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Fact: chovz > deenz

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Fact: actual food > canned fish

I used to be like you

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you have the choice of

A) fake meat made with plants
B) bugs

which one will you choose? like for real real

>inb4 "I-I'll just hunt"
animals are extinct and firearms are banned

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They are more nutritious than conventional meat.

Plus they are already being made into burger patties and mince. Hell, most food you eat already has bugs in it.
It's not like eating bugs means you're just eating whole crickets and scorpions straight.

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I just eat deenz from the stock I inherited from my based grandpa

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>firearms are banned
>implying that would stop anyone
also why would I choose either anyway, theres already good vegan food that doesnt try to be meat, and by 2199 there should be plenty of cheap meat cloning technology

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>retarded fucking hypotheticals
You are actually the type of person this question is targetted at.
Both are already happening.
You need to come to terms with that.

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I'll become a canibal.
But than again, if animals are extinct, so will be humans, as we need an actual biodiverse system. Cows feed and fluff up the earth, chickens destroy pests like ticks, swine redistriute the soil. If you don't have animal husbandry, you wont have any plant matter to eat as well. Synthtic stuff only leads to soil destruction, as the abylonians already learned.

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>americans call crisps "freedom fries"

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we arent in the cold war anymore dingus

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>third-worlder tries to start a bait thread between first-world countries again

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>wife wants to start dieting
>meme diets don't work
>i say the secret is smaller portions
>eat anything you want just less
>ill make you 5 lunches for this week
>ill play chopped with our pantry
>sounds good honey
>next day
>nevermind ill just eat brown rice and chicken breast all week

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If she’s hot and keeping the baby factory open idgaf

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Losing weight isn't the only concern.

While a caloric deficit is essential for weight loss, and you can lose the extra kilos by eating nothing but lard and chocolate, it's more important to give your body what it needs in terms of nutrients and lowering the consumption of saturated fats.

> but muh vegetable oils are bad
> but muh 'people didn't hagr heart attacks before'

Yes, they did. People had the same problems we do today, including cancer and autism. It just went undiagnosed.

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Where do you go to get recipes? I fucking hate all the bullshit that comes with SEO driven cooking sites. Something in text or PDF form would be great. Like a modern recipe BBS

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Did you really need to post this again in a different thread?

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We had a booru, but I don't think anyone's posted content on it in over a year now.

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Here's a few PDF resources. There's also the Wikipedia cookbook




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I make my own recipes. Learn how to incorporate spices, how to do rouxs, how to make mirepoix, how to make the mother sauces, then just go out and fly solo.

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cookbooks - you can find a lot online, try libgen
america's test kitchen/cook's illustrated (paywalled)

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Got this 'no's 'za at Cr1tikal's recommendation. Gonna pop this in the oven and get back to you.

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I think I’m too old for this site

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This is my first no's 'za actually. Looks decent.
If you're 30+, probably. I'm 20. Pizza's almost done btw.

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This looks fucking disgusting, which means it's probably good. Gonna give it a try

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It's pretty good. Sorta like school lunch pizza. 9/10.
'm gay btw not sure if that matters

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these are better nice and floppy out of the microwave

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>no shitty music
>no cringey voice
>no awkward editing or useless b footage
>no forced personality, just clear text based commentary that doesn't ruin the aesthetics
Is there a more based food YT channel?

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I agree with you, anon.

But why do you care so much about what others think about the stuff you enjoy?

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laziest content on youtube next to mukbangs and drama shit

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nobody cares what you like, faggot. piss off

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where are the bodies, Mark?

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I hate this guy

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A delivery driver just phoned me and said that he'll be about ten minutes late because he's been stopped by the police.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago.

Is this a thing they do often if they know that they're going to be late?

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>& cooking

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Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Cops are barely enforcing traffic laws now.

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I fucking hate traffic cops so fucking much

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I'm so sick of all of you reddit tourist frogposting retards shitting up this site

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So many stories of cops being fucking faggots for literally no reason. Fuckin hard for me to defend pigs these days

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Why do americans call this "pie"? are they stupid? Pizza is not a pie, lol.

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Looks like pie to me

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Nobody's said "pizza pie" since the 1940s

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seriously. It's like how Euro's still cry about "french fries" dude nobody in the US has said French Fries since the 70's. they're just fries now.

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Where do you guys live? I had a pizza pie with French fries just last night. I live in New Jersey.

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why is italian cuisine so hilariously bad?
the main staple dish of pastaland is pizza which is literally just sauce on bread
their deep dish is just watered soup
spaghetti is just inferior version of authentic greek noodles
even pizza is belgian (French) and not from italy

why could the eyeties not make a satisfactory cuisine?

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Saw a thread about a month ago, contribute your food infographics here! Will dump some of mine

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let me just go to my reddit folder....

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Also I am gay and homosexual.

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Faggots unite

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It’s me, the famous Anon who invented contactless pizza delivery approximately 1 whole year before COVID-19.
Anyhoo, Lil Caesar pizza bread IS good, crispness refers to caramelization, and I felt like I was in the great movie Bicycle Thieves.

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I'm tired articles by white housewives making stupid sugary messes.

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Why do you even need a recipe? Stir fry is easy

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I search for them and am smart enough not to click on mommyblog bullshit. Get a clue, dumbass.

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just watch the stir fry video by chinesecookingdemystified on YT and use your common sense and judgement

stir fry has no real recipe, since you'd often just make do with whatever veg you have or was in season

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Use cornstarch/water for the thickener slurry. Everything else is usually just soy sauce, and rice wine, maybe some oyster sauce

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Hot wok with sesame oil
Fresh noodles, vegetables, oyster sauce

That is the most basic stir fry there is. Now just experiment with additional stuff to see what you like.

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Actually looks ok.

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eceleb board when

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You're on it, chud

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Did this limey faggot really boil ribs

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What do you think of Jamaican food ? In the Toronto area it's quite popular, it has a reputation for making the best jerk chicken outside of Jamaica and every subway station here sells beef patties

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Sounds like Toronto is a real shithole lol

>> No.14958997

It is

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only things i associate with that are jamaican is Dub music and reefer. flavours of their cuisine sounds dope though.

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I also live in Toronto. I get Jamaican food pretty frequently, it's one of my favourites. There's nothing like a good jerk chicken sandwich with coleslaw, mmm...

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Jamaican food is really good. I guess they make it a little differently in Toronto, because I have never seen the veggies look like that.

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To me it's chili and it's tasty.

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>SAG member
Oh the irony

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i need to work on my grilling. I'll let these cool in the fridge so when i chop then into cubes the stay together better

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based thread

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still waiting on the beans to finish cooking before i set them aside and saute the sausage and onions/peppers the deglaze the pot with beef broth/coffee then add everything together and simmer for a hour or two

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ffs, every time i forget the pic

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you know that yellow rice with beans in a large tinfoil tray they always bring to potlucks
how do I make that shit

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saffron and chicken stock

>> No.14958942

The easiest way to do it is garlic, turmeric, ginger, and plenty of salt and pepper. To get a fancier version you'd need onion, some stock, and probably some fresh ingredients.

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Arroz con gandules?
Have a good sofrito, and make sure you add some sazon

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When making "buttermilk" pancakes with lemon juice, do you have to leave the lemon juice and milk together before adding the rest or can you just mix all the ingredients together and let the batter sit to curdle?

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Bretty sure you have to mix the lemon and milk together first

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ITT we roleplay as wh*te people eating food.
>oh no, this spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes® is much too spicy! Kind sir and/or madam of unknown pronouns, please fetch me the butter and mayonnaise! My mouth is on fire!

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Why do black people have such a hatred for white people not being as used to spicy food as them? Like, just sell milk on the side so white people can be adventurous but also have a way out. You'll make more money off of them, they can be all 'Well I tried the inferno burger!', everybody wins.

Or is this more an excuse to just be WYPIPO EVIL I WANNA KILL THEM ALL

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Quads say you have to go >>14958888 .
Goodbye anon

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You should role play as white people doing other things like going to school and not being a criminal. I think it’d be fun.

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I'm not white and I find most spicy fast food sandwiches too hot. What is the point of eating the food if you are going to overwhelm it with spices? Just drink a bottle of hot sauce.

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