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What is /cgl/'s opinion of popular cosplayers being 'inspired' by less popular cosplayers but only admitting it when confronted? I've seen this example floating around on my dash recently and seeing the end result to what it started out as it looks like J-Nig switched her design slightly only after being called out.

What's the consensus on this? Acceptable or a big "do not do?"

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Her saying that its "TOTALLY INSPIRED BY" is kinda like someone re-writing lord of the rings but shittier and saying "LOL NO IT'S ONLY INSPIRED"

That's not how plagiarism works you lazy, uncreative asshole.

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The original Cosplay by Aranel was based on a fanart which Aranel herself gladly admits to. JNig, whilst she didn't admit at first, also credits in her post she based it on the fanart but too inspiration from Aranel too.
The only people getting up in arms over this are the fanboys/fangirls; both cosplayers are pretty chill about the whole situation as there's always going to be someone look at a publicly available fanart and go "I like that! Gonna Cosplay it", especially on tumblr with so many variations and AU's of characters now the thing.
The tumblr post currently floating around is made by a girl who just revels in drama; if you look through the notes on it you'll see that Aranel herself has commented on it saying she doesn't condone anything posted in it and to remove it. Tbh, I think it'd be a smart move for both her and JNig to message tumblr and ask for its removal too as it's unnecessary drama over something so unimportant.

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Unless the concept art for that outfit was designed -and- crafted into a costume by Aranel alone, unfortunately she can't really prove that JNig "copied" her specifically. Kimono inspired gijinkas of Pokemon exist everywhere.

I'm more bummed out that a well-executed, thoughtful cosplay only got ~50 likes whereas some tittied freak-bimbo can throw together some uninspired fabric and makeup and get instant fans. The other girl did it better, but nobody is going to care unless she shows T&A.
>The world is unfair, sex appeal is all that matters, etc. etc. etc.

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You implying Jnig even made that costume in the first place? She well known for not crediting people and photographers. Didn't she start selling prints from a photographer without even asking?

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After 4 years of design school you are told there are no original ideas. Everyone is inspired by everything. But the real "artists" are the ones that improve upon their inspiration or modify it to fit different needs. If you just copy something and it's a sub par knock-off then you are a terrible artist/creative person.

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>is kinda like someone re-writing lord of the rings but shittier and saying "LOL NO IT'S ONLY INSPIRED"
Also known as 90% of the fantasy genre.

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The way she worded it after being called out to me it's ment to be in a sarcastic way. Why is it so hard to just admit it in the first place. When you are as well known as her, you copy people and you will get called out within the hour.

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I only really used LotR because it's well known/liked, but you're not wrong.

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She's just a bitch man.
And she doesn't even care about her attitude anymore, she's got her fanboy/girls eating out of her hand no matter what swill she pumps out, and she knows it.

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Can you post/link the original design?

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She just has stupid amount brainless followers. Look at her last profile image change, over 58k likes for it...wtf?

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Divergent is inspired by The Hunger Games. Yes.

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The bait on this thread is huge.
Good work on creating Jessica Nigri thread #one million. The Ipod is yours.

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That's not the same design the first cosplayer used at all.

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Then why don't you go around share Aranel page weekly instead of complaining

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considering Aranel has said she doesn't think JNig is copying her, I fail to see the issue

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>implying that all of the people liking it are there for the cosplay craftsmanship

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Of course she said that. She'd get eaten alive by Jnig fans if she said Jnig was copying her.

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It's almost exactly the same. Cowslips stuff has existed and been extremely popular for years, plus flareon isn't even red. It seriously looksl ike she stole the design and altered it, but got confused about the color and used red.

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like >>8140418 said, people would rather be with jnig than against. I heard some people called her out on her bullshit and demanded credit for working on her costumes then she wouldn't "aparently" aaaand suddenly they're not friends anymore and everybody hates them.

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Though jnigs only said that the cospayer inspired her, which since the other cosplayer's costume is more of an interpretation of the cowslips image it shows that jnig probably didn't even know about the gajinka picture.

Completely agreeing with >>8140418 and >>8140475 we all know how batshit stupid nigri's fans are so i would probably want to brush it under the rug as well.

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Jnig is exceptionally more retarded for using white fur. Did she even look at an actual picture of a flareon?

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>jnig caring about accuracy

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And thats why she gets away with everything, because she knows she has her own personal army.

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The only thing she cares about is exposure and potential money from sponsors.

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...and neckbeards with money.

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Jnig lurks cgl so I'm just going tco throw in a casual reminder to her to stop those damn racoon eyes.

The makeup style you had for that underwear photoshoot?
A+. I know someone else did your makeup then,
But if you could try your best to emulate it it would be good.

if you are worried about raccoon eyes being your trademark, don't.
your tits are and you damn well know it.


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>tfw everyone doing this design will be 'copying' j-nig

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no. you're only really copying her if your tits are hanging out.

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It's no use, she will read the comments and cry away to her fb page making statuses about how haters makes her stronger. Like literally, she brushes away constructive critism so she can continue being mediocre. She doesn't have the will to improve so it's useless, give it up anon.

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I mean its less effort to put on less makeup

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So much this. They've already bashed the other cosplayer. They always do whenever she tries to make a "public re-credit" and she knows it. Further inflates her ego. She acts like it's unintentional but Yaya pulls simular shit oh her fb. Then they'll write a "thank you for the support but please don't bully them" post which only draws attention to it that you'd otherwise miss.

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Also I looked at Aranel's page, this is the image she used in her cosplay lineup pictures. She got her idea from Cowslip for sure.

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At least, by using the image, she isn't passing it off as her own design. Aranel gave a hell of a lot more credit to Cowslip than Jnig ever will

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You're right, you're right. She might not have been able to figure out where the design came from, but at least she posted the picture at all. Even when it wasn't a direct copy, it was just a starting point.

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Found this on tumble cosplayer is Sowii better than jnigs js

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This. I'm in my 5th ear of design. Nothing is original but its about owning up to you "inspirations" and giving things your own spin.

With Jnigs reputation of not doing this, not giving credit anywhere, I'm not surprised.

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I guess she can keep caking her face and just age faster.
then she'll be old and an expired cosplayer sooner than you can say "who's Jessica Nigri?"

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That's beautiful. She did a really wonderful job with the proportions on everything!

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>I'm more bummed out that a well-executed, thoughtful cosplay only got ~50 likes whereas some tittied freak-bimbo can throw together some uninspired fabric and makeup and get instant fans. The other girl did it better,
That's what it is now.
And I am so sad for it. I miss my nerd hobby with the occasional tit monster.

Gotta wade through all the
'I'm gonna be cosfamous'
'I'll buy a costume and omit that I didn't make it'
'I'll make friends with famous cosplayers and then I'll be famous too'
'No need to actually play the game, I'll just read the wiki"

How in the hell did we get to the point where it was ok to be that full of yourself, be ok with outright lies, make false friends, and then lie some more and have it be par the course in this hobby?

I'm glad I entered in the late 90s. I made friends because we actually loved something and liked each other.

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I like you.

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Everything is beautiful, though the yellow flower/petal things under her obi(?) look really sloppy, along with the inaccurate colour.

Still for what it is, it's beautiful

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i think the flower/petal things are supposed to be flames

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Ask AssB

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Well I wouldn't be the first time she was "inspired"

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