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I have recently acquired a rather large quantity of Boletus Edulis. that I have now dried and jarred.
How do I best employ them in a meal and what would you most recommend I do with them /ck/?

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Add them to gravy

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Do you mean a brown meat gravy or white sauce American gravy?

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They brought in sandwiches!

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>whole wheat bread

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To your homeless shelter?

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Caught a bunch of whitefish this weekend and smoked several. Anyone got any good recipes for a dip or any other good uses for smoked fish (besides just eating it as is)?

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I don't know. It's actually what holds the whole recipe together.
I guess try soy sauce, and maybe something spicy like a chili pepper...

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guess you could try something like this, but apart from the fish not being pickled herring, you could use your smoked ones. I've made it with smoked eel before and it was pretty good.

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forgot recipe

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Michigan. We have creek chubs here too (not sure if they're the same as what yours are) but they're not very big. the ones in my picture are all 18+ inches

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yeah you're right, those that you have got are a lot bigger and apparently a different species. They look very similar though. I mostly fish for pike/zander and eel so i'm not too familiar with other species

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sup /ck/
pic unrelated but bulgogi rocks as does chink jap korean mongolian viet cuisine
i've got a q and i'd appreciate help. I wanna cook something for these two older neighbours of mine I'm on good terms with. now them two are proper old slags, mid 50s but ok looking i'd do em if drunk. now what i wanna do is cook something with semen but i want them to realize its semen upon eating it, is there such a dish is such a dish possible?
thx for the help

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Spend less time on 4chan, you weird fuck

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why u do me like this dawg. help a brother out

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bump come on if anyone knows how to do it it's the master /cocks/ of /ck/

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cmon guys its gna be the best troll ever, i'll try to record it

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you're no mates :/

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Any of you fu/ck/s ever try banana milk?
Store just started stocking this and I'm tempted to try. It's like $5 for a quart though

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Where's all that omega 3 coming from? Non dairy but contains fish?

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i tried it once a long time ago.. i forget which brand. it was not flavorful and very watered down

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>Ingredients :
It's the flaxseed oil

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Ahhh. Don't you have to eat like 4 times as much omega 3 from flaxseed to match fish based sources?

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Well anyways, I sell this stuff and my customers tell me it's good in smoothies, but I don't like that price compared to just normal milk.

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Yea, but in brine.

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Yes, salt bath. Well worth the time and effort

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>How to make turkey with chicken

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Yes, it's the third time I'm making this post today, but listen to me, I'm actually gonna write something this time. I've really had these really lewd thoughts lately. Imagine being a cute crossdressing twink with a 7+ inch cock and meeting another cute crossdressing twink who's about the same size as you, if not bigger. I've really liked the idea of doing a 69 with him, cuddling naked at night while touching each other's bodies and feeling the cute smooth skin. We could even try frottage and cum all over each other's lewd cocks, and jerk each other off using the cum as lube again. Another thought, I'd really like to play fighting games together, then the loser will get his butt filled up. Also we could watch anime together while touching each other, that'd be cute. I'd also like to make him pancakes for breakfast (/ck/ related btw). Now look at pic related, that right there is a beautiful big cock. What I wouldn't give to choke on it, oh man. Anyway, trannyjanny will delete this thread because he'll realize that he'll never be able to experience anything even remotely similar to this.

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It’s true though, when you vote left you vote for these annoying people who spam gay and cuck porn on blue boards. Lefties are just completely shit people and this is what we get for enabling them just a little bit.

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Yeah and you triggertards having a fit in every thread about how upset you are over gay and trans people aren't annoying as fuck? Conservatives never shut up about how upset they are over what other people are doing. Talk about the living rent free meme.

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I wonder why this thread is not shoahd?
and why aren't there flags?

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/pol/acks are the vegans of politics

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Well /ck/ after 20 years my stove has been replaced how do I break the new one in

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Why would you break your new stove?

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He's probably a dumb women, their inferior

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Get drunk, 450 F, insert pizza, fall asleep.
Two hours later, wake up to smoke alarm.

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I don't drink

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Does it have a self-cleaning option? If so, cycle it through 3 or 4 times consecutively to burn out any of the impurities from the manufacturer

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Gore thread, so eraky? Yes. Bone app the teeth.

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did she really put fucking minnows in shitty mac and cheese?

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ok my contribution to the gore thread

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holy fuck..... u just ruined my day u fucking faggot.

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chinks aren't human

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>t. feminine liberal soycuck
Grow some pubes, feminist

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If I do this but instead of freezing it for a few hours I freeze for a few weeks would I see any noticeable deterioration or change in texture taste or quality?

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also wondering what the best things are to season it are besides salt and pepper, is oil good?

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So you put them into the freezer when they are piping hot? Won't that cost a fortune in electricity and also have some other side effects, such... thawing what else is in there.

I'd understand putting room temperature fries in there.

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We are not you. Get over yourself.

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>For us, french fries represent white gencode.

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if you want crunchy chips deep fry them.
if you want crunchy chips in an oven, then cook them slowly for ~25 to 30 minutes then give them a quick blast at high heat for a few minutes.

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Want a cookie?

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What kind? A SOY cookie?!

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no thanks, richard
those look like utter shit

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hey /ck/
what soft drinks do you like? I mostly drink water which makes the occasional soft drink almost feel like a treat.

I just saw this at my local store (I'm from a small central euro country) and I must say it's pretty good

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this is good too

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'healthy' flavoured water, tastes good. it tastes much better from a glass bottle than plastic, just like
i guess thats a general rule bottle-can-plastic

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the only ice tea i drink and even that when im at a kebab shop that has coke fanta sprite and ice tea

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too sweet for me, if i drink one i put extra water on them

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hmm sounds like a good idear

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I’ve had some good burgers in my time. Uh I... I love a good swiss, melted swiss cheese and mush- roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions on a burger. Uh that is hot stuff, you can get that at- at a number of different places.

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just come to switzerland bro
they're going to welcome you pretty warmly

>> No.13233144

thank you for invitation

>> No.13233183

I too like hot stuff that is available in many different places.

>> No.13233210

Even if I'm white?

Also always get Swiss burgs if available. Other burgs can't compete

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Wow, a fag on two fronts. Amazing.

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Japanese supermarket

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Where's the milk isle?

>> No.13233401

they produce it themselves at home getgetgetgetget

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What the fuck is an ethnic briton? Do you mean a Celt?

>> No.13233419

That’s not true, chinese have wider faces and noses, japanese and korean have smaller eyes, vietnamese typically have slightly darker skin, philipines look like beaners, wallanese all look like asian children of one white guy. I have basically a 100% success rate with guessing asians ethnicities but that could just also be from knowledge of my west coast area

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Redpill me on slow cookers

Are they worth it?

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I just got one the other day, the instant pot duo Nova. Got it on discount at a local store.
I already think it's worth the money, I made shit tons of rice, this one has a pressure cooking function, before I had a shitty 3 cup rice cooker that would take 20+ minutes and burn the everloving fuck outta the rice that touched the interior pot.
First thing I did was make 6 cups of rice in 4 min using the pressure cook. Shit came out perfect.

Let a butter chicken dinner overnight while I slept using the slow cooker mode, just took it out before work and it smelled great, no burning.
I'm in my honeymoon phase with it, but I love it so far.
Worth it for rice alone if you eat enough of it.

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I'm a shortstack twink so I don't eat that much anyway

I do. I just wasn't sure if I should get a dedicated slow cooker with a dedicated rice cooker or get an instant pot when they go on sale...

>> No.13233164

Pointless garbage for wagies who only eat stews

>> No.13233179

>I do. I just wasn't sure if I should get a dedicated slow cooker with a dedicated rice cooker or get an instant pot when they go on sale...
Get a slow cooker with a pressure cooking mode if you want to make rice with it at all. With a rice cooker it is difficult to fuck up the rice, but I wouldn't recommend using it for anything else than rice regardless what instruction manual might say.

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Nothing like a good old hotel breakfast!

(Hotel is the Marriott in Livonia, MI)

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are those even real eggs

>> No.13233357

>pouring the same spice over everything
>portion size of a female on a diet
Pleb detector goes *ping*

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Coffee? I thought that was chocolate milk. Or like half chocolate half skim milk.

>> No.13233385

Did you guys know you can literally just walk in off the street, not pay for a room, and hit the free breakfast? I do it all the time, the stuff is usually pretty decent quality and there's lots of it. If homeless people weren't so fucking stupid they'd be hitting these up all the time. I'm not homeless so I only do it once or twice a week but it still amazes me every time I'm able to score a 100% free breakfast.

>> No.13233412

It's very illegal and you will get arrested if you get caught. The reason you can get away with it is because you look like a normal person. If hobos tried to do it, they would get jammed up instantly because they fucking look homeless.

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Thread ruined by the pol. Abort

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I'm pro-life so no.

>> No.13233043

Never visited /pol/.
Sorry OP that some people have another opinion then you.
This is 4chan,btw. Maybe you should think about it next time you make a thread.

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>the pol
Hello tourist. Go back.

>> No.13233057

>This is 4chan,btw.
>t. election tourist

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Nutrageous is terrific. Only candy bar that hasn't lowered their quality over the years.

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