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In my opinion, it doesn't look good when you see fat legs under a lolita dress. The dress may hide your waist, but the legs always give away.

Very slim legs always look the best in my opinion.

What is your opinion?

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Not just fat legs. Thick, muscular legs look horrible too.

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if your legs are very slim, it gives a ballerina or BJD-like elegance and grace and works good with elegant lolita. if your legs are a little thick or short, it can look like a cutesy doll look, and i like to see that in sweet lolita. if your legs are average, any style works.
if you’re a fatty-chan, it’s ugly and you need to lose weight.

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for me it depends drastically on style and fit.

I think for more toned down and classic looks, thin and lithe generally looks better, but for some sweet looks and ott looks I think a little chub can actually be really cute! Some of those Chinese brand photoshops are insanely thin, but it looks kinda horrifying imo.

I think it mostly comes down to fit. Girls who are too thin for the dress look frumpy and bad. Like Hanikami on insta. She is drowning in dream cat go round's op and I feel bad but it looks honestly terrible. Her coords are lackluster, but the bigger problem is that she's so small the dresses just look like paper bags flopping around.

On the flip side, I just saw some girl on COF that had a cute coord but stuffed herself into cotton candy shop and it looks so uncomfortable and bad. her bust had to be at least 120 cm, I have no idea how she squeezed into it, but the poor dress looks like it's about to explode and she looks like Patrick star in a sausage casing.

IMO it varies, but if it doesn't fit or looks wonky af, it doesn't matter really on which side of the spectrum from CHONK to stick you fall.

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Looking at chibi and kawaii drawings, the legs are drawn pretty chubby. It can work if it fits i and the dress has enough skirt volume to look natural. Nothing looks worse than fat legs with a skirt that can't have any more poof over the fat because there's not enough fabric.

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>Looking at chibi and kawaii drawings, the legs are drawn pretty chubby

Because toddlers are chubby. But the same rule doesn't apply to adults or teenagers.

Being fat will always be ugly 100% of the time.

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since when are chibis toddlers?

>Being fat will always be ugly 100% of the time.

There's a whole-ass category of porn that disagrees with you anon. Fat is fine. Like any other body, some things look good and some thing's look bad

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Posting the qtest doll of planet earth.
She is very slim!

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Nice b8

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>people responding seriously to this scrote bait

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at least it's containing the weight wank

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Cotton candy shop fits up to a 130cm bust depending on the cut.

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How can one girl be so cute?

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Wow, what a unique opinion to have on a board that practically worships skellies. God, /cgl/ really has become fucking boring. Do OPs like this seriously not have anything better to do with their lives than to instigate fights between hamplanets and anachans?

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>Fat is fine
lol. no it is not. It is unhealthy.

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i bet you're one of the anon defending drugs kek

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Found the hambeast

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So you think fat is fine but drugs are bad?

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Both drugs and being fat are bad

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No it isn't. Just because a minority of the population jerks it to r/immobile doesn't mean it's fine. That's like saying anorexia is fine because some dudes are into ana chicks.

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both are unhealthy

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I love eating McDonald's cheeseburgers every day and shoving coke up my ass at the same time

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shut up and spread your legs

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omg ahahaha is that a *worksafe* plug? omg ahahhaa

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y...yes officer Cheeseburger McFatso..I'll spread 'em?

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Aw yeah let that butt coke drip on my tongue boy

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I think it’s an nsfw plug actually

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is that a porno cover or?

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Vintage "porn" for police otaku, actually.

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I'll have to take off my cola saturated bloomers first.

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I need context for this

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Nope. I own the fully shirred version and it's like 110 tops. And I know exatly who anon was referring to and yeah, sausage-kei

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in general wtf happened to cgl, there's so much trash in the mix

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Nope. Some of are just tired of seeing boobloafs and ita busted cans of biscuits. Fat is always ita.

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Why would you ever pose this way for a photo

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18 bloomered lolitas all wanting to get sucked
18 bloomered lolitas all wanting to get *fucked*

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And a partridge in a pear tree?

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this is so boring get new material

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Cry harder whalechan

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I stg I have whiplash from the constant cowtits vs ana chan insults between these clowns

for real. Maybe if we just shit this thread up it'll discourage them

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Paid good money for fancy bloomers, may as well show them off?

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This is the one true lolita

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It's like that JD pic

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Being fit isn't bad

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Yes it is unless you like being an infertile wrinkly raisin

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you do realize there is a large amount of wiggle room between elite 1% athlete with so little body fat that they stop menstruating and just a regular fit person, right

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Every fitspo chick looks like a chewed piece of gum. Wonder why? Could it be the constant stress you put on your body? Huuuuuh

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go on a jog once in a while, it'll clear your crazy head

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This is hilrious considering being overweight also puts constant stress on your body

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I do yoga like a real women. Instead of lifting weights like a testosterone ridden gorilla :) you should try it sometime, maybe without all that stress you're putting on your body you wouldn't be such a bitch :)

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and I am thin by the way, im not defending hamplanets, just not okay with looking like a prune :)

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It is not that hard to lose weight.
Just cut soda, drink a lot of water, cut carb and fat, eat vegetables and do some exercises.

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It's even easier than that.
You don't even have to excercise. You can eat McDonald's every day and lose weight as long as you're eating under your tdee. I wouldn't reccomend it though because nutrients and excercise are still important even if you're thin.

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>and I am thin by the way, im not defending hamplanets, just not okay with looking like a prune :)

If you are a girl, could you post a photo of your legs? If your legs are thin and pretty, and you are a girl with chromosome XX, I will fap to your photo. =D

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Wow, this girl looks like a real doll. Super cute.

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it's not that hard to not be a druggie
just don't do drugs

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She's a Turk. She was even feature on NHK World TV's Kawaii International the other day. She was casting little figures in resin and shit. Seems okay so no roach motel. She should leave turkland before those nuts burn her as a witch.

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It's not that hard to not be a slut
Just close your legs

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do your parents know you're a dirty whore that spreads her legs for fun?

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do people really care about other people this much lmao

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Yes. Stop forcing me to look at your boobloaf and stop stretching out brand. It looks like shit anyway. Stick to fatty brands like meta at least.

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cry more

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Feels good knowing as a male I look better in lolita than some beached whale of a female. I proudly display a huge set of Truck Nutz on the bumper of my ride as a symbol of scrotum pride.

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imagine being this bothered lol

fellow ana, get help

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where is this prune thing coming from anyway I literally do not understand
i've never heard this claim in my life

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You'll always look ugly and ita. Have fun with your boobloaf and cottage cheese thighs.

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