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Anyone been here before? Its a seafood buffet in Utah that is supposedly amazing. I might have an opportunity to be go there soon.

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Yeah I been there it fucking sucks

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It's good

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I keep wasting money on these but damn they're so good!

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I definitely do not want a brick and mortar store. I was looking into doing basically "catering" or by order only, especially during the holidays up to Valentine's Day. Perhaps I could make better use during the summer when there are farmer's markets to use as advertising.
There are commercial kitchen rentals in my city, but in order to justify the time and costs I would need to have a very steady bit of business, at least seven dozen macarons per week. I'm not very personable, so I don't know if it would work out for me that way.

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The only difficult part is finding your exact oven settings. Baking is the only step where you need to be very exact. The rest of the process is easy as long as you respect the quantities.
For the indirect method just follow:
>Pulverize and sift almond powder and glass sugar
>Add egg-whites and create a paste, add gel-pigment if you want to
>Make an Italian merengue
>Mix it into the paste until well homogenized while being careful not to knock too much air out of the mixture
>Pipe into desired silicone sheet on a baking tray
>Bang the tray on the table
>Leave to rest for 20min
>Bake 15-17min (this is where most of your trial and error will come from)
>Leave to cool down completely
There is a degree of practice needed, but once you get the hand of it they are a easy and high-production cookie. Most of your concerns should be on the ganage.

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>Italian meringue
>adding whites to the almond before meringue
>only resting 20 minutes
Lots of bad advice here.

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And a few tips
>Pipe completely vertical to the tray, if you do it even with a slight angle they will grow to a side, similar to a soufflé
>They must never be dry, hollow and crumbly, whoever said that an overcooked macaroon is better than an undercooked one should get shot
>If their middle sticks to the tray they needed 1-2min more in the oven
>If they are hollow but chewy you over-beated the mixture
>the more finely ground your almond and sugar mixture is the better-looking the final product be, if you have a food processor then use it even if they almost are already grounded

Anyways, learn to make éclairs, they are going to be the next meme-pastry, macaroons are so passé

There are two methods; direct and indirect. Indirect is better for beginners as it helps to prevent over-mixing since a paste is easer to mix with a merengue and an Italian merengue is much more stable than a french one.
And my chef does not rest his macaroons, yet they end up perfect every time

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>saying "macaroons"
opinion instantly discarded, you fucking backyard yokel

Why the hell would you want someone to practice doing it the wrong fucking way? Training wheels/"easy quick" recipes are for pussies. Practice the right way or don't bother making complicated French desserts, just buy some break and bake cookie dough at the grocery store.

Italian meringue is "easier"/more stable but makes an ugly, puffy, marred cookie.

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Why do boomers love gas stoves so much? They stink up the house and threaten to explode or erupt into flames every time you turn one on.

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>They stink up the house
What the fuck are you doing?
>threaten to explode or erupt into flames every time you turn one on
Hahahahahah. I can imagine sliding a firearm across the table towards you as you scream in fear that it will somehow go off on its own. You up for mandating dull ceramic rounded knives because only professionals need pointed steel? Hahaha.

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They want to be able to Plath themselves at a moments notice

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No actual white person has to preface their sentence with a declaration of their whiteness. It's inherent. You have brown nipples and an inability to digest lactose, dirty pavement-ape.

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this lazy ass thread again

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>i can flippy flip my awesome wok and tilt the pan, wow i'm so in control! what a pro i am!

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Rice and beans?

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That too. Any recipes you like

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cheap and easy
just like me

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Love but hate my bedroom smells like shit in the morning time

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OP pic can't be related since that is chili con carne and not just beans

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why do they keep shilling this popeyes garbage? everytime i go to popeyes i get shitty service from a grumpy,fat, old mexican lady...but when i go to chicfila i get a nice quality sandwhich from a pleasant, cute, youthful girl

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>B-b=but Chick-fil-A kills faggots and trannies! What more do you want from a chicken sandwich?
I thought you guys were all on a priority meme alert to shill for the invasion of Greenland.

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>equal signs instead of hyphens
what the fuck are you doing?

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hold hands

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Because chicfila puts too much sugar in their brine.

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do fast food mascots add or subtract from the experience?
also why don't any new chains have mascots?

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>also why don't any new chains have mascots?

because getting one costs millions in marketing research.

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Horrifying proportions.
Anyway I'd love to make a mascot if I owned a restaurant; in fact, a lot of local/small chains do still make mascots when they open. It's just that the new big chains tend not to.

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who are the middle two supposed to be?

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Jackie Box and Carla Jr

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Hey /ck/ I'm fasting for 30 days and want to include something nice on the last day of my refeed. Since dry aging fits the bill, what should I dry age?

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>eating eggs bad
>aborting human baby good
lmfao women and liberals are a fucking joke

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Consumer eggs aren't even fertilized which makes it even funnier.

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Vegetarians/Vegans being offended about shit they know nothing about is nothing new.

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I dunno, a big-ass porterhouse?
There is nothing wrong with aborting in the first trimester.

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>Get a PB&J
>Its grape jelly

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almond butter + blackberry jam

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This nigga from Boston

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Strawberry. Preserves. Not jam or jelly. Raspberry is also good.

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>Euro-poors never have spreads sandwiches

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>toast sandwich

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>The chain also had stopped the common practice of adding salt to the water in which it cooked its pasta in order to secure longer warranties on the pots
>stopped the common practice of adding salt to the water
>adding salt to the water
>longer warranties on the pots

What the precise fuck did they think was going to happen?

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Did you steal that pot?

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i believe chipotle is slang for mother in spanish

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I thought it was chinga tu medre?

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friend was a manager and gave it to me when they were gonna throw it out

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Blessed. The lord looks after me when I've had too many. Anyone else drink the Lord's IPA?

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What's with the swedish o's? Ort cor ipo? Saying that makes me think about those ancient small face pictures.

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They're not Å's, just A's written in a squiggly graffiti style, I think.

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Still cannot believe this quality is available on grocery shelves here in Ohio.

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>Doesn’t enjoy beer tasting of soapy dishwater

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Alright guys, what kind of oil do you use when using these things?
How do you get a good steak crust without overcooking it? Sous Vide works for me but takes time/ you have to sear the fat cap and that gets smoky as fuuuuuuuuck.
How do you use these without getting an INSANE housefull of smoke? I live somewhere very hot and opening windows is a real pain, and even then visibility is absolute shit.
>t. somehow got gifted an 8",a 10.5", AND a 12" for the same occasion. Some stuff has turned out alright, but I really don't want these pans to go to waste.
>seasoning with canola oil currently

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>wouldnt cook a chicken breast in it
Why not?
It's perfect for it
>sear chicken breast
>throw it in oven to cook through all the way

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>Won't that burn up like fuck?
no. cook tops have adjustable knobs for a reason

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Canola. I don't care if it smokes. The only time that ever happens is when I make a steak anyway and the high heat causes a strong smell regardless.

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canadian guy????

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>Alright guys, what kind of oil do you use when using these things?
I seasoned with peanut or canola oil or something and give it a quick wipe with whatever I have on hand after washing, usually EVOO.

>How do you use these without getting an INSANE housefull of smoke?
Mine never smokes. What are you doing wrong?

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Why do they shill bug eating so much?

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dehumanizing the west so they can continue flooding us with subhumans

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You know how many bugs that are already in your food? You think no insect at all sneak into the factories or farms that produce this shit?

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Why do atheists hold scientists in the same esteem as pagans held soothsayers?

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Because it's much cheaper to produce. Don't get fooled into believing the "muh altruism" lies. They would sell you your own shit to eat at a 3000% markup if they could get away with it.
Just a reminder that world hunger can never be overcome as it is the limiting factor for human population, it doesn't matter if we can feed 10 billion people because those 10 billion people will shit out continuously more children until we're 100 billion people who we then also have to feed, who will keep reproducing until we're 1 trillion people, etc.

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Malthus was right.

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I once ate an entire bag of chicken in 1 day.

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are those any good?

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gotta up that depression OP
yea theyre not bad

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This is a cajun restaurant that just opened today.
What should I expect from a place like this?

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knew it
he's a goner.

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Whatever you do dont order extra sauce

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If they weren't willing to go all the way with the cartoon falling apart design, they shouldn't have had a theme in the first place. Imagineers don't get paid big bucks for nothing.

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Probably pretty good

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PTSD about Katrina if the architecture is anything to go by.

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What's your opinion on Sir Pizza? (or Pizza King depending on where you're located.)

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Pizza King is the greatest pizza in Indiana. I've never heard it called Sir Pizza, though. More to the topic, though, I find their franchising to be strange. Most just seem to do their own thing. There were two in my hometown growing up that were pretty similar, but you could tell they used different quality ingredient. The one in the town over from us, only 15 minutes away, had ice cream which I thought was amazing. They also had the TVs with N64s set up at the tables.
Now, I live closer to Indianapolis and the ones in Zionsville and Noblesville have the gimmicky phones and the trains which are definitely neat. They also seem to be more uniform.

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I hate getting pizza deliveries by women. they should be at home. not going to strangers houses and putting themselves at risk. plus women also just arent as good at it. more likely to get in an accident so delay my order or destroy it at worst. they are slower, more confused by the simple task (its always women who call saying theyre confused by the address.) always they never want to come to the door but have YOU go to their car. hello that defeats the purpose. hello i dont care if youre outside you come to my door. its always women who forget the plates or napkins i specify. they also judge what you order . they peek through your door they judge what your loving room looks like. they either assume im incel and judge me for it or if my gf is near me give HER the stinkeye like theyre better than her. Never go near a shop w female drivers.

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It was out in the backwoods of a small town, and I am white. I dropped the pizza off at his standalone garage, walking up to a door that was next to a Harley. I noticed the SS symbol just before he opened the door kek

Coincidentally, I was dating a tranny at the time.

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Well, gosh, if seething with hatred at roastie scum makes me an incel, then I guess I'm an incel.

(In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic.)

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im in the midwest and it happens all the time. i stopped ordering from papa johns because they have two nigresses that always deliver. despite me being less that a mile down a street with no turns, my pizza has shown up twice with the topping all shifted to one side.
if youre wondering why i didnt pickup, i was drunk.

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The start of Universal Basic Income.
They're so fucking useless!

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is dry popped popcorn "unhealthy" ? since its such a big temperature the nutrients must get lost in the process? are there any antiodoxiants from dry popped popcorn ? ...

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it is healthy you eat it in the form of grits

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It's empty calories but it is also a low-calorie food.

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How much cheese is too much cheese?

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It's too much cheese if it prevents you and your partner from being intimate

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Imitation cheese you fagdick.

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Any amount of cheese is too much cheese before a date

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Aside from butter and salt, what do you top your popcorn with

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nacho cheese

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Nutritional yeast harvested from your mum's snatch.

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No meme, soya sauce, sesame oil, nori shreds, sesame seeds, cayenne powder, and Cholula.

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I dip it in ranch......can I die now.

>> No.12808147

spray it with malt vinegar

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Hey /ck/,

My bf's birthday is coming up and I'm looking to get some advice. He's a real big coffee and cheese lover, so I got him an order of Cabot cheeses (much better than that Tillamook shit). Now I need some help with the coffee.

My bf has an old ass plug-in percolator which tends to leave a substantial amount of grounds in every batch he makes, even if we use a filter. He has a blade grinder that tends to pulverize the beans into a dust which doesn't work all that well for the percolator as its only meant for coarse grounds, and we can't find filters for coffee that fine. I've noticed he's been looking up burr grinders and decided to get him one as a gift. They seem to give the consistency that the percolator needs.

However looking at Amazon I've noticed two things: 1) they're expensive and 2) even the nicer ones are still shit. They either clog up with the grounds, stop functioning, or don't ground coffee consistently. Can anyone redpill me on burr grinders? Are they just a meme or worth it? Or should I just get him a new percolator and call it a day?

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Get a hand grinder

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>big coffee drinker
>doesn't know how to grind coffee properly or use a perc
Get the helmet a French Press or a Nespresso. Now tits or gtfo.

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Savage and cheesepilled

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Okay, then explain how to use them then. He has another equally old single setting blade grinder. I'm also not about to give him either of those since he doesn't use the French Presses he already has nor wants espresso.

I've heard these are great but when I asked he didn't want one that you have to crank. He just wants he can set and it does it automatically.

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Get her a Keurig machine. Chicks dig that shit. No muss, no fuss.

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