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frumunda cheese

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aren't brioche burgers needlessly excessive? brioche is more or less cake.

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is everything except european and japanese cuisine basically just sloppa with spices?

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What food do all worthless dumb and disingenuous whores, aka all women, eat exactly?
Just bbc?

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Just to suffer.

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>owns ketchup
>orders dessert
>puts sugar in coffee/tea
>likes marshmallows, any context

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>school teacher
>browses 4chan

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can I use olive oil instead of ghee?

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Slimanons, how often do you eat desserts and sweets? I wonder if slim people are generally also people who don't indulge in sugary treats too frequently.

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>what are lakes and rivers
>attacking regions with no understanding of their topology
lmao what a fucking retard

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bros, i want to open a fast food stand and i came up with a gimmick in order to attract customers: doughnut dough pizza. do you guys think that would fly?

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I was molested by my father at a young age.

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Do we have a fucking problem?

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>go to little seizures and get 3 pizzas
>eat all of them over the course of 3 days
>tfw check the nutrition
>3.5g transfats per 'za
>tfw 10.5g of transfats in just a few days
bros... am I going to die?

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Why do people try to pretend authentic Italian pizza is best? Is it a giant cope?

>be poor Italian, living in near extreme poverty
>very little to eat/very little food available
>make a small piece of dough and stretch it as thin as possible to make it appear larger
>can't make a thick tomato sauce, due to lack of tomatoes, so i add water to get enough to cover the dough
>add 3 pieces of cheese and 1 basil leaf. I cant afford to add anything else

>be average American (living like kings compared to average Italian)
>see Italian pizza. Decide to improve it because I'm not living in poverty
>make the dough a bit thicker and larger
>decide to add more flavorful/thicker sauce
>cover the entire pizza with cheese, proteins, or vegetables because I have an endless amount of food and can afford to do so

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tfw he farted until he died

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whats your go-to that always hits the spot

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>got caught fucking outside of the door

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I just ate TWO chocolate chip muffins

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4.5 hours and he's still going

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>visiting Europe
>go to grocery store
>milk is sold warm and in bags
Is this common in Europe?

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>baking is an exact science, everything needs to be perfectly weighed!
>all measurements in every recipe are rounded-out to even amounts of grams or easy to remember amounts of imperial measurements
>just as god intended

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Why do amerilards eat the same cholesterol heavy foods on thanksgiving and christmas only a few months apart. It's like they want to have heart attacks

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