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A lot of people think "spicy" and "hot" are synonyms.

They aren't Though. It's called "hot sauce", not spicy sauce.

get it together

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Asuka a shit

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I think today I'll go use my spicy oven to bake a few spicy cross buns and maybe when I'm done I'll slather some spicy butter ontop.

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I have this white, insipid, fibrous fish fillets.

How do i cook them?

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Fish soup with lots of potatoes, root vegetables and onion/leek.

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Not Brazilian but they have a dish called moqueca that would fit that kind of fish

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This for sure, make a fish stew. Shrimp, chunks of shark, potatoes, cilantro, spicy tomato and red pepper broth, little neck clams.

Make the broth super flavorful, then the shark is just there for protein and texture.

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dude yes, literally just had that. shit is great

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Eating shark is gross because if you didn’t remove the bladder fast enough they piss inside their own skin

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Not my problem

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not yet, anyway
what a low quality pan

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not my problem.

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>when he cooks with teflon

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Sometimes I wonder if I just lack talent

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i used to make fun of my dad for making simple meals, but little did i know

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hash, anon. not hashbrowns.

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dust steak lightly with flour
oil the pan
cook steak, remove from pan
cook potatos, remove from pan
cook onions, add steak and potato
toss to combine
pour onto plate,

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boil the potatoes whole the day before. let them cool in the fridge overnight. then dice and cook according to these instructions. you can lightly dust the potato in flour and pan fry in oil for a crispy coating

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you should have added the beef first, fried it until all the water evaporated and it developed some color. then you take it out and fry the potatoes in the remaining fat and combine afterward

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I think Domino's is better.

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"chicken tax"

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You've only made it more confusing I'm out

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He literally told you what it is, you faggot cocksucking zoomer.

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Dominos is legit the best pizza I've ever had
I've gone to fancy restaurants, top pizzerias, all the little "underground" shops in every major city in NA but Dominos has always been the best
Idk how they do it

What's your order bros?
Lately I get
>Extra pineapple
>Garlic dipping sauce
God tier

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Dominos has better pizza, Pizza Hut has better wings and boneless wings

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are there actually people who eat hummus cold?

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why are you eating memes?

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what the fuck

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everyone except for you

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i come with good tidings.
try this simple trick that muslims HATE.
put your hummus in the microwave, just to knock the chill off, don't cook it until it's hot. truly you will learn the error of your ways, and will never look back!

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Yeah I do.
It doesn't.

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>You need to try sparkling water! It tastes like garbage for 2-4 weeks but after that you get used to it and love it!
What the fuck is wrong with sparkling water drinkers?

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what is happening in this picture?

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>What the fuck is wrong with sparkling water drinkers?
addicted to carbonation but not man enough to drink beer.

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Fuck you.

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This or Perrier or fuck off

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If your lips are still stained with corn syrup from your last binge, you won't get it

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I tried poaching an egg

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You suck

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>why would you do that?

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>hot water
How do people mess this up

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i do not, for i am not a poached egg.
makes the eggs taste like shit, anon.

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Looking at the egg, the water was either too hot or the egg was too old. To poach an egg, you use water that is barely simmering. That looks like the water was at a rolling boil.

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>Destroys ever other fast food franchise

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The big issue with arbys is that their lines take literally forever to go through. It's insane. Like 4 cars is a 20m wait, regardless of location.

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Chick-fil-A's buns are trash. They're like the cheap store brand buns

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I’m watching Seinfeld and I’ve noticed everytime they are eating Chinese food in restaurants they are using chopsticks.

Is it “normal” or the “right thing to do” to eat Chinese or other oriental foods with chopsticks? Will people get mad if you use a fork?

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Nobody gives a fuck about your bait, faggot.

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I wasn't pretending shit. It's called irony. Cultural appropriation is low hanging fruit for said ironic humor

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>Only a fool would believe anything posted here

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I'm gonna go ahead and pretend I understand how that's relevant

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are you too stupid to use chopsticks?

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>not a coffee fan due to it tasting bitter every time no matter what method I use (creamer for example)
>been getting starbucks hot chocolate since I was a kid
>as I get older I realized half the time it's made perfect, delicious chocolate flavor mixed with whipped cream
>half the other time it's mixed like shit so I get no flavor and the whipped cream evaporates in the hot chocolate so fast it doesn't help it
>goes to 7-11
>gets a hot chocolate
>tastes good every time
Any other hot chocolate lovers feel this way?

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im about 170 though and 5'9

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post body

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make it yourself, here's what I've been doing for years

1 1/2 tbs 50/50 dutched cocoa powder and cacao powder

1/4 cup whole milk

combine in mug and stir with a chopstick until its well combined

pour mixture in pot, add 1 cup whole milk and stir until well combined

heat slowly, stirring however much seems appropriate, you really can't stir too much or screw it up too bad

now this part is controversial, I like chocolate pretty bitter but it sounds like you don't, so I'd say add 1tbs turbinado sugar. white or brown cane sugar works, really any sugar works but i like the subtle molasses taste of turbinado, stir and heat

keep a soft steam going for 5 minutes, staying careful not to denature the milk. if its too hot, you'll get a film of denatured milk like cooked eggs over your milk.

Add peppermint extract, almond extract, vanilla extract, whatever extract you want. vanilla is never bad.

hot choco's like soup, there's tons of ways to make it so modify it however sounds good. This is my preferred recipe unless I feel like peppermint. That's a lie, I add a half cup of decaf too but you dont like coffee

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>turbinado sugar
stop being a fucking pretentions faggot just say brown sugar

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the gas station hot chocolate around here is thickened with like corn starch or something. its a wierd constancy.

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What food goes well with horse tranquilizer?
I need to calm down, but I also need to eat.

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horse dewormer

>> No.16868189

apple sauce

>> No.16868195

You need to calm down?

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Cocaïne goes well with ketamine anon

>> No.16868288

Euh if i had to guess oats for that true horse experience.

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*steals everything from your kitchen*

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Easiest way to keep them out is to shave orange peel onto the cracks they enter the kitchen from. Lasts a while and really does scare them off.

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Just build a little ant wall , it worked so well on the southern border , , never mind .

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Simple solution.

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ah i love that :3

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whats your favorite candy?

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Peach rings

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You posted it. I love sour stuff, its underrated.

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I now present, the best sour candy ever

I also love Airheads Xtremes, Warheads (which aren't even sour to me anymore I can suck the sour off of 2 of them in 5 seconds with no problem), Sour Patch Kids (overrated though), Sour Punch Straws...

I also love chocolate, Dove is great, Cadbury is good, Hershey's is only good if you buy different variants (kisses, miniatures, their now defunct Spreads Snacksters that were really good), the regular bars taste like shit. M&M's and Twix are good too, Andes chocolate mints are great.

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sir, you have an exceptionally exquisite palette for candy. mine is a carbon copy.

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Pic related they have so much flavour and the texture on the candy and jelly is perfect

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White eggs or brown eggs? Why?

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Brown ones are usually bigger.

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Ok cuck

>> No.16868766

doesn't matter, they're both eggs.

>> No.16868775

it doesn't matter the color is added to the eggs just hours before it is laid, and can be removed.

egg color means nothing.

>> No.16869086

Brown eggs are usually pasture raised and white are usually factory raised. They could make white pasture ones, but i think they make them brown since people think brown food = healthier (like with rice, bread)

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Is buying coffee online a good idea? canada btw

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if you think that's rude, maybe 4chan isn't for you

>> No.16868265

yeah of course, I'm partial to Phil and Sebastian, Pilot, etc.

>> No.16868268

support your local businesses

>> No.16868421

were you not socialised, how is calling someone a retard not rude

>> No.16869048

go to /pol/ and ask, i'm sure they'll help you understand

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Cool. How’s that built in cheese treating you?

>> No.16868185

nice. I had fried snapper with steamed veg

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enjoy your feminisation

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I dreamt of fairy bread and glazed bread last night so i'm probably going to the Aldi for some cakes and cookies after work.

Yeah some nice glazed cakes would do.

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sweets be upon you

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Italian food is severely overrated.

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What, you don't like 200 different shapes of pasta?

>> No.16867903

Every food is.

>> No.16867908

It's garbage for the most part. But, the vaginal units love it so I pretend and go along. Crusty bread and mussels is my method.

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>grind up pork, add salt, put in casing, boil
>grind up pork, add salt, put in can, boil
Whats with the hate for Spam? I’m not even from Hawaii but I can’t see anything wrong with how it’s made or it’s flavor.

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My parents after church cooked up spam for breakfast with eggs, toast and hash browns. The secret is to get it thin and crispy!!

>> No.16868585

It tastes fine but god damn does spam smell like you're literally frying cat food. Very unappetizing

>> No.16868600

That's just part of the draw. It gets all of my cats to come see what I'm doing. :)

>> No.16868844

There's a Spam Museum in Austin, MN I went to once. They had every single flavor of spam available, even the discontinued ones. 10/10 best vacation.

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For me, it's Treet.

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