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Is it true you guys have huge orgies at cons? or did I get memed?

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it happens, esp if your fit and don't smell bad. if anything, it's incentive to work out and work on your cosplay.
the sailor scouts are freaks.
single milfs (ww, catwoman) are also on the hunt (they usually leave the kids in the kid area).
make sure you have a good room (at convention hotel), stocked with liquor/snacks.

fuck you kungflu for ruining cons. those were great times.

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I dunno...therefore...more Abby Shapiro

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yeah I come from /fit and they were talking about it.
holy shit man that's fucking insane
are they only in the US or EU as well?
and wtf is a sailor moon?

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You got memed, fuck off crossboarding chromosoid

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Only furry cons have actual orgies, go bother them

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aren't u guys furries?

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Who wants to film a sonic or hazbin hotel orgy at galaxycon? I will rent out an airbnb near it and upload it to pornhub.

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i've been to austin, san antonio, and houston. they get pretty wild. remember:
1) get nice room
2) have drinks/snacks out
3) bet fit/don't smell

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>2) have drinks/snacks out
you forgot the part where you put drugs in the snacks and drinks to rape them while they're asleep, in minecraft off course q=^)

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Any greentext?

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the only people having con orgies are those 3/10s who wanted to be popular in high school but were always nerds. and it's usually only 2 or 3 women involved and 6+ men. /fit/fags usually are those 3/10s who think muscles will disguise their uggo faces and nasty backne. in reality only really ugly people have orgies.

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yeah, no. don't do that.
when the girls see the water, liquor, and soft drinks they immediately (without asking) start making their drinks.

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there was a tall blonde girl. a solid 4/10 (face), but good lord those tits were trying to pop out of that thin sailor scout (mercury) shirt. she had long legs and a nice ass. had a bit of a tire around the waist, and she was super shy even though she was with two other friends. i saw her and she looked up from the art booth. i went directly to her and asked for a pic. her friends were obviously hotter, but i got them to take the pic. made some small talk about how mercury was my favorite sailor scout. she lit up and smiled.

met up with her later, went to one of many empty convention rooms (george r brown) and went to town.

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if there's any one thing i want to try at a con, it's a 1 on 1 hookup. is that all you need to do? be nice to a girl and look good?

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not orgies per say. Maybe sometimes you'll see 3 dudes and a girl. But if you are good looking, or a good talker, you'll probably hook up once during the con. It seems pretty fucking weird, but some cons, like Ctrl alt delete have some kind of "sell yourself" auction where people will bet to go on a date with you. Usually the date is they give out cheap free ramen, but after you go to dance, then go back to your hotel room to drink, and fuck. Almost every major con have events where it's get people mixing, from masquerades, to "formal" dances. Don't be some sex addict creep and go their with the only intention of fucking. People can tell. Enjoy yourself man.

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I wish Abby-chan was into classic lolita style. She'd be so pretty in it amd it would be perfect for her channel. Although, her giant titties probably wouldn't fit into much burando. :(

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hey man fuck you, keep Abby out of classic and out of lolita. Let her larp in something else as a ancap waifu or whatever image she is trying to sell. Lolitas have to deal with enough creeps as is w/o Abby exacerbating it

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yup and don't smell like 3-day old cheeto puffs. also don't creep on them when they are at booth and immediately buy the item they are looking at.

remember to workout too. a dentist visit is also good.

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yeah, houston stopped doing that (anime matsuri, comicpalooza). they should've called it sexfest (but it was labeled 'speed dating').

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I hope it's true, I am decently attractive and my goal is to get spitroasted. wish me luck

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Please contact me and my friend

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I am trans hope thats ok

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Looks aside you have to be confident, that was my problem
I got hit on once at a con (girl complimented my shitty anime shirt) and I said "thanks" and nothing else like an aspie

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Dearly beloved, she might have found you attractive, but if you think a girl complimenting your anime shirt is “hitting on” you, you probably are an aspie.

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anything can be flirting depending on how it's said

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