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How can I start learning to cook without making my mum mad?

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You didn't realise your parents are human beings?

Ask her to show you how. It might be nice.

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Nice. Show a picture of your mom's vibrator, and a picture of your mom.

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Kiddo I wash up as I'm cooking and dirtying stuff so I don't have to do it after. It's not that hard.

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>I live in my mom's house for free as an unemployed adult and also I never do my dishes, why is my mom mad at me?
The world will never know!

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Who are kids raised by though, he is probably only following things she has reinforced.

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*drops mic on ketards*

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it’s not a blog, but yours is
it lists a clinical trial showing its not even 50 calories

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“Do carbs make you fat” is a stupid question. If you have an elementary understanding of metabolism it wouldn’t need to be asked.

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What’s with all the Absurdly high P values in the study?

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ketards don’t have any real scientific evidence to their diet being better so they hunt down extreme case studies performed by grad students and third worlders

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Oh, there are a lot of scientific studies on the subject. Thing is, I don't need them to know that I've lost 40 kgs since I started keto two years ago. There is something to be said about empirical evidence, particularly since I don't have to convince you of anything, you sugar-addled tastelet. Since this is now a keto thread, here's some venison döner on a chaffle.

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Anyone else love it? It's probably my favorite soup but everyone else I talk to has either never had it or hates it.

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Just mix it with lentils and boil it, bro. That makes me realize I haven't tried pure split pea soup.I was mixing split peas and lentils based on nothing but the idea that they were the same plant.

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It's a traditional winter dish in the Netherlands, albeit a bit thicker than the pic in the OP. Throw in some smoked sausage or any other pleasant meat of your choosing. served with some bacon and mustard on dark rye slabs of bread.

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Yeah pea and ham soup is my favourite.

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Love spilt pea soup. A nice chunk of hamhock thrown in while cooking gives it that smokey flavor

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I have good childhood memories from grandmas pea stew with smoked hog shank, served with rye flatbread and cherry juice!

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The meta of 4chan has become different variations of wojack and the frog

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Why yes I am the CEO of cooking, how could you tell?

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Why do these contain 37% sugar? How would they taste like with 0% sugar?

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Back when they were invented kids were busy carrying weights and working factories, not being playing fortnite all day. It's actually a decent snack if you're into long distance cycling. Restores your glycogen right away.

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damn that was hard to google

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What other uses are there for it? Hamsters love it

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How would you make vegan pagpag?

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I would shit down my own throat, and it would taste better than whatever vegan shit you're obsessed about.

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Dude vegan food can be delicious. I know it’s atrocious when they try to replace meat, but I eat vegan all the time. My breakfast was vegan. It was a banana and a naval orange.

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>I know it’s atrocious when they try to replace meat
That was until the pea protein + heme + thickener

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No, it’s atrocious. All of it. Quit fucking up your vegetables you stupid fucking vegans.

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> be flip
> eats thrash everyday
> hails de leder
> still believing in saints

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hello i am really hungry and want a pizza can anyone buy me a pizza i can`t afford to buy a pizza
send them to this addres and tell me on here wehn you bought it.
ill draw a pixel art character like this one
addres Gnr 48 Bnr 34 Midsund, 6475 Midsund

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Do you flip the chicken over halfway through cooking time? Why or why not? If it helps, I also place the chicken on top of a bed of onions and bell pepper

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start the chicken breast down to keep it moist and flip it over 20 or so minutes before the end with pinch of salt to help crispen the skin

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I don't

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Get a stainless steel wire rack for 10 bucks.
I just tried it for the first time last weekend and its amazing

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I cut up the chicken and cook the pieces separately.

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It is the best food

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my penus

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At some fancy french restaurant on a cruiseship I had chocolate covered pigeon. I remember it being pretty good, but this was a few years ago now. My mom wouldn't eat hers because she was afraid of eating pigeon. So I got two portions.

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usually stuffed with Freekeh

>> No.13674788

depending on the size of the pigeon, you can either do what >>13674571 said
Or you can just eat the bird with the little bones

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very liberal use of the word "Expat"

hopefully you get to go back home sometime

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From the Zuccs Facebook page and for the life of me I can’t figure out what he’s cooking like honestly it looks like he’s roasting a large dog or wolf like what the absolute fuck zucc?

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Zucc is based as fuck, eating meat like a king while google promotes feminizing meat substitutes.

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I hope it's not ....... oh no!

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False flag

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bend over I'm gonna "have sex"

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Cowboy gay sex

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What kind of soup should I make bros?
I'll post pics in 2-5 hours

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It's a good day for soup here

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Pictures tell me nothing.
How does it taste?

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Good call anon, turned out great

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Lol tastes great. Silky smooth. Bought an immersion blender just for this. Gonna try it on some potato soup soon and some marinara from scratch
But ya first time really fucking with curry too, it's great in this
Sweet and salty and a little spicy

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Do you stick your tongue out before taking a bite?

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No, you retard

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Sometimes, If I'm eating something like spaghetti.

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Holy shit, of fucking course he actually does this

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literally ja/ck/

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In the end there is nothing better than to indulge into a good big mac.

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I actually used to really enjoy Big Macs problem is that they are messy as fuck
I always leave the McDonald's feeling more shame than I normally feel when leaving McDonald's

>> No.13674598

>I always leave the McDonald's feeling more shame than I normally feel when leaving McDonald's
wait what?

>> No.13674604

>Literally no international foodchain makes good burgers.
this, you'd have to be amer*can to disagree

>> No.13674614

They've always been the same size. When you're a kid, the burger appeared bigger in proportion to yourself. Now you're a fully grown Amerimutt that gets fatter every second so it appears as if the burger is shrinking. It's not your stomach is just growing fatty.

>> No.13674630

just woke up forgive my lack of brain function

"I used to really enjoy Big Macs, problem is that they are messy as fuck.

After a messy ass Big Mac I always leave the McDonald's feeling more shame than I normally feel when leaving McDonald's."

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What the fuck did pomegranates ever do to her?

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Apparently it was her demonstrating reverse psychology. If she screams about pomegranates then that's all anyone will think of.

>> No.13674027

It was a class exercise, move along

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that's cool

>> No.13674826

It's out of season, you donkey!

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all beers taste the same
all whiskeys taste the same
all vodkas taste the same

it's all just a waste of money, prove me wrong

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What a weird opinion to have. It's like you've only ever had adjunct lager and well shots, and never once had the faintest spark of curiosity to try something different.

>> No.13673987

This is some terrible bait, have a (You)

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>> No.13674400

>it's all just a waste of money
Well, that's the point.

>> No.13674775

Here's your (You) and your sage, Randall Munroe. Be more subtle next time.

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Imagine your party arriving here after a long and arduous journey, the smell of freshly baked bread lingering in the air and promises of tankards of ale within.

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>Two pints of Carling lager mate, cheers.

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Oh Google Maps, you did it again!

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Is the bread gluten free? Also, I can't drink ale, it gives me gas.
Can you close the window? The pollen is triggering my allergies.

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>wheel tracks
Most of the wear on the road would be in the middle from the horses, not on the sides from the wheels.

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Well /ck/, you finally did it! You managed to bring a girl home for (what you hoped was) sexy times. The night was miraculous, and she was willing to stay over 'til morning. You wake up ahead of her, and decide this would be an ample opportunity to make her a cup of coffee -- and a special cup at that. You improvise with what you have in that kitchen, and worked any magic you could.

The coffee is ready, and lo and behold! She wakes up in time for you to deliver it to her. She's flattered by the gesture, and gives you the same flirtatious eyes and luscious smile that won your heart the previous night. You chat like you've known each other for years, and then she takes her first sip... something is wrong... she swishes the coffee in her mouth to get a better gauge of the flavour, and looks in the cup with the most puzzled face you've seen on a woman (she even makes crunching motions with her jaw). She then looks into your eyes, just as puzzled, but with concern now mixed into her expression

What did you put in the coffee that's distressing the lady, /ck/?

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Did not read any of this!

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>Well /ck/, you finally did it! You managed to bring a girl home for (what you hoped was) sexy times.
and why the fuck would i fuck a girl for free like a good little coomer jannie ?

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Why the long face?

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Say something nice about chili flakes.

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Yeah. From what I noticed, whites are somewhat less tolerant of spicy on the average, than say, latino, asians or various carribean nationalities, but it's the blacks who are the true enemy of spicy.

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Seriously, it's blacks who consider THIS 'hot'.

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>> No.13674774

Envy. Ugly vice.

>> No.13674779

They're good for precisely controling heat because I'm a little bitch who doesn't like too much spice.

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to make not only an extra dark pretzel that isn't half-assed like the utz ones, but to also make an extra salt pretzel, which is what everyone wants

as a kid the snyders pretzels had way more salt than they do now. you can't even eat them anymore because they''re such a joke. but these are good eating

>> No.13673968

yeah, low sodium is the dumbest meme to hit the food industry ever

meanwhile, fatasses dunk everything in sugar and oil and fast food has 2g of sodium anyway

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So, if you live in Southern California, you've almost certainly heard of this place (pic related), and I had for many years before finally actually going to one.

The first thing I noticed is that there was no "Chicken and Waffles" special that I could try, and even though they had various specials, I had to actually read the whole menu before figuring out how to order chicken and waffles at the same time, which considering that the combination is in their fucking name, baffled me in terms of marketing.

But honestly, eating chicken and waffles at the same time is about as exciting as you'd imagine it to be. Of course it's tasty, but there are so many other things on the menu that I was forced to consider because there isn't some simple combo I could order before checking off the "ate chicken and waffles at Roscoe's" box on my bucket list that I actually appreciated it.

What other chain restaurants have managed to avoid making "that one thing that once you've eaten you don't have to go there anymore because it was the only reason you went in the first place because it's famous, and now that you've tried it you can post it on social media and move on with your life because you have no fucking idea if it was actually good or not, but you tried it, so you can tell people about it and either recommend it or not"?

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Like, are there good hot dogs at Pink's? Sure.

But would it be worth traveling a great distance in order to enjoy them?

Unless you really like standing in long lines... no.

You cook a fucking hot dog and heat the bun and add whatever ingredients you read from the menu (which is available online), you can bet that it will probably be about as satisfying as what you'd be served at Pink's.

The way they named them after famous actors and various celebrities is sort of the only gimmick they have, because they're located in Hollywood (barely).

Again, it's not like they're bad. They're delicious, for heaven's sake - how bad of a fucking cook would you have to be make a hot dog taste bad?!

The point is that they invented the "Destination hot-dog" by recognizing the value that their location had in terms of a burgeoning industry (film, to be exact, which has about as much to do with hot dogs as cooking has to do with movie theaters).

What other establishments are like this?

>> No.13673782

Cafe du Monde in New Orleans sounds just like this. Instead of a (fucking) chicken and waffle or (fucking) hot dog, it's a (fucking) beignet with coffee. It's not really an exceptional beignet, or exceptional coffee- they're both good, but you can tell that they make thousands daily, you know?
But, for all that, it's enough of a "thing" that tourists feel is integral to the "new orleans experience" to make it the icon of new orleans food that it is. A destination foodstuff, if i get what you're talking about. Lines to match, just like Pink's.

I feel like Rubio's used to be that way in San Diego, before they expanded a ton. Fish tacos and all, but a very deep menu behind that flagship product. Kind of like what you're saying with all the combos at the chicken and waffle place.

>> No.13673863

>Cafe du Monde in New Orleans sounds just like this.

Funny enough, I've actually been to the Cafe du Monde, and it struck me as the exact opposite.

It was like a fried piece of heaven, and the powdered sugar looked like it would be too much, but just kept collapsing into an infinite regress of deliciousness as the fats dissolved in my mouth and I finished it off with a sip of their signature chicory coffee.

I don't actually remember how much it cost.

This was a very different experience than eating a hot dog at Pink's.

I was surprised by how much it lived up to the hype.

>what you're saying with all the combos at the chicken and waffle place

I mean, I'm saying that they could probably offer some basic chicken and waffle combo on their menu to appease those who are only eating there because they want to post their meal on social media, but they don't, and you actually have to read what's included on the menu, and that's both annoying and endearing.

The Cafe du Monde has like two things on their menu. Beignets and (chicory) coffee.

I'm pretty sure that if they weren't good at making those two things, they'd probably have gone out of business.

It's not like I wasn't skeptical when I ordered them - it was objectively delicious, even though part of me didn't want it to be.

The beignets were too sweet, and the coffee was too bitter - but when you mixed them, it was basically perfect.

All I could do was admit that they did a fantastic job and move on.

But I'm pretty sure I have had better hot dogs than I ate when I ordered from Pink's.

And that's the difference.

I've seldom been disappointed by Rubio's, though. They seem to make a pretty consistently tasty fish taco, from my experience.

Did they start in San Diego? I didn't know that. McDonald's started in San Bernardino, and that town is bankrupt as fuck, lol....

>> No.13674037

Mcdonalds started in SB
And today the original Mcdonalds museum almost burned down, a building right across the street had a mysterious fire.

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