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Citing the pandemic (read:lockdowns) and high-risk and immunocompromised staff and attendees.

Not intetested in a virtual con after the borefest and numbfest that is otakon online.

Glorified livestreams is not a subsitute. Theres already a virtual convention, its called YouTube.

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in short ohayocon threw in the towel for a e-con even though there's a vaccine by late october.

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I literally thought this was a shitty ms paint drawing until I opened the full size image

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>there's a vaccine by late october.
"why yes, I do believe trump, a man who lies every single day"

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Ohayocon is pathetic.

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Take that BACK

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Bruh, even if Trump does produce a vaccine, you really think the dumbfuck who though injecting disinfectants had his people properly test it? Lolololol I'm not leaving my house

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Cite where he actually said to inject bleach faggot.

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You do realize there are countless people working on like 4 different vaccines right? Trump isn't the only one talking about it. I thought we were supposed to believe the science!!!!!!!1!!?1?1

On the actual topic, I expect that even after this is "over" it will still be a while before cons come back. The time it takes to put one together means that a bunch of them are going to wait until it's "safe" to plan. They aren't going to risk guessing, unless they are under a contract and would be out $$$ to cancel. And since people are still paranoid it's easier to get out of contracts, especially if you are in a state with more strict lockdown measures. My guess is we won't see cons really back in full swing until summer 2021.

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i'd like to know why so many people seem to think vaccines are 100% effective. none of them are... the flu vaccine is only like 50%. so yeah even with a vaccine it will take a long time to get back to normal

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