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im making spaghetti with moose meat

it will turn me into an italian moose

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More like a canadian buck.

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are you a swedish girl??

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I want a tall, blonde Swedish wife so bad, bros.

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what do you mean by this?

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food to eat when you hate everyone?

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Cherry Pie

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i just ate some brie with bread
was pretty good

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Saucy Ribs with your hands

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Who came up with this stupid naming convention? No nuts are actually nuts. What even is a nut any more?

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>Like that one cunt who always points out that tomatoes are fruits.
So are olives and peppers.

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Yes. And nobody actually cares because the information isn't useful when talking about food.

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unless it's about fruit on pizza...

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Cucumbers and beans too

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>you can't call a fruit a fruit
>Why? Because...................just because, ok?

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People said the school food tasted bad, b-but I liked it. Why would they say such things!!??!

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Gaslighting gangstalkers.

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It's a Jewish conspiracy.

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Not all school food tastes bad. It depends on what state you live in and whether the school cooks for itself or contracts a catering company.

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There was a time when school lunches in the USA were remembered very positively, and where being a cafeteria cook at a school was considered in pretty decent light. It isn't mission impossible to make filling, tasty, and decently healthy foods, and other places still do.

The reason they tend to suck is a double combination of state/federal guidelines regulating the nutritional content on the food they subsidize for the school, and cafeteria staff/budget being placed on a lower priority. The first makes it increasingly difficult to make food on the spot as nutritional values take increasingly higher priority over cooking process and price/availability of ingredients, and most public schools find it easier to solve the problem by outsourcing most of the production. It leads to select companies trying to compete with price while using the nutritional guidelines as the "OK" metric over more subjective things, and leads to the bland-but-healthy meals you commonly see parents/students complain about.

When I grew up in the early 2000s to early 2010s, the elementary school and middle school had that mediocre meal which was subsidized and was either low cost or free depending on your family's economic status. I'd often skip lunch except for milk, but I was a picky eater - I'd probably tolerate it better today. In high school we had both that option and another contractor which provided an unsubsidized but cheapish processed foods. They were pretty unhealthy but very tasty and filling, and I'd say 1/2 to 3/4 of the kids got that depending on the particular dish that day. Carbonated juices, gatorade, giant cookies as big as your face, bacon + cheese sandwiches on giant bread, etc. So yeah, I'd say that focusing too much on serving ideally healthy food ended up making things worse in many cases.

Did anyone here go to a private school? How was the food there?

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It was inediable post Michelle Obama. Ateast in California. t. Just graduated last year

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So I only got into cooking last year because i wanted to get more fit and am still pretty noob. Now im making gumbo tonight and my rue smelled like it had a slight burn, but it never got burnt looking and stayed liquid and didn't get too thick. However, tasting it with my garlic, celery, onions, bell pepper, and jalapenos, it didn't taste burnt. Im wondering how it could have smelt burn while just as a rue but not taste it when i mix in the rest of the ingredients. I also basted my chicken in Steel Reserve because it's the only thing I had and i very rarely drink.

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so for a gumbo it'd probably be bad since it needs to be hotter? or can there be low-temp gumbo?

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Yes. You want a nice dark roux for most gumbo recipes. Conventionally lard is used.

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You could use clarified butter for a dark roux, I feel like avocado oil would taste odd. As >>16275768 said lard would make the most sense given the regional origins

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>smelled burned but didn't taste or look burned
spilled ingredients on your burner
>too thin
used too much fat

too much fat will make your gumbo oily, but other than that it doesn't sound too bad. if it thickened the gumbo enough for you, use less fat next time. if it didn't thicken the gumbo enough for you, use more flour next time.

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You can also use regular butter for a dark roux. It's mostly done, because it's quicker and only done for colour anyways.

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What's his fucking problem?

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retarded vegan girlfriend

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Super Size Me 2 should have been entirely about how corporate America doesn't actually create anything or do anything productive and puts anyone who does into inescapable amounts of debt. But nah, he needed to make it about his gay restaurant for some reason.

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Alcoholism and egomania

She's not anymore. She has gone 180 if you look her up!

Perfect description

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never trust documentary directors that appear too much on camera

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He should bring back I Bet You Will but I doubt it'd fly today

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What's a decent handheld dish scrubber?

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I just use a kitchen sponge
What are things like >>16276029 good for?

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I use a chainmail sheet to clean cast iron and stuff that's really stuck onto my steel. I use a sponge with an abrasive side for everything else. I have never liked scrubbers, I feel like I have less control over the pressure than the sponge or chainmail.

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I use both, the brush for really dirty dishes which fuck up your sponges, like melted cheese

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Aren't brushes a lot more expensive to replace? Those single layer rough sponges are dirt cheap. I don't mind fucking those up.
The only brush I own is one I bought for my lodge cast iron. It was like 10$

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Maybe they're slightly more expensive but you don't have to replace them after using them one time

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Post your breakfast ITT
Post advice as well.

Is there a way to remove the clear membrane from sunny side up eggs? I usually scrape it off with a fork, and it has the consistency of Jell-O. Am I even making eggs right?

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I found that they leak fluid into the pan and get everything else soggy when I cook them cut.

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what kind of sauce?

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Instant soba noodles with more veg and peanuts added. Threw in 2 fried eggs afterwards

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>enriched white

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why is your orange juice glass defying the laws of gravity?

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I'm picking up a job in a food truck, cleaning shit, sous cheffin, and also just making stuff. Will this improve my culinary skills at home?

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how about you get a real education and a professional job and pay the street taco monkeys to make you the poor people food instead.

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if you plan on making the exact same thing at home sure

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For the most part,no because you won't want to cook after you got home from cooking, and because you're making like a small range of things.
The major exception is chopping quickly, which is a nice skill to have so you can impress people when cooking.

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I remember your thread from /adv//

Good luck anony!

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the greatest snack

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I like Fieras just a little bit more

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That's the weirdest picture of old bay seasoned pork rinds I've seen, did they do a redesign?

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These are superior to Takis, better texture honestly
I'm white, I love spicy food, and I have a latina gf ;)

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>pic related

Got a new grill, a Weber S-345, and broke it in this weekend with a nice USDA Prime ribeye and some accompaniments.

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an ok-ish club sandwich. I should've used more meat and seasonings

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i cooked several hundred meals (in part or in whole) for bougie fuckstains. I really, really, really hate line cooking.

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Tried my hand at blue steak. Turned out okay but had some nasty diarrhea

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The sear looks bad, the asparagus are burnt. Are those raw onions?

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What foods would you include?

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a bunch of random snacks doesn't become a dinner just because you put it on a piece of wood

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Charcuterie was never meant to be a dinner tard

>> No.16275678

I personally like nice soft crackers and a sweet jam or compote of some sort, some sort of aged salty ham, and chicken or pork liver mousse/pate.

Also cornichons for crunch.

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You sound like a working class chump. I bet you thought it would be a great "investment", how you would wake up to a warm, healthy breakfast to start off your long day. Maybe, you even had a couple thoughts about all the other nifty little uses you could find for the thing, how it would help you cook healthier meals in general, shed a couple pounds off the old gut, boost your confidence around work and with the ladies. Yeah, maybe that slow cooker would start your life cooking again, wouldn't it? I can see your strained hands holding the box and reading through it carefully at the store. A little bit pricey, but you're the type of guy who thinks everything is more than you can spend, aren't you. And look what happened to you. Look what the slow cooker did to you. Fucked you over, and made you clean it like a useless bitch. You don't even fucking like oatmeal. Piece of shit, you've been repeating those three words your whole life, haven't you. Yeah, how was work after that piece of shit fucked you over? I bet it was on your mind the whole day, you probably didn't say shit to nobody. Can't be telling people about your mistakes. How your little fix yourself plan, failed you. Don't want people to start thinking you're the failure. You're the piece of shit, all along. You don't want that do you? You don't want to be the piece of shit everybody secretly whispers about, do you? Was your father a piece of shit like you? I bet he never had a slow cooker. He had a woman, a house, a damn good job. I bet it's slow cooking you the fuck alive, isn't it. Comparing yourself to him. How one day when all the steam runs our of your life, you'll discover how you're nothing more than burnt shit to be scrapped off and thrown in the trash.

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what's everything on that tray?

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homemade fish and chips with asparagus for tea tonight. cant wait to tuck in :))))

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Looks great!

>> No.16275429

thanks anon it is yummy :)

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Tell me what’s in the bag!

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>corn dog
>cheddar poppers
>banana shake

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Footlong chili cheese coney, chili cheese tots, mozz stix or popcorn chicken (still deciding) and a cranberry sprite

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Condom case I’m about to cum in dat puzzy

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thanks ive never actually had a rt44 i was just making a joke haha

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Is there a more godlike snack combo than blue takis microwaved with vegan cheese?

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A McChicken thread died for this.

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Jesus Christ. Are you hosting a cockroach convention?

>> No.16275463

Only ants

>> No.16275480

takis are some of the most disgusting shit I ever put in my mouth. that fake lime bullshit is just vile

>> No.16275483

Other snacks

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Anybody cook with this stuff?

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Is that like knorr aromat?

>> No.16276020

Anything. It's seasoning for literally for all purposes.

>> No.16276117

thank you Croatian overlords, my meals are no longer bland

>> No.16276122

thanks doc

>> No.16276178

If people put "chicken salt" on chips, it's like "vegetable salt" that goes into the vast majority of savoury things.
When you put oil on potatoes and whatever root vegetables in the oven, sprinkle some on them before roasting. Put it in all soups. Etc.

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>Two thin layers of baked dough and a caramel PPPPTTTHHUURRRRRRBBBBIPPPTT

>> No.16275288

I prefer a crisp apple or 2 and a few tangerines.

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I just sat in a Wendy's drive thru for half a fucking hour because a stupid minivan in front of me ordered for like five people. minivans and other people carriers should be penalized for going through the drive thru (charge them more as an "inconvenience fee"), especially after the lobby closes. if you're ordering for more than two people go into the restaurant instead of clogging up what's supposed to be the faster method of getting food.

post drive thru experiences ITT

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covid is over.

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>muh pandemic

>> No.16275700

master b8

>> No.16275787

Covid is never going to be truly over. It's going to stick around like influenza.

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honest question here

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mostly the latter

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that's what it seems like, kind of sad, I really like cooking and it sucks to wade through a bunch of posts about whether 3 or 4 is the ideal amount of baconators to die eating

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is cum a food?

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>I remove the chilis and sichuan peppercorns from my hot pot base after it boils

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I will love frogeye salad until the day I die

>> No.16275893

>one spoonful is your daily allowance of sugar

>> No.16276108

>15ml at best
>Daily sugar allowance
>30g at best, 90g worst
Yeah whatever you say

>> No.16276118

i heard of the elvis sandwich and i was curious to try it.

i make a normal pb and j sandwich and then i put crispy bacon or sausage in the middle, then i fry it on the pan to make the jelly and peanut butter hot. this sandwich would probably freak a lot of people out but to me its delicious sometimes. i think elvis probably used a whole jar of peanut butter for his.

>> No.16276123

a lot of times i don't clean the cooking utensils, i just run them under water.

if i'm gonna cook more things, i leave the pan dirty and go right back at it.

sometimes i just eat out of the pan with a metal fork.

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