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Just bought these for 20$ at a thrift shop. Never used them before.

Can I use them on an electric glass stovetop?

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>who do i use this if it didnt come with instructions

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I've had several pieces of this same visionware in the past, and it's okay to use, but very meh. It's a personal preference, but I really prefer metal stovetop cookware. Visionware and vintage glass bakeware are great for dishes meant for oven use, though. I have a small collection of Pyrex and FireKing pieces that I love for baking and food storage. But visionware like this is harder to regulate temperature-wise, and easier to get food coked onto it that's difficult to clean off. Glass also just isn't as good of a heat conductor, so it takes longer to bring water to a boil in them.

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Just don't drop them

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I found one of these at a yard sale for a buck and used it. They're nice, the handle stays nice and cool and they're just as light as a stainless pan.
They could probably handle it, isn't the entire point that they can resist quick transitions in temperature?

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You actually cannot crack these via thermal shock with normal kitchen temperatures. They can be stored in the freezer and put immediately into the oven or on a hot burner. It's a really neat transparent glass-ceramic material. It's stronger than borosilicate.

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i just had this burger it was pretty good anyone name your favorite burger joints :P

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Those fries look bomb dude

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your meal is literally wrapped in russian propaganda. get woke to the infection of this nation and understand corporations are just hand puppets of the kremlin

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terrorist fries?

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And who do you think controls the Russians?

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smashburger fries are dry as fuck

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Cereal thread

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cookie crisp is trash

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I swear Cooke Crisp changed its recipe at some point during my childhood. Back when the mascot was that cool skateboarding dog it was delicious, but I remember at one point as a child it changed and just hasn't tasted the same since.

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My country rarely gets holiday cereal variants, the only thing out now is the monster cereals which all are bland but still somehow very bad for you

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I would kill my own mom just to get a wiff of one of these again

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I like life cereal

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What say you?

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you're australian. no one cares what you do

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What is good about Morrisons? (there isnt one near me)

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M&S is top, underclass need not apply.

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There is literally nothing special about Morrison's. It's the most middle of the road supermarket to ever exist. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Mate what a furphy. You've got buckley's finding anything better than a strayan and you jealous cunts had bloody well better get used to it.

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I'm never eating fast food again.

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See you tomorrow

- Mcdonalds

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Good luck with that.

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I haven't eaten fast food in years i cant even remember the last time. Do Americans really find it difficult to not eat shit?

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>Do Americans really find it difficult to not eat shit?
The answer to "do americans really" is ALWAYS yes.

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You'll never eat an omelette again?

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Some Rooneyesque reflctions on Japanese foods

Bubble Tea: what the hell is this stuff? I mean, in what possible sense do unsweetened tapioca curds add to the experience of drinking anything? I had one of these things and it was like slurping up snots through my straw. I can only sit here and imagine what kind of insane man was sipping on an iced matcha and thought, do you know what is missing here? Something I can really sink my teeth into! With the approximate consistency and taste of an eraser.

Mochi: At this same occasion I was moved by my friend to try Mochi which is all they had for dessert. This is one of the most texturally unpleasant things I’ve ever eaten. It sounded terrible, ice cream wrapped in rice dough. Yet I still went ahead with dessert. I can only sit here in total confusion at the thought process of the man who had some perfectly good ice cream and thought “hmm, if only this had something of the consistency and taste of an eraser”.

Oh well, at least the Ramen was good.

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You should try the kind with lechee in a fruit drink. Those are really good.

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>what the hell is this stuff?
It's colourized hardened semen.

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I agree. OP, mochi ice cream is an Americanized creation that is overly sweet on the inside, which makes teh mochi layer gross. Also, coldness numbs your tongue which makes it so that you can't taste the mochi and only get the texture you don't like. I recommend trying normal mochi filled with red bean paste before throwing in the towel just yet. You might like it a lot more if you try it how it's meant to be served.

I understand the boba tea thing, though. I tried it once and it was just way to sweet. I even specifically order the green tea version with the least amount of sugar and it still had this syrupy sweet texture that was only amplified and made worse by the boba.

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>just way to sweet
find a different store, maybe

gongcha for example has good tea if you dont want sugar

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It teaches you how to suck down chunky spurts of fun, you stupid faggot.

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What's the food like here?

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Lots of different options, like any other big city. Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, Mexican, Greek, Italian, you name it, you can find it. Food trucks are available, though somewhat less prevalent than 5 yrs ago. There's loads of options right off the MAX (light rail train) and it makes exploring the city pretty convenient. Rent is a fucking nightmare here though, expect to pay through the nose for a 1br studio in town.

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Craigslist seems to show that it's about as expensive as where I'm from originally. I also don't mind commuting as I can work from home. :)

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Portland is all about the food carts, which, yes, are very overpriced

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>every item under $6
seems cheap

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Go to Mary's Club and order some mexican food while getting drunk and throwing money at strippers

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Alright, so I fucked up. I bought 200 nuggets from burgerking and when I woke up this morning people had eaten maybe 1/4th of that.

What do I do with all this chicken? Is there a way I could repurpose these or kind of use them still?

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Still got a good 100 left over for the birds

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Really? Why? It was shit

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I would get some fried rice with a side of general two 's sauce
Or toss in buffalo sauce and make a buffalo chicken wrap
You can do it!

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>get unlimited creditcard
>buy 10 billion nuggs
>sue for false advertisement
>walk out 520 million richer

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Why are most fruits in the US so bland while the bread is sweet? Apples, bananas, pears all taste like wet paperboard.

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I've heard corporations in America use phytohormones to grow fruits faster but they have less flavour, they also paint and put wax on the fruit to look prettier

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Strange. A lot of the fruit I eat is sweet and/or sour.

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Hey guys rate these cupcakes that me, my brother, and his gf made :) they were trying to bond with me

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Pretty cool c:

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I love Sugar Sprinkles

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a bigg guy like mes gonna need some more frosting bucko

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Does Hooters not having hiring standards anymore?

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They aren't allowed to with all the feminist hiring and firing laws in place now. I'm in Vegas where you'd think there would be at least some attractive young girls willing to work at Hooters, but I guess there are tons of way better paying jobs even ones that they don't have to dress slutty to make a lot. So the Hooters near me is staffed with nogs, pregos, middle aged "can I speak to the manager" haircut types, chubbies, and just generally bottom of the barrel looking girls. It doesn't matter to me since I go for wings and beer not fake flirting and interest for tips, but it is amusing.

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Post face

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I keep saying this: they can discriminate on literally anything, even race, if the employees are meant to be models.

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Hooters girls were never top shelf.

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What are some essential picnic foods?

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Vegan chicken nuggets

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Potatoe salad

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For me it's Casey's.

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Kino as fuck, my dude!

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It’s pretty based, but I like Stewart’s a bit more

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Eat healthy stay <a herf="https://www.healthcareplus.in">healty</a>

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Why do so many California wines have creepy names? Joseph Phelps = Fred Phelps. Pence Ranch = Mike Pence. Simi = same place where the racist LAPD officer lived. Screaming Eagle, sounds like the twitter handle for some right wing nutjob.

Why can't they come up with normal, East Coast names like "Dr. Konstantin Frank", or "Keuka Lake Vineyards"

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>Dr. Konstantin Frank
Did he work with Dr. Mengele?

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why don't you try some out ? I made good discoveries with french wines within the 5-8 euros price range. you don't have to go all fancy right away, you do that once you know what you want

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French wines have labels that are actually useful for guessing what the wine in the bottle will taste like
California wines you basically have to taste everything because words don’t have meanings. A red wine will be red and a sparkling wine will have bubbles but beyond that it’s a free for all because truthful labeling is a chinese hoax

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mainly because the local shop i mentioned is SS tier and has good wines at every pricepoint. they even have a few sommeliers on hand to help you find unique stuff.

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He was Ukranian by birth, so it’s not likely

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>blocks your misconceptions

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t. just read babby's first Nabokov

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more like babby's first DSMV.

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holy cringe
this is why people make fun of Americans
get some chill you genocidal faggot

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The fuck? Solipsism isn't even an uncommon word. You'll find it in mainstream media.

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imagine objectifying your own child like that
how gross

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What do you like to have on your toast?

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butter and strawberry jam

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Not candy spread thats for sure

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Marmite with butter and melted cheese is fucking incredible

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I was cold-making coffee in ~30sec. with a permanent. The inquiry is if any science exists on further temperatures for chemical compounds.

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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, Googletranslate, but 30s coffee in a press doesn't sound like it would yield very good results, especially with cold water.

There is a lot of scientific data on the cooling and heating of chemical compounds - freezing, vapourizing, pyrolysis, how well water will extract things like caffeine, phenols, etc. at different temperatures and pressures. Coffee's big biz, there's a lot of research into it.

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>>[The OP's English]
Is completely acceptable.

>>What a permanent is.

>30s coffee in a press doesn't sound like
>There is a lot of scientific data on the cooling and heating of chemical compounds
A). Complete conjecture here is irrelevant.
B). If you're aware of specific scholarly media, or even blogs with references, that's obviously beneficial – and way faster than typing up all that ~nonsense. .. It's an aspect of staying on topic.


PS: I'm very experienced with the socioeconomic aspects of food, nutrition, and fitness / health – understanding a lot of topics from keto / VLC benefits and other dietary ~optimizations, to low-calorie sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose actually having "danger" scientific results – especially relevant for beverages and protein powders), dietary cholesterol, botany, nootropics, energy, innovations, etc. These types of subtopics are usually very researched, even if distributed deeply. .. As for recipes, it's usually about having replaced most carbs with protein and stevia – having produced (even cold-made) frostings, fillings, creams, fudges, brownies, cookies, cakes, toffees, etc.

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Steel filters taste like shit.

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I don't want to deal with my giant cast iron pan, so should I make a burger in a nonstick or a stainless steel pan?

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so, imma go out in a limb here and say you skipped last month’s check-in with the State Psych Hospital, thus running out of your meds

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I want to make some pierogi from scratch to give to family during the winter. I'll probably go with potatoes/cheese and sauerkraut/mushrooms for fillings, but are there any savory filling recipes that people use? Also there seems to be an endless debate on whether or not egg goes in the flour. Share your recipes here as well

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I made some, last year, filled with onions, bacon, and apples (all sauteed, beforehand).

Also, I did put egg in the flour.

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I can't read jalapeno anymore without thinking of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7JsLtcEAF4

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Every person I know who likes pierogos makes such a big god damn deal about them

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What’s your favourite niche meal?

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What’s your worst restaurant experience?

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