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I dont know, at least at the westerner side. I get so surprised by how little people seem to talk about how ugly most Youtuber lolitas are. The biggest one would be Lor and she looks like a deformed hag. Besides her maybe there is Tyler? But she looks so old and weird. Is that because americans are generally unnatractive, or do you motive It too?

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*Notice It too.

Mobile phone corrector is stupid.

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i mean, ugly people probably don’t get a lot of positive attention day to day (at least not the kind they want?) so it makes sense that they become “entertainers”

kind of like ugly people becoming comedians. except lolita youtubers aren’t funny or entertaining.

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You have a very warped view of how attractive the average person is.

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Average is ugly, but Lor is Very weird looking.

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they just look like average people honestly. same with eastern lolitas before editing, a majority pretty much average looking.

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Tyler is Very ugly, Just like Lor she has a crone face, but I watch her because she is funny.

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Westerners tend to be ugly.

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Maybe I am Just too attractive, but If that IS true I cant accept that the average person would be that ugly. I actually feel disgusted by her.

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most really hot people never get involved in nerd culture or get the internet addiction required to find lolita fashion. they are normies with normal hobbies and don't need alt fashion to stand out.

most "hot" normal youtubers wear a ton of makeup, or got plastic surgery. lolitas would rather spend that money on new releases.

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I dont think so, there are many beautiful westerners, but I dont know many western lolitas that look good (face/body wise)

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>wear a ton of makeup
desu Tyler and Lor both do and they still look ridiculous, but I get what you mean about the plastic surgery at least. both could use a new nose.

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I think you might be too pessimistic

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i think a lot of instagram lolitas also just shoop the shit out of their faces, so you don't see what they actually look like. pic related. its harder to shoop a video, but im also dumb as a stump so

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also by Westerners do you just mean white Americans? because there are tons of pretty asian/part asian lolitas who live in America

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Tyler's face look too flacid too. I was surprised that she was still in her twenties.

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Im the OP. I am not trying to hate on westerners. I know westerner boys and girls that I do find beautiful, but I think It is sobrare to find a western Lolita that IS really beautiful or at least not ugly.

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White people are so hideous it’s depressing

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I know that the internet is toxic in a sense that It Will make beautiful look average because many are changing How they really look, but even so, I cant believe that you dont find Lor ugly.

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Japanese/chinese lolitas have always used a large amount of editing, but editing can't turn an ugly person hot. If you're cute with editing, you're probably cute without editing.

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Noooo, dont say that. I dont think that!

I Just think americans have a lot of bad habits and end up looking like trash, but most of It is self-imposed. Whites can bê beautiful.

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I have never seen a beautiful white girl. They all look like mannish old hags

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I dont agree. I think that being beautiful means that you dont have to reshape your face online.

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There is no way you think that for real. Even most BJD are inspired by white beauty to a degree. I would never call white people ugly as a Race.

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Compare the average white woman to the average Asian woman and tell me white people are still not ugly

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Gulls are seriously evil towards Lor, I would literally never want to be a known figure in the community. I really hope she doesn't lurk here.

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nta but here’s my hot take on this. asians just have naturally soft features that usually don’t stand out very much. like anyone else, we don’t usually look amazing without makeup—but because our faces are so flat, we can kind of mold our features with makeup into something more attractive.

white people tend to have more prominent features in their face so it’s harder to change. but outside of lolita and egirls, i feel like the soft features aren’t really en vogue. it’s not us being prettier, we usually just have a... blanker canvas I guess.

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She is fat. I hate how living barrels with legs are deforming Lolita desses, now brands are even fucking their original sizes.

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all lolitas as ugly

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Im OP. Yes, I used to date a androgynous white male that had Very unique features. Whites are mostly high risk/high reward when It comes to faces.

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beautiful people can still have body dysmorphia

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I think she means beautiful people look beautiful without editing too

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Im actually a he.

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if 5/10 is average which most people are, lor is a 4 and tyler is a 4.5

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Lor would be a -1, Tyler can pass as a 3

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beautiful people who profit off their looks are more likely to be body dysmorphic, otherwise celebrities would never edit their photos and we'd never get plastic surgery addicts

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sad but true

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Cope, plastic surgery addicts are uggo and celebrities aren’t the ones editing their pics

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>being asian makes you instantly attractive in America
come the fuck on anon, there are average and ugly people in every race

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>celebrities aren't the ones editing their pics
i invite you to look at risa nakamura or misako's selfies. both beautiful but they also edit the shit out of most of the pics they take of themselves.

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That is true, but I cant really believe It coming from a anon person at a english speaking place. You guys are overweight as a rule and thing that fat would be something like "above 1000 lbs". After that you ALL still say "oh, its because whites are ugly". No! Just put down your hamburgueres, fat americans! When I was small I even wished I was blond!

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Tyler, is that you?

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I thought you meant actual celebrities and not c-listers

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look at celebface on instagram and come back

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Risa s good exemple that you can get in your 30's looking good. Hizaki is even older, and even though he is almost always under perfect light, he is also someone that makes me feel calmer about aging as a male without the fear of looking like a brute or a demon.

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I dont think they look bad at the original versions.

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Oh god. She is always so vomit-inducing. Ugly beast.

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Am I the only one that thinks Lor and Tyler are both pretty? I don't get the hate.

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Risa does tricks like not smiling to hide her smile lines and she's not that good looking in person. She's an average Japanese woman.

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Really? You made depressed now. Not trying to hate on Risa, I do think she is beautiful, but do you have proof for your post?

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Sorry, I didnt made the post to hate on them, I even find Tyler amusing (though her sense of humor is too perverted/sexual to my taste, which I find unpleasant, specially comming from someone ugly). I just find them hideous.

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*Made me

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in lor's case its her own fault because the way she does her makeup makes her way less attractive, honestly she would be a lot prettier if she just didnt do her clown makeup all the time and maybe grew out her bangs or go blonde. in tyler's case shes not even ugly she just needs to wear more wigs or do something different with her hair, maybe put on more than an ounce of makeup lol.

honestly though you should give them both more credit compared to the lolitas who will edit the shit out of their face beyond recognition. i dont even show my face in my coords because of how brutal this site can be.

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I always thought she was cuter with a bit of chub, but there's apparently a lot of talk on Japanese forums that she did a lot of plastic surgery and that's why she can't be expressive now. I think she probably had her eyes done at least but the no expression thing is probably just her style.

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Nah even in unflattering screenshots she's still prettier than the average Japanese woman. Don't base your standards on Instagram and photoshoots.

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Hmm. It might not be the most flattering pictures, but Im still not bothered by her looks and I do think Risa is beautiful. About the eyes, do you believe she did the lid opperation? I am generally agaisnt plastic surgery, but about the lid one I Just never saw the appeal.

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The reason why I never did YouTube vídeos is not because I edit my pictures, but because I dont want to see ugly screenshots.

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I think she looks pretty enough.
>generally against plastic surgery
Don't get it then.

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So If you are against something you should not do It, but you cant talk about it?

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Gulls will literally tear people to shreds for the most little of things.I don’t particularly care for Lor that much but Jesus does /cgl have a hate boner for her.

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I dont think her disgusting face is a little thing, It has nothing to do with the fake racism allegations.

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there’s no proof but pretty sure she had surgery done on her inner eyes, basically cutting the corner to extend them inward. there’s so much exposed flesh there it’s kind of weird

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Take your meds anon

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Yeah, I hate the Double lid surgery. If anything, less would be better.

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Are you ugly or a nigger?

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A lot of creators are pretty homely. People don't really want to look at pretty people all day, but people they can relate to. Apparently people relate to Lor, which I think is more telling of western lolitas in general.

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They aren't popular desu. People seem to gravitate towards extremely mediocre white YouTubers, particularly in niches.

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You are right. I wouldnt see Lor as "homely", but as something I dont want to see in my house.

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"Relatable" cultura, which is only relatable for the medíocre.

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Bulimic obaa chan vibes

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Please dont be mean to Risa!

>> No.10630377

sorry you're bad at editing anon

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That explains everything

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Dont even try it. Lor IS ugly, regardless of the gender of who is percieving it.

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the absolute state of mental illness emanating from this post

>> No.10630399

The absolute state of body weight emanating from this post.

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Stll shoving too many hamburguers in your face, fat-non?

>> No.10630407

Hmmm... because you're narrow-minded?

>> No.10630416

Apparently you think that if you call someone ugly, ugly, you are narrow minded?

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With the "westerner" jabs this reads like some sort of larp in disguise

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I dont think westerners are ugly, you idiot. I just think Lor is not a good exemple of a westerner. If I thought white people were ugly I wouldnt be surprised that western lolitas on youtube are ugly.

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Not really, if anything it shows that it's discrete from the Japanese and Chinese circles, who have their own influencers. So when we talk about the most influential in our circle, it's clear we are not talking about Misako, for whom there is a language barrier. The most accessible lolita at the moment for English speakers is unfortunately people like Lor and Tyler, who are in effect a product of this community for better or for worse.

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How the fuck is Tyler ugly? I think her make up could be improved for sure, but her facial structure is okay? Is your appreciation warped to the point that anyone that doesn't look like a supermodel is ugly for you?
Are you, by chance, dysmorphic, anons? Because you sure sounds like it. Please seek help.

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Do you really think Tyler is average?

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Are you a weeaboo, or have you just never been to the west? Sure, there's a lot of fat fucks, but there's some really beautiful ppl i've met (not counting ppl that chop up their faces and stick plastic in them). It has less to do with being born in the west and more to do with them just having terrible genetics in general that make them look like a villain in a disney movie.

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This whole thread is hilarious because most cultures idolize westerners/caucasians. Almost all "pretty" examples of other races have traces of "western/white" features.
There's ugly people everywhere, in every race. The average person is not "pretty." Get off social media, put down the filters, and walk around outside. Dear god.

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Agree with this. I think a lot of people in this thread are just men or dysmorphic women who have forgotten what women look like in reality. Tyler isn’t ugly at all imo, she’s squarely average, she looks like every other woman on the street.

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we know you need validation but quit sperging

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I dont need validation from anon, specially while being anon, you moron.

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Lor looks older than her age and has poor tastes in applying makeup. That's a major part of her problem. She can't help her bone structure, but she definitely doesn't improve it through the makeup she uses. I think blonde hair looks better on her than black, and that she could look more attractive if she did her makeup better.

Tyler isn't bad. She's average looking. Not everyone can be amazingly beautiful. That's why there's averages. I do think she looks cute in a lot of her coords which is more than I can say for Lor -- who frequent looks garish or like a clown.

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