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This guy gets it.
Meat is way too expensive if you're poor.

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You can get a 24 pack of cheap sausages for $8 AUD, spend the rest on rice and some ‘chup.

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Nigger nigger nigger nigger

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>he doesn't eat organic

enjoy your pesticides and atrazine goyim

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>Implying the world wouldn't starve as a whole if we all went organic
The only reason there is plentiful food to eat for most to stay alive is the green revolution, brainlet.

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>letting others know


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The certification and inspection of farms is done by third parties, some of which are inevitably corrupt and accept bribes. I'd be suspicious of any organic food coming from outside the borders of the U.S. Anyway, back in my farming days, they literally ran it on the honor system. The inspector will ask what you've sprayed, at which point, you can fucking lie. They never actually tested soil/produce to verify if we were telling the truth. At one point, half of our production space had lost it's organic certification due to accidental application of a fertilizer that had lost it's OMRI status - the point being that we reported this mistake OURSELVES. We simply could have said nothing.

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I'm convinced, with how expensive Organic food is, that it's literally eugenics.

Poor people get atrazine and pesticide laced food that disrupts their endocrine and hormone systems.

Rich people get normal food.

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I only eat the finest inorganic foods. Thank you.

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some 'chup will help

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Why is it so dark? Looks really old....

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Had me a fresh 'go 'za

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Ch-ch-chuuuuuup it UP!

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It’s just a typical contrarian fad on Reddit.
Remember when they where ‘unironically’ eating baby food?
That site is cancer.

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i used a black plate for slightly charred food, not my best move
yeah i have a new bottle of heinz. that bottle is maybe two months old though. just looks like that


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> be me
> be veteran
> live in small town with no chain restaurants giving V day deals.
> Another year where no one didnt thank me for service
>next year I am going to try to be in a conservative state
What did you guys have for dinner? Did you celebrate?
Any vets on /ck/?

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>thank me for service
Hell no. Fuck off with thake fake sentiment, pussy. You got paid and that's it. Go thank the cleaning lady for her service, she got a real shitty job.

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>no one didnt thank me
Why would society need to thank a double-digit IQ knuckle dragger?

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>Incoherent sentences
That's true at least 80% of all posts

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Fuck off bootlicker.

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>Muh discount.
As long as you aren't one of those fucks who get uppity and ask for it AFTER I take your money.
It's not my fault you fucking forgot to mention that shit to me, so now we get to hold up the line as I undo your whole fucking transaction so you can save almost the state sales tax.

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>Visiting Europe
>Go to restaurant for lunch
>they don't have knives
>Fork has 5 prongs

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Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

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Shitposting cell posting too.

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Pick one. Yuropoors are too poor to afford food.

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>no ice in their water
This is the real crime.

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rent free

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I'm sick of making pumpkie pie every year. What dessert can I make for Thanksgiving to blow everybodys dicks off?

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Derby pie. Dark chocolate, walnuts, and bourbon. How can you go wrong?

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Dessert pierogi with sweet potato as filling. Little bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg for taste.

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This DESU or a chocolate pecan pie w/ bourbon.

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They taste pretty much the same. Pumpkin/sweet potato

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OK Jeff, you're a faggot we got it already

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>"Hey guys, Mark Wiens here and today is a beautiful day in Gambia, Africa"
>Montage of some shanty town
>Mark spots a joyful boy on the street
>"Let me just... Oh wow, Ming, look at that child's forearm!"
>"So plump and tender"
>Eyes enlarge as the monster stares into the screen
>"I can't wait to take a bite of that!"
>Mark violently chases after a small Gambian child and tears his scalp off in one smooth grab whilst his malnurished wife and son watch with dead end eyes
>Oh wow... You can... You can almost smell the freshly squeezed blood coming from his veins!
>Mark rips out of the eyes of the crying child
>"Oh, and the tears really help tenderise that juicy flavour!"
>Mark begins to cock his face with a psychopathic grin as he rips out the still living child's entrails and begin to devour them
>"They just melt in your mouth! MMMMMMMMHHHHHH OHHHHHHH!"
>Ming watches in despair, unable to look away, the sight of her 'husband' devouring so many children has left her numb, yet in constant shock
>Mark rips the boy's spine out and begins to snap each bone to hunt for bone marrow
>His long, anteater-like tongue caves into the ridges for his tender treat
>"Mmm, it really melts in your mouth!"

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Needs hot sauce! Hot sauce I cannot live without.

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This isn't the Adam thread...

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Mark sounds like a Skinwalker

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I’m certain he’s a demon

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you're not wrong.

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So I want to try for the second time in my life to make a steak with the reverse searing method.

The first time I fucked up because I didn’t pat the meat dry when I took it out from the oven, but now I have further questions:

>should I salt the raw steak before putting it in the oven or before going in the pan?

>when I dry the steak after the oven part should I let it rest some minute or should I throw it in the pan as fast as possible?

>is this method suitable with large but thin steaks? Mine is 600 gr but 1.5 cm thick

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Yeah, it sounds like that it will be impossible to cook to right temperature.

Reverse searing is more for thicker cuts where searing won't affect chore temperature to any relevant degree.

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why are there pizza rolls on that meat plate?

>> No.13202094

North african spices.

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Ok so I’ll go with the smoking hot skillet only

They’re not pizza rolls, they’re called gnocco fritto.

It’s a dough made with flour, water and lard then fried and eaten with cold cuts.
There are different shapes, you can made a panino out of them if you want.

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I want to eat like Garou. What kind of steak is this?

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i just fukkin ate a jar cold cheezewizzz and i feel so fucking sick im about to throw up

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why are americans like this

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already threw up chunks of orange cheese, god its stickk stuck in my neck i almost died, i can barely breath now, its all gunked up guys what if i choke and die it burns too fuck

>> No.13201868

drink plenty of water and either purge or try and ride it out, I can go ahead and let you know tomorrow's daily morning dump will be unpleasant if you ride it out but if you really hate throwing up then it might be the right choice for you.

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Jews have corrupts our souls, drained us of morals and filled us with sin.
t. American

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Try real cheese. You can eat several pieces without eating that much. Same with real, good food in general.

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Why wont the FDA shut these fuckers down? They are poisoning their customers and making them have horrible gas at work. You could lose your fucking job!
There is a whole website trying to bring them down but the government wont fucking listen.


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I used to eat these and then fart in your mothers mouth. Haha, she kinda liked it bro..:m

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unnng ungr gcooom is a food

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im a durnakahol

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Remember /ck/, hot roux, cold milk, no lumps.

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But wouldn't the milk fresh from her breasts be too warm for a proper roux?

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Yeah it's pretty shit.

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remember, you are the adolf hitler, of your apple fritter

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You are the Che Guevara of your carbonara.

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Just sift the flour into the butter and stir frequently. No lumps form at all and none get into your sauce.

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Thread for questions, stories, and discussion of Thanksgiving holiday cooking.

What's /ck/ doing for the holidays? Cooking, being cooked for, or avoiding the debacle entirely?

I'm in charge of the the kitchen this year for my extended family gathering of 20 or so people. My planned menu consists of:

>Green beans (style tbd, fuck doing that nasty casserole)
>Mashed potatoes
>Sweet potatoes (roasted or mashed, still undecided)
>Butternut Squash risotto
>Turkey gravy
>Cranberry Sauce
>Salad with mixed greens, apple, pecan, dried cranberries and blue cheese
>Selection of rolls
>Assorted pies and ice cream for dessert

What does /ck/ think of this spread? Anything missing?

Thread Question: What's a dish or tradition that's somewhat unique to your family gathering?

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Could use some advice here. I planned a menu well in advance that I would cook for everyone. I just found out that some well-meaning relatives were unaware of this, and have ordered two "thanksgiving meal kits" from our regional grocery store. They're basically a turkey and some pre-made sides that just need to be reheated in the oven.

I appreciate the gesture and don't want to be rude, but how the fuck to I square that with my desire to not eat a giant TV dinner for thanksgiving.

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No Karen


Yea it's way too sweet with 2 cups but I figure 100 years ago they had bigger families and a lot more people coming over for the holidays so had to split it among more people. The pie slices were probably microscopic by today's standards so the sweetness didn't matter.

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Rude, and I should mention that we need full gay civil rights now.

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Make some nice desserts and an extra side, but you're stuck with it.

>> No.13202587


Focus on making fruits and vegetable sides. The store will likely just make canned sides and frozen mac and cheese.

Citrus salad with grapefruit, blood oranges, cherries.

Green beans with mushrooms, brown butter and almonds.

Ginger maple carrots

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First time making beef wellington.

Any advice/criticism?

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>Any advice/criticism?
fuck your mother

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Well by how much she liked the BW, I probably did just that to her mouth.

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>all of these fucking frog threads up

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fuck you you fucking corn eating nigger

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*crrack* *ppssssh*

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wyhat is sthe best thing to cook

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wwlerl how m ai supopsed to buy something i can't know the fuspecific name of

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you talk like a retard

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just tell me what to cook and ill do it okay its nto that diffuclet

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mark ripplertu says to driank lots of milk asnd when i did dstartfign gstrtenghht i usrused ti drink liwert iek ana half gallons a daly *(0ojknly whole le mile4jb)

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>ITT we build an AI generated cookbook and discuss how horrifying it'd be


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Salt the water and boil it down. After it's cool, filter the remaining water. This will give you the "liquid" that you're going to use to make the syrup. Add about 20% of the water you removed from the chicken broth, which is how much you used, and the remainder of the water. If you have leftover broth in the pot, you can either add it to the syrup, or strain it out, discard the water. Add the chicken stock back to the pot. Stir it with a whisk or wooden spoon until the chicken is completely submerged. Remove the pot from heat and set the sauce aside.

5. Meanwhile, heat up the remaining coconut milk in a saucepan.

6. Once it is warm, add the coconut cream and sugar.

7. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook until the sugar dissolves.

8. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Transfer to a container, cover it with a lid

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The first step to making a good chili is collecting all the beans you will need.

First, iced, black, green, and red lentils are added to a crock pot.

Lentils and lentils can be expensive. They can cost upwards of $4 per pound. If you're willing to spend a little extra money, I like to buy some of each type of lentil and keep them in my freezer. These lentils will last for many months.

After adding these beans to the crock pot, we add the remaining ingredients.

Red kidney beans, canned kidney beans, dried pinto beans, red kidney beans, canned lima beans, black lentils, dried garbanzo beans, canned chickpeas, and dried kidney beans.

When all the ingredients are ready to be added to the pot, add them all and stir.

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For me it's the McChicken, the best fast food sandwich. I think it's the sandwich, it's like the McDonald's is the McDonald's of our country, like, they have the quality and it's just the taste of McDonald's in America, right?"

"I would say McChicken, you would say McChicken," he says. "But we don't want McDonald's to take away from us. It's something, like you're a sandwich, but you also have a burger. It's the best sandwich in the country, right?"

When he says McChicken, he's referring to the sandwich that the McChicken chain was started by McDonald's founder Ray Kroc. In a 2013 profile, McDonald's announced that it would expand the menu to include all kinds of chicken options, including the McChicken. "I like that they have McChicken because it's good chicken," he says.

"And you think it's the best chicken, that's my point. I think."

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about to embark on the journey of a live time. Off to the spice store with me pup! onward gentle mini-steed! Wish me luck /ck/... by night's end I shall be supping upon authentic east indian spicy delight!

>> No.13201645

Remember to add like half a stick of butter to the finished curry, it'll give it a silky texture and the actual restaurant flavor you're chasing

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