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Discuss dolly kei and post cute pictures

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What are some good Dolly Kei blogs on Tumblr? I haven't followed the fashion in a while and want to get back into it.

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Dolly kei has been dead for a while hasn't it?

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Yes, too bad it has.

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I like them better than oujis! As an old school lolita they 'suit' me better too.

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Yeah but I would love to see it revive. It so intriguing to me.

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What are the "rules" of Dolly kei? Looks really interesting.

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Strange Girl blogpsot has a lot of really useful blog posts
Look for the "Dolly Kei essentials" posts, there's some on colours, silhouette, basic pieces, accessories, etc.

(Can't link cos 4ch thinks it is spam no matter how many spaces I put in)

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some of my favorite boystylers combine ouji with dolly kei. for example, Uri (>>8609729) often wears AatP in his coords. the main items are ouji but the dolly kei influence is strong.

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Oh his style is lovely <3

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that is Hitsublu. he is mostly known for shironuri but has dabbled in many looks including dolly kei.

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Thanks, I'll look him up! I'm liking the looks that have been posted.

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It seems that way, but why? Other similar style seem to be doing okay.

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I feel like it's been absorbed into a broader antique kei? Where they mostly wear old beige gunne sax dresses with beige accessories, bright red lipstick, which is like cult party in some ways but it feels more focused on a dolly silhouette and less on crazy layering, kind of streamlined, or am I talking out my ass?

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Thanks a lot anon.

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I'm not sure, but I love dolly kei, I'd love to see a revival.

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instagram dump

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I saw this on instagram recently, I don't think dolly kei is quite as dead as everyone is saying it is...

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I would kill for this.

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Browsing a bit on IG

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so jelly of these girls with their fashion friends.

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Aaaand that's enough IG browsing for one day.

But seriously, dolly kei is doing fine. I think you guys just forgot what alt fashion is actually like. Not everyone wears it, its not as popular as lolita but its clearly still there.>>8615392

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which ig's are you currently following that's dolly kei related? I took most my photos from @ykrn_antique

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OK no wait, one last one this one is too good not to post.

But I mean seriously, people who are saying its dead, are you even trying? All I had to do was find one dolly kei girl and go through her 'following'. I found all these pics (and more) in less than an hour and they are all from this year...

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I'm not following anybody I'm just going through ykrn_antique 'following' and her 'followings' 'followings' lol

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BTW this one is from a fashion show two weeks ago. Long live dolly kei!!

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I wouldn't say it's dead just looks different from the original established look associated with dolly kei that westerners have come to accept, ie rich dark Jewell tones, curtain tassel things, and so on. Practically every photo posted in this thread looks like cult party kei, especially 'old school' cult party kei a la when the Virgin Mary was called Cult Party. The two styles were born at the same time so alot of overlap is natural, acceptable and understandable, you could tag any of the photos in this thread as both in fact. So when people say 'dolly kei is dead' i think they are referring to original looks it encompassed no longer being worn or posted as much if at all.

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I actually prefer dolly kei to look like this and cpk to be associated with all these white outfits.

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I think a lot of the dead comments also come from the decline and modernization of Grimoire, the shop that started it all. The same thing has happened to The Virgin Mary and it's sad. Both stores look very different now from how they did in the past.

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I miss Heri forever

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This is so cute

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What do you guys do with the makeup? I know you're supposed to put red underneath the eyes, but that makes me look really old.

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jfc he should shave that pube beard

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what the fuck is that goatee thing
I want to puke

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Now this guy's always a cutie.

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Thats cult party
Just natural/ flattering makeup, with a bit of a dolly look (blush, red lips) if you want. No dramatic eyeliner/ highlighting/ circle lens bullshit.

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Why are people acting like dolly kei is dead?
It's far from it.

Semi-OT: I want an rpg with dolly kei inspired mage clothes. The colors mesh so well into gd fantasy.

I still love these, but I don't understand the bag/socks on #1 personally.

Only good non-bd boystyle is always ftt girls.

He has good taste, but I wish he'd drop the pubetee + cieru desu angrybrow

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that thing is horrifying

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Me too anon

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I love these kind of headdresses

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Honestly I don't really understand what cult party is or how its different.

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