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are 40oz gas station beer the ultimate alchie beverage, sure chugging vodka is fun buts its not realistic unlike chugging 40s

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Why do they suck so hard now?

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you took the vacc

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Eh they're fine, the potatoes are back which is the only important thing. Also they're like the only fast food place who managed to make ordering from their app the best way to order with the ability to customize the shit out of every single thing.

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Taco Bell tastes exactly the same now as it always has. It tastes like Taco Bell.
Are you just mad about an item removal?

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They got rid of all their good items and replaced them with a chicken nugget in a tortilla

funniest shit I ever seen

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I didn’t even get any of the discontinued items but the menu feels so lackluster to me

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ALDI Appreciation Thread

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Specially Selected Brioche Buns are the business

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Butter fried eggs over medium are objectively the best way to make eggs.

Bonus point for hot sauce in after the butter melts.

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Yea if ur fat lol

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>wanting oil infused burnt egg whites over delicious goopy egg yolk

go take your HRT

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Goopy egg yolk has the texture of what I imagine the sides of my small intestine is. Nasty

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Wait nvm I meant whites, I gotta lay of the booze when Im eating only eggs.

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Yes and they are delicious.

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Anyone else ever have these? For dairy free "ice cream" it's pretty darn good.

Only complaint is the need to thaw for a bit but besides that they're pretty solid flavor wise.

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thank you ben&jerry intern, very cool

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No problem loyal customer

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Post stuff you're proud of, have other anons rate.
I made roast chicken with homemmade chimichurri spice blend, slathered in homemade peri peri. Roasted under citrus rounds for half an hour, over a bed of peppers and onions, corn cobs underneath too. Rice is saffron, and the salsa is papaya, red bell pepper blanched in vinegar, red onion, cilantro, and juice of one lime and one lemon. Had the family tell me it was the best thing they've had since we moved in a few months ago. R8.

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Before roasting

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And the plating. Sorry I suck at shot composition and lighting lol.

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Leftover salsa and veg is going into tacos al pastor tomorrow

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Rate dinner

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and how isnt that healthy its just beef and broccoli in a light sauce moron

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Whenever I drink vodka I may sure it’s not Kasser’s

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God bless the Chinese

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it was good and very healthy

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Damn I thought you died. Where you been manlet?

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You do peel your mushrooms, right?

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I don't have much time before they find please anon DO NOT EAT THE DURIANS

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I already ate an entire durian and loved every single second of it

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Do british people really eat sponges instead of cake? Wtf

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Sourdough's flavor comes from lactobacillus fermentation, much like pickles, right?

How feasible would it be to just add some pickle juice to bread in lieu of a sourdough starter, and let it ferment 2-3 days instead of weeks?

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I think you'd get the lactobacilli, but sourdough also has yeast, just different kinds than the strain we usually use for baking. I don't think there's yeasts involved in pickling, but I might be wrong.

but if you tried this, and just let it sit out a while and made a biga with some pickle juice, you'd probably get some wild yeasts

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well yeah I'd add yeast too. So flour, water, yeast, pickle juice and let it ferment a couple days.
it just sounds so much more convenient than babysitting a sponge

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And there we go -

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what exactly is the appeal of bagels? it's just bread but with a hole in it

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Big cheese

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Objectively wrong

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they're top tier fot breakfast sandwiches

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>The cheese has melted.

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I bet that room and the top of his scalp have the same scent

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Not gonna lie, plant based meat substitutes are pretty delish. I'm glad it's see mass adoption

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Cope and seethe queer

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Please stop projecting. It's not good for your health

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It's becoming harder to tell if the OP of these threads is being serious as in they work for Soros, or if it's /pol/.

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I'm really not interested in counterfeit meat, anon

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You first, semen slurper.

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What do I prepare for a girl to make her do this?

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omelette du fromage

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I think I've seen this post before.

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It's not about what you give to her to eat. It's what you need to eat of hers.

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Give her viagra and yourself an enema few hours before meeting up with her

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Anyone have an alternative to hanger steak I can use for pick related cheap af? I thought about using to round sous vide it for 24 hours then searing it and cutting it cross grain

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isn't hanger steak already the cheaper alternative?

>> No.16755848

No lol

Flank, hanger, and skirt all cost as much as strip now lmao

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It's fucking ridiculous. Normie youtubers ruined cheap cuts.

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I'm trying to find alternatives to make just for myself at home. Thinking I may try the to round idea since it's so cheap. I have a real good marinade so the lack of amazing flavor is a non issue

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O fuck ya

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Good thread.

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Luv me cheese I do

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I store meats in a zip lock with smoked meats. Makes them smell terrible. Probably should stop doing that

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There's literally no difference.

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he's an italian-aboo. he thinks the artificial monopoly that makes them legally allowed to claim parmesan HAS to come from this tiny region (coincidentally owned by a narrow handful of companies) and everything else is just "parmesan-like"
breh its not hard to get a specific mold sample and move it somewhere else.

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>funny to see how many newfigs
this place is riddled with redditfugees

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>he thinks the artificial monopoly that makes them legally
Nobody is stopping anybody to produce parmesan cheese you cretin, how is that a monopoly?

> them legally allowed to claim parmesan HAS to come from this tiny region (coincidentally owned by a narrow handful of companies) and everything else is just "parmesan-like"
"Parmigiano" means "from the area of Parma" you mouthbreathing mongoloid, you can guess why you cannot name it parmigiano if the cheese is not produced in those areas

> breh its not hard to get a specific mold sample and move it somewhere else
You are an abvious retard

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>abvious retard

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>fat flyover retard
Lol not that anon, but only burbcucks unironically use “flyover”. Actual urbanites would much rather visit the country than your shit subdivision.
You should also realize that producing a facsimile of a product outside the original’s protected zone doesn’t magically make it artificial.

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is it unhealthy to use 1 whole stock cube in a meal that is essentially 1 serving/1 pot? i crave the salt

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Here's an easier way to get an answer to questions like this.
>Google how much salt is in a bouillon cube
>Google how much salt you're supposed to have in a day

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I often pop two cubes in a small pot of water with onions and garlic as a hangover treat.

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most people dont eat enough sodium, i eat 3x the "recommended' amount

who even reccommends this shit anyways? i dont think ive ever heard an actual doctor(not a vacc pushing libjew) talk about nutrition

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everything is unhealthy and it's up to you to decide what you give a shit about and what you don't.

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Probably HRT making you crave salt hon.

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