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In what world is anyone following these complicated microwave instructions? Tell me how long to set the timer for so it won't kill me, and how many Natty Ices I should be drinking before I take it out and eat it over the sink. Fuck.

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What can I eat if I want a body like this?

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anything you want within your managers 400-800 daily calorie limit based on your height
1 week before any gigs you may drink as much black coffee you want, eat 3 apples and smoke cigarettes
i am not joking

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cum, lots of it.

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is it stupid to dry imported fruit that grows nowhere near where i live?
i love dried fruit but it's overpriced

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yeah doing things you like and enjoy is retarded and stupid why would you ever even consider doing that dumbass holy fuck

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i meant is it worth it or is the quality of the fruit too degraded by the time it gets to me

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depends on your vendor and source dumdum
if you're canuck find a local spot that brings in daily/weekly shipments from your provinces major city
a lot of stuff isn't going to be as good as just paying a premium for already dried stuff if it grows on the literal opposite end of the world

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bananas are full of potassi-yum

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Anime turns you into a pee-doe-file

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This is a good thread.

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I've got some home churned potassium cream to give cute anime watching NEETs if you know what I mean

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Is Lobster really a delicacy or a meme for the peasants?

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They were steamed in this case, but I honestly was disappointed. Claw meat had been built up so much but it just left a very strong and unwanted aftertaste to me.
Tails are edible but really how much of that is because they are slathered in butter.

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>If you're still feeling shitty about boiling (and you should actually steam) live lobsters, you can also put them to sleep by standing on them

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Shellfish and pork are two of my favorite things, so I could never go Kosher. Jews are missing out on some good eats. Then again, I'm supposedly missing out on the kingdom of God. Win some, lose some.

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You say bland, I say your tastebuds are insensitive.

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Come to the crab side, brother.

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These sure do take me back to the old country.

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Veganism is the future

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Veganism is the dystopian future spoonfed to you by genocidal technopedocrats
Carnivory is the rich pre-industrial pre-agriculture healing wisdom of the past

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Do you listen to music while you cook? Professional or home cooks welcome. What do you listen to while doing the deed?


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Usually Pandora or a show I've watched enough to make it comfortable background noise.

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It doesnt get any more based than this

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The Final Table was based, for the most part.

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Is that like a big last supper full of Jews?

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Nah dude its on Netflix, the jews are behind the camera

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Iron Chef Japan is the only one worth watching.

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What is the burger equivalent of Tina's Frozen burritos if any?
Not white castle frozen burgers. Those are nasty.

Also any other good frozen food that doesn't cost as much as a regular meal?

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those dollar tree burgs and chicky chicky sandys

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are you just making those up?

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What was his fucking problem?

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He is your grandpa

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I miss him everyday bros

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>.t poor and hungry village kid

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he's bad at being alive

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They're just too salty otherwise.

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in salt water?

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I dip them in yoghurt/kefir

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It depends on the brand to me.

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yeah just a pinch of salt to replace the salt lost during the boiling process

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Pro tip: use fruit juice, the sweetness counteracts the saltiness.

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Holy fuck this shit is good

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sloppa shit

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That looks like the trump steak they only feed to niggers.

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Facts Charley's is bomb

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That's just for breakfast.

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Man your grandpa must've really liked Arby's.

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This shit all ends under Biden

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looks repulsive. would you even want to really hold this shit in your hands?

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>Eat McDonalds for lunch 9 hours ago
>Can still taste the cheese in my mouth

Why did I do this to myself?

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Yeah, twice a day.And I sue mouthwash twice a day, and floss in the evenings as well

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Can I taste the cheese inside your mouth?

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I get sneezing fits if I eat a McDonalds burger. I don't know what the fuck they do to them.

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That's the best part. It's how you get your money's worth.
Eat a big Mac and you can still taste it when you burp hours later.

Fuck. You guys will complain about anything

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Tonight, /ck/, we're making a delightful asian-inspired spicy tuna and ham salad with cra/ck/ers. Reply to this thread or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

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Bow nap old tit

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Top with rock salt, more hot sauce and maybe mash some crackers into the mush before putting the mush on more crackers

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die in a fucking fire you goddamn assmonkey

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go suck a fart

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You two should date.

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Dear /ck/, do you eat your kiwi like an apple - skin and all - or do you prefer to peel/scoop the flesh out and discard the skin?

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Y-you too

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this 2 AM slurpee run is for you anon

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It’s like having a real online gf

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I got some skin you can eat.

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smegma isn't kiwis anon

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How do you boys enjoy your liverwurst? For me it's with toasted pumpernickel, raw onion, pickle, and dijon mustard.

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Does /ck/ approve of Vincenzo?

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This nigga sucks at cooking if you watch his actual cooking vids. Gabagool you cunt.

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I just like that his videos make amerifats seethe when he calls their "Authentic Italian Food" trash.

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guido mad
his food looks good as shit

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He has the exact same accent as Enrico Pollini (Rowan Atkinson) in the movie Rat Race. I know what you are thinking. Enrico is a girl's name.

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>Enrico is a girl's name.
the fuck

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What is it about this dish that makes it so iconic?

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1. it's disgusting
that's it. just one reason.

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150 skyline chilli restaurants have entered the chat

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Coastie faggots will never understand what good food looks like.

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>flyover fag with his gruel topped with additional fat and salt via cheese
>coasties have access to ad infinitum ethnicities and the foods from theirs cultures

Just because it's "rugged" or "hearty" doesn't mean it's the fucking pinnacle of cuisine you simpleton

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