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I've had nothing but water, green tea, and bone broth for 3 days ama

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>Makes your entire cooking "skills" worthless

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Still need to prep beforehand
Which is most of the skill needed.

If you're trying to equate skill with setting a timer or correct temperature on an oven you're mistaken.

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What's your favorite food to eat at the fair?

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what's the krabby patty secret formula, keep in mind that the late stephen hillenberg was adamant that the burger contains no meat

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Plant plankton

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Anyone else love McDonald's Burritos? I assume they're horrible for me so I only have them now and again, but I love them

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guilty pleasure

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They're my favorite thing on the menu

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Breakfast wraps are a guilty pleasure regardless of where they are from

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Get that picante sauce, kid

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What food do you prepare and eat to lose weight?

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i just reduced my meals to one a day and that really helped. first did a fat as fatass meal, then cut that to a regular one, then made that meal even less calories when i hit a weight loss plateau.

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Imo going structured and scientific or eating 1 meme meal a day are unsustainable cyclical fattie behavior and won't give you a healthy relationship with food

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for more specific foods, still too lean mean like:

chicken breast
turkey breast and low fat ground turkey.
low fat ground beef.

try staying away from too many carbs, low carb diets make it easier to drop bodyfat % which is what most people mean when they want to lose weight. Healthy carbs like Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice are relatively fine but I'd recommend staying away from pastas, white rice, and bread.

Stay away from junk food, processed treats such as donuts, cakes, cookies, don't drink soda, pretty much stay away from stuff with a high sugar content, that's one of the main causes of obesity.

Instead of carbs being your main filler use vegetables such as:

brussel sprouts

steam, roast, pan fry with olive oil, makes salads and choice a low fat healthy dressing.

a very easy meal is baked chicken with a spinach salad.

take a chicken breast and rub it with olive oil then season with salt and pepper and put in a baking dish, add the juice from a lemon and freshly chopped rosemary and miced garlic on top then bake in the oven at 400 degrees until the temp reaches 160 degrees then take it out and let it rest for 10 mins.
for the salad just put a couple of hand fulls of spinach in a bowl, 1 cup of kale chopped(cut out the stem), add some onion slices , cherry tomato's and whatever low fat dressing you want I like newman's italian dressing, toss with the dressing.

if you really want you can add half a sweet potato depending on how many calories you are allowed to eat.

all in all, its less about what you eat and more about how much you eat that will determine if you lose weight or not, however what you eat will impact how your body looks, eating a lot of fast food and simple carbs will more likely be stored as fat cells in the body and will always give you a little belly even if you're skinny.

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that is true, the only people I've met that went from fat to fit had to actually change there entire life and erase years of unhealthy habits, most people that lost weight on a diet gain it back in a few weeks once they dropped there diet because Mcchickens with a large fry and soda is just too damn good.

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Last time I was dieting I made pizzas that were approx. 300cal from memory. For the base, I just used a wheat tortilla (this is where the calories add up usually) and topped it with olive oil, tomato paste, sliced mozzarella and fresh basil. If you can stick to it log in your stats to cronometer.com and it will tell you how much you need to eat to achieve your goals as well as give you a nutrition breakdown. It's the best website for it imo.

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Will season 2 be as good as the later end of season 1? Or will they purposely play up the silliness?

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what's the correct way to eat tomatoes?

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Usually with your mouth

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pros know how to buttmunch

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How can you screw up this badly?

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they knew, it's on purpose

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how can you defend this level of incompetence?

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again, it's on purpose, it'd only be incompetence if they were actually trying to do what you think they're trying to do, but they're not.

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One of the biggest blunders in human history.

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Did they really think we would forgive them for something this outrageous?

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I bought myself a new cooking knife today

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Looks like a hoof

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I kinda like it what is it and where is it manufactured?

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I've found that I really prefer a somewhat shorter but deeper knife over a more traditional chef's knife as well.
Thats a nice one you found there.

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This board is pure comedy. Thanks frens

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i only browse /ck/ for the funnies, i dont even cook or eat

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>I don't even eat
based higher being poster

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thank you, im the one posting the funny stuff

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no it me

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Black Beans Tostados Recipe. is this mexican based recipe ?

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Post your dinner and rate

leftover re-fried char siu with brocolli
pork shoulder cut into strips and marinaded 3 days in fermented red bean curd etc
roasted and glazed with honey

this was mostly the fatty pieces
fried with garlic, spring onion, chilli oil, sesame oil, shaoxiang wine soy, sugar, and toasted sesame seeds
on rice

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Fried rice with soy sauce, eggs, and onions.

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Leftover chili with rice and a soft poached egg. Really wish I had some green onions right now.

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i have a big pot of green onions growing on my deck
feels real good to just go pull one up when i want it
these both look terrible but probably taste good
poached/fried egg on mincey stuff on rice is a based meal i eat that a lot but normally more asian-y mince stuff
that fried rice would be and look a lot better if you just chucked some frozen peas in near the end lil fresh bite and looks maybe a little too oily but that's a fine line you gotta toe.

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>he still doesn't eat probiotic rich foods
enjoy having a weak stomach

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Probiotic food and your gay yogurt do nothing. The only thing that does anything for gut bacteria are supplements.

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fuck u cunt

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Eating lots of fiber is more important to maintaining a healthy gut bacteria composition anyway.

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Yeah they count but only if they're fermented or made with raw vinegar. If they're just pickled by putting them in a jar with white vinegar or if they've been pasteurized they're not bad for you but you won't be getting the probiotics you'd get from raw fermented food.

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Once in a while I get really bad migraines and I usually have diarrhea the next day. When they won't go away I start craving fermented dairy and sauerkraut so I'm guessing eating those things regularly might help. I already got some buttermilk starter which is easy to make since it ferments at room temperature and you don't have to keep it warm like you do with yogurt, but I'm trying to find a good setup to make sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables without much hassle.

Would something like this be okay? I was looking at just getting mason jars with the glass weights and an airlock but I keep seeing a lot of people saying the weights break or get stuck.

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what do i make with deer meat?

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Here everyone uses deer to make jerky and french dip sandwiches. Low and slow, heavy spices, trim the meat very well, it's lean but any fat that is on it is generally not very tasty.

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Anything you'd make with beef.

A good casserole. Venison, bacon, mushrooms, carrots, celery, potatoes, onion, garlic, parsley, tomato paste, beef stock, red wine or dark beer and some fresh bread.

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You should donate the meat to a needy person and then stop killing animals like a psychopath. Grow a garden instead.

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Stroganoff or any other fatty sauce is a good choice.
You need some rich fat in there to counter the strong richness and irony taste of the venison.

As for burger, mix 50-50 with very fatty pork or beef. Otherwise its too lean to use for pretty much anything.

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Trying to find use for it but almost every recipe calls for either beef or pork.

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Mixed? It's best for filling garbage bags.

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Depends what the mix is. If it's 50/50 beef/pork it's perfect for bolognese. If it's anything else, just make burgers or meatballs or something.

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Imagine being such a retard that you actually wait for a ban to expire

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finely chop or grate or mortar and pestle or whatever a bunch of aromatics like spring onion, ginger, garlic, chilli, fresh turmeric etc

saute them with your mince
then add seasonings like soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce. taste it and balance it
add a cornstarch slurry if you like

serve on rice with a fried egg on top

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yakisoba pan

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is this the sardinian maggot cheese?

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Do Japanicans really?

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>2.4 MB, 3008x2000
for a picture of shitty bread with noodles stuffed inside

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These always seem super sloppy.
Is there at least something with a little crunch in it?

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why is japanese cuisine so hilariously bad?
the main staple dish of nipponland is sushi which is literally just fish on rice
their curry is just watered soup
ramen is just inferior version of authentic Chinese noodles
even instant noodles is taiwanese (Chinese) and not from japan

why could the nips not make a satisfactory cuisine?

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ITT: Godly food that Americans will never experience

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I always thought flunch was an american thing, with how disgusting it tastes

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>food that Americans will never experience
Why do you think there's anything that Americans will never experience? We can travel to any country we want (well, not anymore) and try anything we want to try. I've been to Flunch a couple times and it's REALLY nothing special.

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It's French-based, anon

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Almost every person in America is in the top 1% wealth bracket in the world, it would literally take a minimum wage worker a month to fly anywhere in the world and live comfortably for a week or two and still splurge. You could probably somehow abuse the welfare system into paying for free vacations and food, etc. Imagine being so obsessed with the superior Americans you try to celebrate the things we have not yet learned of, touched, and defiled. It's all ours, you're just waiting for the coup de grace.

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>put a plate on some hay
>fry an egg (yourself)
>add some flowers
>add a potato chip
>we're literally the best restaurant in the world
>that will be 800 euros please

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He's a little out there but the guy likely has an insane palate and he wants people to connect with his food. That egg is probably delicious with all the components, and a lot of his guests are probably super rich fucks who don't even crack an egg that often. It's going to be a freshly cooked egg delivered exactly the way the chef wants it to be experienced.

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>walk into his kitchen
>see this
>do a 360 and walk away
should've bought a thermoworks

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I cook regularly and don’t own one of these fag things at all. Shits for pussys and Melvins.

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Analogue candy themometers are shit. SHIIIT.

>> No.14351655

Thermoworks is good if you need a probe thermometer that takes 5 seconds to read the temp (i.e. do you work in a fucking steak house?). That's kind of a moot point for a leave-in probe like that.

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digital roasting thermometers just fail a lot more often, i think because the probes are left at high temperatures. they seem to do okay for smoking, but once you get above 300 degrees or so, they don't last very long.

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