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cut out the middle man make your own satan at home

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I wouldn't know. I'm not some subhuman.

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Yeah but what if you don't give a fuck and keep drinking it anyways?

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tl;dr, most people with lactose intolerance don't actually meet the clinical definition and just don't consume enough dairy to acclimate to it.

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That map is horseshit. They arbitrarily cut South America and Africa in half because they didn't have proper regional data.

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Why does white flour even exist ???????

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>measuring dry goods by volume instead of weight

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they're both 120g per cup

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You may not like it, but this is what a good burger looks like.

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What did they put in that beef? Not even blood is that bright red

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The texture alone would be disgusting. Be like drinking a meat dick smoothie

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A lot of food photos have the colors edited to try and make them stand out more.

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interesting, i never thought of french toast as dinner. both those dishes are desserts to me. which do you prefer, bread pudding or french toast?

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Lol look what i just found

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Take your meds, schizo

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What is your preferred type of milk, /ck/?

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2% milk of course. my wife likes whole milk though and i don't know why. it tastes so fatty to me.

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Why are men like this?

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Whole milk. I really only use milk in cooking and baking. Don't drink it or eat cereal etc.
The hospital ward where I work has a policy about throwing out milk a day before the sell by date, so we'd be throwing away milk that was easily still good for several days if I didn't just freeze it and take it home with me.

I hope that retard lost some teeth.

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this is what happens when you don't beat your kids properly

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Based gallon smashers
Cringe clean-it-up wagies

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>pure starch
>no gluten, no lectins, no arsenic >scientifically proven to increase penis size

Tapioca sounds pretty based but is there a palatable way to mix it with meat and greens?

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I don't know how do you gringos call tapioca but where I live we make pancakes with it.
Using only the tapioca flour you can make a pancake by placing the flour directly on a hot pan (doesn't need oil or butter). Once done this pancake can be seasoned and stuffed like a taco.
Before trying this you have to make sure that your flour is properly humidified. Take a little of flour between your fingers and press together if its cloggs it's properly humidified. If don't you have to take a bunch of flour and add water little by little till your flour cloggs into a firm dough and them pass this dough through a strainer to obtain a flour again.

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>scientifically proven
Can you post the study please?

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>>pure starch
>>no gluten
gluten is just protein. why is pure starch a good thing? just eating pure corn starch isn't seen as healthy and even refined flour is seen as less healthy too.

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Just eat cassava

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IT IS TIME folks in the mid-atlantic! Cicadas (Brood X) are about to emerge after seventeen years. Lets share recipes and talk about good hunting places for this small window event.


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I just did the classic "dip 'em in chocolate" and eat them as a kid.

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I really love escargot is and pretty much all crustacean and mollusc seafood is that bad

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Uh... This is in Maryland and Pennsylvania possibly Ohio I think this year.

So not totally dixie.

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More of a north thing this time:

Overall, this large emergence will affect the District of Columbia and at least parts of these 15 states:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
West Virginia

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>OP says "mid-Atlantic"

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>tfw mom is making Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight

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>tfw mom is making my favorite potato latkes for passover

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>She's making desert tonight

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>tfw mom has Styrone and D'quarius coming over tonight, so I get to play Fort in the basement with Mickey D's for dinner.

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>doesn't own cast iron
>insists frozen fish is as good as fresh
>uses lean ground beef
>uses dried pasta instead of taking 5 minutes to make fresh
>uses sour cream with gums and thickeners added
>posts tranime
>likes McDonalds

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It's correct. Literally every Wal-Mart has affordable fresh never frozen fish. Every single one. It's a huge industry, multi billion dollars. You can buy half a salmon (not chum, actual real eating salmon) at any Wal-Mart for $15-20.

There is no reason whatsoever to eat frozen fish.

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That fish was frozen at some point, retard anon.

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> some seething weeaboo took the time to type all this in between paralysing fits of impotent rage

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Fresh, never frozen fish was never frozen. They use pumpable ice technology to keep the fish at 33 degrees, just above freezing, from when they remove and bleed them to the processing facility and then they are shipped in refrigerated trucks, double retard.

That's what "fresh, never frozen" means. Every single Wal-Mart in the USA carries fresh, never frozen salmon and cod, at a bare minimum.

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Interesting, never knew about this

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Should I make stromboli or just make a pizza tonight?
Never made Stromboli before, feels like it's easier to fuck up

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No. It will burst open, leak, look like shit, and be soggy. Try it once in your life if you need to cross that one off your list, because you will only do it once.
This market belongs to HOT POCKETS® Brand Sandwiches | Official HOT POCKETS®!
All trademarks and Intellectual Property are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.,Vevey, Switzerland or used with permission.
Just make a pizza and avoid any problems.

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I am confused by your marketing scheme, i feel like your just a shill trying to make me buy hot pockets instead of creating my own superior stromboli

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Is he right that grains and vegetables are bad for us?

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>tiny hands
Why should I listen to this clickbait YouTube scammer?

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Yet you spam Adam Ragusa here every day, because you're paid to.

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> toxic

According to whom?

Find me literally one study showing that consuming vegetables associates with negative health outcomes.

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Weston Price's book is a good place to start. Then you can go to the Weston Price Foundation web site and read published, peer reviewed studies proving it all.

It's fun and easy, but you won't do it because you're a big ag shill or a retarded vegan.

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Do you even read the things that you tell people to go read?

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Why do people dislike cast iron? Well I can only think of a few reasons:

>can't cook
>don't know how to take care of possessions
>can't read simple instructions and season pan
>marketing bot for Amazon / chyna

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I don’t hate it, its just that I have All Clad, Carbon Steel and Le Creuset, so there is literally no reason for me to ever pull out my bare cast iron again. I think the last time I used it was over two years ago for pizza.

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I use mine exclusively for burgers. Gives the best sear

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But no false advertising prosecutors.

>carbon steel
total meme, the seasoning just floats on the surface of the pan instead of soaking into the matrix of the cast iron

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>total meme, the seasoning just floats on the surface of the pan instead of soaking into the matrix of the cast iron

youre just talkinf out of your ass anon. Ive own multiple carbon steel woks and their seasoning is excellent

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Carbon steel simply can't be seasoned properly, it's not porous enough. The seasoning is some ugly layer which floats on top the metal and is easily damaged.

A properly seasoned cast iron pan has polymerized oil in the minute crevices and matrices of the much more porous cast iron, and it can not be scraped off. I can clean my cast iron by running hot water on it, even scrub it with steel wool, and set it on the counter and within a few hours a natural sheen will appear, it's the polymerized oil, the thing that's the seasoning and what makes the pan non-stick slowly seeping out as the pan contracts after being under hot water. It's just a cheap Lodge that I've had for decades and taken good care of.

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How the fuck do I stop eating bread every morning?

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Stop buying it

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>replace cancer with bigger cancer

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Lmao I haven't eaten bread since December. Pathetic.

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keep to making your own bread.
eventually it'll become either a pain in the ass to make every morning, or you'll make it a habit to make bread every morning and make it better each time.

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Bread is terrible for you wtf? We have been telling you this for years. You got sausage, bacon, eggs, scrapple, taylor ham you don't need fucking bread. Stop eating bread ever. Ok, you want a burger, throw the bottom half away. This isn't a hundred years ago. We know better. Stop eating fucking bread and harming your health.

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What does "a serve of fruit" and "a serve of vegetable" actually mean? Not the volumes, but rather what specific essential nutrients are they attributing to fruits and vegetables? Do those nutrients exist in practical quantities in other foods? Surely eating any arbitrary fruit or vegetable isn't enough, that has to be an oversimplification

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Your local public library has a research librarian just dying to assist you with your question instead of helping the smelly homeless person to shoot up heroin in the bathroom.

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Yeah, fuck that. I'm perfectly healthy with my 5 a day.

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>What does "a serve of fruit" and "a serve of vegetable" actually mean?
nice marketing campaign designed ONLY to SELL vegetables. too bad no one actually likes vegetables.

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If I ate the amount of fruits that were recommended I would be diabetic.

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>one cup of juice per day would make you diabetic

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Slow cooking about 1kg lamb offal (even split of heart, kidney, liver) with about 1kg veg (onion, celery, carrot) with stock and some beer. How do you think this will turn out? I'm sure there's a high probability of it tasting like shit. I had the offal for mayiritsa for breaking lent but we didn't end up making it so i just had all this shit going out of date and thought i'd try to make something of it.

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Delete that image. Gore is not allowed on a blue board.

>> No.16063724

It’s going to be weird. Heart is great cooked like steak, but I think slow cooking it will just make it rubbery.

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What do you think of Keith Floyd and the cooking shows he filmed? He may not be the greatest chef in terms of skill but I thought he cooked some good food. IMO his shows are really entertaining and authentic thought, I'm pretty sure they're unscripted. He's jokes around a hell of a lot but you can tell he's actually a very respectful person and his love of the food and places he visits comes through, then there's his humor.

>> No.16063732

Keith was great

>> No.16064144

top tier. always humorous and cheerful, honest and self-aware. he was an acceptable cook, especially for the time, but he definitely fucked up some dishes.

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I'm trying to live a more based lifestyle, and that includes cutting pork out of my diet. The only problem is that ribs are one of my favorite foods, as is prosciutto. What are some good alternatives to these? I'm not looking to go vegan, I just want to be more halal

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I've been raising pigs for 15 years, I've also owned cattle. Cows eat grass and occasionally organic feed cubes, pigs eat disgusting slop, and literally anything else you feed them

>> No.16063782

Maybe stop feeding them disgusting slop?
Chefs with access to their livestock supply will feed the pigs nothing but fruit for a week or two before slaughter.

>> No.16063784

Considerably more expensive.

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>I'm trying to live a more based lifestyle
does the opposite of what that would entail.

>> No.16064072

>roll around in and eat their own shit
this literally does not happen on modern farms.

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