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>they wanted to make the most unhealthy burger possible
>they removed the lettuce
>they kept the tomato

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Americans were a mistake

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how popular is ethnic food outside of the united states? is it usually made by immigrants?

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what ethnicity is soylent

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Enjoying a fine red grape drink from Italia as we liaise

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what the fuck is "ethnic food"
it's like saying "coloured paint"

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based hairlinebro

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*ruins your burger*

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Ketchup is gross.

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fuck you nigger, in most exquisite restaurants burgers are not served with ketchup you fucking nigger.

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Thats not bacon

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>being this fragile

Gotta love it

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At Hooters, ordered the Tex Mex Nachos. What am I in for?

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What is the best Chinese Rice?

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By straight do you mean gay? In case that matters...

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you sound pretty gay to me bro

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>vegans detected

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Virgin detected

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>aka loaded penis

vegan insults does not faze a meater

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Don't have any chocolate covered gummy bears around, but I found that putting a Hershey's nugget in your mouth with three to four Haribo bears is about as good

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grow up

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I make my own Hershey's nuggets.
They're super vinegary.

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>grow up

Thats a lot of work

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Wow OP looks good! I like making candy surprises too

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ignore anti-chocolate comments
Chocolate is God-tier
Wouldn’t it be funny if chocolate is healthy too

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i have soy sauce with dumplings
does that contain estrogen
i really hope not

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Op already a faggot why care at this point.

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Yes, like a whole pussy full of estrogens. Enjoy your man boons and period you fag.

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This over exaggerated fear of soy is fucking ridiculous. Now you got young kids freaking out because they accidentily ate something that "might contain traces of soy" or calling someone a soyboy because the put some soy sauce on their chow mein. I'm not saying you should eat fake meat and drink soylent but if you get memed by this half dilated bro science you're a fucking NPC

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Yes, but it's in such low amounts that as long as you aren't eating like 10 servings of it you'll be fine.

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>he asks for a fork at japanese restaurants

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> t.literal child or fingerless deformed freak

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manchild needs a fork... kimokimokimomo~

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why is he cringing at me?? doesnt he know that a proper gentleman needs to follow japanese food etiquette which explicitly states that mixing wasabi and soy sauce is verboten????

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that's a man baby

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>eats with carved twigs

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"Beverage" is to "water" as "food" is to ____

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I haven't even read the Bible nor am I religious but my first instinct was to say bread just because of the christ shit I've learned through cultural osmosis.

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hehe. oh shit, bread. hehe.
hmmm, id have to say, yes, bread. oh shit.

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Literally any food.

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Explain this autism, please.

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You ever just eat a whole container of frosting?

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This nibba never been down the baking aisle of a grocery store

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not everyone is american

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What did he mean by this?

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Yes... the white one...

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no the fuck. you'd get sick that shit is pure sugar

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Charcuterie platter?

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You need a bit of fight to get hard though don't you...

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i got banned from all boards last week for posting a charcuterie platter i made

the reason given was "trolling"

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No squealin’ no thrillin’

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You didn't grease the union

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It's a joke

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What do african americans eat?

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Mud cookies

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25 to Life

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Post foods made for high IQ people.

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OP said for /high/ IQ not room temp.

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such an underrated food

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You a gay fish?

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I have a $10 Amazon Prime Day coupon. Can /ck/ recommend some essential cooking items I should get?

Thinking about pic related

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Fucking bought

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i thought i was the only one

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Learned from necessity when I had to peel 60 lbs of potatoes every other day I suppose. At that pace I would occasionally slice over a bit more than the skin but I'm certain I never wasted as much potato as that machine and if I slowed my self down there would be zero waste and I'd still be faster than the machine. I'm only fast with a crossbar style peeler though, I have no idea would use the other type when they are around the same price.

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As an American, I decided to visit the fair isles of England, and happening upon the little town of Britbonshire or someshit, I wanted to try their famous fish & chips. Well this venomous old crone asked "DO YOU WANT SCRAPS?".. which left me befuddled, but I checked my guidebook, which suggested "scrap" is bong for "fight". I really didn't want to fight this old lady, but I was hungry, so I agreed. Luckily no fight ensued, and I was left with what could only be described as 'oily scabs' on my fish. I'm so fucking confused, I will never venture onto these cursed isles again.

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nice blog, faggot

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So, the taco meat turned out good last night. Cooking on low for a long period of time while grinding the meat with a wooden spatula was key. Is there a better tool for grinding ground beef into a fine consistency?

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I usually cram ground beef up my ass and do squats vigorously. This breaks up any large chunks so that they're ready for tacos once they are expelled.

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wtf are you doing anon

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>giving my whole duck a salt and pepper rub before baking
>caressing duck carcass with both hands
>urge to fuck it surges to astronomical levels
Am I going to hell?

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Yes, thank God.

>> No.16315645

I read duck as dick initially and became very concerned.

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Give your meat a good old rub

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its good

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Just how fucking fat are Amerisharts? It's disgusting.

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>eats the whole thing by myself

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for me, its the Stoffeur's Meatloaf with ketchup glaze and mashed potatoes. the best tiny frozen meal that costs 3 times what a banquet meal does

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>2X THE MEAT required by the lasagne with meat and sauce standard

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You're my kinda guy.

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fuck off

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OP is a faggot

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Better than taco bell

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Lucali’s owner was a carpenter, learned how to make pizza by using English muffins, and wants to show us how, but Hota is all over the guy and I didn’t learn anything.

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>put sauce on english muffin
>then put on cheese

hmm.. almost too simple

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he puts sauce again on top of cheese too
here’s video
he seems genuinely like a decent man
problem is ugly Hoda
the wii fit girl interviewed him and that’s where you can tell he’s a carpenter and he talked about starting out by making English muffin pizzas

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here’s wii fit girl with him

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Is this TRL?

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>is this Total Request Live
American morning tv show, Today Show (NBC)

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