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How do waitresses feel when you tip them low? I only gave mine 66 cents tonight. My goal is to make women feel bad things. It gives me great pleasure.

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I think just looking at you pretty much ruins their day already.

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Kelly does it again

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This is interesting because I've noticed millennials are always looking at their phones and one time I asked a millennial if she wanted to come to Hooters with me and she said no as if I had said something wrong. There is definitely some truth to this.

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The outfits aren't even very revealing. Is there food even good?

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please continue posting such insightful comments

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Can anybody tell what the correct dosage for iodine/iodide for men?lots of disinfo out there. you hardly get any iodine from salt and taking mcgs of it seems like a very low dose. also it you want to share supplements you take feel free to post them.

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Ask your doctor, dingus.

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What's the best food mascot?

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mm she loves it, slut.

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>making cheese
What are the implications here?

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Bruh, I just came.

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That you've never seen a cow in real life.

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Horns aren't antlers.

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What foods unexpectedly pair well with hot sauces?

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ice cream

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Frozen burritos

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Rice neutralizes most of the bitterness associated with vinegar-based hot sauces.

Try it next time you make a dish that includes rice that you were going to put hot sauce on to spice it up. Like red beans and rice.

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i always knew people that buy cholula are tastelets
also fuck you costco

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Why aren't you grinding your own meat?

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Your mother was grinding my meat all night!

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Because I don't eat meat.

>why does your meat look like candle wax
Looks like red dyed Rice Krispie treats. Maybe a halloween decoration.

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Thanks for letting us know. Tell us more about the things you dont do

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Because I'm friends with my local butcher and he really likes it when I buy the ground beef (apparently they almost always throw some out every batch). He even gives me some for free if business has been slow.

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>answer OP's question in once sentence.
>assblasted autistic guy gets mad.

you must have a sad life

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I present to you

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The hurgin

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is there any farmed fish that isnt garbage?

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Id befriend a pig before a jew or muslim.

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Farmed salmon is fine

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Id eat a pig before I'd eat a jew or muslim.

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Jew and Muslim are a dirty meat.

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What are you eating at this very moment?

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Greetings /ck/, this here is a GUMBO. How do you make yours? Jambalaya and other southern foods welcome

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Who here /charredchad/?

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I used to be, stopped when the cancer studies came out.

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always ask for my pizza charred

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So does sunlight, eating food, drinking water, and just living.

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You forgot breathing air, this is why we age in first place

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I won't eat it any other way. Even if I order a pizza well done it isn't even close so I throw it in the oven for about 15 minutes.

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Just bought these for 20$ at a thrift shop. Never used them before.

Can I use them on an electric glass stovetop?

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>who do i use this if it didnt come with instructions

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I've had several pieces of this same visionware in the past, and it's okay to use, but very meh. It's a personal preference, but I really prefer metal stovetop cookware. Visionware and vintage glass bakeware are great for dishes meant for oven use, though. I have a small collection of Pyrex and FireKing pieces that I love for baking and food storage. But visionware like this is harder to regulate temperature-wise, and easier to get food coked onto it that's difficult to clean off. Glass also just isn't as good of a heat conductor, so it takes longer to bring water to a boil in them.

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Just don't drop them

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I found one of these at a yard sale for a buck and used it. They're nice, the handle stays nice and cool and they're just as light as a stainless pan.
They could probably handle it, isn't the entire point that they can resist quick transitions in temperature?

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You actually cannot crack these via thermal shock with normal kitchen temperatures. They can be stored in the freezer and put immediately into the oven or on a hot burner. It's a really neat transparent glass-ceramic material. It's stronger than borosilicate.

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i just had this burger it was pretty good anyone name your favorite burger joints :P

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Those fries look bomb dude

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your meal is literally wrapped in russian propaganda. get woke to the infection of this nation and understand corporations are just hand puppets of the kremlin

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terrorist fries?

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And who do you think controls the Russians?

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smashburger fries are dry as fuck

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Cereal thread

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With summer berries and honey mmmm

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cookie crisp is trash

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I swear Cooke Crisp changed its recipe at some point during my childhood. Back when the mascot was that cool skateboarding dog it was delicious, but I remember at one point as a child it changed and just hasn't tasted the same since.

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What say you?

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>4 turkey sausages
>flour, as needed
>egg, whisked with milk for egg wash
>2 cups bread crumbs, as needed
>skewer, as needed
>oil, to fry
What's even so bad about these? It's like fried turkey meatloaf. Don't schools over there do fish and chips? It's not like the turkey twizzlers are any worse than that.

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is it likely that Bernard Matthews will ever bring them back? GOD i miss those! fuck Jamie Oliver the smug cunt!

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for me it's m&s

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We gave Aldi here in straya. good shit.

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you're australian. no one cares what you do

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I'm never eating fast food again.

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and why would that be?

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See you tomorrow

- Mcdonalds

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Good luck with that.

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I haven't eaten fast food in years i cant even remember the last time. Do Americans really find it difficult to not eat shit?

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Some Rooneyesque reflctions on Japanese foods

Bubble Tea: what the hell is this stuff? I mean, in what possible sense do unsweetened tapioca curds add to the experience of drinking anything? I had one of these things and it was like slurping up snots through my straw. I can only sit here and imagine what kind of insane man was sipping on an iced matcha and thought, do you know what is missing here? Something I can really sink my teeth into! With the approximate consistency and taste of an eraser.

Mochi: At this same occasion I was moved by my friend to try Mochi which is all they had for dessert. This is one of the most texturally unpleasant things I’ve ever eaten. It sounded terrible, ice cream wrapped in rice dough. Yet I still went ahead with dessert. I can only sit here in total confusion at the thought process of the man who had some perfectly good ice cream and thought “hmm, if only this had something of the consistency and taste of an eraser”.

Oh well, at least the Ramen was good.

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Boba tea is from Taiwan
Mochi is usually served plain or stuffed with a sweet red bean paste. I think it is best in a red bean soup.
Ice-cream stuffed mochi is a low quality meme unless you use a plain vanilla icecream that doesn't overpower the mochi's own subtle flavors.

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You should try the kind with lechee in a fruit drink. Those are really good.

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>what the hell is this stuff?
It's colourized hardened semen.

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I agree. OP, mochi ice cream is an Americanized creation that is overly sweet on the inside, which makes teh mochi layer gross. Also, coldness numbs your tongue which makes it so that you can't taste the mochi and only get the texture you don't like. I recommend trying normal mochi filled with red bean paste before throwing in the towel just yet. You might like it a lot more if you try it how it's meant to be served.

I understand the boba tea thing, though. I tried it once and it was just way to sweet. I even specifically order the green tea version with the least amount of sugar and it still had this syrupy sweet texture that was only amplified and made worse by the boba.

>> No.13093931

>just way to sweet
find a different store, maybe

gongcha for example has good tea if you dont want sugar

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What's the food like here?

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It’s pretty good.

No shit you are.

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Plenty of good food like literally any place with a population over 1000 people
When people come to visit I take them to Teote on 12th, it's really fuckin good

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I was always under the impression that Portland had a higher percentage of overpriced hipster gastropubs than any other city in the US

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Agreed, that place is the tits and then some.

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Sometimes the sandwiches are overpriced, but the beer is almost always cheap.

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Alright, so I fucked up. I bought 200 nuggets from burgerking and when I woke up this morning people had eaten maybe 1/4th of that.

What do I do with all this chicken? Is there a way I could repurpose these or kind of use them still?

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>10 nugs for $1

That'll be $1.52

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That Oyakodon isn't a bad idea, but it got me thinking. I think I might try to make a southwest kinda stir fry. I've got some california style vegetables and some peanuts. Plenty of BBQ and the like for a sauce.

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Slap them in a trough. Find some fat girls with low self esteem. Have them eat like pigs. Put it on youtube. Make content like this. Make a Patreon. Watch the bucks roll in.

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I'm surprised this bait didn't work better

>> No.13093902

So I went with the southwest stir-fry and it's alright. Glad I got to use them.

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Why are most fruits in the US so bland while the bread is sweet? Apples, bananas, pears all taste like wet paperboard.

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I've heard corporations in America use phytohormones to grow fruits faster but they have less flavour, they also paint and put wax on the fruit to look prettier

>> No.13093692

Strange. A lot of the fruit I eat is sweet and/or sour.

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