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Last one >>10618110

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This might be a stupid question, but where can I get an a-line petticoat with relatively low poof suitable for old-school lolita?

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What makes you think the hype might be over?

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Malco Modes 100%

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Their knee length one?

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Depends on your height. MM has literally everything. Also you can shorter a petticoat with some patience. It's easiest to shorten it from the waistband and if you fuck it up, no one will see it

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no I've always wondered this too though since a lot of pettis are soooo poofy nowadays and if you even mention low poof people go crazy

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ayrt, I got the 22 inch one, it's right above my knee and I'm 5'0"

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I'm mad because I gave away an oldschool AP skirt in a big bundle to a friend that would not sell on Lace Market years ago. I think I had it listed for like $20 free shipping for ever and no bites because it was oldschool and made for a teeny tiny waist and nobody wanted it. Now it would probably go like crazy just because "old school"

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Did anyone see the comment in CoF calling an old school coord from gen z? I keked.

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I'm wondering this too. I'm considering getting this one in my next taobao order. Does anyone have experience with it? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.332.551a7484iDjNJO&id=550614269025

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I'm wondering this too. I'm considering getting this one (picrel) in my next taobao order. Does anyone have experience with it? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.332.551a7484iDjNJO&id=550614269025

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aurora & ariel mini. it's mini poof, not mini length. the stock photo makes it look fairly poofy, but remember the weight of your dress will squish it down when worn.

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It was clearly a joke anon. Also did you see the idiot having a sperg about it in the comments? I think they got removed but imagine telling an oldfag that they should read a GLB kek.

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I hope the person who threw a shit fit got booted but that would require the mods to not be useless.

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I checked the thread and she seems to have been kicked out and her comments deleted. Finally the mods did their job huh. She seems like the biggest ita too, it's hilarious.

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A few threads back, someone dropped a huge Imgur album with hundreds of street snaps. Anyone still got the link to that? Would love you if you could drop it!

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was it this?

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Where was it?

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nta but I second this, I have the aurora & ariel mini and it gives the perfect "low poof" that doesn't just look like a total lack of petti

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Any other taobao brands/items for old school fillers? I'm getting started but having trouble finding anything else than main pieces.

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taobao is shit, just get BTSSB's traditional blouses they rerelease all the time or MAM

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Do you happen to know anything about the quality of MAM's other pieces? I only ever hear about their blouses, but I'm curious if their skirts, capes etc are any good. The product pages look so cheap but the designs are so cute.

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I have a bunch of bloomers and a really old MAM dress, and they are amazing imo.

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Do you mind posting a link please? For some reason I can't find this exact photo on any of clobba's listings and the name is on a few of them.

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Stop asking about taobao
Taobao is not and will never be old school
Listen to people when they tell you to buy actual old school and stop being such a newfag

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No. Taobao can be oldschool

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No. Taobao can be reminiscent of old school in a shitty low quality way. It will never be actual old school.
Why would you even want to buy shit quality taobao when sturdy actually good quality old school brand exists second hand or via rerelease?

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probably because all these baofags want instant gratification and can't be bothered to do even a little bit of digging to get good items
if you aren't willing to put in the patience and effort to find old items you don't deserve to be an oldschooler

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their cutsew and tshirt fabrics are very good, all the laces are good too

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old school is based on looks, not age.

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oh that would explain a LOT

whew, and here I was worried that I'm an oldschool trender if all my pieces are just incidentally older because I'm older.

Thanks for putting my fears to rest, anon!

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on this subject, where can i get a low-to-mid poof bell? bodyline?

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it's understandable honestly. i think younger, newer lolitas think old school is more like vintage, which only implies something is between 20 and 100 years old. but really it's something like retro where it refers to the look of a certain time period.

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God the sperging here.
There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few supplemental pieces from taobao. Just because it’s Not “oldschool” doesn’t mean there aren’t pieces that can work or buffer an oldschool wardrobe.

Original bao anon, I get my peeking bloomers from taobao, and the majority of my shoes. I ordered a blouse from Dolls Party in picrel, havent recieved it yet but liked the ribbon detail

I think most ppl get it wrong Bc they buy a oldschool-esque JSK from taobao but coord it super new style, so thats where they miss the mark

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I can feel the scratchy polyester through my screen.

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Do you have any shoe or bloomer recs? I'm worried about my bloomers being too short to peek through or too long so I haven't purchased any yet

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It’s cotton you dumbass

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I can’t find the listing for the pair I have, they’re a loose cotton/poly blend and they’re breathable and so comfortable I wish I could find the link Bc I’d buy another pair. The search term is 长南瓜裤 if you end up searching.

For shoes, I have a bunch of Antaina, but also recently got some Mary Janes from unicorn tears and I love them

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>>10629415 for very-low-poof-but-not-quite-nothing I often layer a (very short) cornet skirt I have underneath because it has a slight built in petti and it works nicely

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Kek this is ugly and telltale taobao but you sure showed them!!1

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How do these silhouettes even work? Where does the petti go, under the top skirt or the bottom?

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>>10629415 I have this one from AliExpress. It has the perfect lenght and amount of poof for oldschool. Its pretty cheap though

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I like it a lot

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presumably top layer has a built in petti

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I don't know how men can be sexually attracted to a mannequin and/or a petticoat

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Thank you so much for this.

Everybody is always sperging about how it needs to be a 20 y o piece to be called old school. What happens with handmade? Why are handmade old school brands seen as great (tm) even if they are as recent as 2021?

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Better quality, materials, construction and design choices that are appropriate for the time period they're trying to emulate. Not to mention DIY culture is old school in and of itself.

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solid colors and white lace =/= oldschool
it's just easier to get it right if the piece is made in the oldschool era

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don't underestimate scrotes anon

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I have the same. It's nylon and Ive tried ruining it so I can justify a new one but this shit just keeps living. It adds low poof but enough that I can wear some egl to church.

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Yeah because it’s literally the aesthetic of a whole era of lolita. you can’t just make cheap imitations of a whole era and think it’s the same. traditional and classical lolita, yeah, but not old school. why are people so concerned about coming off as “old school”, just wear the fucking clothes ffs. Lolitas are retarded

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>you can’t just make cheap imitations of a whole era and think it’s the same.
yes you can, what planet are you on? old school is only about the aesthetic. anyone squawking about materials and quality are newfags who have never seen or worn some of the low quality trash that was popular. old school purists are just another form of brand whore.

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essentially you're right, it's not the same
that's why we call it "neo-oldschool"

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speak for yourself. this isn't how fashion works. old school isn't about the age of a piece, it's the style. you've probably seen old school coords with new pieces and don't even know. what do you even think re-releases are considered then?

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>what do you even think re-releases are considered then?
the era of actual "oldschool" ends in the early 2000s, everything released after that isn't authentic oldschool to me, even if it's a brand name rerelease

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Hello, O. There's no such thing as traditional lolita

>> No.10632151

Imagine preferring a 20 y.o. dress someone farted through because you don't know old school is a style and any style can be replicated

>> No.10632160

then you're wrong. old school isn't about the age of the item it's about the styling and look of it. it's like 2010s OTT sweet is a style. the MTO sugary carnival may not resell for as much as the 1st release but that doesn't mean the items from the MTO aren't 2010s OTT sweet style, they are the same dress.

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The sheer amount of sperging and newness in this thread

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>traditional Lolita is old school
Why did you have to be so pedantic and call it trad when you obviously know it's the same thing as old school. You just proved yourself wrong inadvertently since you claimed traditional and old school were two different things.

>> No.10632188

>why did you
>you just proved yourself wrong
>you claimed
please go back to a social media that has usernames you dumb fuck

>> No.10632202

calm your tits

>> No.10632213

Awwwww whatsa matter? Did someone get proved wrong and has nothing better to refute with than name calling?
Go change your soggy diapers or continue to sit in the shit you dumped here and fester.

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yall should read this sometime

>> No.10632221

can we stop bitching now? call it old school or traditional, but there's no requirement of what era the dress is from like cunts ITT keep claiming.

>> No.10632224

these kinds of shitty blogs aren't be be all end all of lolita.

>> No.10632226

nyart but there is clearly a bully with a vendetta against you on /cgl :^( too bad you can't block them

- Ophelia /s

>> No.10632227

Why do westerners think they can just come up with their own definitions for Japanese created fashions? Aren't these the same girls who cry about cultural appropriation?

>> No.10632230

really comes off as some made-up shit to feel speshul and yooneek

>> No.10632283

sounds like you just dont get it

>> No.10632316

which side are you on? kek

>> No.10632320

You advertise yourself so shamelessly, O.

>> No.10632351

The audacity of this bitch to make shit up and claim it as the truth. Oldschool is a style (typically referring to oldschool sweet, although it can include oldschool gothic or classic) trad is just an adjective that you can use but it has no accepted meaning in this community

>> No.10632355

Except it's literally the opposite. Traditional Lolita is the name of a style, and oldschool is a descriptor of it specifying that it's an old style. That's why the people are arguing that only truly old pieces are oldschool are correct. But a piece does not have to be old to be Traditional style.

>> No.10632359

ayrt I'm actually not her kek just thought I'd throw it in the thread since everyone was talking about the difference, who are you anyways O/Ophelia?

>> No.10632360

lmao I just realized that Ophelia is cynicalneoprincess her name let's forget I said that last part

>> No.10632386

that's not even correct. old school is a made up term to describe the exact same thing they call "traditional" in japan. it's not limited to old or vintage pieces and never has been. and you're lying to yourself if you think you can tell the difference anyway.

>> No.10632387

I just read this and it's cringe how she thinks she has the power to somehow define and set the rules for different styles.. kind of reads as weird and elitist.

>> No.10632391

this is the most autistic shit i've read in a while but it comes from O. so not surprised.
Is the neo old school gang still licking her soles and taking her word for gospel?

>> No.10632400

it doesn't even make any sense. she just implies traditional is a modern take on old school and that old school is an imitation of the time period, she basically doesn't even describe an difference, just claims it's "nuanced" and she's just comparing japanese and western terms for the same thing.

>> No.10632401

Completely agree. Embarrassing af.

>> No.10632404

Exactly, it just feels like she's trying to make a big thing out of nothing.

>> No.10632423

"Old school" isn't a term used in Japan though. They refer to it as traditional or by the timeframe the piece was released (ie early 2000s era, 90s era.) Old school is a term westerners applied to the look. If you called it that to any Japanese lolita or shop staff, they wouldn't know what you're talking about.

>> No.10632625

Funny how we’re not using the term to talk to Japanese shop staff, we’re using it to talk in western comms, using a term everyone in the western comm understands

Seriously, Japanese lolitas barely use the term “traditional lolita” these days either. Brands and lolitas use 懐古ロリータ (nostalgic lolita) for what we call old school, these days. If we can’t even keep up with or understand Japanese terms, it seems fairly safe to stick with the terms we have that everyone in the western comm already understands.

>> No.10632627

eh, I don't really see her 'set rules' for lolita, just putting a name to certain trends and types of coords

>> No.10632629

damn I didn't know so many of you were hating on her

>> No.10632633

Probably just jealous of her collection

>> No.10632635

God I hate this pastel bodyline ita.

>> No.10632639

>pastel bodyline ita

>> No.10632640

this is so funny, like >>10632639 said literally where

>> No.10632641


nta, and I cant find the image but a long time ago when she first joined lolita fashion, she was wearing a pastel purple bodyline dress. it was just an ita phase, like most people had. not sure why people have to bring up noob shit. it is not like she had found herself yet.

>> No.10632642

Quite a mouthful for trying to say 'I can't read'

>> No.10632648

It’s because you’re new

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File: 37 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mnbs3rIoi31r1xdxao1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imo it is not even that bad. everyone starts somewhere.

>> No.10632652

Really. Back a few years ago when O was one of the biggest faces of oldschool, she was hated on constantly here, way more than she is now. It’s not a new thing at all and probably a major reason from her withdrawing from lolita to the extent she has.

>> No.10632655

the coord is okay ?

>> No.10632671

>probably a major reason from her withdrawing from lolita to the extent she has.
she's literally still posting coords to CoF

>> No.10632674

she's also very into 90s harajuku nowadays and mostly posts that on her ig instead of lolita

>> No.10632676

Absolute garbage taste

>> No.10632677

Stop the obvious selfposting, O.

>> No.10632679

Even the room is messy and ita

>> No.10632682

it's babbys first coord from a time with less resources, what the fuck do you expect from a beginner

you're just nitpicking at this point, how do you know it's her room in the first place?

>inb4 "gtfo O.'s bootlicker"

>> No.10632683

The point is that she posts to CoF knowing that it'll get reposted here. If she was so affected by the uwu bullies, then not posting to CoF would be Step 1. I guess getting attention is more important though.

>> No.10632689

again, I am not her jesus you're bad at spotting self posts

>> No.10632694

Yeah, sure

>> No.10632695

Why are you this bothered

>> No.10632697

why do you want me to be her so bad kek

>> No.10632698

nta but sound like someone's got an obvious hateboner kek

>> No.10632705

Don’t you mean >>10632694 and >>10632677 instead of >>10632697

>> No.10632707

Lmao sorry I’m a phonefag I didn’t mean >>10632695 at the end

>> No.10632736

its very obviously not her room, lmao. but as I said, it isnt the worst, so Iäm not even sure why it was brought up. she was new to the fashion, probably bought bodyline to see if it was something she wanted to continue in, then continued to refine her taste to what it has become now. sure it was -ita- and a cheap, wrinkly bodyline piece, but most lolitas start there too. and she wasnt ita for long, nor did she wear that -pastel bodyline- shit for long. anon just seems jelly.

>> No.10632814

Is this O???

>> No.10632880

yeah, when she started

>> No.10632903

who's yalls favorite "content creator" or social media Old School Lolita that is still around today

>> No.10632922

what do you mean by "content creator"? do you just mean someone who posts their coords online?

>> No.10632987

This might just be wishful thinking, but does anyone else think that old school pieces have been selling for a little less recently? Like that 2005 IW OP went for like £60, and little princess or £150

>> No.10633006

It could be her living room? How do you know what the rest of her house looks like? Creep.

>> No.10633226

it literally looks like some sort of weird cafe with that booth there.

>> No.10633291

There aren't any real content creators for old school. Most of old school lolitas upload to YouTube or blog a couple times every year. That's not a content creator.

>> No.10633301

then what would you call them, I'm just trying to have a fun convo kek

>> No.10633318

it looks like a restaurant

>> No.10633368

I like watching Pure Rae's YouTube videos for old school.

>> No.10633396

they're the same thing anon

>> No.10633687

what are yalls dream dresses? It's a lot harder to find old school dream dresses imo, unless it's one of the ones that got released a million times

>> No.10633717

the print comes up with some degree of frequency (and always bought immediately, like a lot of old jetj) but i've only ever seen the black jsk sold once

>> No.10633718
File: 360 KB, 620x800, 7a655bbb-0f9f-5258-b555-1b0d3a5bf3ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dropped pic i guess

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BTSSB Koitsukihime Stained Glass Angel OP or JSK in black. I'd prefer to get the original 2006 release and not the AATP version. It's not a typical old school piece, but it's sooo beautiful! Hopefully, I can acquire it sometime soon~

>> No.10633831

When do you guys consider old school to extend to? I have late 2000s (e.g. 2008) dresses that really fit the old school aesthetic, but don’t know if they’re too recent to be considered true old school

>> No.10633837

I'd say 2007/2008-ish

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>> No.10633850

there's something about the central lacing panel that looks really awkward on an actual person

>> No.10633906

NTA but I love it. I also want that dress in red or black.

>> No.10633929

I love it! It is super cute.

>> No.10633959

the awkwardness is part of the charm

>> No.10633973

>oldschool lolita in a nutshell

>> No.10634202

I looked at their site to see about nabbing one - they have a reservation page up, but is it over now? I never buy shit on reservation cause I'm a dumbass and it confuses me LMAO. I tried translating the images, but it comes out in a jumble.

For anyone else interested in seeing it:

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File: 2.49 MB, 1114x1470, dds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some of my current white whales rn, not counting impossible to find collab pieces like AYA army set by AP or big sets like punkuma by meta

(L-R) vera viola set (btssb '06), chocolat-chan wearing boots op set (AP '07), mode girl bustier rerelease in red or gray (AP '06), biker jacket style OP in red tartan or solid black (meta '04)

>> No.10634361

genuine question, why do people like mode girl? the print reminds me of of some t-shirt with girl drawings my mom would've gotten me from the kids' aisle at a supermarket

>> No.10634366

Tbh I never post my dream dresses since I'm too paranoid that more people will want them and I'll lose out on the limited amount that rarely comes up for sale

>> No.10634380

>the print reminds me of of some t-shirt with girl drawings my mom would've gotten me from the kids' aisle at a supermarket

>> No.10634396

that IS the appeal?

>> No.10634454

You arent alone anon. i think it looks bad too

>> No.10634488
File: 113 KB, 240x372, elizabethop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine is currently the Elizabeth OP in black x white. I'm hoping Baby eventually makes a lottery reservation or MTO in this colorway soon.

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>> No.10635175

for one im a sucker for applique and i think the material looks just perfect for winter

im not too much of a fan of the JSKs (the OP is alright) but something about the cut of the bustier is so flattering i love it

plus i think the applique is incorporated well in the dress i.e the pearl leash mirrored with the little pearl chain on the bustier. idk! i just it's just so charming in a way i don't see in other sets/dresses like it

sorry if that was a little bit of a ramble but it definitely is in my top 3 DDs of all time lol

unrelated to above but i've been really old school hunting recently and maybe it's just me but i feel like i tend to have good luck with finding affordable OS on wunderwelt waaay more than other secondhand sites?

i mean i've definitely found a decent amount on fril, mercari, CC, etc. but i feel like WW always has the best bang for my buck (at least the kind of OS i like, i'm not sure about other people)

those are mostly the places i look for OS anyway considering lace market is kind of a hellscape. was there any other place i missed?

>> No.10635316

mode girl is one of a small number of dresses AP made around 2006 with a very distinctive illustration style. people who like that style have to hunt for the few dresses that use it, so those dresses often pop up as people's dds, even though they're not actually very popular with the wider AP fanbase. it's just a niche of people that really like this style.

also 90% of what AP puts out looks like children's tshirts designs, that's not really just a mode girl thing

>> No.10635325

kek back in 2018 that meta jacket has been rotting on yahoo japan and mercari for about a year

>> No.10635327

Not this shit again. I fucking hate neofags

>> No.10635337

it's one thing to feel like you have the authority to write some kind of old school guide, cringe display of the dunning-kruger effect, but to literally use images of yourself as examples just really takes it to delusions of grandeur levels

>> No.10635341

nah you were the one that just cried cultural appropriation

>> No.10635402

take me back to 2018, when this was still our reality and cornet rarely went for over 10k yen

>> No.10635503

i know i didn't have a stable source of income at that point so it wasn't worth it desu
literally: i'm praying the OS boom tapers off this year so that we can all just buy old shit in peace

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My beloved~<3

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