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Old thread was getting saggy >>10624536

Let’s discuss the fact preorders have now been extended and why this “new release” is a total rip off.

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Here’s the “new product” - going to be priced at $150 for the set

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this is ugly trash.

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Apologies, here’s the “coming soon” item

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>"pre-order extended"
More like "No one is pre-ordering so I'm going to extend it and cross my fingers at least 5 people waste thier money on this"

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that stand looks so dirty

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That's not comic sans. That's some other equally ugly rounded font.

This. It's only "extended" because they didn't meet their MOQ.

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Those smaller pendants pay a beautiful homage to the corona virus kek

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I thought they looked like pain splats lol

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I think I made some of these for my mom in preschool.

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Hopefully no one scans the $70 publication on day one and distributes it as a free pdf.

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aw man, that would be absolutely AWFUL

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In fairness, those velour necklace stands always look dirty/dusty in photographs unless you up the contrast x1000. That’s why brands never use them, or use the smooth pleather type that looks better.

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Who would do something so utterly heinous :'(

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call me crazy but i dont really think this would put a dent in sales. she doesn't really have much of a following so i'd wager that most people who are preordering are doing so to support her. whether that's out of friendship, out of pity because of the sob story on her website, or out of the desire to support small content creators remains to be seen, but i'd bet that's the driving force behind purchasing this book moreso than buyers feeling like there's content worth paying for contained therein

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It just baffles me why anyone would pay any amount of money for things they can literally find free anywhere on the internet. Especially newer lolitas, it’s just such a waste of 70$ that they could use towards improving/creating a coord. It’s probably the biggest waste of money I’ve ever encountered in this fashion.

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Exactly - no one who is already in this fashion would ever waste their money on this and no new lolita would either. It’s why she had to extend preorders - no one is buying her book (for obvious reasons).
The people who are buying it are like her family whose like “I support you honey” and friends who have no knowledge of the fashion and simply want to support her sloppy business - no upstanding lolita, even new lolitas, would shill out THIS much money for a fuckin book that’s just going to be completely useless anyway.

My bet is it’ll have short af information and people would still need to use google to really research the fashion. It’s going to be a complete waste of money.

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