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Male cosplay suggestions for halloween? Ill put face in thread idc, but I feel like you should know what shape im in too.
5'9. Brown eyes. Black hair thats naturally spikey. I like anime so maybe an anime character would be cool.

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Gonna wait to see if im even allowed to make threads like this here before I put face

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If you like anime maybe pick something yourself from an anime that you enjoy? If youre going somewhere for Halloween and you are representing a character you know little about it will be strange if someone asks you about it.

Are you making the costume yourself?
Do you have expreience with costumes?
Where are you going? (are weapons or fake weapons allowed)
What is the climate like?

You are missing a lot of information to let people help you on the small chance that you won't just get ripped to flilth for a lazy post

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use the catalog

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Didnt even think about that. Here ill post face. So I guess ill just make it myself. No weapons, dont want to carry shit or possibly scare people or get fucked by police. Area is NYC so Halloween will be cold, but indoors I guess isnt an issue. I was thinking Ging Freecss from HunterxHunter. Hes short and has spikey black hair. I usually have a beard shadow anyways too. And his clothes dont seem too hard to do.

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Yeah its probably better to go with something you like to watch and/or talk about.

I looks like HunterxHunter is an easy wardrobe cosplay with a few iconic items such as

By looks you have features in common with Rami Malek in Mr. Robot
>pic related

that could also be an easy backup if you get stuck and it fits the NYC vibes

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Use the catalog, newfag.

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God you’re ugly. Do you have FAS?

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I fuckin hate cis men newshit crossboarders. Please fuck off.

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Why didn't you wear pants for the photo?

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Ok, thanks for your input. Very informative and on topic. Please remember that you must be 18 to post on this website.

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>nude pic
so what was happening here

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You think anyone that doesn't want to see your nasty ass is a minor? Put your dick away. We have threads for this shit, newfag.

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Awww did the scrote get his feewins huwt? Poor baby :,(

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>> 10370202

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The least you could do when begging to be spoonfed is to use the right thread, you faggot. >>10370202

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Any anbu
Literally any character with muscles

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you remind me of hobbes. I wonder what ever happened to him. did he grow out of shitposting? Is he a trumpbro? or maybe he met some artsy girl and joined the BLM.

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Literally this. It's cool enough because it's from Star Wars and it's easy effort

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your proportions make me think you are a manlet. Im going to guess you are 5'7"

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/fit/nigger here, you won't get any real answers here and will only be attacked by sjw fatfuck whales who don't post on other boards and are genuinely offended by saying shit like niggerfaggot.
You will unironically get better answers on fit closer to halloween.

Idk about your answer btw, don't take shit too seriously it's just a costume party

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