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Has anybody here ever ordered ham at a restaurant? I've never seen anybody do it.

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what shall I put under the egg?

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Bihari gel

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another egg

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A plate, don't want them eating off of the table now do you?

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You've barely touched your Karē Raisu

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Thats because thats chink slop and i wont eat it. Get me some real white people food, like chimichangas or popcorn shrimp

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imagine if white people had food culture

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Finally, some good fucking food

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And the asshole of a 57yo

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She has a really nice asshole whatchu talkin bout

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i'm gonna need a source on that claim

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I'm more perplexed by how she managed to form an airtight seal around those twinkies without crushing them.
There's gotta be a ton of air trapped in there.

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>Tunisian olive oil
Dumb bitch.

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Chicken Fried Steak fans report

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Name a more boomer meal. Protip you cant.

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vegetables that were boiled for 20 minutes and an overcooked steak.

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I can see by your post that you are a moron.

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Clam chowder is based as fuck. >>17066073 has it right.

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Salisbury steak, beef stroganoff, chicken kiev, the list goes on...

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Now that the dust is well and truly settled, we all agree that this was a front for the mob, right?

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Here's the episode for the uninitiated

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He was an israeli scumbag

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>implying some small restaurants aren't fronts for the mob

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wow i legit thought he was an indian gangster. i've never seen such a fugly israeli, then tend to be either instagram models or fat hairy neets.

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did i do good /ck/?

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I wish I had some sweet tarts right now.

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alright alright enough of that

leave the lady be

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mini chewy sweettarts are pretty unique

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No oatmeal creampies?

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Nobody cares about pics you saved off twitter

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Anybody else drink this shit straight.

My favorite dessert is to sip on 4 ounces of premium maple syrup!

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I put it in coffee since I don't eat waffles or pancakes or sausages or any of the usual maple syrup breakfast options really

crazy how liquid sugar is a breakfast condiment

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I don't mind it. There's nothing that tastes like real maple syrup. A couple tablespoons a few times per year won't hurt you.

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>I put it in coffee
based, same here. sounds strange until you try it, but I dont think there;s a better sweetener for coffee

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>pulled pork

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I've never had penne alla vodka. Can you explain to me what exactly the vodka adds to the flavour? When I think of vodka I don't associate it with tasty.

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The vodka is not a main flavor of the sauce.
It just sounds like a more classy name than what it really is.
>half tomato half alfredo

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having alcohol in a large amount of water makes it hard to entirely boil off, so you still have some left over as well, which I would think would be important as well, though its not enough to taste the alcohol itself.

my understanding is that another part of it is that it being a solvent also adds to the olfactory sensation of all the parts

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>Add mostly-cooked pasta and let it finish in the sauce
is that common in pasta recipes? ive never done that

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this was just the first link on google, but my understanding is it doesnt get stripped off nearly as much as you would think. and olfaction is a major factor


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Yeah it's an Italian thing.

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what do you even do with horse meat?

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make horse sashimi

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Give it to the French

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depends on the cut, but overall it's just the most lean meat you will ever come across

or the japanese, or mongolian, and there's a few other cultures that eat horse meat.

I'm French Canadian and it's really only our province that like openly sells and eats horse meat

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What are the best root beer brands?
I'm curios to try this out and a local import store for american food here in my city offers a few brands for nearly humane prices (1,49€/~US$1,69 per 330ml can).

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It's definitely Bangs for me too

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I like a nice a&w

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If you happen to find Boylan or Sprecher you have to get them. Those are more regional brands though so it's likely your import shop won't stock them. IBC is quite good as far as bigger national brands go. A&W is pretty decent, it's kind of the default root beer. Virgil's is trash, stay away from it.

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oliet bangs

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Yeah sprecher is my go to. 1919 ain't bad either

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I'd like to tell you this recipe but I'm not sure if your IQ is intelligent enough to comprehend the flavor of this

Campbells tomato soup
1/2 can mixed with heavy cream and milk
Couple shakes of Parsley
Plenty of Fresh Cracked Pepper
Plenty of Parmesan
Jalapeno Cream Cheese - 2 tbsp

Put all that shit in a pot and boil it and make fucking TOMATO SOUP, the extra creamyness and flavor of jalapeno cream cheese, and the heavy cream and parmesan is NUTS

I grilled 2 cheese sandwiches to go with it on fresh white bred, lightly covered in mayo. Both Wisconsin sharp white cheddar and white processed sandwich cheese/Swiss cheese and white processed sandwhich cheese grilled to perfection.

use the spoon to cut bitesize portions and pop them bitches in yo soup 3-4 pieces at a time so they don't just get soppy yurd me

Thanks try this tonight thank you very much I hope you have the sophisticated taste buds to enjoy this

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Sounds good anon, I hope you keep experimenting with cooking.

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Will you try it and report back with a rating and summary?

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Probably not.

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lol no you're not, sorry, spud but it's sloppy seconds soup for you.

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That sounds delectable.

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Just bought this. How should I feel about this?

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I watched that video at like 9 and got a weird boner

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I had it once and it tasted like club soda that had pennies soaking in it, so I never bought it again

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kinda tastes like piss

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What did you eat for dinner? I chopped up some boneless chicken thighs, seasoned and covered them in cornstarch, double fried them then coated in bbq sauce, and ate it with sticky rice and spinach. I should have let the chicken dry out because it wasn't as crispy as I hoped it would be.

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dubs checked.
I'm flat broke until tomorrow so i just made lasagna noodles, cheap tomato sauce with velveeta

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how did this suddenly became such an important fruit? I see them everywhere now and they taste like nothing.

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Yeah, I definitely asked you that.

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NTA but you sound like a cunt tbqh

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Oh, OK. :)

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keep fucking that horse

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Looks pretty innit, who cares what it tastes like when it will get you that sweet online social credit

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Have you ever put your penis into a portobello mushrooms carton and pretend your docking with a bunch of your bros? I have no friends and I'm a 34 year old virgin and it has pushed away the suicidal thoughts

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No but I did put a silicon dildo in my ass fleshlight to pretend I'm doing a DAP. Pretty rad too.

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I do this all the time! Not a virgin though but sometimes I take my boner and smack my wife’s ass with it and give her a mushroom shaped bruise as well.

>> No.17065858

Forgot to add only do this on her left ass cheek. I bat left handed in basement so my stance is the same

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I heard rumors that the guy from Tasting History is an unironic faggot but what is the /ck/ consensus in terms of whether his channel is good?
Seems quite a bit better than the usual e-celeb bullshit you get on Babish or Ragusea's channel.

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I love his videos. They're very interesting and enjoyable.

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can't trust a man telling me how things taste, when he's sucked dick.

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Just because you married a man and have sex with them doesn't mean you're gay.

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he's cool. i could give less than a fuck what he does with his dick.
His historical content is well presented, but i feel like he could improve on his verbal description of the dishes he cooks. Talking about food is kind of a specific skill. I also would alter the format so its history, recipe, tasting.. would flow better tht way

>> No.17066225

I like it better the way it is. It gives the illusion that we're getting the history part while the food is actually cooking, which to me is the perfect spot for the segment. Make food and get it cooking, sit down and have a chat about history while it cooks, and then get it out and taste when it's done.

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>pulled pork

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>aka discount carnitas

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I love pulled pork. I need to make some again

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Why did the faggot janny delete the last thread? Kill yourself.

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