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Because no onde did a new one edition

Old one: >>10469213

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Starting medicine for my depression and ptsd soon. Hopefully I won’t have strong suicidal urges every day. My brand would go to waste if I actually killed myself

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I'm trying to decide what I'll do with my dresses after the election if Trump wins. I can't help but feel like women will not be able to own property/buy things online very soon, and would need a man to do it for them. I live alone so idk, just feeling the walls if anxiety closing in on me rn

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This is the most creative b8 I’ve seen on this board in a while

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>find this picture on the internet while trying to have a fap
>notice there's a tusken raider on the left of the image, and I had only seen pictures of the girls only, that could've been just a porn
>find out that was a CHARITY event in 2010 to benefit Make a Wish USA with the presence of a Playboy girl in that Padme costume
>with 501st characters in there
>my fucking face when i'm a 501st member and somehow Fox/Lucasfilms back then saw zero issues with this debauchery and whorishness with the saga and no heads got beheaded because of this
>no face when


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of course, I forgot the picture. ugh. i'm so fucking unsatisfied.

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>>10476929 was my post, not sure why it was deleted in a feels thread but ok

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Because it’s obviously b8

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no, it's real concerns that I have, especially if the current administration is voted in again.

but ok go off

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anon, if you were serious, i really hope you're in therapy. not as an insult. i don't think that what you're worried about is ever going to happen in America, let alone soon, and it sounds like you have really bad anxiety or paranoia. please seek out therapy.

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If you are genuinely concerned that women won’t be allowed to buy things without a man helping soon then you are mentally retarded. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt in assuming you were trolling.

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You know that less than 40 years ago a woman couldn't own her own credit card? Look, I don't want the whole feels thread to devolve bc of my deleted post but as I mentioned in the original post -- yes I have severe anxiety about what's to happen in this country and I'm scared. This is the feels thread isn't it?

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tfw am a lolita gf looking for lolita gf

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Again, if you really think that’ll be the case again you’re mentally retarded. Even if trump is a misogynist there’s no way he’d want to make it more difficult for half the population to spend money.

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Ayyy bbgrl wyd. I have lots and lots of burando. Let’s combine wardrobes bb

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just because you’re in the feels thread doesn’t mean we’re not going to be assholes, this is 4chan.
you’re scared over absolutely nothing. go to therapy, you clearly need it.

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Anon that's never gonna happen because scrotes are too lazy/poor or selfish to pay for women's shit. Half of the guys I go on dates with expect me to pay for myself. They don't want the responsibility anymore.

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I just think of the people around me(family) whenever I have those thoughts. good luck on the pills hopefully they help you out anon

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>Half of the guys I go on dates with expect me to pay for myself
Un fucking real. No wonder guys are having less sex.

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I’m just chilling and bang this “year in review” pops up. how you gonna do me like this apple

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This sucks, Russia sucks.

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Wtf, context?

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>Half of the guys I go on dates with expect me to pay for myself.
>They don't want the responsibility anymore.
this is ironic, right?

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Oh my god I hope she's ok! I love her!

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Every time I read Rufflechat, I'm disappointed once again. Everything is about AP and there's always the push about how taobao is on par with brand. I was surprised to see people saying that taobao prints are better than brand. I don't know how the taobao/brand debate is still ongoing, it's been years at this point. I wonder if the nooblitas know about lolibrary, because it seems like they don't know any other brand other than AP, which, imo, is currently a pretty terrible representation of lolita.

Everything is so print-focused, I wonder if the nooblitas have read about the roots of the fashion grounded in feminism and rebellion (whether they agree is irrelevant). I think the obsession with prints is a pretty accurate reflection of what lolita has become: superficial. By God, it pains me to see the fashion get reduced to this. I wish we had forums with post counts and date of registration written under the avatar so it's easier to tell who is experienced and maybe the newbies would get a clue.

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My breaking point was the embarasing thread about that one mmm dress that literally sold out in both sizes in black and people still beg for it. When i defended the dress for being versitile, i was fucking told off by bloated corpse chan, who was roasting the dress while wearing fucking amazon lolita dresses and looking like.. well a corpse. I just had to quit that day, i really had enough.

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Ah, the beauty of "gender equality".
Just because girls have jobs now doesn't mean you get to be lazy.

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Most Taobao looks like shit that's just emulating the idea of lolita. Nearly all of it's OTT stuff because that's what makes money, catches people's attention, and gets those sweet sweet social media likes. Fuck that, I just want solid color cotton staple pieces. If you can't even get the basics right what's the point

AP is too much larme now, not enough actual lolita. I look at a new piece or print from them and immediately want to deconstruct it into something passable

I doubt they'd care about the roots. I once posted a reaction image of Momoko, in a lolita group chat, and someone asked me what tv show it was from.

I like forums. I miss forums. I miss long conversations going back and forth, deep dives into niche topics. I just want to talk about lolita with people on my same wavelength.

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"You" as in scrotes.

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Unpopular opinion but
Solids >>> all over prints, prints that cover the entire skirt part of a jsk >>>>>>>>>>>>>> border prints

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I wonder where exactly you're seeing that because all I see in fb groups is racist anti taobao rants and how only brand is relevant, much like what cgl spews.

And really, knowing the history is basically unnecessary at this point. Lolita is so far removed from what it was originally that it doesn't really matter.

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>october con might potentially be ok in europe, regardless bars+everything else are all open and I want to cosplay with my GF on halloween
>my new cosplay is too snug/tight and I dont look great on it. All the attention will go to my GF instead



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Good luck anon
Or you could literally calorie count and run a shit ton but that includes working out

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Lol who is this she or he is hideous

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Pretty sure she's a burns victim if she's the person I'm thinking of

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I hope that she ends up ok and speaks out so that we can use this photo for memeing instead of it being a memory of something really bad happening.

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I already take lilke 20k steps a day at work being a drone.

thats more cardio than 90% of americans

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stayed up all night writing out a cringe sappy speech to say to my ex because I found out you could leave a voicemail even when you’re blocked. I prep’d and thought I was ready but when it was time to deliver “heyyy it’s me... oh never mind fk” I think I’m retarded

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That’s way better anon. You want a restraining order?

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wasn't paying a women's diner considered sexist a few years back ?

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It’s that bad huh I knew it was a bad idea.

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Bro if you don't see the value in studying history, I don't know what to tell you

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Which is still clearly not enough for you to be losing weight. What's your point?

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People who try to pas off lolita as some special form of uber feminist rebellion are delusional and out of touch. It's mostly radfems projecting their beliefs on to history as they do all thd fucking time.

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People who try to pas off lolita as some special form of uber feminist rebellion are delusional and out of touch. It's mostly radfems projecting their beliefs on to history as they do all thd fucking time.

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i highly agree. japanese feminism is nothing like western feminism and lolita still relies heavily on japanese beauty standards and stereotyped views of femininity for women.

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>Actively growing my hair out
>Haircare routine, silk pillowcases, THE WORKS
>But most noticeably...
>Protective hairstyles
>Always have my hair tied up
>Let it down once and a new friend gasped
>They didn't know my hair reached past my shoulders even
>Smile and nod, cry inside
>Accept that I'm living in the image of short hair in order to grow long hair
>It's all fine
>Until I see other people with long hair, untied
>Especially one encounter has been stuck in my mind
>The woman's hair was past her waist
>She had it flowing free while out in town
>My salty jealousy stings
>The current length I have now is longer than my tomboy ass ever grew as a child
>But when I compare to others with years of long hair living it's nothing
>I feel inferior
>Clip my hair up
>Go on with my day like nothing is wrong

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just get extensions like the girls you're jelly of likely have.

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I feel this but when my fridge shaped ass sees anyone with real curves. Sigh.

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I've never heard a woman say so, only men. Because they don't wanna pay lol. If a woman wants to go dutch, she'll politely tell you so after you offer to pay. But the offer at least should always happen, lest you look like a lazy ass cheapskate.

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Yep and the thing is lolita culture doesn't reflect Japanese feminism OR western feminism. It involves a ton of appearance-shaming and fat-shaming, which isn't feminist in any context.

>> No.10477217

"Fatshaming" kek

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The main point isn't about what you believe in or what you disagree on, it's about developing your own nuanced understanding about the fashion as you read an academic's view of the fashion.

>> No.10477223

The main point isn't about what you believe in or what you disagree on, it's about newbies developing their own nuanced understanding about the fashion as they read an academic's view of the fashion.

>> No.10477225


who tf cares about feminism goddamn, it's a dead movement cannibalising itself after having achieved its stated goals, if lolita culture doesn't reflect it it's something to celebrate

>> No.10477229

I just dropped $300 on a gaming chair to start investing more in my setup but was able to comfort myself with the fact that I've spent more than that on a single lolita dress at times...not that buying the dresses was bad, but comparing somewhat expensive things with what I spend on lolita helps give me some perspective and remember I'm not crazy or some shopaholic for increasing my non lolita spending on useful things.

>> No.10477231

Call it whatever you want, tearing down other women isn't feminist in the least.

>> No.10477232

t. scrote

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why do you need to have your hair tied up to grow it out?

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Oi it wasn’t a bad idea at all. I sent an email after my retarded ass vm.She called back a sec ago and said she misses me too. fuck ya dudeee omg I knew she was the one woooooo. I bought a plane ticket for next weekend :):):):):):):):):)):):):):):)

>> No.10477307

Friction and generally living makes the hair more likely to tangle, split and get damaged. By keeping it up, preferably in a claw clip, you minimise the strands exposure to reality.

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Take care of her Soup. Don't take things for granted.

My dumb ass just sabotaged my relationship again.

>> No.10477311

Sup, bpdchan here. Not here to rage, but just to ask if the anon who wanted to be friends with me is here. I posted a throwaway email in the other thread, but my posts got deleted so I dunno if you saw it. If you’re here, let me know if you want it.

>> No.10477325

I just got really complacent and comfortable in my relationship so I stopped putting in effort. She means the world to me but I didn’t show it. I know better now so I won’t. I’m just so happy she gave me another chance.

that’s a bummer anon. If what you did isn’t too bad maybe you can try to fix it. going NC for awhile gave me time to really think about myself and what I want in life. I looked back at what I did wrong and just laid it out in the email. I hope everything works out for you because I know it can hurt pretty bad.

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I pity the idiot actually willing to be friends with someone who has BPD.

>> No.10477333

She said she also has BPD

>> No.10477343

That makes sense then. That’s fine. Let them drag eachother down to hell. As long as they aren’t hurting normal people.

>> No.10477344

What's with your hateboner for people with bpd? Did you get cheated on by someone with bpd or something?

>> No.10477348

People with BPD are terrible and nasty. They’re abusive, lash out at others, and act like victims at the end of it. They act more like animals than like people.

>> No.10477349

the larpers really aren't even trying anymore

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>mfw no 399

>> No.10477352

unless you have quiet bpd and then all you do is teardown yourself inside and outwordly look needy as hell to the people to enjoy spending time with

>> No.10477354

Hate to break it to you but the vast majority of people who know what BPD is are wary of those with BPD

>> No.10477356

>outwordly look needy as hell to the people to enjoy spending time with

That’s also abusive and most people want nothing to do with people who excessively demand time/attention and play the victim if you need space or time to yourself

>> No.10477357

"Normal" people can be abusive too and all humans are animals, retard. Going on an anonymous forum and going on tirades about how all people with BPD need a mercy killing isn't exactly normal behavior either.

>> No.10477359

>What's with your hateboner for people with narcissistic personality disorder? Did you get cheated on by someone with npd or something?

The bullshit cluster B’s tell themselves to feel better. I s2g

>> No.10477360

Sounds like you're lazy and can't stand the idea of putting effort in your relationships.

>> No.10477361

>. Going on an anonymous forum and going on tirades about how all people with BPD need a mercy killing isn't exactly normal behavior either.

Nobody ITT has said anything of the kind. Just that they act like animals. Cope harder. No sane person likes someone with BPD. The rates of abuse are much higher in those with BPD. It’s a widely known disorder for a reason.

>> No.10477362

Do you hate people with Bipolar Disorder or Depression this much? Because unlike those disorders, BPD usually gets much better with age or goes away completely with treatment.

>> No.10477363


> people who don't like feminism are larpers

Please fuck off with this nonsense. Do you really think every woman is a feminist?

>> No.10477364

Yes, because needing healthy time to focus on yourself is terrible. God I fucking hate BPDtards. You are all deranged and abusive. I see tons of you acting like you aren’t but I’ve never actually seen someone with BPD who isn’t abusive/toxic. It’s a disorder for a REASON. A symptom of having BPD is literally acting like a cunt to/lashing out at people, but phrased in a professional manner.

>> No.10477365 [DELETED] 

Is it just me or does the anon going on about how horrible people with BPD are sound like they have BPD themselves? I feel like someone normal wouldn’t care that much, and it seems a lot like something a self-loathing person with BPD would do. Like the asexual saying asexuals should kill themselves and are broken.

>> No.10477366 [DELETED] 

Bipolar and depression don’t have lashing out at people/having bad relationships as one of the main diagnostic criteria. COPE harder.

>> No.10477367 [DELETED] 

Whatever you say to make you feel better, lazychan. I'm sure you're a saint that has never been a cunt or lashed out on anyone before.

>> No.10477368 [DELETED] 

BPD has a really bad reputation for a reason. People who dislike people with BPD probably don’t have it but have known someone with it that have treated them poorly.

>> No.10477370 [DELETED] 

I have a few times in my life. Everyone has. But not everyone has enough to have a fucking disorder characterized by being an abusive cunt.

>> No.10477371 [DELETED] 

Haha god, you're so retarded. Tell that to everyone who's been on the receiving end of someone during a manic/psychotic episode. Or dealing with someone who is a grumpy or completely neglectful cunt because of their depression.

>> No.10477372 [DELETED] 

> waaaaah my ex actually wanted me to put effort into our relationship! Poor me im such a victim
Seethe harder lazychan

>> No.10477373 [DELETED] 

COPE harder BPD-chan. The statistics speak for themselves. I bet you stan Trisha Paytas

>> No.10477374 [DELETED] 


"All people with bpd are abusive cunts and terrible people" ironically sounds like the same black and white thinking that is a hallmark symptom of bpd.

>> No.10477375 [DELETED] 

Kill yourself BPD-chan, the world would be better off without your crazed ass. Having people be so dependent on you and then having them have a nuclear meltdown when you want space for an evening isn’t kawaii.

>> No.10477378 [DELETED] 

Sorry you're an idiot that doesn't understand how mental illnesses work and somehow believe people with BP can't be massive cunts despite so many people talking about being cheated on or physically hit by Bipolars going through manic episodes. It's obvious you got butthurt by an ex with BPD and now you just have a raging hateboner for them and them only.

>> No.10477379 [DELETED] 

Yeah, but it seems really BPD to get so stuck on it just because an anon briefly mentioned having it. As someone who has done this kind of shit, it really sounds like you hate yourself and are trying to cope by insulting others, and trying to get a response out of people to get yourself angrier. And as you said, lashing out at others is a huge BPD symptom, and that’s kind of what you’re doing (or lashing out at “animals”, if we’re going by your definition)

>> No.10477380 [DELETED] 

COPE. You are the trash of the earth, and people hate those with BPD for a reason.

>> No.10477381 [DELETED] 


Sorry you suck at relationships bb
Maybe try therapy? Your brain seems broken.

>> No.10477382 [DELETED] 

>As someone who has done this kind of shit, it really sounds like you hate yourself and are trying to cope by insulting others, and trying to get a response out of people to get yourself angrier.

This is literally you projecting. BPD gets shit on almost every time it’s brought up here. Has for years. Don’t come here if you don’t like it.

>> No.10477383 [DELETED] 

You're so mad kek. You should get your head checked. It's not normal to get this riled up about BPD.

>> No.10477384 [DELETED] 

>Sorry you suck at relationships bb

Ironic since one of the major symptoms of having BPD is sucking at relationships. You have no idea about mine but it’s telling about yours.

>XD u mad bro???


>> No.10477387

Uhuh. You're totes normal and sane for thinking everyone with a curable disease should kill themselves and sperging about it anonymously. You for sure sound functional in relationships!

>> No.10477388

nta but it's actually depressing how many women out there are actually pickmes

>> No.10477389

Reminder to all BPD-chans

Your loved ones actually hate you because of your behavior and will abandon you. Your fears are true

>> No.10477391

Not all of them should kill themselves, but you definitely should. Being locked away from society would do in most cases.

>> No.10477392

You've been confronted with the fact that it makes no sense to rage this hard about a curable disease but not pop a vein when it comes to other illnesses that affect people equally and are actually incurable. You obviously have some issues with nuance which is a hallmark BPD trait. Get help.

>> No.10477393

You probably think it's abusive for your partner to ask you to spend time with them kek

>> No.10477394

>You obviously have some issues with nuance which is a hallmark BPD trait.

Quit projecting. I’m not even reading your posts properly before responding. It’s just really funny watching BPDfags and saying the same “you’re sick, kys” over and over never fails to make you all respond because you’re fucking lunatics

>> No.10477395

I could have been wrong, yes. But regardless of what you are, getting this angry over people with BPD isn’t exactly normal, even if it’s directed towards a group of people that have been cruel to you or others you know. There’s a difference between just shitting on them and shitting on them as obsessively as you are doing. It’s not even that I’m bothered by it, and I’m not even the one who’s been arguing with you this whole time. I’m just concerned for you. You sound very hurt and upset, and no one should have to feel that way.

>> No.10477397

Nope. But not allowing your partner to have sufficient personal time is in fact abusive

>> No.10477398


> if women don't believe the same things as me, they're just doing it for male attention.

Wow how feminist of you!

>> No.10477400

This is why hetcucks need to die

>> No.10477401

> I’m just concerned for you. You sound very hurt and upset, and no one should have to feel that way.

You need to quit projecting your own issues onto everyone else. Not everyone cries over mean words on 4chan, or even takes them seriously.

>> No.10477402 [DELETED] 

How am I projecting? You've proven you don't have any grasp on nuance, which is literally a symptom of bpd. I never even said "kys", you said that to me dumbfuck, proving you act more like the BPD caricature you've created in your head than I do.

>> No.10477403

I’m not even reading the entirety of your posts retard. I’m picking a sentence, responding to it, and watching you melt down and project your own issues onto it

>> No.10477404

Your ex probably wasn't abusive. You probably deserved whatever behavior they displayed since you seem to behave just like the massive cunts you hate so much.

>> No.10477405

Sage for samefagging but I actually read all of this after I submitted >>10477403 and

> I never even said "kys", you said that to me dumbfuck,

I know retard. I said I WAS THE ONE to say that. Holy shit.

>> No.10477407

didn't say that but ok triggered-chan
i don't see why any woman would be against feminism in the first place, the fight for equality is far from over

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