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Calling all al/ck/oholics
What's the most versatile, tasteful, and reasonably-priced whisk(e)y that's available in Europe?
Something for sipping that can also be used for cocktails in a pinch

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>another drug thread

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I got this great recipe from grandma. It calls for redwine but as I'm a recovering alcoholic can I use some vinegar with red dye instead?

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The wine is for flavour, anon, not appearance.

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You should use some poison instead

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alcohol evaporates from wine after like 15 min of boiling, its for the taste only

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I believed that until recently, but it seems actually it persists for long periods of cooking.

What are your reasons for avoiding wine ?

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>What are your reasons for avoiding wine ?
Can't you fucking read, idiot?

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What are some dishes that are most improved when a bit of white wine is added during cooking?

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Why are you still keeping your pasta machine? You only used it once and it's been sitting in the cupboard for ages?
Downsize now

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Or just make pasta more often.

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Is the quality difference really worth the trouble?

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I made spinach lasagna with it two days ago.

Admittedly it must have been the fourth or fifth time I use it since I got it as a (requested) gift one year ago.

It's not easy to use.

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No, god forbid you have to move your arm a few times

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For in explicable reason I have upperwards to 40 boxes of Marconi and Cheese of a few different brands my pantry.
How can I prepare this so I don't drive myself to the point of insanity eating all this.

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>Fuck this retarded fool


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Fuck no.

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Bulk buying rice goooooooood

Bulk buying ramen gooooooood

Bulk buying mac bad?

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Bulk buying ramen (the instant shit) is just as bad.
Rice is fine cause it's not a processed food.

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give it to a food bank

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Boomer here. What's the deal?
Before it was ok to use a toothpick in public. But I somehow got the sense the low-iq millenials even find this offensive.
Should I hide my face under a napkin when toothpicking?

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>Should I hide my face under a napkin when toothpicking?
Yes or go to the bathroom.

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>caring what others think
Kek what a faggy boomer

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No one cares about you.

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You cared enough to reply. I win.

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What was your favorite POPSICLE HEUHEOUL from Good Humor

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Made a meatball sandwich for you, /ck/.

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No you didn't, you made it for yourself and then came here hoping to get upvotes.

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Well then I hope it tasted as good as it looks.

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I ate it for you, anon!

Oh yes it was soooo good!

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That looks fucking perfec

Very aesthetic cheese r melt

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Next you should kill yourself for me.

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I've had some good burgers in my time, but this is HOT STUFF.

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I made a mushroom swiss a few days ago just because I kept seeing these seemingly random threads being spammed, only to find out that it's some /pol/ shit...

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thats hot stuff and it looks like you can get it at a number of different places

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Wait it's /pol/ shit? is it some dumb as shit projection of their own insecurities onto a fucking burger? are the jews responsible for them not liking mushrooms on it or some shit?

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Here's the reply I got when I posted that image >>13243577

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oh goddamnit it has to do with that faggot? why can't he stay fucked off in the corner of irrelevancy?

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I’ve had some good burgers in my time.

I love a good Swiss, melted Swiss cheese and mushrooms, roasted mushrooms, and caramelized onions on a burger.

That is hot stuff.

You can get that at a number of different places.

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Is there anything good at this POS restaurant?
I remember loving it as a kid but I tried it today for the first time in years and it was pretty bad.
Did something change or was it just nostalgia?

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I used to get their 5 for 5 chili dogs when I was a teenager. No idea how I stomached that in retrospect.

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Sounds like a generous offer that they hoped no one would actually get.

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Currently drinking a bottle of wild turkey 86.8 proof and have nearly finished the bottle. currently thinking about trying wild turkey 101, is it a good bourbon? It's kinda a bit expensive here but if there is a big difference between the 101 and standard wild turkey I'll try it

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Just don't know if it's rotgut tier or not

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i tried my first bottle recently, can confirm its good shit

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>another drug thread

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Sounds good. Might give it a go next week

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These drugs are legal so it is totally okay to consume. Just like caffeine and nicotene. Not to mention it is okay to make yourself fat on fried foods and give yourself diabeties from too much sugar. If it's legal it's okay.

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wa la

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I low key love how /ck/ dubs threads never get dubs.

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>low key

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Based looks delicious turkey and cake

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Fondant isn't impressive and ruined all baking skills by simplifying the artistic methods required to make such a creation

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I agree. It is also sickening, it tastes like what is is: sugar paste.

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Why the fuck do people fucking put salt on this shit? All I can taste is the fucking salt

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>a 75% Carmel to 25% salt ratio
>salt on top so the first thing you'll taste
also your a tastelet if you can't distinguishing two wildly different flavours

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What's a basic, affordable, bar stock look like? As far as I'm aware I need a handful of different wines, juices, and pantry spices. Obviously results scale with cost, but I'm looking for something to make dollar store gin tolerable. Just mixing it into apple juice+triamedic isn't working for me anymore and I want to at least pretend to be fancy.

For what it's worth my usual appetizers served with it include dollar store cheese whiz, homemade sailor bread, raviolis and soup. Usually I'm able to hide the cheapness of the food with spices.

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Must suck to not have a local Wendy's

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in-n-out is truly flavorless

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10 minutes after eating here I feel like I'm fucking dying every time. And their fries are undisputedly the worst out of every fast food chain- they don't even fucking salt them, Their burgers not only seem to cause cardiac arrest, they fall apart like a sloppy joe and the lettuce is a giant fucking leaf

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In N Out is overrated garbage. Once Whataburger hits your state that place is gonna go out of business fast

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>a fucking leaf

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Wendys is garbage

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So this is what you're so crazy about huh. Gotta say, hamburgers are better...tacos are better...fried chicken is better...gyros are better...fish n chips are better...shish kebabs are better...egg rolls are better....

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Imagine the smell of your vinegary shits after eating that

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the head light man is back again

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Would Ardbeg Uigeadail or Corryvreckan make for a good Christmas present?
Or are there some better whisky in the same price range?

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What's this I heard about these threads not being allowed anymore? Anyone know when this came into effect?

>> No.13247447

Threads about appreciating alcohol are allowed. Circle jerks about being addicted to alcohol are not. This is over a year old now, and has improved the board slightly.

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If they like heavy smoke scotches. If not, then no.

>> No.13247491

He likes highland park, if that says anything

>> No.13247560

HP is not smokey. Ardbeg might not be a good choice. Use the malt map as your guide.

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So I think I screwed up. Had some ground beef in the fridge and saw some MANWICH in my cupboard and figured I’d make some sloppy joes. Fast forward, it’s all made and taste time and it tastes really acidic and off. Realized the manwich went bad in July. Safe to eat or toss in the trash?

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thank you for helping to pull me out of a depressive episode anon. Please don't eat that shit.

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ignore this cockmongler >>13247689

eat it and record it with your best steve1989 impression

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Could just be a bad batch. It's a high acid tomato product so they may have just put too much acid. 6 months past shelf life is nothing for a can.

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That was literally my first computer, and a few months ago I went with my mom to throw it away and the guy at the dump - without knowing its significance to me - told me to chuck it as far I could into the electronics bin or whatever while he was tossing in some other things. I also bought my first ever can of manwich probably a year ago and it's still sitting around because I didn't realize you have to add your own meat; I thought I could just eat it cold out of the can with some bread like a pate when I was drunk and wondering where my life went. Now I'm wondering if it's still good.

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