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Old thread was getting saggy >>10624536

Let’s discuss the fact preorders have now been extended and why this “new release” is a total rip off.

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Here’s the “new product” - going to be priced at $150 for the set

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this is ugly trash.

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Apologies, here’s the “coming soon” item

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>"pre-order extended"
More like "No one is pre-ordering so I'm going to extend it and cross my fingers at least 5 people waste thier money on this"

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that stand looks so dirty

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That's not comic sans. That's some other equally ugly rounded font.

This. It's only "extended" because they didn't meet their MOQ.

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Those smaller pendants pay a beautiful homage to the corona virus kek

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I thought they looked like pain splats lol

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I think I made some of these for my mom in preschool.

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Hopefully no one scans the $70 publication on day one and distributes it as a free pdf.

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aw man, that would be absolutely AWFUL

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In fairness, those velour necklace stands always look dirty/dusty in photographs unless you up the contrast x1000. That’s why brands never use them, or use the smooth pleather type that looks better.

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Who would do something so utterly heinous :'(

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call me crazy but i dont really think this would put a dent in sales. she doesn't really have much of a following so i'd wager that most people who are preordering are doing so to support her. whether that's out of friendship, out of pity because of the sob story on her website, or out of the desire to support small content creators remains to be seen, but i'd bet that's the driving force behind purchasing this book moreso than buyers feeling like there's content worth paying for contained therein

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It just baffles me why anyone would pay any amount of money for things they can literally find free anywhere on the internet. Especially newer lolitas, it’s just such a waste of 70$ that they could use towards improving/creating a coord. It’s probably the biggest waste of money I’ve ever encountered in this fashion.

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Exactly - no one who is already in this fashion would ever waste their money on this and no new lolita would either. It’s why she had to extend preorders - no one is buying her book (for obvious reasons).
The people who are buying it are like her family whose like “I support you honey” and friends who have no knowledge of the fashion and simply want to support her sloppy business - no upstanding lolita, even new lolitas, would shill out THIS much money for a fuckin book that’s just going to be completely useless anyway.

My bet is it’ll have short af information and people would still need to use google to really research the fashion. It’s going to be a complete waste of money.

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The first thread is actually sage-ing now.

The book looks about as professional as I expected.

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More sample pages.
In the actual publication, they seem to be as cropped as the cover.

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I don't know anything about making books, but does anyone else feel like they're wasting a lot of space? Like the entire page dedicated to 'don't mix themes', wouldn't this cost more resources? I also feel like this book is 99% just going to be explaining how to dress in sweet lolita, despite the gothic lolita on the cover

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I watched the unboxing video on Instagram, and to be fair she said it's a proof copy. So the cut off/bleed will be fixed for the final version.
It's not gonna fix the quality of the content though

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>I also feel like this book is 99% just going to be explaining how to dress in sweet lolita, despite the gothic lolita on the cover
I BET they'll bring up a kuro/bittersweet coord and call it "gothic"

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these are so awful. this is like a high schooler project. all the text reads like a vlog tutorial, not a book. and the random house selfies look unprofessional as fuck.

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This looks so poorly designed. jfc

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ok but why is the legwear so entirely fucked in both of these coordinates. also the contrast between the milky chan set and the small ugly hoarder room (left) is so striking

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it's the same person, kek. she's clearly too fat for brand socks.

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>high schooler project
This is the exact feeling I get from the whole thing. It's always the worst itas who want to make shit like this.

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that's what I'm seeing too!
they could've used the opportunity of having a slightly bigger "model" to explain how to choose and find appropriate legwear as a heavy person/someone with thick legs in general, but that would actually be useful kek

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Why does every person and their mother have the socks on the left? They're hideous and shit quality. And yet they're in almost every COF post.

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they're cheap af, that's why
itas love to cut corners

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i don't even know why she's wearing them, her stump legs turned the hearts into frilly boomerangs.

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>frilly boomerangs
I can't unsee this kek

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I don’t think this >>10632624 person is supposed to be the “plus size” model tho - she’s literally listed under “theme matching” so clearly this girl…isn’t aware she’s plus sized? Doesn’t want to help the plus sized community in any way? Tries to constantly squeeze into brand way too small for her and pass off like she isn’t plus sized?
Those horrid socks paired with Milky Chan are all the proof I need.

I believe Bigot Rose also only had a brief section about just being plus sized and accepting your body - there’s probably no resources or actual USEFUL information for being plus sized in lolita. Especially since Bigot Rose has never been plus sized and can’t speak about this at all. Bet the closest resource for plus sizing is something like “use taobao and trial and error” or some dumbass shit.

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>so clearly this girl…isn’t aware she’s plus sized
she has actually stated before that she isn't plus sized and gets annoyed by how many people ask her for plus sized lolita advice. it's a laugh

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Gigolo Rose said she wants this in a library - is it possible to sign a petition to make sure this book doesn’t get published?
Can the community do any honest work to stop this monstrosity from getting out?

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>she has stated before that she isn’t plus sized
Get the fuck out of here; no way!
Top kek.

Someone should probably tell her.

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Did anyone else watch her live though?
>the chin strap accentuating her double chin
>her horrible makeup skills exemplifying her horrible ita coords that frame her even more horrible and unfortunate face
>the white petti sticking out from this hideous dark coord
>the hideous dark coord
It’s as laughable as all her other kid-at-camp-craft products.

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Get yours now! Full of insightful information like this:
>"choose a beautiful print and frame it with your beautiful face"

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How can someone be this unself-aware??

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there is so much wrong in this page alone, I don't know where to begin. It just hurts my eyes and brain to know this exists.

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to be honest I'd just let Bilbo Rose go through with it, publish it, spend all the funds she has to get it out there, it's not like anyone's going to buy it anyways so it's all gonna be for nothing in the end

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I’ll be showing the sample pages she displayed during the live. Apologies for the photo quality.

They all look like “baby’s first graphic design” project baka

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ok we get it you're an insufferable zoomer, literally nobody else but little kids think this type of edit is funny

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im losing it she really did just fill a book with her coords

there’s so many amazing lolitas who might have said yes to helping (before they knew what a shitshow this would be), why did she limit it to just herself and her ita/obese friends

>> No.10632759

why is the font so big? almost looks like she had to fill the space somehow because she ran out of content

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Why are you mad? Lmao.

The way bibelot rose wrote it in sounded like she was just throwing a bunch of ~*fancy*~ words together, with no idea of what the fuck she was even saying. Don't defend this garbage trash, ita.

>> No.10632770

You mad Bibloet Piglet?

>> No.10632784

is it just me or is she reminiscent of scabby brown? Her face, the way she speaks, being crusty/greasy at the same time, she's very similar

>> No.10632788

I was thinking the same thing, kek

>> No.10632801

I'm not mad or her, I just think you're embarrassing newfriends who should take this shit to the farm instead of clogging up this Taiwanese underwater basket weaving board.

>> No.10632807

Could she not cut out the random house backgrounds?

>> No.10632809

The giant text and terrible clip art makes this look like a children's book.

>> No.10632820

I was just talking to my partner the other day about this because half of the shit on kickstarter that's funded with 4 backers tends to look about this level of quality - supportive friends and family do way more harm than help when it comes to projects like this. It gives the maker the false impression that they've accomplished something worth someone else's time and money, and either the maker in question improves in time and is utterly ashamed that this shit exists in their history, or they never improve and continue to churn out useless crap.

It's just a lousy situation all around when people are enabled to produce subpar junk like this.

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How many people were watching the live? Hope none of these sell and she has to eat a major loss

>> No.10632859

These coords are terrible and the backgrounds look gross. Also the layout and text is so pointless and clashing.

>> No.10632860

This editing reminds me of elementary school presentations.

I saw she is mostly using photos of her own, but who are the other girls? Did she ask them or are they friends of hers?

>> No.10632865

Wait, since these pictures have LINE stickers done by a (well known) Japanese artist, are they even allowed to sell a book that uses them in some photos? Isn't that theft?

>> No.10632866

i can't believe they would publish photos covered by cheap line stickers in a goddamn book

>> No.10632869

She only had 71 views. Most of the live was her repeatedly saying, “oh my gosh, I’m at a loss for words. I’m stumped. I don’t know what to say. This is amazing, I have no words.”

She didn’t really share anything of substance, aside from the sample pages I shared above. She did mention that the book was created / printed through blurb.com, so that gives us insight into how much the book actually cost, versus how much she’s selling it.

>> No.10632874

Isn't that illegal? Pretty sure that artist has said her work is not for commercial use either.

>> No.10632875


She opened a submission form a few months ago, asking for contributions from the community. I would imagine that only her friends, or people who don’t know any better, provider her with content. The rest is probably her own work, which would explain why her face is plastered in so many of those sample pages; she likely didn’t receive the influx of free labor she wanted.

What irks me the most, is that she’s made it so much harder for other lolitas to create community content, such as zines, because of the sour taste this entire debacle left in so many of our mouths.

I would love to create a community zine and collaborate with others, but I feel like it’s just ... too soon to introduce the idea. What if people think I’m trying to scam them, like she is? Or people are wary of lolita zines, now? Where has the trust gone?

>> No.10632882

This comm amazes me sometimes. Screams about print replicas, does not understand basis copyright laws. Someone believed that if an image is posted on the web, it's covered by Creative Commons.

>> No.10632887

Yeah. I doubt the artist would sue her even if she found out since it wouldn’t be worth it but that doesn’t make it cool.

>> No.10632888

She opened the form among the mess on LU when she first launched the idea, people probably got turned off by the idea of her selling books they wouldn't receive reimbursement for.

I think if there were people who actually knew anything about the fashion and graphic design contributing, a zine would be received fine by the community.

Also the stickers are from LINE camera, which states in there ToS that you can't use them commercially so LINE can potentially come after her.

>> No.10632889

Kek, someone email the book to LINE

>> No.10632896

I think these were submitted before it was an in print book. I don’t think this girl actually knew her photos were going to be used this way. Kind of shitty

>> No.10632897

Please someone do this. I want to see it get destroyed.

>> No.10632939

Well then either she’s a dumbass or Bilbo Rose is even more scummy than we thought, either way, doesn’t excuse the idiocracy.

>> No.10632941

Also doesn’t excuse using LINE copyrighted material in a book you’re profiting off of.

>> No.10632950

She didn’t tell a bunch of people who submitted that it was going to be a book until it was too late. I heard some people tried to pull out but weren’t actually removed

>> No.10632951

Kek, of course this fat brand ita was involved in this mess

>> No.10632985

Welp, Bidet Rose is going to have some shit to clean up.

>> No.10633001 [DELETED] 

She thinks that because she's extremely short and can "fit" into brand, she's not plus-sized.
The girl on the right here is also super fucking weird. None of this surprises me.

>> No.10633009 [DELETED] 

she also used to be a sex worker

>> No.10633021

Fucking disgusting

>> No.10633027 [DELETED] 

The stretched out shirring and socks hanging on for dear life beg to differ.

Why was the stretched out socks comment deleted? It didn't break a rule. Jannies can't go on a deleting spree because they dislike something which they seem to be doing quite a bit in threads talking about this book.

>> No.10633028

How is she weird? Deets?
Wew nonny.

>> No.10633029

This would have been fine as a little $5 zine like you used to see in the 90s-2000s. The DIY design and photos would have looked ok in that context. Why the heck did she have to blow all her money on a gigantic glossyback like a middle school yearbook?

>> No.10633030

70 fucking dollars? For a how-to ita manual? People have too much money

>> No.10633032

I've seen high school yearbook clubs put out better things than this

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Jesus Fucking Christ

$97 USD for a lolita styling service

Can she PLEASE stop trying to profit off of this fashion, especially when she’s only been in the community for three years??

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File: 75 KB, 960x960, DE2C561E-7EDF-4233-8C5D-AE16437B5F67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And don’t forget to have 300 dollars ready to go

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File: 131 KB, 960x960, AA3DD780-13FF-46F9-AE10-17EE80F0AFC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The promo pictures are tragic

>> No.10633052

300 bucks I'd do it my fucking self

>> No.10633058

This has the same energy as that girl who opened a “shopping service” for AP US and said she preferred US customers. Why the fuck would anyone need this?

>> No.10633064

jfc you couldn't pay me to look like this. She's offering this to veteran lolitas too? Learn to dress yourself first, Bible-thot Hoes.

>> No.10633068

I'm SCREAMING. What the fuck.

>> No.10633072

What the hell haha when was this? Do you have any caps?

>> No.10633073

I'm curious... In all honesty what are your huge issues with the book? Or Bibelot Rose in general? Everything that has to do with the aesthetic and the content could all be given back in constructive criticism. However all I'm seeing here is a bunch of catty bitches trashing a woman who is trying to revolutionize this fashion in a way that is kind, helpful, and authentic. As a friend of hers I can say her family and friends don't just buy her shit as a way to be overly supportive, enable, or give her a sense of confidence she doesn't deserve. We give it to her straight. I think the endless thread of shit talking simply reflects your own insecurities and being threatened. Confident and radiant women don't need to put others down. This is trashy and you should all be ashamed. What's really upsetting is I know there's plenty of people on here who are pretending to be her friend. It's so disgraceful. Tell me honestly, what is it you hate so much about her? Or do you really just feel threatened? This fashion has been utilized to help gain confidence. Are you really lacking your own SO MUCH that you need to tear her down? She's trying to build others up. I think that speaks volume.

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File: 385 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20210616-174649_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an "example coord."
Can someone please volunteer as a beta tester and report back here about how awful it was?

>> No.10633075

Jesus. What lolita with any respect for the fashion and community would charge actual money to provide any of this "advice" to a newbie. Nearly $100 no less. Fuck right off.

>> No.10633076

I'm tempted

>> No.10633077

>a woman who is trying to revolutionize this fashion
>do you really just feel threatened

Wow this thread just keeps on giving.

>> No.10633078

Thanks for the new copypasta

>> No.10633079 [DELETED] 

lmao shut up biblerot

>> No.10633084

Omg thanks for the milk this is gold. Some women do need to be trashed, specially when they're behaving like this baka

>> No.10633088

dude an ugly ita made a book full of ugly itas of course people hate it, you are a bad friend if you don't tell her how bad her coords are but I doubt this is a friend, please fuck off bibelthot

>> No.10633089 [DELETED] 

Why was this deleted? She’s openly into ddlg and her boyfriend has confirmed she used to be a sex worker

>> No.10633091

Seriously? For the life of me I swore she had ddlg do not interact on her Insta bio.

>> No.10633092

See that's the issue I'm having none of this is helpful? Calling women ugly is not okay. This shit is stuff we learned in kindergarten. If you have issues with her coords, tell her why. If you think she's being foolish.. tell her why. This isn't helpful. She's very passionate about this community and I know that if she's doing something wrong she will take the feedback. This is just shit talking.

>> No.10633093

Hi kyra

>> No.10633094

I just checked, she does
Nonny has some kind of vendetta

>> No.10633095

It's clear you don't know how to use this site since you can't properly reply. Stop white knighting your friend and piss off.

>> No.10633096 [DELETED] 

She posted about it on her reddit account.

>> No.10633097

Sorry you’re ugly, but you’re only putting a bigger target on her (your) back

>> No.10633098

If you have proof it would be helpfulto post it. I follow her on Insta and TikTok and would be horrified if this is true.

>> No.10633099

Bring a sex worker is whatever If you don't mix it with lolita, who cares

>> No.10633100

This is an imageboard.

>> No.10633101

Who cares If she's a sex worker If she doesn't mix it with lolita

>> No.10633103

It matters because of how hard lolitas have fought to remove the stigma of lolita being a sex thing

>> No.10633104

Link to reddit?

>> No.10633105

Plenty of people have given her feedback on her work and coordinates. She refuses to listen.

People are allowed to be mad that she doesn't even do the bare minimum to make sure she's promoting the people she works with or think through her projects thoroughly.

>> No.10633108

The issue is that she has no idea what the hell she's doing. She's been in the fashion for roughly 3 years, which is nothing compared to the majority of people that have. Also she looks like shit and shouldn't be telling people how to dress when she can't dress herself.

>> No.10633109 [DELETED] 

Nice samefag

>> No.10633110

Yeah I guess that I think that (e)whores can do they're thing as long as they separate It from the fashion, though I get what you mean

>> No.10633111


Alright, I’ll give it to you straight.

Bibelot Rose has been in the fashion for about three years, and is still considered a newer lolita. Compared to other people in the community, she still has much to learn about the fashion, and as others have pointed out in previous threads, she doesn’t really have a strong following, and her coordinates aren’t rather polished. She literally appeared out of nowhere and immediately began trying to turn the fashion into a fast profit, with very little success.

You talk about her trying to lift up other lolitas and “revolutionize” the fashion; all I see is her trying to take advantage of newer lolitas. Everything she’s released on her blog is for a cost, and that leaves a terrible impression. You can’t try to encourage people to be their most authentic selves when you’re trying to take their money at the same time.

Newbies don’t need a lolita 101 book, a style service, subscription boxes, ect.

Google is free. There are SO MANY amazing resources online, in the form of YouTube videos, blog posts, ect. This information is easily accessible, so there’s really no need for a static “lolita 101” book, which will become outdated quickly, and can never be updated.

If she had come into the community and tried to build up her reputation, without trying to shill products left and right, and actually contributed something of substance and value to the fashion, then we wouldn’t have as much of an issue with her.

>> No.10633112

Unintentional one sadly

>> No.10633113 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 828x371, 253DB614-95B2-46E4-AAF2-5E7CBE1FA6ED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10633114

Read the fucking thread. There is legit criticism.

But if you really need it boiled down for you:
It's disgusting that she keeps trying to make money off the community. When the eshop/subscription boxes failed, she tries to publish a book that contains nothing but content you can get online for free. Don't even get me started on the bullshit styling service that's practically a scam. Because again, you can post coords on SM and get free feedback and suggestions. The whole endeavor reeks of someone who is self-important. She hasn't added anything useful to the community or the fashion.

>> No.10633115

This is your big proof? Her saying they're separate? Nice try, vendetta-chan.

>> No.10633116 [DELETED] 

I’m not a vendetta-chan, I just wanted warn others in case they don’t want to interact with people who fetishize pedophilia

>> No.10633117

This is the wrong person. Thats her friend not bibelot rose

>> No.10633118

No where did she mention DDLG. Just kink. Are you that stupid to not know that not all kink is DDLG?

>> No.10633119 [DELETED] 

The post was about ddlg

>> No.10633120

You obviously have no clue who you’re talking about since she dunks on ddlg in her videos nonstop. Fuck off with your vendetta

>> No.10633121

I know 5 livs/livies/Elizabeth's in the fashion. Can you like find actual proof that one is the same one. Or just going off the name alone ? Like I wanna believe you but all these people saying you got a vendetta seems sus.

>> No.10633122

"[I don't exactly know what to tag this as, feel free to change if needed]

So my best friend’s boyfriend, we’ll call him “Henry”, keeps insisting that I’m ‘little space’, the kink part, because of the way I dress. My usual fashion is just a band tee and black jeans, but I also have like 1 sweet lolita dress and some more goth and classic lolita dresses that I try to coord a little more pirate-y.
To keep a long story short and not burden all of you too much with my problems, I’m asexual ( This is relevant, trust me ), and I’m an assault survivor, so sexual stuff is quite triggering to me. And he knows that. Does he care? No. I’ve tried everything to get him to understand what lolita fasion is and even did my research in ddlg so I could make some better arguments ( Please pass me the bleach, this was a painful process ). During these conversations with him, I had to leave the conversation to prevent myself from dissociating, which he saw as “winning the argument”. He still insists on “Pointing it out” every time that I wear the fashion. He himelf is emo, and gets angry when people insists he, or anyone wearing goth/emo fashion, is into bdsm or something similar.
Now, I’ve been trying to cut “Henry” out of my life and my friend has tried to back me up, but to no avail. I’m at a loss now and for my own sanity I really need advice on how to at least let him leave me alone about this. I’ve stopped caring about changing his view on lolita fashion at this point, I just want this bullshit to stop. Anyone got any advice?"

No where were they giving an advice to someone who was into DDLG, just someone who was being accused of it.

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>> No.10633126

It's not healthy to let people engage in self harm, anon

>> No.10633128

please explain to me how if someone is ugly calling then ugly is not okay. are you supposed to lie to them? how can they try to improve their looks if they aren't told that they're ugly?

>> No.10633130

Let's just say hypothetically someone scanned it and put it on mega. I guess technically she would have legal recourse but WOULD she?

>> No.10633132

The person who gave feedback - you actually were helpful. Truthfully I think it's wise of me as her friend to actually think on this a little bit before giving more of a response. I understand what you're saying. The only response I have to this is that nothing she has done was malicious. Am I saying it wasn't a mistake? No. I'm saying it wasn't with ill intent and assuming it was and attacking her isn't helpful. She is simply trying to do what she loves. So many of her things shes actually lost money at. I see what you're saying about some of these things.. however... People pay for mentorship all the time. If I were a new Lolita I would gladly pay for one on one mentorship from someone who was genuine and kind rather than diving into a community that just tears you apart. People only care when it's too late and thats fucked up

>> No.10633134


Full offense, i can't see how she is "kind" while simultaneously taking advantage of newbies. This aint is chief

>> No.10633135
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To the anon who was asking about if she had friends in her own comm. holy shit. They tried to give feedback and she lost it.

>> No.10633136

Not to mention she lost money for a REASON. She needs to step down from the pedestal she placed herself on and actually accept the criticism she is receiving

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