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Previous thread: >>10469844

For cosplay questions, go to the cosplay thread: >>10451980

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Made an order with Maiden Clothing, received the payment email from them but every single time I try and access the card payment link I just get an error message with no further explanation. I've emailed them for help and they keep resending me different payment links, but once I access the NICOS website the same error message crops up every time. I've tried opening them on different devices and different browers but to no avail. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I feel like I'm going mad. I would contact the staff again but I don't even know what to suggest and I feel bad constantly emailing them, I've even sent them the text of the error message I get.

I should add I've ordered from them before and that has never been an issue...

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This sounds similar to a problem I had with the Abilletage website. My email service (Microsoft) was automatically turning the link into a "secure" one, which was messing with the one-time-only feature of it. Eventually I gave up and used my Gmail, which didn't alter the link.

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Try manually copying the URL from the email instead of clicking it.

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I'm eyeing a grey sack OP because "it's more casual, maybe I can wear this casually and not attract as much attention"
Am I deluding myself?

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Post it. Sounds fine enough for casual looks

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Does anyone have/know where i can find solid scans of GLB patterns?

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If you buy the magazines you'll have super high res patterns.

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Does anyone have recommendations for Lolita or more elegant taboo brands that do custom sizing?
I’m ridiculously busty (116cm), I used to order through Infanta but I’ve noticed recently they don’t have as many custom sizing options.

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How is Dearmylove in terms of quality?

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Its just hard to find ones with the extra pattern pages still inside

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Where can I buy a decent quality non-brand maxi pad headdress?

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who is her?

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How long do fromjapan refunds take? The seller didn’t respond, and I was notified I’d be getting a refund, but it’s been about a week with no deposit...

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Slightly worse than ank rouge or liz lisa. Shoes are good.

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I've ordered from here and the fabric she used for mine was really nice, and the construction was sturdy.

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Thanks so much anon!

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Has anyone ever tried to dye a brand blouse (specifically Baby)?

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I've dyed quite a few of the cotton ones.

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How were the results, anon? If you don't mind me asking, what dye did you use?

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This may have been asked a few times but since I live under a rock, what happened to Moitie? Why is it so hard to find secondhand? I had a few dresses on my dream list that I planned on actively searching for once I got my finances in order but now it seems the market is very, very, dry.

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Goths are notorious hoarders

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I dyed a white blouse ivory with tea, blueberries, and baking soda. I ended up having to replace a bow and some buttons because they were plastic and didn't dye, but otherwise I think it turned out nicely.

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How difficult is it to find AP solid pieces from like 2008? I have a dream dress but idk if I should even count on ever finding it since it seems like more of an obscure piece.

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Almost impossible...

>source: personal experience

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Anon where’s the pic..

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Just commission a dressmaker to make it

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Time travel back 3-4 years

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so it's hopeless. Kms.

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you'll just have to wait 3-4 more years. hopefully it's not longer than that

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Not to sound like a dumbass but why that long?

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Makes sense

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something something Moitie revival.

They were plentiful right up until Moitie got new management, then their social media ramped up and now girls are fighting to snap up the old stuff. Does not help that the moitie threads like to complain new Moitie has lower quality, which leads folks to actively look for old Moitie rather than buy new as well.

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I got a bunch off Mercari for around 500 yen each with the pattern pieces completely untouched

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The thing with dying blouses is to pay attention to the material you are dying. Even if the fabric is cotton, the thread might not be and it’s color will remain unaltered if you are using a pigment specific for natural fibers which usually isn’t a cute look. Poly fibers, which is normally used on thread, is notoriously harder to dye by yourself than cotton. You need specific pigments that may not adhere that well.

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I got a brand new wig from a friend who didn't need it, but it's a bright deep red, like hex code #8b0000 red. Is there any way I can make it work in a coord without it being costumey? I wear classic/gothic btw

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It should look nice with gothic as long as you dull the shine with some fabric softener

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How are people ordering from Japan to the US right now? Japan Post is still not allowing EMS or airmail packages to the US, just surface (which takes ages- I don't really want to wait 2 months to get a package) so I'm not understanding how Americans are getting new shipments from Japan to come in?
Someone please help me. I haven't been able to order from Japan for months because of this and I'm probably just retarded.

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I’ve been sucking up and using DHL shipping for now. It is more expensive but it comes within a week usually (on the East Coast) and I’m happy not having my stuff sitting in a warehouse for months and possibly getting moldy.

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Thanks anon, I considered DHL.. How expensive is it? I usually get packages in the 5 lb - 10 lb range and tried to use a shipping quote for DHL international and got quotes in the 100+ dollar range. I even tested a tiny package with a 0.5 lb weight and it was still around 50 dollars. Totally put me off, but I have no idea if it was accurate or not. Is it really that awful or is it just an inaccurate shipping quote? I don't mind 50$ - 80$ at most to ship stuff but anything above that feels like I'm getting ripped off.

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No one?

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I used fedex priority for a 6 kg package and it was $95.

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Anyone know where is good to get tights/socks for tall lolitas? I'm 5'10 with long legs compared to torso, and tend to stick to mormie tights but they have limited options. I predominantly wear sweet.

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i thought it would be appropriate to put here, but for my fellow anons with chubby fingers you can re-size your plastic rings gently by warming up the plastic with hot water and sliding them onto something like a wooden spoon handle, or something a similar size to your finger and then cooling it back down with cold water and leaving them to sit
>inb4 this thread gets derailed

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So, I've never bought a dress from BTSSB before and my interest in the brand has sparked recently. I've noticed that many of the dresses with the Kumya's printed on them seem to be textured (like Kumya's Sweet Ice Cream and Kumya's Marine Island). Are they relatively comfortable to wear? Or are they really stiff and/or scratchy?

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these are resin so no unfortunately.

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I did say -plastic- not resin, but I have 4 from Cat Tea Party and they sized up fine

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The print texture is really just on the outside. It isn't any more textured or uncomfortable than other cotton things. And if they're JSKs you'll be wearing a blouse or cutsew underneath anyway.

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A ton of places like WW and some personal SS are using Yamato. And some DHL and FedEx.

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This, I'm sensitive to uncomfortable fabric and this fabric in particular doesn't bother me.

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If I'm thin, good looking, and wear good coords with popular dresses, and tag things will I get a decent amount of instagram engagement? Or do I still need to comment on people and figure out the algorithm?
I'm not looking to be e famous I just want a couple hundred likes or so.

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A lot of MM dresses seem to be 94cm long, how short will this be on me at 5'5"?

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oh i know i just wanted to make sure you (and others) know. some people might not know the difference.

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Oh, okay! Thanks for explaining! I guess I'll add a few dresses to my wishlist then.

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go to therapy

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I'm not desperate for validation,I just don't know what the point of posting things online if nobody looks at it is. I could just continue leaving coord photos stored in my phone.

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>I'm not desperate for validation
>I just want a couple hundred likes or so.

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Aren't their dresses lined as well? If they are, the most you'll get is the polyester lining touching your skin and not the cotton.

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Do I need an SS for DearMyLove?

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No, this is a bad answer.

Some of Teja jamila's tights designs come in long length although her stuff tends to lean a little towards the classic side. Innocent World is the best lolita brand for long leg-friendly socks, plenty of designs that would work with sweet although they tend to all be ivory/off-white as a neutral instead of true white.

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You have to remember that private shipping companies sell contracts to businesses for shipping discounts on a yearly basis so their retail shipping prices are high but most companies who ship with them pay 30-50% less depending on the plan they have paid for and what their yearly shipping volume looks like. If you look at SS shipping sections they will brag and compete about “40% OFF EMS” rates or something similar to attract customers. That’s why DHL and fedex seem so expensive to individuals without a business discount account.

With that being said a lot of Japanese SS have little to no shipping discount for DHL/FX because they usually use EMS. It’s worth a look though to compare services in the current shipping climate!

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I think you can still get brand new issues from CDJapan, which should still have the patterns and stickers inside.

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How is the quality for FanPlusFriend? Or, alternatively, good places for EGA-y clothing for chubby men?
My husband wants to get himself at least one nice, full coordinate to occasionally match me when I go out in lolita but he's chubby so it seems Japanese brand is out of the question and I just learned that f+f does custom sizing.
I've looked on a few gothic/steampunk clothing websites before but I've seen stuff on there that I've also seen on Amazon before and made the mistake of purchasing.

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I'll just add to this that I've yet to see a main brand dress actually mess up their fabric choices, even if it looks like sack cloth for coffee beans when you actually touch the dresses irl it often turns out to be some intentional texture, the fabric is usually soft apparel fabric.

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Hit-or-miss. They really do vary, and the custom stuff sometimes comes out looking really bad because the customers don't always make the right choice for fabric or design.

For starters, don't look at their promo photos with humans in them, those are clearly selling you some fantasy dream to get you to open your wallet. Instead, look at the stock photos where the clothes are on a mannequin with plain background. Those are usually unshooped and pretty true to life, so if you see the fabric is weird and cheap-looking there, that's what you're getting.

The custom thing for a chubby hubby is just going to make everything hit-or-miss no matter what you do. The measurements are one thing, the other is to figure out what looks good on him before you even start shopping. Do jackets make him look bigger? Do long coattails make him look shorter? What's a good point for his vest/pants waist to cut off? etc etc. Get this sorted, and again, don't look at the human promo photos. He won't look like a shorter, wider version of the model, they'll have different body shapes.

Lastly, just be aware that F+F don't always use the best stuff, like this isn't on the level of burando not using fine silk for their dresses, but their chiffon is usually just mid-tier and maybe not the most breathable, the cotton twill might not be as fine as something from VM. It's usually just something mid-tier, just keep in mind when you're picking out fabric choices.

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if you dress your hubby in that its likely theyll end up looking more costumey than fashionable. Which is maybe fine, but if youre planning on going to a meet then putting them in something fashionable might be better than buying strempunky ff stuff (uniqlo esque?). Or if youre going to a tea party, then a tailored suit is probably a better buy, and you can pair it with matching colors and accessories to your coord. Plus suits are versatile.

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If you make two CC orders in one day, will they be able to combine them for you if you drop them an email?

Just get him a suit and something like a rosette to pin on it to match your coordinate. It will look 10000 times better than anything you might order for him online.

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I've just recently started buying from AP's Japan site and am looking to get Little Witch when its eventually released. Any advice on how to have a better chance of getting what I want? I have no idea what to expect or if it's even going to sell out, but I know that more popular releases can be stressful/bloodbaths and I just want to be ready

>> No.10478855

get a shopping service
you can use tenso but you have to be fast, it will likely sell out in a few minutes or less

>> No.10478868

They're hit and miss. I think the quality is variable probably because they subcontract to different factories or operators rather than having their own dedicated factory, and rather than having a proper pattern they just eyeball draft stuff based on measurements and the closest pattern and fabrics they have, and hope it works out ok.

>> No.10478914

At this point, you may have to try to find a less popular shopping service person. I tried to contact a few SS on facebook shortly after it was announced and had been told basically all of their slots were filled within minutes of the preview being shown. If you're not trying to get the pink colourway, you might have a chance if you ask and someone dropped out from their reservation.

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Where can I find more conservative or centrist lolita discords? All the ones I've come across force pronoun roles, trans people are the discussion 80% of the time and other stuff. I just want to talk about dresses and other silly things.

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There isn't one, and if we made one it would just cause a shitstorm

>> No.10478982


Preferably centrist, hardcore conservatives annoy me just as much as SJWs

>> No.10478984


Not really concerned with people getting pissy about something they don't have to join and that isn't forced on them. I would make a discord but I'm new to lolita and I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing.

>> No.10478985

>more conservative or centrist
Or better yet, one that just doesn't talk about politics at all?

>> No.10478986

Yeah, that would be ideal.

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How do I start dressing in jfashion daily again?
When I was younger, it was easy for my to do it every day but something happened to my confidence and all of a sudden, I’ve become incredibly self conscious and can’t bring myself to do it anymore.

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I mean yeah but the thing is, forced pronouns, tans talk, etc isn't really "political". I said conservative/centrist for lack of better words.

I just want a place where tumblr/twitter behavior isn't forced and people won't lose their shit if I say the word "retarded". Or get mad at USPS for stealing my packages.

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Why not start on "easy mode?" There's no reason to go out in a ott look right away. Maybe try one of your simplest blouses and a skirt + no petti and normie shoes, and then work your way up

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I'm trying to make a purchase on Angelic Pretty's Japanese site but I'm getting this error message: "Insufficient credit card information entered. Please check the input information."

My card info is correct (the same card I used on previous purchases), as is my Tenso shipping address. I'm almost positive the issue is my billing address, but the last time I placed an order through AP was 2016, and I don't remember if they used to require a billing address. My billing address has been auto filled with my Tenso address which obviously doesn't match what's on file with my credit card, but the site won't let me change it to my US address. The country is permanently set to Japan with no way to change it.

How is everyone else with a non-Japanese billing address getting their orders through?

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Has anyone ever been contacted by a shopping service through fb and stupidly paid more money than you expected to pay?
I bought a blouse from someone and they ended up charging me for way more than I thought I was paying. In short, I paid 70 dollars for a taobao blouse that I could have easily gotten way cheaper through a different SS, of course I agreed to buy it before I learned how to use SS like spreenow and such.
I know I'm probably just an idiot with nobody to be mad at but myself but I can't help but feel like I was taken advantage of a little. I bet this person makes a killing off of newbies.

>> No.10479049

in cupcake kamisama's latest video she had a good tip i wish i had heard earlier - when starting out, pick colors that you are already comfortable wearing in your normie wardrobe. so if you always wear black tshirts but want to get into pastel sweet, start with a black colorway to ease yourself in. if you bite off too much at once, it might scare you off. i think you can extend that to themes and fabrics in some cases as well.

>> No.10479050

Any place in the states to get a good parasol for gothic coords? I don't want to wait thirty years for it to come.

>> No.10479053

amazon, actually, just look up gothic parasol and there are quite a lot of nice ones in the sun/rain blocking style that brands sell. i've got link related, but i know this style isn't for everyone but there are other nice ones.


>> No.10479068

your credit card information is stored with your billing address so if theyre trying to charge the card and the zip code is wrong they will deny the charge. You could make your billing address your normal address and it will work.

>> No.10479075

How to remove animal hairs from lolita clothing? I try to keep my clothing away from my animals as much as possible but I live in a very small space and the hair gets everywhere.

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File: 261 KB, 1080x1972, 20200924_204306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right, that's exactly my problem. The website will not allow me to change my billing address to the one connected to my credit card. I can only put in a Japanese address, which my credit card will not recognize. The picture shows exactly what I see when I go in to the billing page of my AP account. The country is at the top, and as you can see, Japan is the only option.

>> No.10479081

lint roller before you go out or store stuff in a garment bag if you don't live in a humid place

>> No.10479082

Would a lint roller remove glitter on a dress? That's the only thing I'm worried about.

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>> No.10479105

there are fabric lint rollers as opposed to sticky ones. get the fabric ones

>> No.10479115

Okay, thanks anon.

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Both the major lolita servers don't have pronoun roles and there's hardly any trans discussion. One is for newbies and one is for experienced lolitas. I'm surprised you haven't come across it yet, unless you didn't pass the vetting.

>> No.10479201

It’s your card. My card works with Tenso as billing but it seems to be an issue for others (Americans). You might need a different card. If you’re using a debit card, try a credit card.

>> No.10479207

will a gentle cycle in the washing machine remove glitter or am I being over cautious for no reason? I just got Dreamy Dollhouse in the mail and the glitter is still intact and I'd like to keep it that way

>> No.10479208

It depends on your proportions: I'm 5'8" and own my fair share of MM: most of it hits knee length for me, sometimes up to three inches above if it's an older release/I'm wearing a particularly poofy petticoat. You should be fine, though.

>> No.10479211

Great, thanks for replying!

>> No.10479214

It also depends on the dress. Some of their most signature designs (Ekaterina, Rote Rose, Apollonia) have either adjustable straps or elasticized cap sleeves that can adapt to different length torsos. Some of the later releases, like Antella and Charlotte, just run pretty big and will fit most women within the taller range. But some of the oldest releases, like Petit Bouquet, run really short and won’t fit you if your torso is longer or wider than that of an average 5’2” Asian.

>> No.10479222

I've washed Jewelry Jelly on delicate, turned inside out in a laundry bag, and the glitter was fine.

>> No.10479225

Baby dresses aren't usually lined, no.

>> No.10479226

thanks anon!

>> No.10479263

Thanks for the detailed response, that's really helpful. On paper most of the dresses you mentionned only vary in length by a few centimeters so I wouldn't have guessed they would be so variable in fit heightwise.

>> No.10479281

Neither of my credit cards worked, but my debit card connected to an online bank account worked! Thanks for your help.

>> No.10479292


Thank you anons! I've done both of those and it helped, finally paid for my order almost a month after I've placed it

>> No.10479296

Most of mine are anon.. solids or prints?

>> No.10479298

Nayrt but maybe they mean the bodice? The skirt usually has lining in more recent pieces, but some of my old school dresses didn't

>> No.10479320

Has anyone ever successfully turned an OP into a jsk?
I can't sew, but I'm thinking of taking an OP to a seamstresses and having them modify it to a jsk. Would that be a bad idea?

>> No.10479333

How do I get over my fear of wearing my brand clothes?

This is the most I've ever spent on clothing so I'm very nervous about damaging them.

>> No.10479336

Ah you have a point, my old school ones don’t have lining, but the newer ones do

>> No.10479338

Most brand is far better sewn and sturdier than a lot of normie fast fashion shit that people wear that's designed to fall apart after 3 months. The fact that there's plenty of brand from 10 to even 20 years ago shows that. I think the fear about, say, ruining brand pieces by running them through the washer or something comes from the fact that brand dresses look more beautiful and detailed than the majority of normie wear, which gives people the impression that it's somehow more delicate and ethereal.

I wouldn't go moshing or play a game of football in my brand or anything, but I've worn a lot of it in my normal daily activities and nothing's happened, and I'm a clumsy motherfucker.

>> No.10479345

Stop being poor

>> No.10479367

Do you just not give a shit about your clothing or?

>> No.10479370

A lot of my fears also stem from the fact that some of these dresses are almost irreplaceable because they're old and not easy to find. I appreciate the reassurance, I notice my dresses are definitely very sturdy so you're right, I shouldn't worry too much.

>> No.10479388

I'd be nervous about buying anything from you, since you're apparently rich enough to not take care of your clothing.

>> No.10479429

Where do you guys like to shop for clothes? And/or lingerie? I really like the soft and cute styles on this board but I have a hard time finding them, since I’ve just been living with the basics for a while. Thank you!

>> No.10479431

They are just clothes, I take care of them but not at the point i worry so much to even wear it out.
It’s like if you spent so much on a LV bag to the point you can’t even carry to commute then it kind of lose its reason, it’s just a bag, being able to buy it doesn’t mean you can afford it. Brands are not a necessity.

>> No.10479453

I don't understand people like this. If you feel nervous to wear expensive clothes than just buy taobao.

>> No.10479465

It's what happens when you used to be poor and aren't used to having nice things. Crazy, I know, not everyone is born into wealth.

>> No.10479481

There's something in between old family money and poverty

Theyre just clothes. I grew up middle class and wear lolita 80% of the time. Probably helps that I don't do dumb shit nor am a klutz in lolita and out.
My family wears their 2 high tier designer bags as normal wear too.

>> No.10479491

Super stupid question but how do I find out when an AP USA release is happening? I feel out of the loop all the time, may just not be following the correct accounts

>> No.10479501

They will announce it several days before the release date on their facebook page.

>> No.10479505

Thank you!!

>> No.10479514

they also will send out updates very late the night before through their newsletter

>> No.10479516

middle class isn't poor, dumbass

>> No.10479517

have you tried not being an absolute piece of shit

>> No.10479530


Hoping this provides an answer.

1. All btssb skirts are always lined

2. The bodices are not, unless :

3. If the dress is princess-seamed, then the only place a skirt lining could be attached is to the whole dress. Therefore all princess-seam dresses are always lined

4. Chiffon and very thin polyester seams are finished differently from cotton, they're graded and left raw so that it doesn't create a visible bump of fabric edges as the fabric is often very thin. So anything in chiffon or very thin polyester will be lined, even double lining if the fabric is sheer.

It's not the age of the dress, it's the design and the material.

>> No.10479555

How can you tell if a dress or a skirt can fit a petticoat underneath? I'm looking through closetchild and seeing casual one-piece from axes femme and ank rouge that look loliable, but not sure if the skirt can accommodate a petti or not.

>> No.10479558

They can’t. The only Axes Femme dresses that can be worn with a petticoat are the Kawaii line, and I can’t think of a single ank rouge dress that would fit one. Most are very short and even those that aren’t usually have a narrow lining.

>> No.10479562


The Axes Femme will likely fit a very narrow A-line, but I wanted to add that it probably won't look great and the length of the skirt is another matter to consider (a lot of "normie"-looking skirts are shorter than lolita as they aren't designed to go over a petti in the first place).

I just wanted to mention that it's possible some of them are loliable, but it's very much a shot in the dark and you take your chances. Better to stick to the lolita stuff for lolita if you want 100% certainty, if you really like the dress then consider wearing it as non-lolita jfash instead.

>> No.10479603

> anyone who doesnt subscribe to my specific beliefs is a piece of shit!!!!!111

Have you tried not being a sensitive ass little bitch?

>> No.10479605

I truly hate all the whiney sjw newfags that have overrun this place. Imagine getting triggered because someone wants their hobby to not be centered around left politics or any politics at all.

>> No.10479729

I just want to add, I have a 2004 velvet jsk and the bodice is lined

>> No.10479739

Is there a way to respectfully ask someone on lm to "drastically" lower their price (over a 20% discount). I don't want to pay over $400 on a dress thats commonly sold at $250 lol. I'm thinking about offering up $300 but have no idea how to phrase it without sounding like an ass

>> No.10479742

No. If you're buying AP or sweet, you really shouldn't be asking for price reductions right now. I'm betting when you say "commonly sold at $250," you're looking over the past years and not current sales. Prices have changed drastically in the past few months and this is the new normal.

In general, it's rude to ask for price reductions, especially if the seller isn't accepting offers. They wouldn't price it highly if didn't intend to, and there's plenty of people here who can tell you how many unsolocited low ball offers they've gotten and how frustrated it makes them feel.

>> No.10479743

I understand where you're coming from with this. I'd be frustrated at getting low balled as well. But I'm checking only 2020 listings with this particular dress. It was sold in the exact cut and colorway I wanted in June and August for $200. Other colorways sell for around $250, once again all 2020 sales. So I have done my market research. I'm just impatient and don't want to miss out a third time. But not so impatient that I'm willing to pay out the ass for a piece that pops up fairly frequently. Genuine thanks for the advice tho

>> No.10479748

Reading comprehension. Between super rich and poor is middle class

>> No.10479749

"Loliable" isn't a real thing. It's either clearly lolita or it's not.

>> No.10479750

If that's true and those listings make up the majority of current sales, then I think you should just wait till the seller lowers the price themselves, or only ask if it's been up for a month or something.

There's just no good way to ask for a $100 price cut. I think that would put them off rather than coerce them to sell to you. (Congrats on finding a dress on your wishlist right now that isn't $600+ on the english-speaking market, though)

>> No.10479766

Not really sure about the best thread to ask this in, but have any of you gulls ever tried painting a pair of shoes a different colour? I have an old pair of pink bodyline shoes that I have no use for anymore and I've been tempted to paint them yellow. What would be the best paint to use?

>> No.10479767

angelus leather paints work pretty well. Just make sure to prime them first. Dont put the yellow directly over the pink

>> No.10479793

I've offered someone 80 for i believe a 150 item that i thought was super overpriced. i did it politely and referenced the previous listings. they countered with 90, and i took it. i still think it was kind of overpriced. i think the main thing you want to make sure is that the listing has been up unsold for a while before you make a drastic offer.

>> No.10479800 [DELETED] 

So why are you trying to tell a person who grew up poor, how ridiculous they are for not being used to having luxury items when you've been middle class all your life? How did you miss the point that badly?

>> No.10479804

Are all privileged people this unself aware?
Nobody said anything about there not being an in between you moron.

>> No.10479851

As a few others have said, if you really want to send an offer that involves them giving you a $100 discount that badly, please check their policies and wait a while to see if the listing has been up for a while unsold.

But from your other comment, if the print shows up frequently and you don't want to pay $400 for it, perhaps wait until another one is listed somewhere? (On LM or on a site that ships overseas)

Something I wanted was being scalped at $300, then the next day one appeared at $90, so waiting a bit may do you some good?

>> No.10479853

Why is AP's British Bear so common in the second hand market right now?

>> No.10479854

Conservative anon was the one bringing politics though, looking for a group with specific political views looks very political to me.

>> No.10479887

Does anyone know if shibuya109’s online store is closed for good?

>> No.10479888

I'm assuming it's because Tyler said she wanted it as a dream dress in one of her newest videos. (Some people end up wanting whatever she mentions)

This is the second time I've seen a specific dress go on sale immediately after Tyler mentions it (whether it be a dream dress for herself or a dream dress for someone who submitted a story wanting advice yo be read).

If there's another reason other than what I've been thinking, I would like to know because I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.10479960


Its also a holiday/winter dress for many people. Anything red/navy/black or regal people tend to wear for winter meets so its potentially being sold during its prime season. People list halloween dresses before halloween because there are more people willing to buy it, for example. Just like you might not get the best sale price for a chiffon dress in the winter without having to ship it over the equator.

>> No.10479966

Saying someone is a piece of shit for wanting a space for conservative or centrist politics is fucking stupid. Leftists complain when anyone but leftists exist in circles that should be apolitical to begin with, and then throw a fit when those people try to make a space just for themselves. Like what do you guys even want then?

>> No.10479971

Just make your own internet lol

>> No.10479973

@polairewoods on IG turned bodyline l310 into a jsk and it looks surprisingly good https://www.instagram.com/p/BvXSD_QnGLC/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
It shouldn't be too hard, especially if what you want to do is just essentially have them cut the sleeves off and hem the armholes

>> No.10479980

I’m not the one saying they are a piece of shit, but the thing with conservatives/right wing supporters is that you are always complaining that things are being too political when what you really mean to complain about is that the political views presented are not the same you believe. I only wish there was more honesty.

On the other hand, I agree that lolita spaces should avoid politics only because I like to take a break from political discussion from time to time, but sometimes it’s just not possible because we are political beings. If you are black, trans, gay or whatever group that some political views are against, existing in places is political enough. We see the shit fit that happens when trans women are in lolita spaces even if they don’t ever mention anything political.

>> No.10479987

centrists aren't right wing

>> No.10479989

>the shit fit that happens when trans women are in lolita spaces even if they don’t ever mention anything political

literally where? every single lolita I know posts pro trans content on ig constantly, unless they're genderspecial themselves. It's a bit like people claiming the j-fashion community 'has a problem with racism' for online points while at the same time I can't think of a single community where that stuff actually happens and is more or less accepted

>> No.10480028

I'm more to the left, but identity politics are a fucking plague and it's not that absurd that someone would want a place to talk like a normal human being without having to worry about the feefees of gender shits.

>> No.10480038

>trans women
If they're shits like that one creepy fuck from Atlanta who don't even try to look feminine they deserve to be shunned like any ita would be shunned. I hate that excluding creeps becomes a political issue when people just don't want weirdos in our spaces.

>> No.10480081

“centrists” is bullshit

>> No.10480090

not everyone can be a crazy extremist moron. some people don't care about political things.

>> No.10480095

Yes. It can be done but it depends on the style of the OP, some are more amenable to transformation than others

>> No.10480304

Not caring is fine, defending an imaginary center is still bullshit

>> No.10480308

Is there a way to ship Wunderwelt items other than Yamato now? I just ordered from Closet Child and was surprised they were able to ship via DHL.

>> No.10480311


>> No.10480321

that's not what centrist means, it's not literal.

>> No.10480338

How long do you think secondhand prices for cotton AP sweet will stay that high?
I've decided to turn into a sweet lolita but I feel I've chosen the worst time to do so

>> No.10480341

Best to wait until after the pandemic is (mostly) over.

>> No.10480342
File: 341 KB, 480x640, B44CF045_PK-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where to buy wristcuffs that are similar to these, if someone can be commissioned, or where to find long enough, good quality lace from a supplier located in the US?

My SS went to pick up my order for BABY'S Twinkle Cosmetics, but the employees at the store informed her that they didn't have enough wristcuffs to be able to give me a pair.

I'm very surprised the wristcuffs were the first things to sell out.

>> No.10480343

Ah yes, never then.

>> No.10480345

The old school hype lasted about 2 years, so I would think it would be around there.

>> No.10480348

Late to respond but I’m not super good looking or thin but I gain a decent amount of followers and likes for nearly all my Instagram posts. If you buy trendy things and take decent photos it shouldn’t be a problem. Solids coordinated simply but well perform best for me. Idk about engagement for like, AP pieces, though.

Don’t know why anons are on your ass, if you say you have an Instagram and don’t care about engagement, absolutely everyone thinks you’re bullshitting. Social media is cancer and I’m only on it to gain a bit of popularity and friendships. I’d never use it just for fun.

>> No.10480378

What time does Closetchild usually update?

>> No.10480383

Honestly, the most popular lolitas aren't the most attractive ones. If you are average looking and chubby you are relatable to more people.

>> No.10480418

NAYRT, but I've been thinking of creating an Instagram to catalog my coordinates and my bigger worry is that I'm going to get ripped apart on how I look, as I personally think I'm an uggo. I know there's options (meitu, sticker, etc) but something about it doesn't feel right to me. I want to make an account to make friends and have something to share with the community, so I guess my stupid question is how you you build the confidence to not completely hate how you look in photos?

>> No.10480434

So let me clarify, I'm not looking for a certain political group. In my experience with other hobbies those spaces with those type of political people rarely make everything about politics.

If I go "Hey guys" someone isn't threatening suicide or some other dumb shit. I can go "haha that's retarded" without someone trying to lecture me on how that's a slur and I shouldn't call mentally challenged people that (even though I never have).

Those spaces are sadly more relaxing and carefree than left/liber/super PC spaces.

>> No.10480438

I'm with you on this, all the sjws here are gonna come for your head and still say you're a terrible person for wanting a space uncensored.

>> No.10480439

read literally any thread on this board when trans people are mentioned

>> No.10480441

i'm convinced the people on here just don't interact with real people or go outside

>> No.10480449


People are different irl and I wanted to let you guys know this. You may be pleasantly surprised

>> No.10480450

Wow, one of the very few places where we don’t need to coddle mental illness or tolerate the fetishization of the female sex. You can literally go to anywhere else on the internet if you want a safe space for gendershits

>> No.10480451

I'm the first anon you responded to and I'm not really sure. I was thinking about using stickers. But I'm also really concerned about privacy. I'm sure it's harder to build a following if you don't show your face though.

>> No.10480483

please go talk to people outside of your comfort zone and interact with a trans person irl, i assure you it'd be a very rewarding experience.

>> No.10480494

What do people consider "too expensive" for sweet/older AP jewelry now? It took me awhile to get used to the increase in prices, but for things I really want, I kind of just accept it now. There were a few jewelry listings I was sweating over because I thought they'd get bought within an hour, but they hung around for like 6 until my SS was able to buy it.

For me, standard prices seem to be $50 for rings, $50-70 for bracelets, and $100-200 for necklaces. Am I one of the few people willing to pay these prices right now?

>> No.10480497

Nah, the overwhelming majority of trans-identified men are AGPs that like dressing up like sexualized tween girls. Went to a con last year and only saw groddy transbians screeching about their lady dicks. Would be okay with meeting a HSTS who doesn’t drink TRA kool-aid tho

>> No.10480504

That's understandable. I don't care too much about building a following, I just know the majority of lolitas that post in my niche don't use stickers so I feel I would stick out. I'm slightly more worried about keeping under this board's radar, to be honest.

>> No.10480569

Has anyone seen any mention of a Secret Santa this year?

>> No.10480574

no, but I can make a thread for it

>> No.10480583 [DELETED] 

>the vast majority
Maybe if the only people you interact with is Picrew Icon Twitter maybe

>> No.10480584

>the overwhelming majority
Maybe if the only people you ever interact with is Picrew Icon Twitter

>> No.10480597

Please tell me where I can find sane, non-fetishistic trannies anon, not even being sarcastic.

>> No.10480603

No, you're not. The people who cry over prices couldn't afford AP before the price hike. They whined before and will continue to

>> No.10480607

I feel slightly reassured if it's not just me. In particular, this was the Sugar Hearts necklace and I always see a ton of people gush about the series. It was 9,999 yen, then lowered to 8,888 yen by the seller. I was sure someone was going to grab it, but it just sat there. I was able to get it and I would have paid over $100 for it, easy. I guess you're right though because some people complain about buying a dress for $100.

>> No.10480628

In the real world. And cons don’t really count as the real world.

>> No.10480632

You really aren’t helping your cause anon

>> No.10480635

I too would like to know this.

At my work place a pretty high % of our customers are queer of some kind or other. I have met exactly one trans person who wasn't an absolute creep. One. Out of, idk, two or three dozen? She was dressed and styled like a regular fucking woman. Decent wig, fake nails, sensible skirt suit and kitten heels.

All the rest of them have come in looking and acting like some weird gross combo of drag queens, age play fetishists (one literally was wearing a dirty diaper under his pink nightgown "dress"), sissy fetishists, AGP, you name it. And some of them have been nice and polite, but some have harassed our female staff in various ways or caused other problems.

And you can see this in the lolita community as well. There's like one decent brolita or translita for every hundred sissies.

>> No.10480639

>Decent wig, fake nails, sensible skirt suit and kitten heels.

Are you working with 40 year old women in the year 1991 or something to think that this would make any woman blend in?

>> No.10480642

That wasn't even me lol

>> No.10480644

No lol but the woman in question was in her 50s or 60s at least.

>> No.10480646

I would've bought it, but I'm trying to downsize after my corona wardrobe explosion. Glad you got it, anon!

>> No.10480650

maybe the problem might have to do with the fact that you use a slur to refer to trans people lol i'm in college and know a ton of trans ppl and friends just from being on campus, literally just act like a normal person

>> No.10480652

There's no point in responding. People who already have preconceived notions of trans people from reading /lgbt/ Blanchardism fueled rants are not the kind of people who are open to making trans friends, and will deny any trans people they've met in their lives that they didn't clock as not actually being trans.

>> No.10480653

Yeah...thats just not true. There is quite a difference between paying 350 and 800-1k for an item.

>> No.10480654

>lol i'm in college

Please get back to us when you join the real world.

>> No.10480662

mad cause you're an old hag incompetent at making friends outside of your middle class white woman bubble?

>> No.10480665

>There's a demigirl in my gender studies class and she seems really nice!

>> No.10480668

most trannies are literally middle class white men

>> No.10480669

I mean I’ve seen a ton of trannies irl (I live in the hellscape that is the PNW) and none of them passed. I’ve seen maybe
two out of dozens that actually made an effort to pass (very femme drag queen types) and even they didn’t pass. It’s pretty easy to tell since you can’t change bone structure and of course their vocal fry

I’m mestizo you dumb cunt. Libfems are an absolute scourge on society

>> No.10480670

Learn how to use green text properly, newfag.

>> No.10480671

holy shit

>> No.10480675

Thanks anon! I guess I just got lucky this time.

>> No.10480676

I don't think you're gonna get ripped apart unless you're involved in drama. There are occasional dumps in the IG threads but no one really discusses people who aren't already popular on IG.

>> No.10480677

Maybe you should lurk more before you call someone else a newfag

>> No.10480679

The point is that you don't know when you meet trans people who pass because... they pass.

>> No.10480685

I post my coords on insta but use very few tags. Usually just the brand names of whatever I'm wearing. I get maybe 9 likes on a good day but idgaf about fake fame nor do I really want the attention. I do it for the same reason as you, I just want to catalog my coords. As for the confidence thing you really gotta just say fuck it and hit post. Put a sticker over your face or crop the photo at your neck.

>> No.10480692

Except they don’t, a fraction of a fraction of a percent is a pretty good indicator that they overwhelmingly don’t pass. And if I briefly for a second think, “oh wow this person is really uncanny valley but I guess they register as female” it’s their voices that give it away. But please continue forcing the narrative that we can’t ever tell men and women apart kek

>> No.10480700

The fact that you keep using slurs and just referred to trans women as men means you aren't actually interested in learning and just trying to prat on about your super special trans radar. But just know this anon, there are trans people all around you that you don't clock. Don't let that thought keep you up too late at night.

>> No.10480709

Are scammers common on fril/mercari/etc? are there any major red flags to look out for?

>> No.10480715

Well... Trans people are present everywhere so there’s not a lot of places you can go to find them. But they are pretty common at hair saloons in my country and I work in the fashion industry where they are also on bigger concentration than on other spaces. Usually they are nice and polite ladies and gentlemen, had very few encounters with inconvenient trans folk, of the dozens I’ve met only two pop on my mind as inconvenient which is proportionally on pair with what I experience with cisgenders.

Also, cons are not a place to find sane people of any kind, weaboos tend to be creeps.

>> No.10480717

I’m a cis woman in tech and there are loads of trans women amongst our software engineers, they’re not as rare as you think

>> No.10480720

I mean transwomen are literally men so yeah, I will refer to them as such and always will. Tell me anon, without using gender stereotypes what makes transwomen not men? They have literal dick and balls and produce sperm, you know like all men do. And sure, there are tons of ~**super passable transwomen**~ that I can never clock, whatever helps you sleep at night lol

>> No.10480723

I hate this argument because it tells me that you only value me as a woman bc I have the organs to spew out a baby. Fuck you, your transphobia also manifests as misogyny against cis women, and I’m sick of your type

>> No.10480724


Weird and dishonest folks are everywhere. Do the usual
- check feedback
- check/request proof photos
- know your market/pricing
- read carefully and don't assume. Both the sales page and the feedback page (sometimes people put down positive feedback but mention problems in comment)

Also listen to your SS when they don't want to deal with a seller, sometimes it's because the seller is dodgy.

>> No.10480725

Explain, scientifically, WHY some people are gay. Or are they faking that too? Biologically, people should be straight, right?

>> No.10480726

I always demand a pic of the product with the seller’s username written on a sheet of paper

>> No.10480731

Oh no, someone on 4chan called me transphobic for talking about biological reality! Gosh, I feel SO bad about criticizing the most privil— I mean oppressed group of humans alive, the white, middle-classed lesbian transwoman that I decided to go on my knees and suck their precious ladydicks in repentance. Thanks for keeping me in check anon
Avoiding the question, how typical

>> No.10480765

You literally also avoided the question of both those people you responded to, tbf

>> No.10480775

>I decided to go on my knees and suck their precious ladydicks

You claim you do not want the feminine penis, and yet you bring it up every chance you get, obsessively.

>> No.10480779

why do trannies/tranny chasers always bring up gay people as a comparison? it's not the same. being gay isn't a choice. even if we were naked speechless cavemen gay people would still exist. but trannies cry about needing to wear makeup and clothes. pay for their surgeries or else you're literally murdering them. being trans is societal brainrot

ironic that you accuse her of only valuing your reproductive organs while >>10480662 blatantly only cares about women if they're young. misogny is a-ok as long as you're trans!

>> No.10480783
File: 448 KB, 1920x1920, O1CN019rSxcU1C0Hd1uY0sp_!!390300018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a replica?

>> No.10480787

But I don’t think they are rare, what made you believe that?

>> No.10480789

WW has just chosen not to use DHL so its not an option for them. They could use it in theory but they are not willing to do so.

>> No.10480790

Not all trans woman have dicks, some have performed surgery. There’s also a lot of trans woman who are not clockable, but we don’t notice them because they don’t go around outing themselves. Take Nikkie Tutorials as an exemple, major youtuber, no rumors she was trans whatsoever until she decided to reveal it because there was someone blackmailing her, also, she’s not a creep, it’s more common than you think.

>> No.10480795

Anyone else having problems getting reply from Japonica? It's been 10 days since they last contacted me

>> No.10480796

There were trans rumours about Nikki on Dutch forums years before she came out.

>> No.10480804


If it's not in English or on a North American site a large number of peoole on the internet won't find it or don't care.

>> No.10480834

I will not stand for this abusive talk. I just wanted to wear a cute jsk and look amazing in it unlike you, landwhale. Just because your cow tits can't fit the babydoll cut, doesn't mean that you can be a little bitch.
How even dare you call me new. I bet you don't own a single AP dress, not even a single sock. Meanwhile, I own every colourway of Melty Ribbon Chocolate, Misty Sky, and I even own Milky Planet. What do you own? Nothing because you're a fat cow who can't even fit into new AP nevermind 2010s AP.

>> No.10480837 [DELETED] 

> >>10480670
> I will not stand for this abusive talk. I just wanted to wear a cute jsk and look amazing in it unlike you, landwhale. Just because your cow tits can't fit the babydoll cut, doesn't mean that you can be a little bitch.
> How even dare you call me new. I bet you don't own a single AP dress, not even a single sock. Meanwhile, I own every colourway of Melty Ribbon Chocolate, Misty Sky, and I even own Milky Planet. What do you own? Nothing because you're a fat cow who can't even fit into new AP nevermind 2010s AP.

>> No.10480838

I will not stand for this abusive talk. I just wanted to wear a cute jsk and look amazing in it unlike you, landwhale. Just because your cow tits can't fit the babydoll cut, doesn't mean that you can be a little bitch.
How even dare you call me new. I bet you don't own a single AP dress, not even a single sock. Meanwhile, I own every colourway of Melty Ribbon Chocolate, Misty Sky, and I even own Milky Planet. What do you own? Nothing because you're a fat cow who can't even fit into new AP nevermind 2010s AP.

>> No.10480843

i'm the ~old hag~ anon, i said that because anon first discredited my experience with trans people because i'm a college student. god, you types are so dramatic. i'm also cis, surprisingly most people won't stand for your bullshit. although you probably realize that and that's why you hide behind an anonymous board to spew your bullshit ;)

>> No.10480844

>t. can't read
ok chaser, have fun simping for men who would fantasize about killing you if you didn't cape for them

>> No.10480845

Clearly it was asked to avoid answering my question you smooth brain
I’m a lesbian so no, I don’t want a penis anywhere near my body, but please keep deluding yourself into thinking we want your unwashed genitals, troon
Yeah, over 80% keep their dicks. Why keep the most male part of their bodies? Is it perhaps because without their penis they can’t get off? It’s a fetish. I would be more inclined to accept these glorified polished turds if they would 100% of the time chop off their dicks.

>> No.10480848

These cuffs have custom lace, anon, with little kumya heads on it so you're not going to find lace like that anywhere else. Could you specify what you mean by similar? Would lace with other bears fit or lace with stars. There are taobao shops with elaborate stitched lace but because you said located in the US I would recommend searching Etsy as there are many seller there reselling elaborate stitched lace from taobao

>> No.10480851
File: 29 KB, 250x333, img2-JPA5aA5RbpYZYKMN8ZMY2lFT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When is the best time to end an auction? Im guessing it makes sense to target the USA timezones but are weekends preferred overall?

>> No.10480854

Most people are paid on Fridays so Starting and ending in friday may be better

>> No.10480884

Idk where you are getting those numbers, but it’s expensive to chop of your dick on a surgery so that’s a good reason not to do it, specially if you can’t find a job because everyone believes you are a fetishistic creep.

>> No.10480885

Oh my, there were rumors on forums of an specific country when she is internationally know, it’s as if there weren’t rumors about a lot of cisgender woman as well such as Lady Gaga or whatever. People are always coming up with whatever about anyone with a bit of fame, she is not clockable, probably started her transition early. The only masculine feature on her is her height and saying there are no tall woman is pretty misogynistic.

>> No.10480901

Would it be unreasonable to ask an SS to request proof pics from a seller? I don't use an SS very much so I'm afraid I don't know the etiquette very well

>> No.10480902

I didn't discredit your experience with trans people, I discredited your experience with the world. College is a bubble.

And there's no cis. You're either a man or a woman, or a transman or transwoman.

>> No.10480906

They can get heavily reduced cost dick removal services thanks to far leftists forcing insurance companies to comply so they really have no excuse to chop it off. They only keep it because without it they can’t get off let’s be fucking real. And with the overwhelming amount of evidence that exists online that shows TIMs are notorious pornsick sexpests it makes sense as to why normal people see them as fetishistic creeps

>> No.10480934

Most shopping services aren't that personalized, and you're essentially meant to pay them for any part of the process they do for you. Messaging a seller, requesting photos, then forwarding those to you, waiting for your response, etc are all outside of what most shopping services expect to do.

If you're using a more personalized shopping service, they might not mind as much, but any of the well known ones probably won't bother to do this.

>> No.10480936


To be honest with you I generally chose the listings where they already have proof/owner photos up, which is actually the norm anyway (I can't tell if they can't remember the name of the dress so they just take photos of the dress, so many listings often omit the name of the print/release).

Anyway, proof pics. I don't necessarily look for photos with their username on a paper, generally I just check if all their listings have a similar background, run the image through google image search to check it wasn't ganked off somewhere else. Together with checking feedback it's generally worked well.

As for SS etiquette, they generally won't mind making a request from one or two sellers, but if you're going to tell them to request it from ten sellers and then only buy from two, that's gonna be pushing it.

>> No.10480951

sorry, i didn't realize all the trans people i know simply suddenly stop existing once i graduate. will keep that in mind!

>> No.10480961

>Go meet some real trans people!
>No, don't meet them online, forget they exist
>Also don't meet them at cons, pretend they don't exist too
>Really, you just need to meet the specific ones at my college, they are awesome I promise
Stellar argument you've got there.

>> No.10480976

Well considering the growing numbers of detransitioners, there’s a good chance they will “stop existing” in a sense. Especially the weak “genderqueer” types grow out of it once they hit the real world. The ones that don’t end up homeless e-beggers.

>> No.10481007
File: 441 KB, 1125x1500, Priere-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been in lolita for years but always avoided bloomers like the plague. I have large thighs and butt, which is why I only wear skirts, dresses, and avoid pants at all costs.

But lately I have been wanting to invest into a pair of actually cute bloomers to avoid windy upskirts ( i usually wear pj shorts or tights), or just the general cute peeking bloomers look.

Where can one get some bloomers that fit a standard large western butt & thighs without having to feel bad about myself?

>> No.10481013

I like Nemeth Wild on etsy, she does western sizes

>> No.10481050

this is what happens when "everyone is valid"

>> No.10481053

Great thread everyone

>> No.10481081

I had japonica ask a seller for more photos of a listing recently and it was fine. The seller added them the next day. I also asked if they could haggle on an item. The seller didn’t respond for a few days so I decided to just pay full price. I could see all the comments on the listing, it was all in good spirits, Japanese people seem very polite and straightforward so it’s easy to navigate sales. You’re still dealing with human beings, it’s basic stuff.

I disagree with a lot of the anons regarding this, they seem so extreme, possibly larping? Or cgl is full of strong opinions and bad takes and bait to try curb Lolita trends.

>> No.10481084

Is ems still not running in japan?

>> No.10481089

You can see here which places EMS will currently ship to: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html

>> No.10481097

god i wish

>> No.10481604

Anyone bought from minne? What shopping service did you use?

>> No.10481609

I'm very short (150cm). Which brand should I go for for a lolita coat that won't look too overwhelming on me? I don't wear sweet, I really like the styling of VM/MM coats, but since they're all about 100cm in length I'm worried I'll drown in all the fabric (I would prefer something that's around 90cm long)

>> No.10481610

Go for short coats. AP has cute ones as well as some taobao brands

>> No.10481634

AaTP, IW and Atelier Pierrot all have shorter coats which you may be able to find secondhand, just look on closet child.

>> No.10481652

Is ezcosplay a trustworthy site for cosplay
I’m new to buying cosplays online

>> No.10481657

go >>10451980

>> No.10481781

Do your shipping and billing addresses have to match if you are ordering from the AP Japanese site?

>> No.10481791

If I can fit non shirred AP blouses, can I fit their OPs?

>> No.10481794

Yes most likely

>> No.10481795

I’m so grateful, thank you.

>> No.10481809

are brand parasols actually worth the price or is it more of a paying for the name type of thing. ex is a baby parasol gonna last me longer than a random ruffle one off of amazon

>> No.10481814

Umbrellas only last so long so it won’t be invincible but lol you ain’t getting anything cute off Amazon.

I would say that Japanese brands make a ton of cute stuff so it doesn’t need to be brand, buy something from axes femme or whatever

>> No.10481837

who is Maki? I figure she is a model but dont know why she is important

>> No.10481853

Maki is one of AP’s designers/illustrator

There’s another artist called MAKI (is a male) and does cutesy vintage animal illustrations

>> No.10481858


Their sizing for both OPs and blouses are different for every release though. Doublecheck measurements before you buy.

>> No.10481867

.... While I totally understand the well-deserved backlash against the middle-aged men who seem to claim "trans" when in fact they're fetishists, there does actually exist a disorder of the brain named by general psychiotry as 'gender dysphoria', ie, "Gender dysphoria is not the same as gender nonconformity, which refers to behaviors not matching the gender norms or stereotypes of the gender assigned at birth." - article on psychiotry.org. The article lays out a helpful definition: "Transgender - refers to the broad spectrum of individuals who transiently or persistently identify with a gender different from their gender at birth. (Note: the term transgendered is not generally used.)" Note the phrase, 'broad spectrum.' It's difficult to internet-diagnose a tranny as suffering from 'gender dysphoria' but I have personally met one or two transgendered individuals who suffered ALL their lives. I have also personally met older men I considered to be 'transgendered' in that 'broad spectrum' sense. Either way, as long as they're not actively seeking to fetishize femininity, I'll live and let live.

I agree with this anon though when they refer to misogyny-- there's something totally turn-off-able when a person who seriously acts and presents as a man (biologically, sexually) uses the excuse of 'I'm transgender' or even 'gender-fluid' to claim a woman's voice, when they've clearly experienced life as a man. I ... hope that makes sense. That's totally wrong.

>> No.10481886

I always look at the measurements prior to buying anything, but I kept OPs off the list in fear of my shoulders being too broad. I’ve had a lot of luck with blouses (both long and short sleeve), so I was hoping the same would go for OPs.

>> No.10481910

It has officially been 2 months & some change since my FromJapan order shipped, should I file a dispute or continue waiting? I was told by another anon that it could take up to 2 months but I'm worried. (Was cheap and didn't get tracking, I've learnt my lesson.)

>> No.10481952

The AP ones I've had lasted years, and are UV protection coated. I only got rid of one because it was super dirty and almost 10 years old

>> No.10482022

I got a recent pair of MLT bloomers I was planning on selling, unfortunately I sharted in them last time I wore them and there's quite a few skid marks on them. I have IBS so keeping my garments clean can be a struggle. Is there any way to successfully remove the feces stains so I can still sell them for most of what I bought them for? I'm in a rough place financially and was really depending on the money I'd get from selling them.

>> No.10482026

trollpost. even if you could, bloomers never sell for anything over $30

>> No.10482027

Yeah there's a skirt I really want and was hoping to sell the bloomers for around that price so i can afford it... not trolling just wanting genuine advice but ok...

>> No.10482054


It's just about average sturdy quality, same as any other reliable brand. Better than dollar store quality, but don't go whacking elephants with them.

Avoid the ones from mooks as well, those aren't actually manufactured by the brand brands, and they're the cheapest flimsiest brollies ever.

The problem is you're comparing to Amazon, who knows what you're getting from that site, especially if you use keywords like 'lolita' where almost everything with that keyword is just shitty crap.

>> No.10482061


This bloomers thing was posted in previous threads before, multiple at once, so it's a troll. Don't waste time on some weird fetishist/pervert or maleposter.

>> No.10482076

I want to sell a couple of milk items, do I do it on lace market or kei market?

>> No.10482082


If it's bags or cutsews/acessories, LM. Anything not lolita or genuinely loliable, keimarket. It really depends on the items.

>> No.10482112

does maple ever do restocks? i want a ringlet wig but they're not on the site

>> No.10482132
File: 110 KB, 639x645, 26f50cd98f(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does Alice Girl's Kitten Tea Party not constitute a replica? Genuinely asking, it's clear the intent is to cause confusion between this and AP's CTP dress, but I don't see any discussion of that.

>> No.10482142


Tbh it looks so bad only itas who deserved to get scammed would confuse the two or pay money for it. I'm not a fan of CTP but unless you're only looking at the name and the print artwork out of context of the dress, they don't seem close enough to be illegal counterfeits. Still, replicas, dupes, etc. for detailed or very unique items are tacky and ethically questionable for some.

>> No.10482399

The design of the dress looks pretty different and the print is not exactly the same even if the resemblance is obvious.

>> No.10482456


If you start inferring art theft "intent" it usually starts the over-eager newbies to compare dresses and then post things they simply find look alike rather than finding actual replicas, which just muddies the issue. So it's only called a replica if there is some art theft or scammery involved, either they directly copied the original print line-for-line, or they stole stock photos. Because that's when you can be 11000% sure the replica was made on purpose with the ill intent to steal and profit off someone else's hard work.

As for close copies like this, I hope some experienced lolita at least dropped a "hey this looks like an inferior copy of ctp" in the chat when it was announced, to give the newbies a heads up. Other than that though, it's kind of already obvious what it is, and most girls know to stay away from it because who really wants to wear the "poorfag ctp" or "ita magnet ctp"? You won't be able to enjoy the dress in peace, every time you wear it you'll just be reminded you don't have the original for whatever reason.

(Though, for this particular dress, I also suspect no one wants to discuss it because the dress is just ugly. I don't even want to look at the dress longer than I have to, and already kind of regret opening the thumbnail. If there's discussion where I have to look at it even more I'm just gonna bail. Ugh, I'm gonna go look at AP ads after this to heal my eyes.)

>> No.10482471

How old is lovely lor

>> No.10482484

Whatever happened to Shelby Cloud? I still her watch her videos from time to time.

>> No.10482538

Is ~150$ a month a decent budget for building a lolita wardrobe?

>> No.10482539


>> No.10482540

For taobao? Sure, probably. For brand? It'll probably take a way longer time but could work if you're extremely savvy.

>> No.10482543

not old enough to look like that.

>> No.10482557

I have a package stuck at BTSSB that includes sale items so they wouldn’t offer alternate shipping from EMS when I made the purchase back in early July. As time has passed and nothing is getting better, I highly doubt service will resume anytime soon, do you think there’s a chance they will allow alternate shipping methods for extra cost? Or maybe use my Tenso address or something? I’m sure they don’t want a pile of packages they can’t ship hanging around till 2021. I can definitely live without it and there are more important things to worry about, but I’m still a bit sad I won’t get to wear Devil Cat during the Halloween season.

>> No.10482558

try to see if they will ship to tenso address.

>> No.10482571

I really like the look of cult party kei but im an autist and have a really difficult time putting an outfit together without clear defined rules. That's why outside of lolita, I just wear pants and a tshirt mostly. I'm too overwhelmed by all of the options that I can't put an outfit together. How do I get over this?

>> No.10482577


I mean, depends on how fast your wardrobe turnover is, how fast you want to get started, how expensive/firsthand/secondhand you wanna go and a lot of other variables.

Twelve months of $150 is $1,800.

- A brand dress is normally $350, accessories $30-50. If we figure $500 for a new dress set, $1800 will be enough for 2-3 sets and a petticoat, maybe shoes too.

- A taobao dress is normally ~$150, figure ~$200 for a set. With $1800 you could get 5-7 sets and have enough left for the extras (petticoat, shoes, etc)

- Makes more sense to tread in between and have a mixed wardrobe of secondhand brand, good taobao and firsthand.

- Or you could drop $1300 on IW's largest oddments pack (with shipping), gain a fully mismatched wardrobe overnight, then spend the rest on petticoat and shoes. You'd end up selling some of the blouses in wrong sizes so you can buy more things to match up your wardrobe with the extra money.

So you could go pretty far with $150 a month if you're patient. Heck, if you want a new, full brand coord, you just need to wait six months. The second coord will be a lot faster, you won't have to re-buy a petticoat, and sometimes you can reuse the same blouse/shoes/bag.

On the other hand, if you're saying you need a full coord NOW and it has to be under $150, or you're saying you need to buy a head-to-toe new coord every month, or you somehow want to own all the rarest dresses ever released, yeah, that's gonna be tough.

>> No.10482600

>- A taobao dress is normally ~$150, figure ~$200 for a set
i'm not so sure about that since a big amount of dresses by something like souffle song are under or 100$ even on taobao reseller websites

>> No.10482601

AP doesn't own the concept of cats sitting in chairs having a tea party, which is the only similarity between this dress and the AP one.

>> No.10482603


Shipping. Shipping will usually take you there. Especially on reseller sites.

Anyway the range is pretty wide. For contrast you could also look at Elpress dresses and Boguta dresses, then divide the difference and still come up on the higher side.

>> No.10482630

bodyline has tons of old prints that did this, nothing new.

>> No.10482633

It took me 2.5 weeks to get something shipped from Japan to UK using DHL which is normally far faster than that. I think theyre slowed at the moment (you can also see this in the mail thread). If you didnt get tracking you used SEA? Then itll take 3mo or up to 4 given corona. The dispute will fail anyway because as long as From Japan can show proof of shipment and the fact that you didnt pay for tracking its on you.

>> No.10482672

Are there any brands that make clothes similar to liz lisa but not polyester?

>> No.10482800

Is there any way to remedy yellowed (from age) cotton garments?

>> No.10482810

Have you tried the baking soda/peroxide mix?

>> No.10482820

I haven't, I'll look into it though. Is it something I should soak the piece in?

>> No.10482832

Does this work with the plush purses too or would it ruin the fur?

>> No.10482892

i have a full taobao coord+two more dresses and im looking for secondhand brand pieces so i suppose the question is more like is getting one dress/skirt/blouse +some accessories a month considered a decent pace for building a wardrobe for occasional wear

>> No.10483073
File: 33 KB, 250x333, 7db617bf-5f12-5fb4-8329-1a67a2ff51ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a magazine ad of a model and BJD both wearing this dress. I think they're standing in front of a door, the model is on the left and the doll is on the right. It's from Angelic Pretty, released A/W 2007. Called "Plaid Sweet Angel OP". I can't seem to find it on LolitaHistory. It's not in any of the GLB's from that year. Please help me find it?

>> No.10483075

It's not baking soda (sodium bi-carbonate) It's washing soda (sodium carbonate) and peroxide. You can buy it in stores or make your own by heating up baking soda hot enough.

>> No.10483208

Would white platform sneakers look okay with a casual sweet coord?

>> No.10483210

I should add that they aren't like the chunky filas, they're platform canvas shoes.

>> No.10483246


There's folks who build their wardrobes slower than this.

The question now becomes, is this rate good enough for you? So long as you're satisfied with this pace (eg- can you attend meetups in different outfits at this rate? I know some comms have meetups every other week while others have it less than once a month), as long as you're okay with it, then it's good enough.

You probably will want to give some extra thought to what you buy, make sure anything you buy goes with two other items in your wardrobe, that every main piece can be coorded three different ways, and the items don't look similar to each other. That will give you more diverse looks out of a smaller number of items.

>> No.10483317

I deleted my question in the lolita general, and wanted to post it here. I want to get into lolita and I've been studying and browsing here for information but I just have one question; is BODYLINE bad or good to wear? I can never get a good consensus on here.

>> No.10483325

Bodyline can be cute, and a lot of people are sad that they never restock their shoes (myself included), but the difference in quality between Bodyline and brand is like night and day. It will never feel as luxurious or have as many thoughtful details.

If you coord Bodyline well enough, sometimes it can be mistaken for brand though. I've definitely thought before that one of their solid pieces was AP. And honestly, I'd rather buy Bodyline than taobao.

My real advice if that if you're serious about lolita, just go for brand. If you like AP, Baby, etc, you might as well start spending money on the "real" stuff. Eventually you'll be wanting to sell your bodyline items anyways. It might just be a personal bias, but I've never really believed in getting something cheap to work up to something better, because I know the cheap stuff was just wasted time and money.

>> No.10483344
File: 10 KB, 224x225, 465745763463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is BODYLINE bad or good to wear? I can never get a good consensus on here.

Because there is none. Some people swear on Bodyline, others abhor their pieces and make a big circle around the brand.

Bodyline is, despite all the controversies in the past and their overall lacking business practises, still quite liked by a lot of people. As >>10483325 already said, when you get bodyline you have to accept that the price you pay is what you get. A bunch of their blouses or dresses are quite decent for the price you pay, but will never reach the quality level of a japanese lolita brand.

Another point is, their stock is very inconsistent in terms of design and production quality. Dresses like l348 or l387 are well liked for being universal solid pieces that work with a lot of different themes or styles on top of being of decent quality. But for every decent dress, there's twice as much that you should not touch, because of questionable design choices or bad materials. If you are interested in purchasing bodyline, do some research first about the individual piece. Same applies to their blouses.

As for their shoes, they used to be a staple for various standard lolita shoe styles, but due to their slow to non-existent restocking, they have become less relevant in this area.

Personally I don't mind using bodyline, especially their solid dresses. The ones I have are sturdy, thick, versatile, aren't ita in terms of design and fit me just fine. Would I replace them, if I had similar dresses of brand tier quality? Possibly, but I don't feel the need to do so right now.

Another thing you might want to consider is the bodyline vs taobao argument. Bodyline mainly follows a more traditional philosophy. Many of their designs are already quite old, possibly close to a decade. The majority of Taobao shops on the other hand follow new trends and experiment a lot, they feel more modern compared to bodyline.

>> No.10483816

thanks for the tips, i put a lot of thought to every item i get, making sure it's something i will wear
as for meetups i've only come across one person from my country wearing lolita so that's out of the question, which is the main reason i personally don't mind going slow

>> No.10483822
File: 106 KB, 280x373, 0b5a9ef6-09ec-5883-b8b4-2d45b06c466f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are the Sugar Pony OTKs smaller than most other AP socks?

I got a pair recently and I don't know if they are shrunken or what. They seem smaller than other OTKs I have of the same era. I thought maybe the previous seller might have put them in the dryer, but I don't think the material would shrink since they aren't made of any cotton.

>> No.10484148
File: 98 KB, 550x733, 1601660371239_IMG_2926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone recognize this axes femme top? Is $15 a rip off for it? Know any size information regarding it?

>> No.10484236
File: 570 KB, 607x606, ECB718CB-80A9-4A80-B75B-E1ED1A23B586.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where does this dress originally from? I have it (bought secondhand) and it doesn’t have any tags.

Also where can I find a dress in similar style and preferably good quality?

>> No.10484981

What sort of blouse does one wear with a cardigan that has a peter pan collar?

>> No.10485058
File: 58 KB, 794x1059, il_794xN.1519416789_nu3p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone bought from ShiroiTsubasa before? I remember seeing them a while ago, but nothing since then

>> No.10485663
File: 9 KB, 205x246, IMG_0216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the general quality of axes femme clothes? Could they last 5 years of consistent wear? Or are they just another fast fashion brand?

>> No.10485939

how come secondhand baby is so much cheaper than ap?

i have a blouse and dress from them. the blouse is absolute crap, badly sewn and cheap materials, but it looked bad in the pictures so it was expected. the dress is nice though. not amazing, but it's cute. it's fully lined and feels fairly well constructed, but the fabric is passable. definitely fast fashion, but their quality varies.

>> No.10489856
File: 240 KB, 1331x1600, mia-kiyohiro-images0-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im looking for this one girl who used to post her coords a few years ago but she died, she was french and i remember one coord being her take of a kimono outfit, she had dark brown hair and dark eyes i think.

sorry for the vague description, she was a big inspiration to me when i was younger. does anyone know who i am talking about?

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