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Let's see some spring/summer inspiration!

What's your favourite brand and why?
What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
What's your favourite new release?

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I'm going to post some things from milk that I'd buy and I'd appreciate anons' opinions on

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Can anyone recommend brands similar to Jane Marple but a little bit cheaper?

I've been wearing lolita for nearly 2 decades and I never thought I'd say this but I want to wear something more casual and mature. I'd love to buy a whole bunch of Jane Marple maxi skirts but they're twice as expensive as Lolita clothes. I've worn Jane Marple before and I didn't think the overall quality was twice as good..

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This just looks like pajamas to me and not even in a cute way. You’d look like a suburban dad on vacation.

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I have something like this from Milk but I'm afraid of wearing it to the beach because I don't want to be viewed as an adult baby :(

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that's a really odd looking combo

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That's what I love about it

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Hey all, any recommendations for brands like Nile Perch and Spank!? Thanks in advance :)

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I really want ETC to do more skirts so hopefully this release is popular

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Anons how do you wear polyester OPs in summer without smelling like old sweat?

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>What's your favourite brand and why?
ETC, because their sizing and cuts are perfect for my body
>What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
JSK without blouse
>What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
Recently I only buy something if I really need it, and if I buy something new I make myself sell something too
>What's your favourite new release?
Pic related

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Wrong thread for that

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menthol body wash for men does magic

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I was looking for pajamas, this one looks a lot like some pair sold at Aliexpress. Keywords started with kawaii/cute, some clicks later it showed up.

Quality could be on the bad side, but they're easy to find at a cheap price. Either way:

>What's your favourite brand and why?
All time favorite was Cache Cache for French clothes that lasted for years. Not lolita but femenine and comfortable.
>What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
Long pants with light fabric, pastel colors are good. No need to get all the hair out of my leg all summer, let the skin rest.
>What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
Nothing. I put all my wardrobe in one website, so the pieces could be compared in a single image. Web closed down, so now it's a phone app with similar looking stuff.
>What's your favourite new release?
What release? I never check for popular pieces, just whatever fits me, fashion can come and go, a good fit can be timeless. Normies don't really care, and that's fine.

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Yumetenbo started a girly shoe brand:

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Are there any Japanese brands that release "otome kei" midi and maxi dresses and skirts but aren't priced as high as Jane Marple and Pink House?

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