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Do you prefer your pancakes fresh or canned?

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If soda is so "unhealthy" why does a Dr make it?

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>they're still making food from one chinese general's chicken
How fucking big is that chicken? Surely they must be running out, right?

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His family makes it now

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>no frogs
>no nest

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What are the basic cooking utensils that someone who is looking to get into Italian/french cooking (but also just cooking in general) should own? I own a lodge cast iron pan, one chef knife and some shitty spatulas/cutlery. Is Le Creuset a good brand for pots and pans? Also, for a deep pot, is enamelled cast iron or stainless steel better?

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I like the pizza pizza, I like the pizza pie

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I like the vinegar vinegar. I like the vinegary shits!

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the airplanes in the sky go woosh

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*Unsurpassed as the undisputed greatest cooking medium of all time*

What gives?

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That’s not an oven

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>cooking steak in the oven
>cooking ribs in the oven
>grilling corn in the oven

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It's a fireplace.
Putting food next to fire has been done for thousands of years.
This modern contrivance is simply an attempt to make the process more convenient.

Fire is the medium of the cookery, not the fireplace.
The fireplace is a means to attempt to bridle the force of the fire and coax it to do your bidding.

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What's the deal with these things? They smell like dog food and don't taste particularly good. But I just ate like 1/3rd a bag.

Is it the salt I crave?

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Feed the fatness kid.

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Wait until you dump chili cheese and jalapeños into that bag buddy

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R8 my lunch

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looks great 7/10

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Imagine the vinegary shits

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>have to pay almost 20 bux for a roll of this in Germany

fucking hell

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Why? Is all of your plastic wrap imported?

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Halt die Fresse Ben-Kevin deine Ja! Folie ist der letzte Dreck

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It's not sold in normal stores.

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Plastic products and wraps are only for God’s Chosen peoples goyim.

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Wrap brie in ham

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hotsauce would work well on this

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>food and cooking

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That looks pretty tasty but personally I would go with a harder cheese with more taste and the cheese to ham ratio seems way off but simple and fast recipe that do look breddy gud anon

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>put cheese on bread
>put ham on bread

Wow that sucked I didn’t even make a giant mess of everything. How can I ruin this?

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No u

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made for BBQ

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What's for brekkie/lunch /ck/?
>pic related
>my first try making Eggs Benedict
>fucked up poaching the eggs but made a killer sauce
Overall 7/10 will try again

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It makes sense that the most absusive and toxic posters on the board are europeans

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Good job, but isn't the sauce a little too runny?

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why because we're i mean they're chads?

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>nooo u can't call me idiot that's toxic
go eat a burger fat

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Lol that fag getting bitter over Euros wasn't me Hans. If I wanted asspats I'd go to reddit.
Also, fats aren't people

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Why does Peet's coffee require 2 tablespoon of coffee per 6oz cup whereas Folger's requires only 1 tablespoon?

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For me it's 3.

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i fry mine to 6 honestly

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4 or 2 preferably, but ill take 3 or 5.

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3 looks about right. I like it still chewy. Crisp bacon is kinda pointless.

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I needed a late night caffeine fix last night and the only place that was open was a gas station near me that I’ve never actually been to. I pulled a 2 L of Diet Coke from the shelf and paid for it And when I tried it last night it tasted kind of flat even though I just opened it for the first time. I looked at the expiration date on the cap but It wasn’t in a format that I normally see or that the Internet tells me it should be. Instead it looks like the picture. At first I thought why would they put the month and day but not the year but now I’m wondering if I’m drinking 12 year old expired soda.

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Someone else already opened it before you
Maybe even poisoned it

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That is an old design. You drank expired soda.

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>I needed a late night caffeine fix

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LMAO op that's the bottle I fuckin CAME in and put in on a shelf as a JOKE. Enjoy gonorrhea, doofus

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Glad to see 4chan’s trademark hospitality isn’t limited to the NSFW boards

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would you eat your face if you could?

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>killing yourself because of women
is that you, Anthony Bourdain's ghost?

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i'm pretty ugly, i don't think a cake of my face would be very appetizing.

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yeah no one likes fruit cake

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what if she got confused and accidently cut herself open because she thought the cake was the real her?

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they both look pretty caked to me

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>Doesn't like the healthy foods

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Well it’s an American website on the American invented internet and you’re speaking American. So good guess Sherlock.

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Ummm sweetie... It's org, not .com so not American
And brits invented the English language.. okay? :)

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>raw egg

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Fellow Britbong here.
Why do we need this fucking thread every pissing day?

At least make a generic breakfast thread. We don't need this "argument" as a thread every day.

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>Always thought making Bearnaise/Hollandaise was a pain in the ass
>Watch based Chef John from Foodwishes.com
>Instead of wasting time with a dumb water bath, he just cooks the eggs/vinegar blend straight on the stove
>The coagulation isn't even a problem if you keep the heat down and keep stirring
>Instead of melting the butter beforehand, he just cuts it up into cubes and throws it straight in
>This is fucking genius because the sauce won't split due to the butter melting slowly

What are some other things people overcomplicate for no reason`?

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chef john is a faggot e-celeb.

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he may be a faggot e-celeb but he does make good cooking videos.

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On one hand, this doesn't look that much easier than doing it the regular way, on the other hand, I am a stuck up traditionalist and I'd probably make mayo in an immersion blender if I had one

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i never thought poutine looked all that great nor have i ever craved the dish but after seeing how he made it really made me absolutely salivate over the dish. i'm American so i still have yet to try it making it but it's one of the upcoming dishes i'll make for myself for sure

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Post some wa/ck/y food images

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That little whore better eat every fucking morsel

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You're not my real mom

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Boss coffee is the boss of them all since 1992

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Sit down /ck/ and have a Reign.

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Nope. I’m having a Red Bull this morning.

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Had the Lemon HDZ this morning. Didnt really care for it.

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Put some Jaeger in it

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I can never really tell if these work. Halfway through a can, I always crash and never recover.

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