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/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

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New Shooting Stars Lumi MV in a few hours. Why is she doing solos instead of group songs though?

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I've been wondering the same thing.

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The idol spreadsheet hasn't been updated in over a year, does someone here control it? there's been a lot of changes to groups and new ones forming.

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The person who did kinda dropped off the face of the planet.
Maybe CoVID got em

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Found a new German idol group called Center Nova Idols...they're...fine.


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Why are you reposting almost the same exact thing in this thread that was in the last one?

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I'm weirdly fascinated with them (especially Sumire) and just reposted it from there after the last thread got nuked after a few posts

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getting pt vibes from the singing

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they're good, they have areas they can improve on but they're not bad
I do find it strange you tried to post them twice to gain attention to them?
You do know this is 4chan and opinions aren't always positive lol

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Why is this the same message and link as the previous thread??

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Who watched the Idolcon showcase? What were your thoughts and who were your favorites?

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I missed it due to work and there's no vod available. :(

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Some of these entries were so bad I was on my ass laughing. Looking at you free idol project. But there was some good ones too. But I was in and out also due to work.

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They do need a lot of work but for a first project I thought it was okay. It sounded like a few members had bad recording quality, that was probably hard to mix.

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auracle's new song was very good imo, aesthetics were together

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Auracle as always were great. Ayumi sounded amazing but her set up left a lot to be desired.
Past those two obvious ones, who did you like? I saw some of promise in some of the performance

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I really enjoyed Ayumi, Auracle, and Soar!!

What do you mean her setup left a lot to be desired? For what it was it still sounded and looked great personally.

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The sound quality was great. The actual setting was ok at best, which I will say upfront is being nit picky since she is so talented. But her messy desk was distracting and only having some foil curtains in an otherwise plain room was quite boring. I would have loved to see a better setting or just better detail in her room. It would really bring her performance a step up.

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Is it bad I kind of stopped watching halfway through? Too many performers were really boring. The only ones I enjoyed from the ones I'd seen were Ayumi, Zeta and Acacia and the male idol group.

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yah, can agree. she’s really really good so I hope she keeps improving!

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Non Sweet new mv teaser... looks interesting. I had to subscribe to their Youtube to get to the video

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There was no full performer set list or even a place for everyone's socials outside of the stream that I saw. Very disappointing idolcon. Oh and I think there's awards still to be announced for it? But yet no mention of that either.

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I don't like being forced to subscribe to something to see something so I refuse

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It was either julily or cherry I think.

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What the heck is that website? It asked for permission to manage my YouTube account… lol no.

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With the existence of D4DJ and it having a degree of popularity now, who’s betting on a rise in DJ themed idol groups? I could see more people actually bothering to learn about equipment/the cheap alternatives and learning a little bit about music instead of coasting by on feelings and dreams alone. I’ve appreciated how the anime/game is slightly more “realistic” in regards to how groups work. It’s no 22/7 or Wake Up! Girls, but it sure is a heck of a lot closer to reality than Love Live

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I know absolutely nothing about D4DJ but I'd love to see some DJ-themed groups! I know Raise a Suilen from Bandori has a DJ, but I haven't seen any cover bands doing any of their songs.

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All it does is check to see if you’re subscribed. It’s no different to when you presave something to spotify.


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dunno what D4DJ is but actual DJing is pretty different, I don't think a rhythm game can really compare

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I get they want subscribers but that's such a dumb marketing strategy to me. Is this like supposed to be a special privilege thing before putting the actual video public?? Why wouldn't you allow your stuff to a wider audience to find it and decide if they want to stick around?

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because subscribing is literally free and you can very easily subscribe, watch, and then unsubscribe. wider audience gets the normal release, subscribers get early release. makes total sense to me

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hi, spreadsheet anon here.
i work on the spreadsheet when i receive emails asking to input/update certain groups/soloists/etc. don't really have time to go out and input the hundreds of dead idol cosplay dance groups from instagram into the spreadsheet.

if anybody would like to copy the sheet and take it over, you're more than welcome.

not julily or cherry btw.

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It's super common for Patreon supporters to receive early access to full videos, whether it's for music videos, artist comics, etc. Any industry.

But I think it IS... super sketch to make people subscribe through this third-party site to see a -trailer- for their new music video... Why not just use something like Patreon at that point...

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They actually covered this in today's Q&A. It's because the whole group wasn't safe to meet during Covid.

Alexa has both shots now, hopefully the other members can get vaccinated soon. I liked the solo song, there's nothing wrong with one or two now and then.

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Covid kept the group from meeting up together. They talked about a new song at their IdolCon panel that features all six members, but likely won't have a video until everyone is vaccinated.

Makes sense to me.

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Because it’s 17 seconds and subscribing is literally free. I’d expect patreon for a full release but not a 17 second trailer.

>> No.10630926

I don't think the person running it was someone who actually did idol stuff

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My dude. I'm literally not complaining about having to subscribe. It's the THIRD PARTY SITE that bothers me. Why not just ASK people to subscribe?

The reason I suggested Patreon is because it's an easy way to distribute a secret link (which is what the third party site does).

But the site they're using asks for permission to "manage your YouTube account, including posting comments", which is what makes it sketchy.

I literally have no argument about actually subscribing to their channel.

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My dude. I'm literally not complaining about having to subscribe. It's the THIRD PARTY SITE that bothers me. Why not just ASK people to subscribe?

The reason I suggested Patreon is because it's an easy way to distribute a secret link (which is what the third party site does).

But the site they're using asks for permission to "manage your YouTube account, including posting comments", which is what makes it sketchy.

I literally have no argument about actually subscribing to their channel.

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I don't really want to oust my business email to anyone from this forum, but none of Vancouver, BC's idols are on this list.

NonSweet, ShootingStar Idols, and Girls' Secret should be active on that list. Not to mention Seishun Youth Academy, Boyish7, IdolDaze, Zeus, etc.

But if you're too busy to update the sheet, it might be worth it to stop posting it at the top of each thread here? Maybe I'm misinformed, but that seems unnecessary at this point.

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>But the site they're using asks for permission to "manage your YouTube account, including posting comments", which is what makes it sketchy.
Exactly my concern too. I’m not giving some random site control of my account just to watch a 17 second video.

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Calm the fuck down.....
The anon just said life caught up to them.
If YOU are so concerned with your Canadian friends getting into that list then request permission to take over the doc and fix it.

I can't stand this community's "bitch and find solutions later" mentality.....

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>I don't really want to oust my business email to anyone from this forum
Then make a throwaway email dumbass. It’s posted at the top by the person who makes the tread and it’s not always the one who made the sheet. Literally just email them with info about who you want and they’ll update it.

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They mentioned that voting starts today (June 13th) in the announcements tab.

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You can view all the performances through the voting document! For those who missed someone they wanted to see.

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Definitely not denying that! The show has a better portrayal of the work that individual members of a group of any kind need to put in for things to be successful. For example, the mixer/DJ has to match BPMs, create a setlist that keeps people interested and excited, and work with the composer on originals; the composer/keyboardist has to make the transition from piano to digital, learn how to write originals; the VJ/artist has to learn an entire new program to be able to create effects and posters; and the choreographer has to actually write things down instead of just freestyling.

Obviously, because it’s an anime, they learn fast and resolve issues quicker than real life, but I find it to be a better look at how western net idol groups have to produce things (even though they aren’t DJ groups, obviously).

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Shit this sounds good.

>> No.10631309

Y i k e s.

I had no idea that calmly mentioning groups meant that I was "bitching", w o w. I think you honestly need some fresh air.

>> No.10631320

I agree, it's annoying how much data mining or whatever is everywhere. I think the girls are just trying REALLY hard to reach their subscriber goal and I respect that hustle. They want to reach 500 subscribers but are only barely above 250. They could try an old fashioned way of trying to gain more like constantly shouting it out and sending reminder dms to their following.

>> No.10631323

Damn this looks and sounds beautiful. I'm excited to see the whole thing. If they made this teaser more easily available to people, that would probably garner more hype. Unless they're just waiting for the hype when they drop the music video, because sometimes teasers will gain more views than the actual music video. Really interested in seeing how they keep moving forward.

In other news, Ally & Sally's big announcement was that they're going to start streaming on twitch. On that same Instagram post they mentioned how they lost a lot of their self-esteem within the past year. I really wish we could find out what happened with SYA. I'm also very curious to see where they go musically if they continue to try making original music. To see some kind of rivalry between the two groups would be interesting if possible.

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how to become idol or join idol group?

>> No.10631502

There is a link up at the top where you can literally email the person who keeps track of the thread.
I can see why anon said you’re bitching. Make a throwaway and stop whining

>> No.10631508

Are you talking about being an overseas idol, or joining a real idol group in Japan? Either way, you'll want to first focus on your vocals and dancing, and get in a routine of working on those things. You won't always feel motivated to practice, but if you form a habit, then the discipline of practicing will get you through times of low motivation. If you want to become an overseas idol (not leaving your home country, doing it mostly for fun, etc), then start thinking about your "brand", like if you're gonna use a stage name, what sort of theme/imagery you want to use (don't feel like you have to be 100% committed to a single image, though), etc. If you really want to join a group, look for what groups exist in your local area and make sure you have transportation and funding to participate.

If you want to move to Japan and become an idol there, don't worry as much about the stage name and branding, just make sure you speak fluent Japanese, are really thin, and can move there with the proper visas to start going to auditions.

>> No.10631511

spreadsheet anon again, hi.

To give some insight, I am not the first anon to run this spreadsheet, I am just the most recent anon that decided to copy the spreadsheet and make updates to it after it was largely inactive for 1+ years. I took it over maybe 2 years ago at most I think. I still think the content within the sheet is worth posting in the thread even if it only serves as an archive and not a sheet of active groups anymore. Personally I don’t think anybody has the time to actively check on over 100+ groups to see if they’re maintaining an activity standard during a global pandemic just so a 4chan spreadsheet can stay up to date lol.

Additionally, giving a list of names is actually not helpful if they’re new entries. I need their socials, etc. I’m not going to go looking for them, it’s not *me* who wants them added to the spreadsheet.

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out of all the great performances from idols, they chose the band as the best in show. For an idol showcase. Ok.

>> No.10631517

is anyone else getting 22/7 vibes from this or am I just a gross weeb? this is really quite beautiful.

>> No.10631525 [DELETED] 

i've emailed the email listed to inform them of groups in the past and the group wasn't added, so no you can't do that. not sure if anon has already tried but i did. no hate to the person either, i just hope someone else has the time to take it over.

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which was your favorite idol performance?

>> No.10631566

personal top favorites were Ayumi, Soar, Lotus, Sundaes, Setsuko, and Auracle

>> No.10631657

Ayumi is best girl!

>> No.10631766

Lumi (Shooting Star Idols) - Strangers MV

【Auracle】宵々古今 / YoiYoi Kokon【歌って踊ってみた】

>> No.10631783

auracle got cheated cause this is fire

>> No.10631790

They really did. There wasn't even an official release or list of awards put out though which also is kind of upsetting. I was hoping to see who all got what and not just rely on the Livestream. Idolcon...for a convention focused on idols you'd think you would treat the showcase and masquerade better. The OIComp was way more organized even if they took a while judging. Everyone got feedback. Had adequate time to prepare. You got a list of performers and everything ran relatively smooth. I will not be attending Idolcon again. They just don't make it worth it. And while I agreed with maybe two of the awards (that I even know about) some others I was very confused by.

>> No.10631808

Criiinge. Why do people keep using the idol title for things but still allow everything that's not idol to be included under the term rofl

>> No.10631812

What were the judging requirements if a band was in the idol showcase? It’s two completely different things to me. A band won’t dance and chances are a soloist or group won’t be playing an instrument. That doesn’t diminish the band's work but it does show that the judges didn’t have any requirements to go by.

>> No.10631815

Exactly. Just what were they judging??

>> No.10631818

I was in the first idolcon and it was really poorly ran, plus the videos kept getting cut off during the livestream.
-3/10 would not apply for again.

>> No.10631824

it was a fan vote, no judging im pretty sure

>> No.10631836

Only the community favorite was by vote.

>> No.10631839

Did it annoy you like it annoyed me how the closing ceremonies was almost an hour of the 11 staff members gushing over each other and repeating the same shit over and over? Y'all sucked ass I'm not even sorry. If you think you did so well then I really am never going back lol

>> No.10631871

Honestly even though IdolCon should have more specific awards and requirements for the showcase and masquerade, at least the band that won was way better than the Bandori cover band that played earlier that day

>> No.10631952

Yeah I was kinda curious how the best group for the showcase won with just a lyric video. The sound quality was really good but there were other groups that sang and dance.

>> No.10631957

Few months ago: *bullies people out of the community for pointing out the difference between idols and cosplayers*
Today: *upset about a band winning an idol showcase*

This community will never make up its mind, will it?

>> No.10631980

I'm pretty sure the people complaining about the band winning are the same complaining about idols being different from cosplay dancers. I'm one of them at least lmao

>> No.10632013

I'm impressed by the vocal work on Auracle's cover. Reol sounds like she would be a pain to cover because of all the heavy autotune.

>> No.10632088

If you are referring to who I think you are then they were under fire for including videos of minors in an unsolicited critique video. I considered that bullying. But they refused to accept what they did was wrong the first couple of times.
The conversation currently is important and the main reason we talk about the separation of these terms is because when in a competition how can you compare and judge two separate things? Whether it’s instrumentalists vs dancing vs singing vs dancing+singing. It’s different and should be judged as so.

>> No.10632089

It did. Luckily my first time around, I wasn't staff, just a performer, and although I'm not good, I expected a little more professionalism from the staff and volunteers.

Hearing them rim each other about how "great" the con was is aggravating as fuck honestly. It wasn't. It was worse than DashCon somehow lol

>> No.10632103

the community treats these shows like general talent competitions. in real singing competitions they judge entries against equivalent entries only. there are winners in every category so even if there is only 1 entry in a category, they win technically. this is how any idol events should be held. if they want to do an "overall favorite" or "judge's favorite" or something that's fine, but you can't judge different skills against eachother.

>> No.10632104

This is how I believe OIC held their competition. They understood the difference.

>> No.10632124

I really hope oic does another showcase. It was so very well done

>> No.10632140

If they do I kinda think it would be cool for the winners to attend as guests or something. If they wanted.

>> No.10632141

They also made it ONLY singing and/or dancing. No instrumentalists.

>> No.10632370

I can't understand why it's so impossible to just refer to showcases with dance coverists/cosplayers/instrumentalists, even vocalist-only entries as a J-Music showcase. I can't tell if it's just the obsession to be seen as some higher being everyone adores under the label "idol" or if it's truly just come to the point where people just have no fucking idea what an idol actually is and don't care to learn or respect the difference.

Sorry to beat a dead horse on this topic, but it'd be a start to acknowledge that japanese music and entertainment is multi-faceted and can be appreciated in their own rights all together, but for those who run showcases and don't have requirements on the format of content, for the love of god can you all at least quit calling it "idol"?

>> No.10632380

People tired pointing this out for years. Only now after they either left or were bullied out of the community does everyone realize how right they were about separating idols from everything else.

The community played itself for staying quiet or neutral about the topic.

>> No.10632381

i agree with this. idols are a specific thing, they're not just cute girls wanting to be in a group together.

>> No.10632383

So washu, kazu, and poppy are gonna get away again?

>> No.10632402

What exactly is supposed to happen for them to receive 'justice'?

>> No.10632440

I guess recognition of actions and genuine apologies are too much for your egotistical personality, huh Kazu?

>> No.10632456

I'm not kazu I'm just genuinely curious what you expect to happen to them cause I really doubt they're gonna apologize for shit. They're stuck up cunts. And I doubt anyone is going to bully them out if the community.

>> No.10632479

I think all anyone can really do is just unfollow, don't give their content engagement, don't apply for or attend Starlight Idol Fest (until an apology or change is made at least) and just spread awareness to events, coordinators and others in the community so nobody gives them any platforms, because in the end they're just going to pretend like nothing happened, so.

>> No.10632533

I agree, I also think that anyone else who has also had viable problems with them (with proof) should come forward. There should also be more public statements from other idol groups. Silence is complicity and I don’t want our community to be okay with this.

>> No.10632534

Then go ahead and make a claim then.

>> No.10632878

Sure would help if we could get a thread going about them without getting banned.

Anyway Kazu is just waiting for people to forget about Kuri’s livestream and then she’ll come back with either a new dance announcement or hide behind Swittx since she hasn’t done anything.

Which is a shame, Kazu and Poppy are going to drag Swittx down if they keep pulling this shit.

>> No.10632894

I literally don't care about any of this as a fan of overseas net idols and not an idol myself. It just sounds like Kazu is hard to work with, I don't understand what the big deal is.

>> No.10632935

Having a whole channel in your discord group dedicated to trash talking people isn't "just being hard to work with".

>> No.10633013

Honestly if you care enough you should go to lolcow and try to get a thread started with a comprehensive list of their wrong doings, otherwise on here it’ll just be considered a vendetta

>> No.10633202

It isn't really a vendetta when MULTIPLE people have had issues with her. This is basically a shitty person being called out for being shitty and not holding herself accountable. The same is for Poppy who is still grinning like a Cheshire Cat like nothing is wrong lol. Poor Switt...

>> No.10633212

melody parade released their first live digest, thoughts?


>> No.10633243

Kazu would have enough milk to be a lolcow so it's not a bad idea

>> No.10633244

if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

>> No.10633287

lmao what

How old are you, 5?

>> No.10633362

I get it’s not a vendetta but obviously even just using their picture on this thread was enough to get it nuked so might want to rethink.

>> No.10633371

A-muse seems to be releasing something on the 19th. I’m curious if it’s a cover or another original song. The videography is great but they feel awkward.


>> No.10633372

I’d really love these costumes if it weren’t for the feathers on the shoulders.

>> No.10633401

no one even said anything lmao

>> No.10633411

I found most the performances lacking. Also don't really like the idea of singing over an on vocal. The only member that was pleasing to watch was Tea. Very good dancing.

>> No.10633459

Seconding this

>> No.10633483

Again I'm just a fan. i don't really see an issue or why this makes her "cancelled" if it's in a private discord. just don't be friends with her, promote her content, or work with her. move on?

>> No.10633498
File: 125 KB, 1440x1080, 105F6AE9-9412-423D-8F81-DD48B88E86DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you don’t like it don’t be friends with her and move on.
I really hate “fans” like you.

If your idol is known to be problematic and a bully, why would you enable them by still supporting them and refusing to hold them accountable?
Multiple people have tried to come out with allegations against both her and washu, and it’s their dismissive ness and fans like you that make them fall back into the shadows. And don’t even think about saying “I didn’t know”, the archives exist and you can easily find it with a keyword search.

Stop enabling these horrible people so we can carve out a decent collective ffs. You can still be a fan and hold her evil ass accountable.

And anyway, I don’t believe you’re a fan for a second so there’s that.

>> No.10633511

Group called COS-MiX released a cover of a BlackPink song. It’s good vocally but they look odd in the video.


>> No.10633520

I think idols who hate their fans are worse than idols who know how to perform and entertain. I've only seen Kazu perform with Tambourine once, I don't really know what else she is in or who washu is, I just skim these threads for news of groups I like. She seemed fine to me, if anything I respect someone who actually cares about idoling since a lot of people I see perform suck. Kazus face isn't my type but I wish more people cared like her.

I don't know why your community can't just be normal and oust her if you want without involving everyone and their mom. In other entertainment communities people just write people off as bad apples and avoid them. Why does this have to be a big deal? It looks like this is being pushed for drama by people who want to be petty and can't separate their feelings from their performing hobby. Maybe focusing on taking yourselves more seriously would help the community instead of whatever this is.

>> No.10633521 [DELETED] 

milktruck arrive

>> No.10633560

You really need to open your horizons if you don't see a lot of skilled idols in this community who work harder and are much better idols than kazu will ever fucking be. Don't support toxic people. Why would you ever support or respect someone who shit talks other people in this community and bullies them to the extent of needing hard therapy???? Like I'm sorry but if you don't see an issue with that kind of person existing in this community than you're just as horrible of a person.

>> No.10633583

You say you like idols. Yet you also say you respect someone who has caused real trauma and bullied idols to the point of quitting/wanting to quit this community. Sounds like you need to be better informed about what is going on behind the scenes. Kazu isn't a good person because she can dance. Kazu is a bad person because she and Washu are emotionally abusive and have harmed a very very large number of people in this community. People are loud about this because they are hurt and want to see justice. They are tired of enablers like you shrugging their shoulders and pointing the finger back at the victims. Kazu is not an idol. Washu is not an idol. They dance to be the center of attention, for ego and fame and tear everyone down around them as they claw their way to the top.

>> No.10633645

>barely knows anything about Kazu or Washu
>"well they don't seem bad to ME"
Word of advice, if you want to say "oh this person can't be bad because I haven't seen it" make sure you actually look into what they have done. Like someone else said, there are plenty of archives to look into. This is very dismissive and harmful to the people in the community that those two have hurt.

>> No.10633678

So who sent you, Kazu or Washu?

Also, if any of you are reading this, you will no longer be able to do this. I'm releasing it soon.

>> No.10633736
File: 35 KB, 720x521, FB_IMG_1622784607044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah y'all are hateable because the community can't grow because of you enabling little shits.

Seriously, I've seen it time and time again. An idol fucks up and y'all surround them so they end up thinking concrit is bad.
I can't stand y'all and I really hope y'all expand your damn horizons and realize we are flawed entertainment who isn't above being called out or criticized.

>> No.10633757

I never said I support Kazu, like I said she's not someone I stan. I said she seemed fine, not exceptionally talented or anything, just okay. I don't really see the big deal as a completely neutral party.

I respect people who are willing to step on toes to give fans a better experience. If that's not who people want to work with, why does that mean she should stop existing? Why can't people just avoid working with her if it's so negative? Toxic people are literally in every community and it doesn't seem like she's killed someone or something, she just seems like a bitch... Why is that a huge deal? I don't really care if she's a good or bad person, if you do and don't want to work with her just don't. Why do you need justice? This notions seems like you're trying to make drama instead of actually improve the community.

Also if someone being mean to you makes you want to quit being an idol... thats what 90% of this thread usually is, so... doesn't that make you horrible too? lol

I said they seem fine as someone whos seen them perform and knows the basic gist that Kazu is a bitch to work with. Why does that matter to me, as a fan? Why can't idols just stop working with her? Why do we need to "cancel" her just because she hurt people? I don't get it.

This is embarrassing

I don't think concrit is bad, the opposite actually. I'm saying this seems like unnecessary drama. If Kazu is too difficult to work with and she is a huge bitch, I want people to stop working with her. I just don't understand why someone being a bitch to others in groups makes them publicly cancellable in the idol community now. If the real purpose is to "improve the community" this doesn't seem like the way to do it at all. |

^ again, I'm a fan. I don't know a lot about how idols work behind the scenes besides what I'm told.

>> No.10633768

Here’s the flaw with your argument. Nobody likes them and the fans don’t know that let alone know why. Going deeper you act to defend her yet if she treats other idols horribly it’s only a matter of time before we find out she probably hates being an idol and hates her fans.

>> No.10633835

I think you’re missing the point morally. It is NOT good that a performer would be “willing to step on toes to give fans a better experience”. The people we are talking about are grown adults who should be able to communicate and work with their team members to give their fans a better experience. Nobody is saying they should “stop existing” they just don’t want more people damaged by these two.
>Why can’t people just avoid working with her if it’s so negative?
Kazu specifically is going to be a huge part of Anime Weekend Atlanta’s idol show this year. There really isn’t an escape from that if a group wants to perform and she has that kind of representation.
This is all much bigger than petty internet drama.
> If the real purpose is to "improve the community" this doesn't seem like the way to do it at all.
I don’t know about you but I would rather not have a toxic person welcome in a community if I can help it. If we all represent the idol community as a whole, what does it say about us that we would allow that behavior?

>> No.10633836

I agree anon, i think they made it detachable, but they look better without them.

>> No.10633852

daaang lookitthemtiddies

but seriously, I was doubting for a while whether they were using their own vocals or the original track. Had to listen to them side by side to make sure

>> No.10633863

My biggest issue with this whole Kazu ordeal is how Switt has not given a comment about it. She is now part of Tambourine, and has not denounced Kazu's actions but we all expect Poppy to do it and that's the end of it? Switt is just as complicit right now, and she's the one that has been hosting SIF for the last few years when she was in Danzoo. People need to go to her and tell her that nobody is comfortable with Tambourine hosting/headlining SIF because of Kazu's actions. I'd like to see her respond without defending Kazu.

>> No.10633949
File: 22 KB, 548x633, FB_IMG_1622254569073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't know how shit works behind the scenes, and you are only gonna look at it from a shitty biased fan perspective, I'm gonna semi-respectfully ask you to shut up and stop defending her.

>> No.10634467

As someone who knows how performers work behind the scenes, you do not want to support the divas because it enables their shitty behavior. Look at the abuse ANTM contestants suffered because Tyra Banks was “willing to step on a few toes” for the sake of entertainment. It’s fucked up stuff, and should never be repeated. Same thing applies to Kazu and Washu.

>> No.10634673

Thank. You.

>> No.10634683 [DELETED] 

Kazu made a new twitter @bbopasaurus. She basically says she is willing to take accountability and apologize but only to individuals. She will not respond to call outs.

>> No.10634688

I'll be waiting for mine. She needs to go up to people and apologize, not wait for everyone to come to her

>> No.10634690

She isn't being honest if she has people blocked

>> No.10634693

Exactly. How can people go to her asking for an apology when she has people blocked? The lack of real effort is laughable.

>> No.10634695

>there is a second side to every story, and no one has asked for mine
Kazu if you meet one asshole you met an asshole. If you meet multiple assholes you’re probably the asshole.

>> No.10634785

Kazu lolcow thread when

>> No.10634864

Go over and contribute then.

>> No.10634919

If someone can provide an lolcow style summary, I'll make a thread

>> No.10635011

She's a fucking coward lmao
She's more afraid of the backlash and being held accountable. She's not gonna apologize to anyone, watch

>> No.10635031
File: 263 KB, 1536x2048, 1593609609028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she looks like she could beat the fuck out everyone in the community. dont let her catch you talking shit.

>> No.10635059

No joke I can probably take her out in one punch and for mod reasons this is a joke.

>> No.10635064
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1595952913038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's only one way to prove this. Overseas idol boxing when?

>> No.10635066

I’d pay good money to see idols fight other idols or people.

>> No.10635129

This at every convention please

>> No.10635243

If shit talking means speaking the truth then sure she can beat me up. It'll certainly help her reputation even more /sarcasm

>> No.10635245

Why did the comment with Kazu's new Twitter handle get removed?

>> No.10635261

Oh please, she can’t even face people online, I doubt she can fight.

Based on her dancing, she’s not steady on her feet at all.
And anyway, this isn’t about picking her apart, this is about how she’s a bad idol and even worse at apologizing for terrorizing the community

>> No.10635264

Double posting, but more than likely doxxing

>> No.10635572

Really dumb if so considering tambourines socials list it.

>> No.10635784

not really related, but how are we feeling about OIC at this point? it's a dead server despite them trying to breathe life into it several times, and it seems like most of the admins/staff just aren't as invested in it anymore due to its decline in participation after the whole "idol" debacle that strained their relationship with the community. should somebody just make a new OIC? it was such a great place for networking and resources, would be a shame just to have it fade away.

>> No.10635791

It would be a shame to lose OIC, I think this was only ever meant to be a lite server, if a full one were to ever be launched that could be what the community needs. Both Overseas Idol Con and the Winter Idol Festival were very good so I'd definitely like to see more OIC run events too

>> No.10635922
File: 371 KB, 750x1096, 9E6A9216-5EF9-44DF-B474-68B9E3220B4C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I miss something

What happened lol

>> No.10635955

OIC won't take the necessary steps to make it seem like a reputable place for help and resources, they allow Kazu to wreak havoc from time to time, they COMPLETELY undermined Julily's vision (say what you want about her, but you can't say she wasn't passionate and wanted the collective to be its very best) and they won't take the steps to separate cosidols from original idol concepts.
If they die, it's their own damn fault. The Guild for Advancement of Idols is everything OIC should have been, and it's a damn shame that had to happen.

>> No.10635966

Maybe she's just reminiscing. So many people I know claimed to be her friend but would then talk shit about her. But still use her for opportunities.

>> No.10636001

Wasn't GAI created by washu kazu and poppy because they were screeching about OIC not being inclusive to cosidols....?

>> No.10636012

I'm sorry but fuk that server. The toxic brigade runs that

>> No.10636107

Yep. It’s basically a discount OIC, but because cosidols are attention whores, it’s WAY more popular and active.
OIC was originally meant for original idols and their concepts to have a place to grow, connect and find people to work with.

No I fully agree and I wish people wouldn’t support them just because one out of the three in tambo isn’t outwardly toxic.

>> No.10636185

Lolcow thread

>> No.10636238

it's a classic case of, we can never have nice things are there are always bitchy people to ruin it

>> No.10636293

yeah nah fuck this. GAI is ran by the people who actively tried to ruin OIC bc they were butthurt nobody wanted to cater to them as cosplay idols, and then turn around and talked shit about people in the community in a private channel. they can eat it.

>> No.10636312

They what now

>> No.10636608

I can't watch this because they're just constantly singing off-key.

>> No.10636618

That first few seconds of singing and I noped the fuck outta there.
Like.... I'm actively encouraging auto tune and a vocal coach on this one.
I'm in full agreement. I'ma saying it's a damn shame that cosidols and the duo from hell managed to be more successful than a server actively meant to help actual original idols.

>> No.10636625

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure OIC staff had intended on trying to revive the main server and actually have it just for original/indie idols. If you happen to be in it you can see their announcements for trying to change things and think of ways to keep the server more active than just a self-promo and venting ground. I think they were even going to redo applications to be featured on the website too. But I don't think anyone responded to it and it just kind of got swept under the rug.

>> No.10636687

>>10636625 i think theyre unfortunately all too busy in their personal lives and no one else has stepped up to help them manage it

>> No.10636989

It’s really sad cause I liked OIC a lot but after everything that’s happened I don’t blame the staff for not being interested in it, be it conflicting with their personal time or just drained because the cos idols tried to turn the community against them. I just wish that somebody was able to take the mantle from them that isn’t fucking tambourine.

>> No.10637020

I liked it too. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to risk the mental strain that mess would entail.

Maybe a rebrand is called for? OIC may harbor bad memories for too many

>> No.10637150

What would an all-original idol community entail beyond a discord server and gatekeeping the cosplay chuds out? Would it be better to have separate spaces by region? Organizing your own monthly/quarterly online event like Idol Variety Virtual Stage?

Personally I think starting as a hangout without a focused purpose will not be enough to encourage interaction and collaboration. To really be a community driver, a semi-regular showcase of talent is needed for motivation to keep performing, whether it is in-person or virtual.

>> No.10637166

I still don't understand how saying
this space is for original idols is considered gatekeeping? We need to stop throwing around that word.

>> No.10637233

hot take but maybe these servers are trash because the idols who are actually creating content are too busy to dick around on discord.

>> No.10637242

I mean you're probably not wrong. Lol Everyone's focused on themselves for the most part. It would really only benefit new idols or people looking for others like them. But past that...idk man. The weekly topics or questions that GAI seemed to be good conversation starters.

>> No.10637539

Oh you weren't here for that big blowup were you....?

>> No.10637635

It's true. The idols churning out good content were never too active in the server to begin with. They're usually the ones focus on building their own community rather than kissing other idols asses.

>> No.10637655

Plus a lot of the idols are adults anyway so they just may not have the time to me so active in a discord

>> No.10637749

Literally this. They’re more likely working a job than content because humans need money to survive.

>> No.10638039

Timeslip by Non Sweet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3gjKAZiar4

has the MV been released anywhere, or is that coming later? Anyway, this is quite beautiful. The cadence of the lyrics is a little awkward at spots, but it's a minor thing. I could listen to this a lot more!

>> No.10638046

I meant gatekeeping in a positive sense, not the negative one.

>> No.10638070

It's a very good track! The MV is coming later, there is an MV teaser out now. The concept and melody are great, most of the lyrics are very well done, but they still carry the feeling of being forced to fit melodies tailored for japanese speech patterns. I think that is what makes the awkward spots like >>10638039 (you) mentioned. Still it's amazing that they get to work with a japanese producer like Shun! The only net idol songs I've as much are from Phoebe's lastest EP.

>> No.10638289

I think they’re holding strong to not releasing the MV until 500 subs but I think that’s a mistake. They should release the MV and do milestones like they did with Merry Xmas Kiss. They realistically don’t have the traction they need to get to 500 from simply asking.

>> No.10638294

The song has its strong parts, but a lot of it isn’t very good to the ears. Whoever the third singer is has really good enunciation but the rest aren’t that great and sometimes the music feels a bit cheap (like the drums during the awkward speaking part). I will say this feels a lot like a prequel to Message lyrically.


>> No.10638587

Is there a relationship between the groups or producers?

>> No.10638660

Three of the members were in SYA, and they’re both working with SHUN, so definitely a relationship lol

>> No.10638850

Think Calina got into Hololive. Got a notification about her vsinger audition, all her YouTube videos are either deleted or private/unlisted. Insta bio changed.

>> No.10638851

vtubers aren't idols. be careful with this discussion.

>> No.10638852

But Calina is an overseas idol? And Hololive had a vsinger audition which is held for their idol streamers.

>> No.10638874

they're unlisted, you can still see them. fuck exclusive contracts.

>> No.10638909

Vtubers are more of idols than cosplayers will ever be

>> No.10638953

Welp, that’s another idol done for. Hopefully we start getting some new talents coming up

>> No.10638973
File: 85 KB, 750x683, C6477EE7-41D0-496E-864F-B1E67491A3FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who cares? Vtubers aren’t idols.

>> No.10638976

VTubers are more successful than anyone in the idol community will ever be. Get with the times and start adapting instead of being bitter.

>> No.10638980

Professional vtubers are literally modeled after idols. Hololive literally promotes their female talents as idols. I don’t get why you’re saying vtubers aren’t idols.

>> No.10638981

you guys are retarded. they're not considered idols in regard to the thread and the site, they go on the vtuber board. no one is denying they're literally considered idols.

>> No.10638987

What do you mean done for?

>> No.10638988

Wow I had no idea. I was wondering why she had been inactive lately. Did she delete her patreon too?

>> No.10638992

They probably just mean that another idol has left our community.

>> No.10639001

I love seeing a backtrack

>> No.10639017

They don’t go in the net idol thread dumbass.
There is a vtuber thread for a reason….

>> No.10639074

happy for her honestly! it's a great opportunity for her to really shine with her skills and be able to put out more music at a professional level with little to no cost out of her own pocket. i'll be looking forward to her debut and wishing her the best.

>> No.10639119

The point of mentioning was that an IDOL is possibly becoming one. Why would I post about Calina who /vt/ has never heard of on /vt/? Use your fucking critical thinking.

>> No.10639120

Didn’t think to check until now but she did.

>> No.10639148

Yes, vtubers are more successful. But are they idols? No. Virtual idols are totally different from real idols (Japanese or net) and just because they use the word “idol” doesn’t put them in the same category. Don’t get me wrong I think Calina would be very successful as a Vtuber, and if it’s what she wants then good for her. But she won’t be an idol anymore.

>> No.10639180

How can you tell for sure?

>> No.10639236

This is what coping look like

>> No.10639246

If you search for her patreon, it redirects to her account page which says she’s not supporting anyone.

>> No.10639313

Wow. Can't imagine getting rid of everything I had done up to that point and throw it all away to be a vtube character. Like that's going to be her whole identity from now on with no personal projects anymore. It's great for her if thats her dream but still. Bye bye sense of self.

>> No.10639316

Is it not the same with real idols? They give up their old lives to take on a new identity as an idol.

>> No.10639317

that's literally not the case tho?
it just depends on how badly you want to conceal your identity

>> No.10639318

But imagine working up to being an idol, all of your old works, growth, the fan base you built, old livestreams and videos. ALL being deleted and removed from the world to take up a completely new and different identity. You're erasing that past.

>> No.10639327

Do you realize this happens everyday in the indie Japanese scene? It's her decision as well. You sound extremely bitter or indirectly jealous?

>> No.10639359

It’s likely her own choice actually. With idols most times you do need to keep the two separate and that’s why they ask for socials. However, at least for Hololive they have JP and EN members that are still very much active in their personal lives. Won’t get into because it’s not /vt/ but at least for her non-patreon content it was likely her own choice.

Why is anon bitter or jealous. What their say is their own beliefs. Doesn’t necessarily equate to bitterness jealousy.

>> No.10639389

I get where you're coming from because it's a little sad. I'm saying this as a fan that it would be nice to compare her old work to whatever new work she does in the future.

>> No.10639404

Thank you for getting it lol I'm not trying to sound bitter it just sounds really sad and I personally wouldn't like having to do that. But power to her.

>> No.10639868

Shining idol fest is later this month. Who's watching?

>> No.10639878

I forgot that existed lol

>> No.10639891

I might watch to see how much of a train wreck the mcing is again lol

>> No.10639903

Are there any other idol fests happening?

>> No.10639976

Idol Virtual Stage is happening the same day it looks like. Looks like they're trying to be a monthly thing.

>> No.10640013

It was always a monthly thing but the previous host was unable to continue it, so it stopped for a few months, but it’s been picked up by a new host now.

>> No.10640029

Im looking forward to IVVS starting again. Was it any good to watch the last time around? I never managed to watch them

>> No.10640045

I like the virtual wotagei. It's a cool feature.

>> No.10640233

You really think she's the vsinger? She certainly has the chops for it. When she suddenly shut her patreon and discord I thought she was tired of having it be little more than a friend hangout. I really hope she is getting an opportunity and not hanging everything up! Her musical theater trained vocals can blow away anyone in HoloEN.

Calina has been active as an idol at US cons for years. Released several original songs. She did do a few streams with a vtuber model for a while, I guess that might have been a trial run or portfolio builder?

She had been pretty frank on her streams about feeling like she was running out of time, lookswise. Vtubing is an ideal format to let your voice shine without worrying about keeping up looks.

>> No.10640240

Wait, has she really been worried about that? Calina is extremely pretty. I know there's changes that start being inevitable after 30 or so, but that's no reason to feel like your time as a performer is over. A couple people in this hobby are in their 30s and it doesn't really seem like a big deal. But I also understand wanting to take the opportunity to work for a huge company like Hololive; that's a serious career boost!

>> No.10640244

>that's a serious career boost!
no it's not. vtuber fans are horrible pieces of shit who hate 3d women.

>> No.10640265

Either Vsinger or part of the second generation. Either one seems possible.

It actually is. Careerwise, being the first official EN Vsinger and being part of Hololive opens a lot of doors for work through Cover. If she has any plans on moving to Japan, it’ll just make it even better.

>> No.10640273

You say that as if vtuber fan and idol fans have different demographics. Hating 3D vs burning merch after a boyfriend scandal. Both groups have their share of stalkers and antis too.

>> No.10640350

She also mentioned in Streams that she's never been confident about dancing and prefers to focus on singing, but with doing idol songs dancing is usually expected. So if she's able to really put her all into just singing, then I think that interests her more.

>> No.10640621

Everyone was wrong about Calina.

She's on fucking Big Brother lmao

>> No.10640628
File: 476 KB, 1800x1800, 1612869558509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i thought you were joking, now i want to wake up from this bad dream


>> No.10640633

There are some comments about her in the Reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/obnnwa/meet_the_cast_of_big_brother_23_with_bio_info/

>> No.10640637

Sarah Steagall
Age: 27
Occupation: Forensic Scientist
Fun facts about myself:
>I had a severe speech impediment and was unable to communicate clearly until I was 7 years old.
>I am a horrendous cook. As a chemist, I'm pretty ashamed that I can't figure it out. Even if I follow a recipe, somehow, it always turns out wrong.
>I have a crippling phobia of moths/butterflies. I despise them and would kill them off if I could, regardless of the effects on the ecosystem.
>I really like to cosplay, and because of that, I've become quite the seamstress. I can also style wigs, make jewelry, and create prop armor/weapons.
>Despite being a forensic chemist, I've never seen Dexter or Breaking Bad.

>> No.10640642

This is the biggest shock I’ve seen in the community in years, damn. Nobody saw this coming!

>> No.10640643

This is cringy.

>> No.10640648

whats with Whitney's face? does she have a condition?

>> No.10640649

she has instahoe filler syndrome.

>> No.10640664

I physically cannot breath from laughing so hard

>> No.10640670

god she's trying too hard to look like "kawaii" here. the fact that she's willing to be on this show means good riddance.

>> No.10640689


Man, I was feeling bad about her original songs not getting traction...

>> No.10640691

It's called smiling without your eyes. It happens when you're really forcing it and you're not trained on how to pose properly. I bet she has her share of influencer simps

>> No.10640699

care to explain your vendetta?

>> No.10640706

LMFAOOOOOOOO dawg, this should prove if the rumors about her are true. This is gonna be good.

>> No.10640728

Oh. My fucking. God.

>> No.10640739

there's no need for a vendetta with this kind of cringe, anon. next stop for her is my strange addiction. people only go on big brother and shit for attention.

>> No.10640742

and not the huge amount of prize money and opportunities it affords them after? ok

>> No.10640748
File: 173 KB, 1080x1350, 1596160097486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calina is now more famous than any of us.

>> No.10640773

are you serious?

>> No.10640818

dead ass? yeah.

>> No.10640841

contestants make anywhere from $700-$1,000 a week.
The prize if you make it to the end is $500k lol
and believe it or not being able to make it through auditions and screenings for a reality tv series looks good on any entertainment industry resume.

>> No.10640887

I, for one, welcome Calina as our new overlord.

>> No.10640894
File: 30 KB, 960x560, FB_IMG_1621122710407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please stop.

>> No.10640898

Vveil posted that they won't be debuting this year. Not sure about that, just surprised that they still seem interested in debuting at all.

>> No.10640934

oh, you're poor i see. sorry.

>> No.10640954

and jealousy is a DISEEAASE girl
get well soon lmao

>> No.10640970

Me too.

>> No.10640972

It's a hilarious turn of events, but any exposure is good exposure as they say in the entertainment world.

>> No.10640977
File: 194 KB, 864x398, 1606003704783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's off to a good start

>> No.10641000

sincerely sorry your crappy, probably Florida, group isn't taking off
but maybe if you keep projecting on 4chan it'll change? idk

>> No.10641049

The people you're replying to are literally just stating facts, go get your inhaler and take a breather if coming on here automatically turns you into an autist with no reading comprehension.

>> No.10641051

Sounds like someone is taking this rather personal.

>> No.10641054

You seem pressed.
They're right.
Calina is either gonna be booted first, a wallflower, or play a pawn.

And kek at
>She definitely wore cat ears and a tail in high school

>> No.10641062

Little did they know, she still wears them, but on stage

>> No.10641097

As someone who works in this industry, a lot of you really need to curb your enthusiasm. Is it exciting to see her on the show? Yes, is it going to amount to anything? Likely not. Being on a reality TV show isn't glamorous to begin with. While it may get her some followers and she can piggyback on the hype for a while, you need a strong personality to get anywhere, and she's not the kind of person that normies give a shit about in the first place. Looking at the other contestants, she seems to only be on the show to fill the quirky weeb nerd role. She's playing a caricature of herself for entertainment, that's how these shows go. Even the way her profile was written was in a cringy obsessive way designed to entertain normies. People who become famous from these shows need to be marketable and have mass appeal and she really has neither.

>> No.10641123

There sure are a lot of "industry professionals" on this weeb idol board.

>> No.10641166

Suddenly I want her to win just so y’all can complain about it.

>> No.10641227
File: 29 KB, 640x640, A79322D2-7A3C-4C25-A59B-54B858DF9E1C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one is that excited to see her on here and >>10641166 no one cares if she wins or loses. I see people wondering what role is she gonna take and how her sudden social media dump makes sense.

Calm yourselves.

>> No.10641299

Can you read? If so see: >>10640670 >>10640643 >>10640670 >>10640706 >>10640739 >>10640977 >>10641054

>> No.10641334


>> No.10641338

She locked down her social media just before the show went public so I don't think followers are the goal here.
I do think you are right about her chances. She's far too reserved and socially awkward and nice to survive a crab bucket game like this. Kinda slightly worried that she'll come out of it traumatized and even more self-doubting than before.

>> No.10641351

Wonder if we're still gonna get that project with Ayumi? I was looking forward to it.

>> No.10641459

If so it’d be after she gets off the show and things calm down.

>> No.10641470

I don't think you guys really know Calina. Remember she's a musical theater need? I'm sure she'll be able to up the drama. Even if she doesn't win the show or get far, she could still play herself up to be some kind of memorable character. Maybe some of you are too young to have experienced the reality TV show boom of the 00s, but there were several shows where some memorable contestants didn't win.

>> No.10641471

Same anon, *musical theater nerd, lol.

>> No.10641491

I remember that boom, and you have a point. If nothing else, she'll be remembered as a weeb.

>> No.10641518

I hope she sings alot on the show.

>> No.10641589

She could literally steal the show if she got some chances to sing. I expect the producers will put a stop to it if they feel it doesn't fit the "cringy weeb" caricature they have designed for her. Reminder that just because a show is "unscripted" doesn't mean participants aren't being actively directed/manipulated to fit a narrative.

>> No.10641603

Reality show stars talk about that alllllll the time, so I can definitely see them limiting her song choices to anime opening themes lol

>> No.10641612

Big Brother contestants arent allowed to sing because of copyright issues:
>CBS makes a ton of revenue from its reality television show. If house dwellers started singing songs owned by other people, those people could sue the network. They could at least ask for a part of the profits.
>To avoid this conflict, CBS doesn’t allow anyone to come close to singing music owned by other people. In fact, to avoid any hint of a conflict, they ban singing altogether.

>> No.10641621

After reading a few Reddit posts about the topic, it seems like the contestants can sing but only if it's original songs that the contestant made up. It is up to the producers to allow it to be broadcasted though. Here's an example of someone singing:


Lol at the one guy looking like he's freaking out because the other guy is singing.

>> No.10641652

Original songs, eh? Things are looking up for Calina >:D

>> No.10641861

I used to watch Big Brother with my mom every summer as a kid, and have seen some of the newer seasons as well. It’s crazy to me that someone from this community is going to be on the show. Don’t think everyone should be getting hype about what this will “do for her career” but nevertheless it’s exciting just to see her there. Having said that I’m VERY interested to see how people’s perceptions of her change due to the show. If you don’t know they film the contestants 24/7 and constantly have the live feed going on the CBS website, so even if certain things don’t get broadcasted on TV, you’ll be able to see e v e r y t h i n g going on with her in their day to day life in the house. Very interesting.

>> No.10641889

What about when they need to use the bathroom?

>> No.10641933

The toilet room is obviously private with no cameras, however even the shower areas have cameras just outside of the stalls.
Contestants were even caught having s*x in the showers on the live feed lol.
And of course many, many contestants have been caught being intimate in their bedrooms.

>> No.10641934
File: 58 KB, 750x1000, 1764AA90-623B-4FEE-996C-DBD8258662B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is hamako pro lol

>> No.10641938

So do we think Calina will be the first to get cut? How far will she likely make it?

>> No.10641956

Nicole who was on last year’s season got to the final 3 despite being the token “shy and nerdy” person, albeit she was mostly used as a pawn or skated by because she wasn’t seen as a threat. Which can only get you so far, I’ve never seen a floater win.
So unless she has some extreme physical strength we don’t know about, it comes down to whether or not Calina can make alliances with the stronger members of the house, and whether or not they think she’ll be useful to them. Calina says her strategy is to be a floater, but one of two things happen to those kinds of people. If you’re not useful, you’ll be stuck hanging out with the other non threatening people, and get voted out in the first couple weeks. If you are useful, they’ll keep you around and use you as a pawn, and then stab you in the back when one of their friends is the other person on the block.
The games in Big Brother are either physical, or have to do with the houseguests’ memories of what happened previously in the house. Most of the HoH competitions are the former, which is the most important title to win as that is who puts up people for elimination. The way I see it is she needs to get in with the “cool kids” ASAP in order to survive, and I just don’t know if she has the personality for that.
However, there are other prizes and titles you can win throughout the show. The girl I mentioned earlier Nicole, she won “Americas Favorite Houseguest” which scored her 25k. In many of the games played throughout the competition have the opportunity to get prizes that you receive even if you don’t win such as money or vacations.

>> No.10641964

Same anon.
Imo her goal shouldn’t be to win the entire competition, but to make it to about week 6-8, after which point eliminated houseguests are sent to the “jury house”. The jury are the group of people who decide who wins out of the final two, and clips from the jury house are broadcasted on tv from time to tome as well. If she can make it that far she has a good chance of winning the “Favorite Houseguest” title, if her personality on the show is likeable enough.
But no I highly doubt she will win, or even make it to final 4. Small chance of her making it far enough to get into the jury though.

>> No.10641968

Hopefully she got someone to promote her on social media for the favorite houseguest vote when the time comes before she left for the house lol

>> No.10642171

Is that *someone* us?

>> No.10642252

It better be!

>> No.10642409

This is the strangest turn of events in the history of this fucking thread, I’m happy for her but also this is insane!

>> No.10642478

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what she’s banking on lol. I doubt she thinks she’s going to win the whole competition, but having a decently dedicated fan base is a head start to winning the favorite vote and she’s probably very aware of that. But again, she’ll have to make it far enough in the game to get that chance.

>> No.10642620

I feel like Calina's idol audience and the viewer demographic for Big Brother are so different, so I don't know how she will get far unless people do genuinely like her.

>> No.10642652

I think she would get pretty far if she went full "the voice" and belted out broadway hits like Hamilton but copyright means no dice :/

>> No.10642680

Of course everyone knows that. She's gonna be the "oddball" of the season who will probably develop a cult type following, which is stronger than those who have mainstream appeal

>> No.10642707

>which is stronger than those who have mainstream appeal
no it's not.

>> No.10642748

Jidol fans on twitter have found Calina and now are wishing her luck.

In the long run yeah it is. It’s called a cult following for a reason.

>> No.10642781

Exactly. Several hard-core fans are stronger than a room full of passive fans. That's how smaller chika idol groups in japan can survive despite not breaking in the mainstream.

>> No.10643349
File: 147 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are they a net-idol group

>> No.10643353

>The toilet room is obviously private with no cameras
There are absolutely cameras in the toilet room, but they leave them turned off unless two people go in there to talk.

>> No.10643354

/sp/ had Ian and now you all have Sarah.

See you in the generals this summer


>> No.10643359

idols like attention wtf? when did this happen?

>> No.10643420

It looks like everyone watching the show is now aware that Sarah is Calina. Did she miss out on alot of free promo by privating all of her stuff?

>> No.10643483

Mark my words, Calina will be the new "creepy-chan" from America's Next Top Model

>> No.10643512

Unless she gets voted out in the first week

>> No.10643553

She had to do that, as per the rules of the show

>> No.10643592

Non Sweet is great. I thought there might be some losses in talent without the two that left, but they are amazing.

>> No.10643788

Anyone who hasn't seen the show before and might watch tonight just be prepared for because it is very cheesy especially the premiere episode. In the generals on /tv/ you can get updates and screens of what she is up to all the time from people who actually pay for livefeeds.

>> No.10643890

Is anyone getting a Calina stream? I don't know how it works since I've never been interested in the series.

>> No.10643958

there's a free trial (paramount+) but you have to be american or on a vpn, or there's pirated feeds (more of a pain to use)

>> No.10644131
File: 130 KB, 1920x1080, 1618010231252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anyone watch the show? How'd she fare? I see alot of people talking about how she sounds like a cartoon character and that she might be a dark horse.

>> No.10644135
File: 1.24 MB, 1024x576, 1625734531524.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The team she got put in came in last so she is a havenot this week. And she was picked last so was just put in that team by default. That sounds harsh but if she survives this week then she successfully set her self up as a perfect non-threat floater.

>> No.10644146

>she successfully set her self up as a perfect non-threat floater
I read that's what she's going for. Is it a good strategy?

>> No.10644149

Good for getting to jury. But if she makes it to final two it would be hard for her to make her case in a final two speech because modern BB juries haven't had much appreciation for the classic strategy and instead prefer to crown winners who had flashy moves during the season.

>> No.10645104
File: 193 KB, 1680x850, 1615743935436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calina mirin booba

>> No.10645174
File: 189 KB, 750x1054, 6173FC1B-94DB-42A4-AD08-9CCA74619CA2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Resoluscia's Monii is already going on an indefinite hiatus, even though she just joined and hasn't appeared in any singles yet...

>> No.10645177

Ouch, I was looking forward to a 4 person MV. They haven't added any new members, right?

>> No.10645178

Can't predict health issues sometimes. she's not leaving, that would be a worse sign.

>> No.10645195

It's usually a given a member goes on hiatus or leaves when a group is debuting, it happens a lot more than we think or would like.

>> No.10645535
File: 1017 KB, 1280x716, 1606796369672.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somebody release new music


>> No.10645537
File: 233 KB, 1781x1002, 1620864310782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10645628

funny timing with this one, looks like they're adding a new member

>> No.10645635

>indefinite hiatus
>still working behind the scenes and on covers
>new member
I’d wager Monii was never meant to be apart of the full group and they only brought her on to hold out for the real fourth member.

>> No.10645639
File: 275 KB, 943x608, 1621816872074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its fuckin mela

>> No.10645642

Their application said they're looking to create a 7 member group.

>Our goal is to make Resoluscia a 7 member idol group.

>> No.10645648

He's not in florida is he? Maybe it's Koda?

>> No.10645658

That doesn’t change anything I said.

>> No.10645714

has anyone been paying attention to the EMidols Twitch streams?

>> No.10645746

yeah he's in texas that would be weird

>> No.10646058

Yeah. My bet would be on Koda since he's in the area and Vveil just went on a hiatus.

>> No.10646090


Koda in Resoluscia confirmed?

>> No.10646092

I wonder how much Reso is going to ask for on Kickstarter.

>> No.10646100

I wouldn't be surprised if it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3k, I think that's what they budgeted for their first single. It makes sense though, seeing how it turned out.

>> No.10646487

Sage for detective bullshit but all of the members follow him, he just hinted at releasing something new this month and his group is on a hiatus right as Reso teases a new member, so it makes sense. I'm excited to see where this is going.

>> No.10646501

this is the new calina is on hololive

>> No.10646906
File: 139 KB, 1080x1080, 1620957134504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10646979

i doubt they're expecting 10k, considering this is the Kickstarter for the 2nd single and the 3rd single is a goal. it's just overflow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10646993

I was shocked until I read and realized it was likely a stretch goal. Interlunium had a $10k goal with a $100k stretch. Legacy Idols had a $4.5k goal with a $15k stretch. I think this is more than reasonable.

>> No.10646997

If I had stretch goals they would be b-sides.

>> No.10646998
File: 167 KB, 2048x1152, 1618956097252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10647012

People actually donate to this????
I guess that's what popularity with a solid fanbase and money gets you, damn.

>> No.10647015

It’s not unusual for smaller musicians to use IndieGoGo/Kickstarter to fund projects and there’s even a Korean platform called Makestar some kpop idols use.

>> No.10647016

I would, depending on how much they need and what it's for. Making music can be expensive and sometimes people need help.

>> No.10647060

No I know that, I just am amazed that people can be this popular....

Oh I know..... I know just how expensive it is. I'm just blown away that people have fans like this is all. Not in a bad way, I'm actually a little jealous kek

>> No.10647399

Now that's what I call stretch goals

>> No.10647422

Has anyone listened to Urania's Mirror single Genki Sunshine? It definitely sounds like it would fit into a LL episode.

>> No.10647428

new thread >>10647427

>> No.10647431
File: 46 KB, 672x586, 1600525747772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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