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Why are people bad at cooking and what can we do to change this?

The world's obesity is only getting heavier and the main reason I see is because people stopped cooking at home and rely on restaurants or processed foods.

What's the solution?

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>Why are people bad at cooking
Because an average human being is retarded.
>what can we do to change this
Ban everything and introduce govt programs making cheap frozen dinners with pea protein, ketchup and MSG.

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I think that defenestrating millionaires and billionaires would be much more useful

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Change jobs dude, if you don't have time to feed yourself you're doing something wrong

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Make sure to line up for your fifth booster faggot. And wear the mask and don't be with your family or you might get the COOOOOOF

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Problem is that cooking is looked down upon by most people. I've noticed this is especially the case in US where restaurants hire literally anyone and less said about fast food the better.

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Fast food tastes like industrialized trash yet my cooking is 10x worse, what do

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sorry. I had better ratios than that when I was a noobie, I used chess.com though maybe that's why.

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it's knowing how to set them up and exploit them. they give you short term goals that facilitate the long term goal of mate. weapons in your arsenal. otherwise you're just pushing wood

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Season your shit? Get a salt+pepper mix and msg and put it on everything

I literally cannot cook something bad anymore. Even if it tastes like shit I add seasoning until it doesnt

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I’d recommend first trying to be less of a faggoty little bitch who uses words like “industrial” to mean “things I want to be better than”.

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what snacks will you be serving this year to lure out your family's incel-- I mean introverts?

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Who the fuck gets together for Christmas? That's something you do with your immediate family. People only get together for Thanksgiving, but after the last grandparent passed away everyone just kind of decided that it wasn't worth getting together anymore, but maybe if it's convenient for some of us, and if some people can't make it whatever.

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I want this but I will never ask for it.

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For Christmas I just want money so I can order myself a pizza next day and go out alone to buy shit I want

t. massive introvert

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As my family's resident VOLcel, I'm trying to get my parents to take any guests out to eat at a nice place and leave me in peace at home.

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>Who the fuck gets together for Christmas?
countries that dont do thanksgiving moron

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I ate falafel for the first time. It tasted good. Sort of like onion rings. Crispy outside, soft inside. Apparently it's a great source for protein.

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It's pretty great. Whenever I get a gyro, I ask them to cram a few in there along with extra tatziki

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Falafel and gyros are godtier

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It's mostly just fat. You won't get much protein from falafel. Since it's fried, it'll also make you fat.

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Falafel is just a big mush of chickpeas with a fried crust dumbass. It's very high in protein and has almost no fat.

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This is now a cramming thread

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I normally don't eat beef, but I decided to do a little late night shopping and cooking tonight. What do I do with this cheap cut of meat? Mine look exactly like the OP

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Douse it in steak sauce or gravy and admit defeat. Don't overcook it next time.

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i seared at like >450 on stove (infrared thermometer) and oven'ed at 400 until 130F (came out looking medium tho). Did I do something wrong?

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low and slow

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I've cooked eye of round in a pan a million times. It's not the greatest but it's fine, good meat, just dump worcestershire on it and/or use A1.
It's really meant for a roast though I think

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Hit it with the uncle Chris and some red pepper, pan fry with some oil. It's usually a decent cut for the price but pork chops are a better deal 99% of the time

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My gf will sometimes go, well what if it had cheese on it? To certain things I make that should never have cheese on them. Such as meat loaf. She will do this at restaurants as well sometimes. Does anyone know anyone else with weird food suggestions?

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>Google image search
>Eyeball sandwiches
What the fuck

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Cut her clitoris off and put cheese on it

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Your girlfriend is a tranny you faggot.

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based wallace girlfriend

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Bros, what's it like to have a gf?

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I never know what to cook for dinner and my gf is no help either so we eat pasta almost every day.

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fuck that's a lot to go through
any stand out books to look at?

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>I'll eat literally anything but my gf is a super picky eater which makes it more difficult to cook.

Feel it. The Silver Spoon is really good because it has a broad appeal and 90% of the food is delicious and not "weird."

The book in >>17093991 is actually really, really good too.

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Literal blockhead

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How does someone have a skull shaped like this?
Is this an alien?

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Chubby asian brat pitt.

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Let's talk knives.
Convince me not to pick up this set of Wusthof Classic Ikons with creme grips.

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I like 'em cause they remind me of old ivory gripped revolvers. Not pearl because I'm not a pimp in a Louisiana whorehouse.
Ironically getting that trio is only about 70 or 80 bucks cheaper than this block set.
An 8 inch chef knife should be plenty. Just make sure you're not hacking through bone.

>> No.17094000

Buy the set for me and send it over free of charge instead.

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Best budget cooking knife?
Trying to get one for my girlfriend
Just a basic good quality one for cutting stuff.
We just have basic cheap Wal-Mart tier knives, I want something a little fancier

>> No.17094237

Cutting vegetables with a dining knife is more difficult but it's fine. Steak knives if you really need something sharp. Nobody needs more than this. I don't and neither do you.

>> No.17094243

Best knife for like 50-75$?
What's the difference between a 100$ and 50$ knife, is damascus steel a meme?

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I hear burgers, floating around with mustard and onion rings
But I don't hear a heart muhfucka

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And that's why I eat less now.
I almost always regret eating too much.

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he's 70% jagermeister at this point

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I have a friend like this and I fucking hate him.
All he does is eat and fart, eat and fart. And he complains that he's gotta lose weight, but all he does is eat and fart and talk about his farts.
Fuck you

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aus-bros, how do you eat for cheap with everything going up in price?
chicken hasnt seemed to move much, still $3.00-$3.50 p/kg for a whole chicken, which is decent, but beef is so goddamn expensive now that I pretty much never eat it

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t. seasonal fruit picker who gets paid minimum wage

>> No.17095175

go for the ones with experience demands and lie when u apply then say u have experience doing slightly different but similar things and just pick it up as u go

>> No.17095178

see I thought I was on minimum wage too but u city boys keep telling me 60 dollars is impossibly high looooool

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You're lying.

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pretty wild to imagine abos actually accessing 4chan

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I'm parched. Care for an orange fool?

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Just looked it up, sounds pretty good

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it's a custard anon, you don't drink it, you eat it with a spoon
dumb bitch

>> No.17093853

i went to mount vernon and purchased their cookbook and the recipe is actually pretty good. also orange fool is more a custard than a drink.

i've chosen to ignore your shitty attempt at bait

>> No.17093863

You've never been quenched by some fruit and cream?

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I have some pork loin rib chops and a pan. Any recipe ideas?

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Tonkatsu with curry sauce over rice? A heavily peppered pan-fried pork loin also goes well with diced apples reduced in honey and a little cinnamon until the apples are soft and form a sort of glaze. Serve with maybe scalloped potatoes and a veggie.

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Butter, rosemary, salt & pepper. And sear the shit out of it. But if youre trying to impress some chick, go with a korean doenjang marinade, and grill that motherfucker.

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I have lots of beans but the only meat is pork sausage.

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It's meat, it'll work just fine in chili.

Porn chili sounds pretty spicy already

>> No.17093995

>I have lots of beans
What does that have to do with anything? I thought you said you wanted to make chili, not bean stew.

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Texas scum.

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All done

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Where's the sauce? Have I been making spaghetti wrong this entire time?

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you forgot the garlic

>> No.17093785

Where's the lamb sauce?

>> No.17093829

>not eating it raw
fucking plebs

>> No.17093879

>he doesn't eat dried wheat stalks
you pussy

>> No.17093927

It's at your local Walmart for a few bucks a jar. Look for the orange colored stuff that says "vodka" on it. I think that's French for "tasty"

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I haven’t eaten something in a while. Recommend me something to eat or cook from my available foodstuffs. I have chicken, bacon, broccoli, cereal (Weetabix, Alpen, Coco Pops), porridge oats, milk, pasta (brown and white), tomato pasta sauce, breakfast juice, raisins, wholemeal bread, peanut butter, chocolate spread, apples. For reference it is 1:42am where I am.

File: 677 KB, 1500x1500, 483acec8-2229-4105-b6f0-9ab6b4fea042_1.b4969d6fbe0f8eb3a9447defc9562aa6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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I bought too much corned beef on my last grocery trip, and need to eat it before it goes bad. Have about half a pound left, sliced. Any ideas (other than another fucking corned beef sandwich) what I can make?

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Stews & soups, first thing that comes to mind is Irish potato.
Breakfast, toss it in with some eggs and shit. Hell, make an omelette.
Would probably go good in a potato salad too.
Slap a slice onto a burger or with a sausage.
Slow cook & shred it for a variety of things.

It's not hard to come up with uses for good meat.

>> No.17093656

Im liking this idea, will definitely throw some on top, over easy

>> No.17093710

Corned beef with cabbage and potato.

>> No.17093754

That would hit the spot right now but the only cabbage I have is kimchi. Im gonna try and make a hash with diced onions, bell peppers and instant potatoes. Fuck it

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Went ahead and cooked it like a steak, eggs over easy. Made some roasted veggies, with an instant potato hash. Had leftover mushroom & onion gravy so threw it on top.

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objectively speaking , what is the best side(s) for a rack of pork ribs?

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>> No.17094097

Pickled onions is my go-to

>> No.17094116

Cheap white bread and a side of slaw.

>> No.17094128

BBQ baked beans and a peanut 'slaw.

>> No.17094199

beans and slaw

>> No.17094284

well seasoned french fries
creamy slaw
bbq beans with little bits of rib meat in it
small slices of pickle

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How much is too much garlic? I eat around 6-12 cloves each day. Pretty anything I just pop some raw cloves on it and it's good. Eat some just like that too.

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as far as i can tell, about 100

>> No.17093678

I love garlic but I find it super strong and to prevent it from overpowering a dish I'll use half a clove or less at most.

like, some of you, pump the brakes. your smell/taste is shot, do some fasting on a mountain top in pure glacial springs for a week or something

>> No.17093692

There's no such thing as too much. 12 cloves on a single pizza? Go for it.

>> No.17093707

if you cover it in honey you can't taste it at all
do with this information what you will

>> No.17093713

you can also boil it when making lentils / etc
gives it a much softer texture and milder taste

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>> No.17093846


>> No.17093992

I keep my Sriracha in the fridge.

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Get rid of the Zapps and Twinkies. Replace the Ritz with a soda cracker. Just a few tweaks and you're on your way to becoming a chef.

>> No.17094992

Shhh don't talk about them

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>check date
>we're in December
>Hears Mariah Carey music from a car passing by

alright, post the dishes anon

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>> No.17094358

ham balls and pigs in a blanket. monkey bread on new years. tangerines in the stocking. mincemeat pie

>> No.17094920

are these burrito-shaped turds?

>> No.17094923

I made a 2kg tiramisu for my new workplace last week, to share with everyone.
Closer to Christmas I'll buy a bunch of cheeses, meat and fruit and have a consistent platter to munch on over the whole break

>> No.17094938

Go back Paco

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