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Is there any kind of J-Fashion for dudes? I go on this board mostly for Cosplay, but I run into some Fashion threads every once in a while. How do you get into it? Where do you get clothes? I mainly dig things like pic related-All kinds of colourful stuff I guess but any J-Fashion you can post would be really cool.

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There aren't any guy specific styles that i know about but i do see guys wearing various styles like visual kei, decora, cult party, mori, boystyle lolita, and fairy kei. Those seem to be the Ones i see most.

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You'll also get some photos and links searching 'gyaruo'.

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palaceofprinces on tumblr focuses on boystyle (ouji, aristocrat) and features male and female members of those styles.

as the number of guys into jfash is small, labels and rules are difficult to demonstrate or agree on.

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going through some dudes in darker jfash

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now let's get funky

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still kind of tame

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get some cult party up in here

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I think dolly kei is one of those styles that's out there but still very flattering on guys and not like you're dressing like a little girl as a 30+ guy.

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now let's get well and truly kawaii

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yep. would be cool to see it more outside japan.

bonus pic: OTT dolly kei (on the left)

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S-so fucking adorable

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where whatever style you want yo... the only styles that cant really be done without like skirts or dresses are gyaru and lolita (plus there is ouji/kodona so even that isnt off limits i guess) also you can wear skirts and dresses if you want to

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*wear... i am smart

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have some colourful street snaps and stuff

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might have already posted a bunch of those in an old thread where some dude asked about j-fashion for guys, but he actually wanted wearable stuff, so it should okay...

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not that colourful, but...

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This is cute!

I like the outfit, but I wish he'd shave that beard.

I-it's like tumblr trends turned male. But surprisingly cute.

I like this one.

This one's pretty decent but at a glance I would have just thought he was a girl.

Decent without the terrible pimp hat, which only makes me think of that pick-up artist guy.


Interesting but the boots are too worn. If it's going for an overall more worn aesthetic, the hat is too obviously new.

The girl in this pic is adorable but Junyun continues to be Junyun.

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>Interesting but the boots are too worn. If it's going for an overall more worn aesthetic, the hat is too obviously new
Boots will show sings of wear a lot faster than something that just sits on your head.

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I also like this.

This is giving me terrible scene flashbacks.

Pretty cool but really just looks like he's cosplaying something.

Reminds me of older British mod/punk stuff.

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Yeah but that's not signs of wear, that's basically trashed at the front.

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one of my favourite street shots of all time, it's such a charming mix of opulent and 'drab'

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OP here. Thank you guys so much!


Especially fell for these. Where do I get this kind of clothes? And how do I not fuck this dressing style up? Also what is it called?

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the two first pics are decora, there's a thread right now >>8204041. i'm pretty sure the only rule is to wear a bunch of colorful clips somewhere on your person, but it's the kind of fashion where you have to go big or go home.

the two after that are some kind of japanese raver stuff. it's generally linked with the brand takuya angel and with a specific music scene (the dude in the pictures is a dj).

last one is random fruit as far as i can tell, i don't think it belongs to any specific fashion except for the men wearing skirts thing japan has had for some years. i honestly can't tell if it's designer clothes or thrift store stuff, but it's probably easier to replicate than the rest since you just have to search for flowing clothes that fit together in an interesting way.

everything might be pretty hard to pull off successfully though, be sure you know your shit around normalfag clothes before you attempt this shit

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3 and 4 are DJ Sizen and his style is more so a collection of Western rave fashions (almost all of them plus some punky/grungy elements) and some elements of Jfashion. If you are interested in the western styles look up cyber goth and kandi kids. Those seem to be his biggest influences.

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Oh shit I know this guy, he's one of the only male aristocrats in Finland.

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Beard is not goin'

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