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>cons are all closed
>teens now start to loiter outside in cosplay while being loud

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Throw paint at them

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I wish it were me, but I don't have any cosplay friends to do it with.
Without cons, I've lost a major source of social interaction in my life.

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Tale as old as time bro.

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Same. Cons were pretty much my only hobby outside of home and where I made a good chunk of friends, so now I'm bored and lonely all the time like I was in my late teens/early 20s.

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y'all don't live in the shithole I live. My ex group took cosplay way to public even before corona

Street food festival ? Town fest ? Christmas market ? They were always there, and in their 20's too, even the black butler kiddie cosplay group were this into cosplay

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they've always done this. we had an issue with this at the big fancy mall that my local con is held at. homestuck cosplayers would have off season meets there and wreck the hotel.

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I guess I’m getting old or something but there’s nothing wrong with kids having some fun while dressed up weird, as long as they’re not vandalizing it’s fine isn’t it

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>The only positive outcome from this pandemic is that society will look into cosplay as some weird sexual fetish since there are no cons to support the dying hobby.

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There's nothing wrong with that desu, as long as you're not being loud and obnoxious. My friends and I would cosplay to events or go out on outings of our own, and people around us were pretty delighted to ask if we were in a play or something. It's all about how you carry yourself.

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