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New cosplay self Post thread! Post your pics of finished costumes or share what you're working on

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Drafting a pattern and almost done, just gotta finish the bow and then figure out the cuffs. I'm thinking of making them separate instead of attaching to the sleeves. Is that a bad idea?

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>von karma
based anon
also i don’t think itll look weird if the sleeves aren’t detached

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Messy attempt to style a Uzaki wig. Idk. Might wash it out and just try again.

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I was in the last thread and someone asked me to post my costume from Big Top Burger

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So boom

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Detaching would look fine, but I highly recommend adding a snap or two so it’s one less thing to worry about shifting around while moving

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Here's a mask my friend 3D printed for me for Allister from pokemon. Just gotta paint it.

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Thx guys, and good call on the snaps, the cuffs will definitely want to shift around once I add the heavy gems

I think it looks really good. I struggle with wigs so I'm very impressed

Nice I remember you from the last thread! Working on a new cosplay?

Looks super smooth, keep us updated on your progress!

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Fuck yeah man, thanks for remembering! Your costume looks great! I like the addition of the floating burgie. You should post this and tag worthikids, I'm sure they'd have a ball

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Thanks very much!

I actually did a whole big thing on Twitter with it but senpai hasn't noticed yet


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my newest tv head

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Cute! Are TV heads strenuous to wear?

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Aah you look awesome anon

nyart but from my experience they are? the first one i made it was hard to breathe, the second one was so heavy it hurt my shoulders and back after a few hours. Maybe I’m just stupid?

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you are just stupid.

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not the 15 inch TVs and monitors. Some of the 17 inch ones can be. depends on the year they are made. Older they are, the thicker and heavier the plastic shell is.

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Did this once for a group that was supposed to be doing Vigilantes, but I never met up with them unfortunately. I think they didn't end up doing it unfortunately that convention. My last convention, too, before the COVID hit.

I think I went as Stendal then Stain the next day, if I remember it right. I am not super great at long pony tail wigs but I got it to sort of work.

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Storm Shadow from gi Joe. When I start my job I can get the white ninja boots.

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i like it

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I'll post a WIP when it's more than just a mask and some sketches. I'm trying to move in the next month or two but I don't know when, so I'm struggling to get more work done in the meantime.
Yo a Steve cosplay! That's freaking great, I hope I can see you at a con in the future if you pull that out again.

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Great cosplay and that house/location is really pretty. Do you know where you're gonna get your shoes from yet? I'll need some for a costume eventually too

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I think you dropped a reply there senpai

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I'd love to... once there's not a worldwide pandemic ruining shit...

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its not fantastic and mostly stuff from my closet + editing, but man im super happy to cosplay from one of my fav horror movies

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Feel like a disgusting kinnie just touching Danganronpa but I still had a lot of fun doing this cosplay for a Twitch stream. I just don't want to be approached by Danganronpa goblins at a con if I brought it though. Also don't have shoes for it yet since I won't be going anywhere in cosplay.

This brings me a lot of joy. BTB has been such a delight.

Shoes can often be the most expensive to buy or make if you want them to both look and feel good. Glad I'm not the only post in here missing shoes.

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Wait, you aren't gutting an actual tv?

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i am

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you're supposed to replace the glass and everything.

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is there something i said that has confused you?

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That looks awesome, anon!

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Oo I feel you on shoes. I usually pick mine up at walmart or thrift stores now for under $10, but it's also annoying to store them all. They take up a lot of space.
And cute chiaki cosplay, I cosplay from dr too but try to avoid other dr cosplayers

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bimbo rights

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haha fucking kinnie

looks good though

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Here's something I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. Silver front part is basically done and ready to be 3D printed, still working on the black part because I want to actually get decent lighting in there.

Always cool seeing other AA cosplayers.

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Oh woah that looks great! I'm actually working on godot too for my friend. Will you be posting or selling your 3d model anywhere?

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I don't really have anywhere to post it I guess, but once I'm happy with the result I can send it over if you want me to.
The dimensions are obviously based on an earlier version that was made to fit my own face though, could be some slight issues there.

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The last costume I got together before the shit hit the fan was Peace Walker tuxedo Big Boss at ALA 2020. A guy running a booth actually just up and gave me a cardboard box he no longer needed, so that really added to it.

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my kirito cosplay came from aliexpress. It’s a bit loose but it’s good enough for Halloween

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>A guy running a booth actually just up and gave me a cardboard box he no longer needed
bro move. nice cosplay btw.

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Your make up looks really good, and if you aren't wearing makeup, I guess you just pull of big boss really well!

That would be appreciated! I'm still new to 3d modeling but I might be able to resize it, and if not I think it could still be an good reference for me. Here's what I 3d modeled for my von karma brooch

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>A guy running a booth actually just up and gave me a cardboard box he no longer needed, so that really added to it.
Aww that's sweet, great cosplay anon!

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