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How much attention does being dressed in EGL get you and do you enjoy it? How much is too much?

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men will bother me no matter what. even if i'm wearing baggy jeans and a big sweater they bother me. so i've learned to just deal with it no matter what i'm wearing.

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Not much more than usual, but enough to be noticeable.

I don't enjoy it at all most of the time, but I think I'm a little more irate than the average person and could probably do with some chilling out.

It's ok from little kids though, I can't blame them for being curious.

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I hate the attention so I stopped wearing it

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I live in a fairly backwards isolated area in europoor and anything the smallest amount of different is fucking wild and it sucks.
There's a history of a lot of chinese immigrants coming and opening their stores here so sometimes I snatch some beautiful deals physically instead of ordering on taobao. Lots of styles diversity.
But in general it's very frowned upon and looked as "dirty" here. Can never say something is from the "chinese store" here.

It was when I started getting my ship ripped off my hair, stolen, beaten and blamed for "attracting attention" (including by the cops) that I gave up. Lost all interest.

Hopefully when I'm more financially secure or moved out of this shithole I'll take interest in wearing clothes in daily life again.

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>EGL Attention
>Cosplay pic

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Yep, obvious scrotepost. Reply in all sincerity at your peril

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I wear toned down Gothic Lolita, so besides some head turns and old ladies compliments, I do not get too much attention (I'm using sweet lolitas as a comparison).

I absolutely despise it, though. I don't like people staring at me or randomly asking me questions on the streets. I'm very afraid of people, in general (I live in a very dangerous place) so I'm absolutely terrified whenever someone I do not know stops me.

Because of that, I try to not walk too much on the streets and wear the fashion only inside the places I intend to be and accompanied by someone else.

One might question why I don't stop wearing it then, but I should add that the fashion really helps me with my self-expression and the positive influence it has on my mental state outlast the fear I often feel whenever I'm on the streets dressing outside the norm.

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Ah, yes. I don't mind kids, though. As long as they don't touch me or my clothes (they never did), I really don't mind answering their questions or smiling a bit.

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Watch out for upskirts
Wear bloomers

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I'm assuming OP doesn't wear j-fashion, but whatever.

I mostly get compliments and questions. However I have social anxiety and don't like any amount of attention from strangers. I'm also always on guard for the next negative reaction or harassment so it makes it even harder to enjoy positive attention. It was a lot easier to wear lolita on anxiety meds.

I still wear it because putting up with reactions is worth the love I feel for the clothing.

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>EGL Attention
>pic is a cosplay shoot at comiket
Typical scroteposter.

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I usually compliments from older women or get stared down by instathots for god knows what reason

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>get stared down by instathots for god knows what reason
Probably don't like that you can be pretty and get compliments without walking around half naked.

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I get a couple nice comments every so often from old ladies or people asking if i'm in a play if i wear classic. On the whole i would rather do without the comments and staring. I had someone comment i looked ready for Halloween recently, too.
Sometimes it feels nice to get recognition from someone who knows lolita and admires it or wears it themselves, but mostly i hate the attention and just want to wear a frilly dress to the cafe or public gardens in peace.

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instathot clothing is practically alternative with the bold colors and edgy skin-baring cuts, so they're probably just appreciating that you too are wearing something fun

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Yep, older ladies seem to love it. Everyone else looks confused

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I definitely get more attention in egl than normie clothes, but it's usually really positive. I wear mostly pastel vomit sweet, so I get more attention than my friends in goth or classic. I don't mind the attention at all. People are mostly just curious or complimentary, and it's easy to give them a friendly reply. It makes me really happy when I meet little kids or even adults who know about j-fashion or harajuku style.
Usually the only bad thing that happens is that people stare REALLY hard and awkwardly or try to subtly take pictures. But that's not a big deal and it's easy to just walk away.

>how much is too much
People following me around or asking for tons of photos is too much. I'm happy to do a swap out so the camera holder can get a picture with me, but I'm not doing individual shots with the whole family. I am also NOT doing special poses for people.

Instathots are probably wondering what kind of famous you are. Or thinking about what the hell kind of sugar daddy you have. But I've definitely noticed that normies my age don't seem to know how to react and tend to just pretend I'm not there.

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>>people asking if i'm in a play if i wear classic

I get this one fairly frequently and I wear classic almost exclusively. What is it about classic that makes people think, "Ah yes, this girl looking like a sexy grandma and pushing a cart full of groceries at 11 am in the grocery store on a Tuesday must be in play. I should ask." ? Like even just logically, why would I be doing my errands in my costume?

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>this girl looking like a sexy grandma
lmao, what?

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You probably meant it as a joke but we kind of don't exude that energy at all. Or at least a properly done coordinate shouldn't. "Sexy grandma" would probably be attributed to rockabilly or one of those trash "vintage" bastardizations.

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I think its in reference to this post

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It’s a mix. When I was younger (up till around 19) I used to get old ladies coming up and complimenting my parents on how nicely their daughter was dressed. That was fucking weird. Now I don’t go out much except to work or to places where lolita isn’t appropriate so get way less comments.

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>That was fucking weird.
Aw, I think it's kind of wholesome. Probably because I have a soft spot for old ladies who like lolita. Though I can see why it'd be awkward for them to compliment your parents about it instead of just complimenting you.

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I don't get as many comments anymore as I'm usually out with my fiance, but if I'm not it's a mix of "omg why are you wearing that" from instahoes and "omg you're adorable and you remind me of what I used to dress like" from grandma's.

I really have a soft spot for the latter comments. Reminds me when my grandmother said my MM dress reminded her of what she used to wear durinf the 1930s ;-; she really liked my style.

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I thought it was cute but strange to go and tell someone’s parents instead of them directly. I was an adult at the time as well. When I was with my parents I’d usually get compliments but by myself stares or silence.

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I run around doing last second errands in cosplay if i'm running behind schedule to get to a convention. Maybe they assume the same thing for lolitas? I'll never figure it out Desu.

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Yeah, anon's right. It was a tongue-in-cheek reference to >>10478430 , one of my favorite bits of CGL greentext.


That's fair, I guess. I just can't figure out why it's always being in a play that people jump to. I may just ask someone why they think that next time.

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>I just can't figure out why it's always being in a play that people jump to.
Maybe because a lot of plays are set in period/ take place sometime during history, so a dress rehearsal/play is the only situation where they could reasonable see someone wearing vintagey-looking clothes

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Everyone stares
I don't care, this is my cope
I'll never have friends or be normal anyway; why shouldn't I at least wear something i like?

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I had an old lady tell me once I looked magical. It made my day.

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I want to kms in lolita in a public place.

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Don't do it in brand pls

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me too

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Pretty much this. Why live if you can't enjoy the clothes you wear

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"Your dress is cute" and "Wow! You're very dressed up!" is the extent of what I've experienced.

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A little old Japanese lady told me “suteki” today while we were in line for the bus. Good feels after I haven’t been out in lolita for months.

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I normally hate attention from strangers. There was one interaction I really loved though. It happened at a meetup. A middle-aged Japanese lady came up to us and told us she had been a gothic lolita in the 90s, and she was glad to see it's still around.

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Ok, edgelord.

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there used to be a japanese store in my city that was basically a convenience store near the convention center that our local con was at and the woman who worked there would love when me and my friends came in. she was into deco and would always show us pictures from her in toyko and ones her friends would send her. i remember she was so curious how we got dresses and stuff all the way from in japan. it was super sweet. the shop closed though years ago and i was really sad.

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Just to make you cringe, I find your work and kms there.

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do a leaving lolita sale first

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same, but tibetan monk style

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noo don't burn the brand! Bloody AP would be cool though

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Go ahead, do a flip for me while you're at it.

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This raises an interesting question: assuming it was in perfect condition, would you buy your DD knowing someone had died in it? I am honestly not sure.

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in a heartbeat (lol)

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Sure, probably cheaper, like a house that someone got murdered in

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depends on how. heart attack sure. drowning bleh bloaty no

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Why not? It may not be so common for lolita because the style hasn’t been around that long, but I buy a lot of vintage clothes where the original owner is almost certainly dead and also often shop at hospice charity shops that are stocked mostly by donations of residents’ wardrobes after they die.

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I have this superpower that people dont see me. I can go out in full pastel ap and no one says anyting or even stare.

First i was kinda upset that no one noticed me, but now i just enjoy that i can wear my favorite dress in peace

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what trashy vintage bastardisations exist other than rockabilly?

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wtf is a scrote? probably a slur

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I think there's a difference between clothing that a person owned when they were alive and the clothes someone literally died in.

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maybe they meant historybounding. idk.

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begone, scrote

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I'm learning I'm actually clinically, autistic. I've been in the fashion for a long time. I'm old enough and accomplished (just) enough be considered a qualified, respectable adult.

It shows in my preference for wearing the fashion.

I never liked wearing the fashion alone. Why? Sound, light, being hyper-aware of everyone, and trying to mask (carry myself and speak in a way that I learned would make me blend in) is enough to handle as-is. If I wear it, people ask questions. I'm trying to keep it together because goddamn Brayxtyyin is screeching like a god-damn beached humpback whale on steroids from across the store. Carol over here is trying to lift my skirt talking about crinolines and Living Dolls. Meanwhile Billy-Jo in aisle five has been looking at me like he wants to stuff inside a cabinet on route to a Wayfair truck. I can only pray I'm actually ugly and old enough and it's all in my head. Fuck where is my parasol? Where the fuck is my tea? What am I here for again? I am done long before I reach the checkout. Then I have to get out of this shit.

If I go on a stroll alone, some douche-canoe will screech out his window and honk his horn. If it's behind me, I will jump. If it's in front of me, I will probably still jump, just a little less high but still just as awkward.

If I'm with at least one other person, I'm not focused so much on everything around me. I'm probably focusing more on talking to the other person. I can inform a curious person decently and politely while avoiding the creeps. I'm already masking just a little, but I'm not uptight. In lolita, alone, I may as well have a fucking nailbat wedged into my ass.

I have tried, many, many times. I don't enjoy the fashion at all in those instances. Why wear it in circumstances where it makes me uncomfortable?

So I wear it with a few local friends. I go to meets. I wear it at large events and I enjoy myself where the attention isn't just on me.

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You sound eerily like me. I've been wondering for a while if I'm autistic or at least asperger's.

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Aspergers and Autism are essentially the same. It's not technically a thing anymore, diagnostically. It just means that you have a higher IQ, verbal (or hyperverbal), and aren't disabled so much that you need constant support. You may just prefer to have someone else drive, or avoid some environments and situations, but muddle through them and end up exhausted. Women (if you are female) are different from men, so if you are curious, look for material made by women.

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>How much attention does being dressed in EGL get you and do you enjoy it?
Enough, I mean you're dressed like a cupcake. Do I enjoy it? I do. I love when older ladies and kids gush and I love it especially when other lolitas are around and we can all enjoy each other's coords. I didn't have many girl friends growing up, thinking they were all catty bitches but now I love it and we can be catty bitches together.
>How much is too much?
Touching. Crude comments are easily ignored, that comes regardless of what I wear. Walking home from work in jeans and t-shirt gets old men coming up to me and asking where I'm going and what my name is then getting pissed and calling me names when I ignore them. I'm used to this so as long as they don't touch me, I ignore it and keep going.

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I'm autistic too but I'm pretty much the opposite to you. Other than the sensory overload, what you're describing is more of a social anxiety thing than exclusively autism.

I don't have much awareness of other people so I don't notice when people stare. Even when I do it doesn't bother me. I feel weirdly immune to awkward situations like that, like I can recognize it's socially awkward but it doesn't affect me, it's worse for them. They're reacting that way because their neurotypical brains feel uncomfortable seeing something out of the ordinary.

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My original post was being silly, but it's not far off from what goes on in my head. Right tho, it is 100% reacting to something unknown.

The thing is, I wasn't like this until a few years ago. I have held a pretty good air of confidence, poise, and have practiced it to the point where I seem like a woman that's got it all together. There was a time where I used to wear lolita out and about alone on my days off just for fun. It was the only time I could enjoy it.

These days, I rarely leave my house unless it's with my husband, a social engagement or I'm running an errand. It makes sense that lolita serves a social purpose. On the other hand, I desperately want to wear it for fun again. I'm just too tired to deal with it. With Covid, I haven't seen my local j-fashion friends. So it's like "eh".

Honestly, I think it was from years of being in a career that didn't suit me. I got my shit together and paid off my debts. But I crashed and burned, badly. It's been a few years and I'm not 100% yet. I've read that a lot of women who fell between the cracks hit a breaking point around my age. Keeping up the "act" obliterates your energy.

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I want to see either a short story or short movie or creepypasta of this concept. Haunted lolita dress. Any alterations done to it causes bad things to happen. Other dresses that aren't the same brand as it mysteriously get ripped up in the closet.

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