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How easy is it too alter the size of a Roland jacket in the vest area if I wanted to change the size, is it worth it or would it be too complicated?

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Depends, are you making it smaller or larger? Adding fabric is a real pain in the ass.

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Does anyone know a good place where I can get an old school bonnet like Momoko?

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I can suggest lab de Merveilles

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I would also reccomend them. I bought a plain white one and loved it; probably going to custom order pink or white ones with bunny ears next time.

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>lab de Merveilles
Thank you!

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Probably came from カチューシャ? A lot of Japanese listings now use both カチューシャ and KC in their titles

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Did MMM make a perfume atomizer as a novelty item? A seller on Frill posted a bunch of unopened novelties 15000+ and wrote that he "thought is was ___" but didnt want to unopen the ribbon for all of the items. One pastic cyclinder was described as an atomizer but I haven't found that they exist. He has since deleted all of the listing except for a mirror and its haunting me.

> help

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yup, KC is short for katyusha, the name of a character that wore a headband in Tolstoy's novel Resurrection.

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Where can I find a bunny suit that has like... actual structure to it?

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Larger, I guess my question is how much overlap does the vest portion have with the jacket, is it possible to move whatever's fastening it in?

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This is the jfashion thread, not the cosplay thread.
Even so, try looking up "bunny suit corset" or "corset body/bodysuit" Be prepared to custom commission it and pay a pretty penny, since all in one corsets are very fiddly to fit properly.

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Gotta love people blindly following glorious nippon. Headbow is an easy term that everyone can understand and nothing is wrong with it at all, but Japanese are using KC instead so westerners must copy that even though it makes no sense

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damn which japanese girl dumped you lol

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that's the official name/term, why are you so butthurt about it

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Here you go! I don’t have info about it but I probably bought the listing you are referring to. It also had a bear keychain with the listing

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Superbuy shipping is a bit confusing to me. Obviously everything gets sent individually to their warehouse but I guess you choose when to have them ship it out?
The thing is, some hairclips arrived at the warehouse and I checked to see how much shipping would cost to have them sent out and it's like 25-30 for some god damn hair clips, the only thing that is cheaper is "China Post Registered Mail", I've never heard anything about that shipping method. Is it any good?

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it makes perfect sense, unless you're one of those people trying to constantly insist that lolita and the russian novel are entirely independent.

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How are they not?
Genuinely wondering why you think differently. Unless this is just bait.

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Is there any way I can contact lacemarket mods outside of Facebook? I just got informed that the house that has some of my items I just sold or already have bids on them is under quarantine and I can’t go there, or anywhere for the next two weeks

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Good luck because they never fucking check that shit

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They answered my emails one and left me on read twice, I had to practically harass them to get them to verify my account. God LM mods are such shit.

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Well fuck. I hope my buyers are understanding then...

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They check it, they're just shit at actually handling the problems and doing mod things

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If someone isn’t understanding about that situation you can definitely dispute the feedback if they leave negative. Whoever would leave negative feedback for someone/a place under quarantine is a dumb cunt anyway

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Thank you so much anon! I'm glad you got it. That is very cool to see.

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If you're in the USA you can buy and fill out your package labels online and then schedule the usps to come pickup the boxes. I have done it in the past and its very convenient. Obv the buyers would want to keep the packages unopened for a few days due to the quarantine as well


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Thanks anon, this might end up helping with the items I have in my possession but the other items are with my boyfriends parents and they’re boomers who don’t know how to work a computer so I might not be able to get them to do it

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Do I need an aliepay account in order to buy directly from taobao? What's the best method, is it possible to avoid using an ss? I just want to buy lace and notions.

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is there any way to soften a synthetic hairpiece on arrival? all the google results say how to make synthetic hair soft "again", but mine is already not soft enough to start with. I got some to mix into my bun, and it's a great color match, but the synthetic hair is way more coarse than my natural hair and it makes it look too separate.

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Other than the obvious elements (e.g. crowns and sceptres) what design elements make a lolita outfit look 'regal' to you? I'm hoping to design a dress for a royal themed high tea but I'd settle for just adding some accessories or alterations to a premade main piece.

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You can try soaking it in fabric softener
Those little pearl chains, like the kind Baby uses a lot

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gold, lots of "blingy" jewelry, layers, jewel tones, also to me, elegant choker necklaces for some reason?

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An OTT dress. If your main piece isn't fancy enough already, you can try adding a blouse with large princess sleeves, a big underskirt to make the skirt bigger, and then depending on the print/design, an overdress, overskirt or peplum to add more detail on top as well.

Between an OTT dress, a crown and good grooming (suitable hairstyle, manicure), that's usually enough to carry the theme. If that and the scepter still isn't enough, you can try adding a cape, either with a stiff neck or trimmed with fur (avoid the ones with hoods, they look too traveller-like rather than royal).

Or. You could totally go the IW route and wear one of the their crown dresses (Charles, Felicia, Grazia, etc) along with their crown handbag. AP has Wonder Queen series, and AatP has Red Queen. If you're making your own, one of the OnS has a Red Queen coord that's pretty recogniseable. (There's also a Snow Queen in a different volume, but it's much less recogniseable than the red queen for some reason).

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Good materials from head to toe (no cheap accessories), jewels, pearls, elegant gloves, fur, big hair. Personal opinion: dresses with prints can sometimes ruin the “rich” feeling so be careful with the main piece you choose.

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I got neutral feedback for calling a headbow a headbow instead of a katyusha or valetta. Blame buyers on LM for this

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Seriously? What did they say? Everyone I know still calls them headbows, I had no idea it had become the standard term outside of brand websites.

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not bait, just imo there's just a bit too much coincidence of where Russian literature intersects with lolita fashion for it not to be connected. I could write a novel on this, and in fact, a PhD candidate did.

I agree here. Try to pick a main piece that's on a nice material as well. You can't go wrong with a nice jacquard or nice velvet as long as the color palette is tasteful and your sewing is up to snuff with a luxe look. Depending on the color scheme you're going for, a dress like rose museum or something similar might be a good choice. If you're on a budget, some of Krad Lanretes dresses might be a bit more affordable.

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I once got neutral feedback because a cow mismeasured her tits, then got pissy when I wouldn't give her a refund.

LM mods took weeks to resolve. I know they volunteer but christ they suck

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Do you happen to know the name of that novel anon? I'd be very interested to read it!

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They said the description was misleading, nothing terrible just stupid given that there were pics of both sides of the headbow

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It’s an interesting read and I think it has the most thorough examination of the origins. Not light reading, but I think it’s pretty clear that Lolita fashion is not a coincidence in neither its aesthetic nor its title but that the novel has a very different interpretation in Japanese society and it’s definitely worth the look.

“ The Lolita Complex: a Japanese fashion subculture and its paradoxes”

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nta but japanese people aren't illiterate morons. they knew exactly what lolita the book/movie was when they chose that name for the fashion.

>> No.10470572

I mean of course this would be the case. The term lolicon existed before the fashion, so it was already in the language, plus Japan really romanticizes this creepy shit.

>> No.10470578

Exactly. There’s always this weird low key racism of oh they couldn’t possibly have known! The poor ignorant Japanese with their janglish mishaps!

Lolita by Nabukov was extremely well received in Japan and was/is viewed even as being fairly progressive for its depiction of female sexuality. You really can’t bring western judgements into a culture that didn’t criminalize cp possession until 2012, currently has an age of consent of 13, and generally views female sexuality as a greater offense than male predators. I always wonder where these people think the term lolicon comes from...

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The age of consent at 13 thing is for people under 18, presumably so teenagers aren't criminals for having sex with their boyfriends and girlfriends.

You're generally correct though the Japanese are far more aware of their overt sexualization of women and younger/underage people than Japanophiles and weebs give them credit for. Lolita in its current form is not supposed to be related to the book but it would not surprise me that Japanese people would choose the name (especially since some people claim that it was men who initially coined the name though that is always up for debate) despite knowing the connection.

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Yes you need an Alipay account. Use a forwarding service for shipping.

>> No.10470822

Yes you need an Alipay account. Use a forwarding service for shipping.

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Was it a valetta then? Most people assume KC when you say headbow

>> No.10470913

Thanks anons this is really helpful. I have a while to put the coord together and this highlights that I should focus on good quality materials and carefully accessorizing.

>> No.10470992


Valetta would be nihongese for barette, though. Not a headbow.

>> No.10471123

That's the point, they may have felt mislead because they thought it was a headbow, not a barette. Still stupid given anon said there were pics of both sides.

>> No.10471128


Wow, it didn't even occur to me someone could interpret headbow = bow to attach to your head by any method, not necessarily a headband with a bow. That's an interesting point.

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How often does it happen where you've ordered something on taobao through a SS and turns out they're out of stock of what you ordered?
I ordered some cutsews that are taking a while to ship out to my SS's warehouse compare to everything else that's already arrived. Should I be worried?
The cutsews are so cute and I will die if they're out of stock

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will closet child lower the price of an item for customs or I shouldn't bother asking?

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I bought a btssb phone case and I'm not sure how to put my phone in it.
image for reference its not my image. the black rectangle in the middle is to move the phone up to take pictures so the case doesn't block the camera.

>> No.10471156

They won't

>> No.10471163

The black part should have a sticky part. See if there is something to peel

>> No.10471177

You’re right! Thank you!!

>> No.10471252

Where have you guys been finding cute face masks?

>> No.10471261

>will closet child lower the price of an item for customs or I shouldn't bother asking?

They won't and they'll be very annoyed you asked. In general, Japan is extremely strict on these things.

>> No.10471262

This happens to me a lot, or it turns out to be an MTO where it doesn't arrive at the warehouse for like 10 years.

>> No.10471275


>> No.10471276

It's most likely a pre order, which takes a month or two to be sent out

>> No.10471305

How long is Auspost to the US talking currently? I've been waiting three weeks

>> No.10471340

RoseMarie Seoir.

>> No.10471405

My proxy is telling me Japan Post Airmail small packet “often gets lost in transit”
Is this true? Or are they just bullshitting? I’ve only used SAL and I live in the EU, my order is pretty expensive.

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Is CP still the best place to go for an A line petticoat?

>> No.10471442

From what I've heard, no. They changed the fabric or something.

I mostly see recs for Aurora and Ariel.

>> No.10471443

I agree with this, the design changed since they used to be everyone’s go-to, so now they deflate really quick, I’d go to MLT or A&A

>> No.10471444

My recommendation for a petticoat is WunderWelt's. It's kind of a mix between a bell and A-line. I haven't bought from CP in two years, and last I heard, the quality went way down.

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What's the longest you've ever waited for Maiden Clothing to invoice you? I made an order last week and they still haven't got back to me after the order has been confirmed. Would I be fine to email them in English? I've never had to communicate with them before.

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/k/ here
what am I looking at

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When does the Closet Child site update with new items? I keep hearing about a massive surge of new items recently, but I've never really seen anything new on there in weeks. Are new items selling that fast or am I losing my mind?

>> No.10471459

Is this solely for larger companies? My shopping service marks down without asking me. The first time I ordered I actually filled out the whole waybill with an itemized list for them lol, they just marked it as a gift instead.

>> No.10471462

I thought you could just pay by credit card? I've never had to wait for an invoice, so I'm not sure.

I've communicated with them in English before, but try to keep it as simple as possible.

>> No.10471488

Updates are Wednesday’s and Friday’s according to their site, but yeah stuff just sells out crazy fast

>> No.10471494

a purse

>> No.10471500

Does anyone have a link to the knockoff ribbon chocolate fabric from spoon flower forever ago?
Or any of the cgl spoonflower fabric?
I need to make some new pillows, my puppy decided Derpy-Chan pillows looked delicious.

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How is the British Crown OP in terms of shoulders? I fit everywhere else perfectly, but my shoulders are 40cm and the dress is 36cm.Should I give up, or live my kawaii linebacker dreams?

>> No.10471541

Any recs on western brands to stock up on blouses from?

I have long arms and basically all jp brands hit me at 3/4 or 3 inches away from my wrist and tug a lot. I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet and just look for normie tops but I'd rather invest in something atleast jfashion adjacent. Been eyeing stuff from lolita collective but wondering if it's worth it

>> No.10471548

Have you tried Lovely maxi's blouses? Honestly, Ive found that most western brands are only interested in dresses/skirts. I don't want to say you're better off learning how to modify blouses, but yeah, you're better off learning how to modify blouses.

Good luck!

>> No.10471551

I got a Jewelry Jelly OP with a smallish stain on the side, and it didn't come out with my normal delicates cycle/cold water/gentle soap wash. All my other dresses, if they had staining at all, were easily dealt with with a single wash. I don't want to mess up the print or the glitter since JJ is so prone to discoloration, what should I do?

>> No.10471554

Airmail small packet has restrictions on the size, weight and cost of the item you are sending. Even if your item is small, If it is expensive they are likely trying to persuade you to go for a method that will allow for insurance instead.

>> No.10471584

I've never heard of them, do you have a link? I've considered custom sizing from taobao and fanplusfriend as well lol I'll have to experiment

>> No.10471596


Off. 4cm is really bad. If you look at IW you'll notice the difference between shoulder widths for S, M, L blouses are only 1cm apart. So we're talking about you being XL size fitting into an S size blouse.

If you're really skelly thin you can attempt it, but if all your other measurements are off, you'll probably suffer. The shoulder width is going to try and pull the sleeves across your shoulders even when you have your arms down.

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File: 107 KB, 1795x541, tophaikei20180316-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Does anyone own Dolly Cat in sax? Is the sax more purple-y than true sax? It always looks so lavendar-ish in photos.

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File: 34 KB, 297x333, Screenshot_20200910-231747_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this dress? I know its btssb obvi but what is the print?

>> No.10471642

Kumya's Glitter Milky Way

>> No.10471661

I haven't purchased from Angelic Pretty's Japanese site since 2016, and they now require a billing address. How do I put in my US address if I can't change the country/address format?

>> No.10471663

They don’t ship overseas.

>> No.10471670

I have my packages sent through Tenso.

>> No.10471756

Oh damn. Thats a pity. Thank you for the advice though. Ill hunt for the jsk instead.

>> No.10471759 [DELETED] 

Is that a *worksafe* plug? AHAHAHAHA xD

>> No.10471770 [DELETED] 

Is that a *worksafe* plug? AHAHAHAHA xD

>> No.10471805 [DELETED] 

Has anyone ever turned an op into a jsk?
I really want this particular print but can only find it as an op, and I dislike ops due to the lack of versatility, I can't sew though. Is this something I could get a seamstress to do?

>> No.10471807

Most probably a seamstress will be able to do it
which dress is it?

>> No.10471827

Polairewoods did an amazing jsk transformation on one of her Bodyline JSKs, if I remember correctly

>> No.10471829

*bodyline OP, I meant — it was that oldschool-ish velveteen one

>> No.10471879

Where do you guys get your wigs? is GLW Still bad or? looking for thicker wigs btw.

>> No.10471912

What color is the stain? Yellow, black, or colored (like blue, purple, red). Can you upload a pic?

>> No.10471940
File: 96 KB, 500x600, AP_CandyRibbonStripeCrewLengthSocks_Sax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I own it. It's a unique sax color for sure, but not lavender. It matches these.

>> No.10471999

Hi gulls, long time no see. I’m looking to get back into the fashion but I guess everything is on Facebook now and I have no idea where to really get started — anyone got decent advice for an old timer? I’ve requested to join Closet of Frills (which I’ve been told is the new Daily Lolita) and also Rufflechat and Lolita Updates. Beyond that, I’ve no idea where the community lives and I want to feel the old thrill of chat and gossip! Seeing BTB so dead made me kinda sad, though I guess it’s cute that people still use it even though LJ days are long gone. Anyway, thanks in advance!

>> No.10472004

You won't get the thrill of gossip on FB, that's for sure

>> No.10472026

Wow you're the best, thanks so much! I'll order soon

>> No.10472027

you can find lots of coords on instagram, try searching for the brands and their tags and find people to follow that way. it's not really a place for discussion though.

>> No.10472037

Fellow oldfag here. Anon, our days are over. I wish I could get a Discord server going for those of us who miss the Daily Lolita days but people our age don't seem to use Discord and I'm not sure what they DO use. It's true that there's lots of pictures on Instagram, but it's VERY difficult to connect to the community through either Insta OR Facebook, I've found.

I'm irishrover#5040 on Discord in case any other oldfags are interested in lonelita friends

>> No.10472038

So, with Japonica not taking new customers, I’ve been trying to find a SS that’ll let me buy off Fril.
So far, Zenmarket won’t and Buyee won’t. I’ve missed two pieces I wanted from lack of a SS plz help me i’m brainlet

>> No.10472178

I've got a black cotton JSK with white lace with some light stains on the lace. What would be the best way of removing them? Or should I just get it drycleaned?
Ps. am eurofag if you want to suggest specific products

>> No.10472254

Try Vanish. Put the mixture just onto the lace.
If you can, remove the lace, wash it separately and sew back.

>> No.10472262


>> No.10472281

Why do people place bids so early and not just wait until the last day to go all out?

>> No.10472282


Some people just know how much they want to pay. And some people do both. Put their max early but also stalk the listing the last day in case anyone outbids them.

>> No.10472283


Does it really make much of a difference? Everyone will bid what what they want to bid eventually before the auction is over.

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File: 162 KB, 501x584, a8386cda-e208-5b5e-837e-c2ddb5f7adb4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lost a button on my Dozing Cat OP, what do I do? Should I contact Meta and see if they can help? Or is there a store on aliexpress/taobao/etc. that you guys recommend with similar buttons.

>> No.10472451

Are there not buttons sewed on the inside tag? Or somewhere inside the dress

>> No.10472457

Surprisingly not? I've looked all over, the tag was on the outside and I've flipped the dress inside out, no spare buttons.

>> No.10472460

Lol... oh anon.

>> No.10472504

Transplant the topmost button to the place where you lost the button, sew a plain white button in the topmost button hole, and then pin the bow so that it covers the white button? If I couldn't find the same button, that's what I would do.

>> No.10472516

I really wanna try dipping my toes into mori, where should I post on /cgl if I want concrit?
well blur my face out to prevent bullying/derailing yada yada

>> No.10472533


>> No.10472534

You might want to check ebay and etsy for matching buttons in addition to aliexpress/taobao

>> No.10472541

How can Americans buy from AP Paris?

>> No.10472545


>> No.10472551 [DELETED] 

But how? I don't see an option to put Murrica as my country for the address

>> No.10472565

I was wondering if it was something /cgl/ because of the rest of the outfit

>> No.10472581

post the full pic if you have it

>> No.10472589
File: 172 KB, 257x517, Untitled 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

didn't want to post it because it feels like a fucking creepshot (which it is)
it was mostly the hair that stood out, if it wasn't for that and the purse I wouldn't have thought anything about the outfit

>> No.10472591

This appears to be either an art teacher or a homeless woman

>> No.10472596

what made you come here to ask instead of /fa/? is this supposed to be jfash??

>> No.10472599

none of this is jfash, but it's a tapestry vanity bag

>> No.10472719


The spare button might be in a plastic bag on the same tie as the paper price tag, if you still have that. Some of my Meta came that way.

If you can't find a replacement, I'd just go ahead and replace all of the buttons with a different set that you like, to be honest. Less of a headache trying to find exact button matches.

>> No.10472740
File: 71 KB, 400x600, F9D85106-1FE5-4B0C-B426-F92032834B55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does the dress in the pic look overstuffed or what? Just got the dress and I'm not sure if I should go for less poof than in the promo image or not.

>> No.10472741
File: 46 KB, 400x600, 1302657ee3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's another image with the same dress and poof level.

>> No.10472775
File: 832 KB, 1536x2048, EWIKpTFVcAEj8ii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anybody ID this blouse? Would love an ID on the flower collar if it's not part of the blouse as well.

>> No.10472788

Just a shitty taobao blouse for poorfags

>> No.10472795

It looks a little on the stuffed side, but still fine. Ultimately, how much poof you wear is completely up to you. Just keep in mind that you want a discernable difference in size between your waist and the hem of the skirt but you don't want the hem of the skirt to be fully stretched out over the petticoat.

>> No.10472807

Thanks for the advice, anon.

>> No.10472811

most people have to pay rent, brandwhore

>> No.10472831

Am I over sensitive or is it generally considered rude to pm someone and ask what the lowest possible price would be?

I’ve relisted an item several times, but I’m not in any hurry to sell it and I guess with the sweet resurgence people are interested but I’ve gotten like 6 messages from people asking literally “what’s the lowest you can accept?”. Maybe I went to the wrong school of negotiating but I feel it’s a little rude to be so curt and openly cheap about it.

>> No.10472833 [DELETED] 

If you have the “make me an offer” option open then eh... annoying but whatever. If you don’t have it open then they’re a bunch of sniveling poorfags

>> No.10472834

Also, my price isn’t particularly high either? And the jsk is in very good condition with the kc included.

>> No.10472835

I never have the make me an offer option, since I was frequently offered less than a third of my asking price.

>> No.10472836 [DELETED] 

Then yes, that’s rude as fuck

>> No.10472846

I don’t know if you’re still around or if you already know about this but the dress is up for reservation until 9/30!

>> No.10472848

Yes, it's extremely rude but people do it all the time anyway. Either ignore them or respond with the listed asking price.

>> No.10472890

I responded to one of these, offered a discount, and when they requested the s&h they balked, it was crazy low! Never again. It's best just to deal with someone who's actually willing to commit, way less trouble.

>> No.10472915

If a seller has the ‘make an offer’ option on a LM but it now listing ,as a seller what is an acceptable offer .

I’m assuming if you have this option on your BIN listing that you’re ok with discounting ?

>> No.10472917

What happened to the cringy "lolita, fairy kei..." Facebook group? I can't seem to find it. Am I banned or is it gone?

>> No.10472946

Sorry this isn't EXACTLY j-fashion related but I don't wanna make a new thread and the ear general seems to have disappeared. I'd like to buy a pair of simple realistic cat ears in dark brown and/or white, any recommendations?

>> No.10473008

I usually offer 75-80% of the original price, depending on the value, and rounded to the nearest $5.

>> No.10473025

They changed the name of the group. I can't remember what it was changed to.

>> No.10473027

For me, I would never ask for more than 20% off. Never. For an item that costs $325, I might offer 300 and free shipping, and same day payment.

>> No.10473031

Generally speaking, offering less than 50% is considered insultingly low, but in lolita, I wouldn't expect more than 10-15% off.

>> No.10473032

Are you thinking of jfashion international (pretty dead) or kei club (fka confetti club, previously Pixielocks shilling group now it's Ota-Q shilling group)

>> No.10473038

I'm searching for a SS suggestion for Xianyu to buy a high priced dress. Suggestions for communicative or quick responding SS? I'm open to using a higher priced SS if it is worth it for Xianyu. It will be my first time ordering from there so I'm open to suggestions for the best option

>> No.10473069

I'm not sure why you replied to me.

>> No.10473075

It's been over 40 days since my packages shipped out of FromJapan's warehouse. I used surface mail, should I be worried or is this normal? (I did untracked because I'm a cheapskate, never again.)

>> No.10473083

Normal no worries. It will take maybe 2 months depending on your location. I'm in the usa and it took me a two months and a week to get something via surface but it was cheap so i didn't much care. It really is worth paying double for the faster shipping just to have peace of mind.

>> No.10473180

Thank you so much! Will definitely pay the extra next time.

>> No.10473229

Has anyone ever had to pay 100€/£100+ in customs? I nearly had a heart attack when I read the letter, I can’t believe the charges are so high?

>> No.10473279

Does BTSSB typically have bloodbaths like Angelic Pretty? How many days does it typically take for a new release to reach the US store? And do dresses with usakumya and kumakumya ever stay in stock after the reservation period is over?

I've never bought from BTSSB before, so I just want to get a general idea of what's it's like for the future.

>> No.10473284
File: 28 KB, 600x900, 08702AE6-6041-4374-A5F6-0E24CCDA8270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recommendations on where to find a blouse in this color?

>> No.10473292


They have bloodbaths, but typically if a dress sells out in minutes btssb is pretty good about anouncing a second wave, just the delivery date will be later than the first wave. If that sells out as well, keep a hawkeye on their announcements page, sometimes they'll announce they restocked it out of the blue as well.

Only applies if it's a true bloodbath that sells out in minutes, and typically only the colourway that sold out the fastest gets a second wave. So I still wouldn't sit on things if you're after a less popular dress, there's a chance it gets sold out slow enough that it doesn't get a second wave/restock but still sold out faster than you can buy it.

>> No.10473293

not the cheapest but i like it

>> No.10473304

the amount of shoop on that jawline kills me

>> No.10473305

just let them know what the price is and move on. rude buyers will be rude till the end of time

>> No.10473310

yep it hurts like hell,
but unfortunately there is nothing you can do.
if you sent it back the seller is notified that it was a custom thing and they have the right not to refund you.
Be prepared next time, find the (monetary) limit that your country has for packages from other continents and either ask the sellers/ shopping services to lower the value
or buy cheaper things.

>> No.10473387

Ah okay! Thank you for all of that useful information!

With that, I think just this one time I'll reserve with an ss, then just peek at how things fast things go. With this new series that's been announced, I actually like a bunch of the accessories, and I wouldn't want to miss out on them since I typically end up liking the most popular colourway of things.

>> No.10473393

What’s a good SS for Xianyu? I always have trouble when using Superbuy.

>> No.10473426

Tenshi hasn’t been able to get me anything from AP the last 5 times I sent a request. The last time I asked her for something it sounds like she didn’t even reply and sent me a message literally days after the scheduled release. Who is an SS that I can use that isn’t Muuh or Mintkisment?

>> No.10473429


Is it because you've been requesting these more recent limited release items?

She is always able to get me what I have asked for and though there's been a slight delay due to COVID shopping keeping her super busy it's always in a timely manner.

>> No.10473443

she had a vacation recently, so that may explain the delay

>> No.10473449

None of the items I requested were limited, and after 5 times I’m not going to the hassle of setting myself up for disappointment anymore. Plus this last instance she plain stated she never even tried.

>> No.10473452


Aww dang; I've always had great experiences with Tenshi but if you're not enjoying it definitely go for another service! I don't like mintkismet or muuh and can't think of any others to reccomend though sadly.

>> No.10473453
File: 430 KB, 1448x2048, 1599797434180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone posted this sdl dress in another thread, but I thought this brand was dead? Does anyone have a link to their current shop?

>> No.10473534

Is it possible to Konmari fold ruffly cutsews?

>> No.10473563

taobao is your best bet, since they tend to do weird colours. I think you could also commission an indie brand? iirc The Black Ribbon did a custom something for someone to match their fluevogs

>> No.10473733 [DELETED] 

How to keep screen printed shirts looking fresh?

>> No.10473784


>> No.10473810

Is it possible to buy from Antaina without a shopping service?

>> No.10473834
File: 263 KB, 468x561, Screenshot_2020-09-14 (129) Pinterest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do these kind of socks feel like? Are they like regular socks or are these like tights material?

>> No.10473836

They're thick-ish tights material. The colors get a bit washed out from stretching around your legs when you wear them, but the severity depends on your dimensions.

>> No.10473837

Yes buy it directly from them and pay with Alipay then ship it to Taobao's warehouses.

>> No.10473840 [DELETED] 

That only happens if you’re fat

>> No.10473842

Any amount of stretching is going to "dilute" the colors because they are screen-printed. You don't have to be fat, just three-dimensional.

>> No.10473849

Do they have a site or the order is made via email?

>> No.10473904

Order from their taobao site. The link is in the taobao shop spreadsheet. >>10461215

>> No.10473907

Or tall

>> No.10473958

If I order items from CC that are coming from different store locations do they also charge me domestic shipping for each location?

>> No.10473977

No, the only shipping charge is what you pay at checkout.

>> No.10473981

What will the shipping options be to the US if you’re using Buyee? DHL?

>> No.10474104

How hard is it to find metamorphose magical artefact secondhand? I know it keeps popping up with rereleases, but it always happens after I purchase a different dream dress. Not sure if I should try to use some savings for this release or just shake off the anxiety and purchase it when things are more stable.

>> No.10474210

Sorry to be a bother, but I really would just like to know these things before I go through with the SS. With BTSSB bloodbaths, if I were able to check out in under 1 minute or within the 2 minute range on the US site, is there I high chance I'd be safe? I'm used to things disappearing in seconds on the AP site.

And do reservations work just like normal check-out? And can you make an account on the US site? All I'm seeing is the log-in option and nothing about registering, unless I'm looking at the wrong place.

>> No.10474211

And how many days after the JP release does it appear on the US website? (Forgot to add that in there)

>> No.10474545

I’m in the US and had my SS (FromJapan) ship a package with items worth over $800 via FedEx and I stupidly checked “mark as gift” to see what would happen. When it got to my local Fedex I received an email that said the description of items weren’t sufficient so I contacted my SS and they said that they needed manufacturers’ names and addresses of all textiles and whether they were knit or woven. So I just used the stores’ addresses and guessed if they were knit or woven. I sent the info back to my SS so they could send it to Fedex. I didn’t hear anything for a week until I checked the tracking and it said the package was going back to the sender.

How long should it take for my SS to receive it? Also I know I was dumb for marking it as gift, but is that why the problem occurred? This has never happened before.

>> No.10474571

Does anyone know the sizing for the latest (MTO?) Fantasic Dolly High Waist? I know there’s an entry in Lolibrary but that’s for the original, cotton, 2010 version, and I don’t think they have the recent one up there.

>> No.10474573

Has anyone tried to use that clip thing that holds your bangs so you can trim them on a wig? I’m fucking awful at cutting my own bangs and I can’t afford to butcher another wig

>> No.10474578

I don't know why they would even let you ship it Fedex in the first place. I tried to ship some lolita and a pair of eyeglasses via Fedex and my SS sent me a lengthy message encouraging me to choose a different shopping method. They said US customs needs paperwork from the manufacturer about these items. If the paperwork isn't there or doesn't meet US customs standards it gets shipped back. UPS will do the same thing to you. If you can get it re-shipped as DHL that's probably your best bet since EMS is frozen.

>> No.10474590 [DELETED] 

Is EMS okay if you aren't in a hurry to get your things? What about SAL?
I'm willing to wait a month or two for my items

>> No.10474610 [DELETED] 

Is 5'5 too tall for lolita

>> No.10474611

Last time I ordered SAL was pre-covid and it still took like 3 months JP-Europe

>> No.10474619

EMS isn't slow. It takes like 3 days to get from Japan to here in Canada.

>> No.10474631

Thanks. I used Fedex lots of times this Summer and that’s the first time it happened. I’ll just use DHL from now on.

>> No.10474636


Sorry, anon, I'm non American. That's why I only answered about bloodbaths.

As for checking out, btssb (jp store) is usually easier than AP, once the item is in your cart it rarely falls out, unlike AP where you can get booted back to the cart halfway through checkout if an item falls out of the cart.

>> No.10474649 [DELETED] 

Where can I find pink and white or purple and white striped thigh highs that don't slip down? I have small thighs so..

>> No.10474653 [DELETED] 

Is fairy kei dead or something?

Every time I look at the tag on insta or tumblr I can't seem to find any outfits. Where do I look for it?

>> No.10474654

maybe gat that spray on glue that makes garments stick on

>> No.10474669 [DELETED] 

Work s a f e p l u g

>> No.10474673

Fairy kei discord

>> No.10474674

Wtf why questions got deleted?

>> No.10474675

Ah okay! That's at least nice to know stuff will rarely fall out of the cart!

>> No.10474676

Fuck off

>> No.10474699

Are the angelic imprint shoes that are onsale on aliexpress real or replicas?

>> No.10474700 [DELETED] 

Omg ahahaha is that a worksafe plug? Omg ahahha xD

>> No.10474744

Can anyone recommend a good underskirt? I'm on the taller side (5'8" or 172cm) and I need something to bridge the 6 inch gap between my dress hem and my knees. I wear gothic.

>> No.10474745 [DELETED] 

Omg ahahaha is that an nsfw plug? Omg ahahha xD

>> No.10474746


>> No.10474765

Lady Sloth black chiffon underskirt works surprising well with most dresses, if you own more cotton dresses you’ll need to customize one somewhere, there aren’t many good cotton underskirt out there

>> No.10474804

Do you think it is worth selling unpopular taobao socks and accessoires and similar stuff? I also have a lot of handmade headpieces and I felt bad if I just threw them away. They are not ita tier but not elaborate either. Creating listings is a hassle and shipping might be more expensive than the item itself.

>> No.10474807

You could sell them grouped by color

>> No.10474810

Also, I forgot to say, you can do a set price like $5 for the shipping and then make the item price an auction starting at $1. Surely someone will bid at least $1, and if no one does then you can throw out the items with a clear consience.

>> No.10474821

it's only showed up on lacemarket once ever. it's basically impossible to find.

>> No.10474872

I usually sell stuff like that in groups or include it with another purchase

>> No.10474967

i’m looking for accessories so please email me!

>> No.10474975

thanks anon!

>> No.10475029

How often do people back out of LM sales?

>> No.10475213

I send stuff like that as freebies when people buy my other stuff. I think it's better than giving it to Goodwill or something.

>> No.10475297

Wash inside out, hang dry, try not to crease the print if you store them folded

>> No.10475476

How do you use Meta’s inquiry form? Do you need to fill one out for each item you want, or do you just list all the stuff you want in the box? I’m kinda confused

>> No.10475502

I’ve received a few pairs of socks and taobao headbows this way, I always think it’s really lovely

>> No.10475583

How would I go about cleaning corduroy? I wanted to sell my milky fawn corduroy jsk and I realized that there is a couple of stains on the dress what's the best way to get it out

>> No.10475616

Thoughts on cute casual/daily lolita being posted to CoF? Do you like it or is CoF better if it’s just for people’s absolute best coords?

>> No.10475630

>milky fawn corduroy jsk
Its im possible to answer that without knowing what made the stains.

Honestly if you think youre going to destroy it by trying to clean it then list it for sale with the damages and youll likely still get a high price for it considering the demand for that item at the moment. Just be honest that it has stains and you're inexperienced with cleaning that fabric type.

>> No.10475632

Second this, I would just sell it anyway

>> No.10475862 [DELETED] 

Is 5'5 too tall for AP mini skirts?

>> No.10475870

I'm 167cm and wear their mini skirts with no problem (they're still fine even though the skirt sits just under waist rather than hips), I wouldn't wear any of their notoriously short pieces though

>> No.10475871

No, I've owned a few and I'm 5'8"

>> No.10475872 [DELETED] 

That's good to know. Do you wear shorts or bloomers underneath?

>> No.10475875

I really want to get the new AP release but I don’t know the first thing about shopping services. What would be a good one to get in contact with?

>> No.10475879

Yeah but I do that with most skirts, even normie ones.

>> No.10475891

Has anyone ever gotten a wig commissioned for lolita? If so, who did you go to?

>> No.10475898

How long are your legs and how large are your hips? If you're a short torso/long legged person, particularly if you have larger hips then they are likely to ride up and be very miniskirt on you. I've only seen long-legged skinny folk look good in that situation.

>> No.10475907 [DELETED] 

I have like 36 in hips and short ass legs...

>> No.10475909 [DELETED] 

I have 36 in hips and short ass legs

>> No.10476169 [DELETED] 

I'm looking for those big pompom earrings that are often used in fairy kei but also sweet lolita. I can never seem to find the right ones, they're either the wrong material or too small. Does anyone have a link for some cute big pink ones?

>> No.10476202

The new release for this weekend? If so, possibly contact Tenshi Shop or Mint Kismet? I know some of the accessories for them are pretty full, but possibly the not the dresses themselves? You cam go for the main pieces with them if that's all that's leftover, then you can try to get the accessories yourself from whichever store is closest to youself (Paris or USA)

>> No.10476203

Oh yeah, and forget to add, there's also Mr. Muuh as an SS

>> No.10476258

stupid question, but this is the stupid questions thread. I'm updating my digital wardrobe, but idk how I should categorize my bustier. blouses? dresses/skirts/main pieces? outerwear? should I just make a new folder???

>> No.10476260

I file it under the same place as my capelets and boleros, if that helps

>> No.10476270

Is Innocent World shipping overseas?

>> No.10476275

yes, through dhl iirc

>> No.10476287
File: 44 KB, 481x640, 55498714_1187812744733124_7905261064932032512_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When it comes to buying and trying things on in brand shops, how does it actually work? Whenever I see pictures of Angelic Pretty stores, they only have one of each item, so how do you buy it? I've always been too much of a tard to understand boutiques

>> No.10476293

They keep extra socks and accessories in the drawers. Not sure about main pieces

>> No.10476298

Sometimes they have them in the back but usually they sell you what’s on display.

>> No.10476308

With brand they could have more tucked away somewhere but it could also be the only item. Either way, it's fine to grab the display item and take it to the register. It's up to the shop people to put another one out for display.

>> No.10476319

Its very jarring to see the new FB communities for me because some topics or people get bumped up and nothing is chronological. I also miss the discussion! To me the fashion seemed more archived when there was an LJ post for every new release or topic. I mostly use /cgl for discussion but keep track of news through rufflechat, lolita updates and chinese lolita updates

Not OP but I saved your info anon. I need to figure out how to use Discord and get more involved. There seem to be a lot of private or local based oldlita discords but I haven't used any of them enough to share links

>> No.10476321

I've considered placing an early bid because then *allegedly* the seller couldn't take down the auction or sell it via PM. It basically secured that the bidding would go through. However, there was a recent auction for a milky planet brooch when the seller sold via PM during bidding and then had the buyer bid huge numbers on the auction to stop other bidders from participating. That fucked me up so now I hesitate to place early bids at all.

>> No.10476326

I highly recommend dyeing your own blouse. Buy a pretty one in cotton with limited synthetic lace and use a formula from the Rit website:

Its addictive and easier than you may think if you follow the directions exactly. You can dye some socks or a beret at the same time and make a full coordinate!

>> No.10476331
File: 1 KB, 64x51, s-l64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what you mean by wrong material but I'm assuming you dont want the yarn pompoms? You can have a lot of luck for something like that on ebay, amazon, basic shops


>> No.10476333

Absolute noob question, but how do you know when brands are about do a release/pre-order? Following them on SM? Signing up for an e-mail list? Just checking their websites frequently?

>> No.10476358

Nayrt but I agree with your suggestion. Dyeing is fun!

Just a heads up for anyone who hasn’t done this before: Even items that are marked as 100% cotton sometimes use synthetic thread which stays white. Proceed with caution.

Also, if anyone’s a eurofag/germanfag try Simplicol intensiv dye, they also have a color mixer on their website

>> No.10476374

I just thought about this and I don't know where to ask it but here is my question:

Are there any mentionable deaths in the lolita community?
Like a popular lolita dying due to an accident or one committing suicide due to bullying?

No names just stories if you know anything. I was thinking about that since some say that some efame anachan is slowly dying/killing herself

>> No.10476377


I know several people (none personally) who died quite young but unknown if they committed suicide or not. A lot of them were chronically ill too so it could have been due to illness.

There is that one lolita who was apparently bullied to death here people keep bringing up but I don't know much other detail.

There was also a lolita who was stalked and killed (unrelated to cgl)

>> No.10476379

IIRC, a lolibrary mod died and had a Hello Kitty tombstone which got memed, and there was the girl who did good wa coords

>> No.10476381

Oh yeah, that was the girl who was attacked by a total random stranger

>> No.10476384


What's the story behind the attack/murder? I always worry about getting harassed in lolita but that's fucking chilling

>> No.10476385

Don't forget about the lolita who knifed a bunch of people at her high school

>> No.10476386

iirc she wasn't wearing lolita at the time, but she was waiting at a bus stop and got stabbed

>> No.10476387

Don't remember if she was a lolita or a general j-fashion person, but the girl who took too much acid, jumped out of a window, and died

>> No.10476388

It was done at random, however the man who did it claimed that he was intending to murder for a while. He was a previous sex offender/rapist, and one day saw the victim talking to some birds, in which he decided to stab her because she reminded him of snow white. Here's a full article if you're interested, it really is tragic, and could've been prevented if the law forces did their job properly https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6420037/Years-EVIL-killer-Sean-Price-butchered-17-year-old-Masa-Vukotic-haunts-nation.html

>> No.10476389

This was horrifying to read. Poor girl was just at the wrong time at the wrong place

>> No.10476390

Holy shit, awful.

>> No.10476393

That sounds wild anon. Do you have more about this story it sounds crazy

>> No.10476396

Hasn't that girl who made that infamous viral video with her 7 macbooks killed herself?

>> No.10476403
File: 336 KB, 1125x828, 637CE94E-70EC-4A1B-B0C3-26D8FEBD0278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found this tweet about her suicide

>> No.10476451

That's kind of the end of the story, I think she was a lolita and raver iirc

she was also butt-naked for some reason when she fell and died

>> No.10476455


Same; that's why I do it but sometimes things still don't work out.

Tbh though if a seller accepts offers and no one has bid, the seller may just accept the first reasonable offer so people who want it badly should at least place a small bid early. I've had sellers let me purchase for the starting bid price as long as I paid immediately because no one bid in the first few hours of the auction being listed. A seller can't know people are interested unless they bid. Number of watchers on a listing means nothing.

>> No.10476456 [DELETED] 

Yeah you're clearly making this shit up. Nice try though.

>> No.10476459

Nope! it actually happened.
There's some things in the archives but I'm not nailing down the "right" keywords to find the full story.

>involves a lolita getting really high and jumping from the window

>but that last girl that died (I think fell out of a hotel window?) there were drama threads for weeks.
>there were rumours from the start that she was high off her nut at the time that she died.
>not many people knew who she was and no official statement was made anywhere, which meant that there was less attachment to her/guilt over gossiping about her

>> No.10476460

It wasn't just a mod, it was one of the founders of Lolibrary itself. It was really sad.

>> No.10476461 [DELETED] 

CGL archives aren't a source. This is literally just hearsay. I've heard the "my friends' cousin's best friends' boyfriend too too much acid and jumped out of window" at least 5 times to believe that it's real.

>> No.10476479

I was around when it happened - the incident was being discussed in the same thread at the Lolibrary founder who died, and pops up multiple different/unrelated threads in the archives. It's kind of difficult to find a news article of someone that fell out of window and died from over 7 years ago.

>> No.10476482

do i need a shopping service to buy from AP's Japanese web shop?

>> No.10476491
File: 51 KB, 400x266, 1368387981658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go. From the archives.


>> No.10476499

You need a Tenso address so AP can ship domestically to them and then Tenso handle the international shipping

>> No.10476500

omg cgl I forgot about her. I remember having a huge crush on her months before she died. She wore lolita once or twice but the photos I had are probably lost

>> No.10476502 [DELETED] 

God i hate scrotes. "Omg she died, i had a boner for her once"
Fuck off

>> No.10476506

wow holy shit. that’s a face i haven’t seen in a LONG time.

>> No.10476513

It's been over 8 years. Forgot it happened on her birthday too, that sucks. Don't do acid, kids.

>> No.10476520

why do druggies get so defensive? did your parents really never teach you that drugs are bad. there's mountains of evidence.

>> No.10476525 [DELETED] 

More like dont take 10 hits of acid at once and then expect to be fine

>> No.10476527 [DELETED] 

Fuck off retarded bpdchan. I know it's you. Nothing you say is intelligent or worth listening to. Kill yourself already

>> No.10476530 [DELETED] 

do you call your mom before you have sex with someone to ask if she approves? Sounds fun.

>> No.10476531

Acid's a relatively safe drug when taken in a responsible setting, and a lot of those "jumped out of a window" stories implicated multiple other drugs in the victim's system; lsd just gets played up in the news because it's sensational to boomers and gets clicks. If we're talking freak accident to drug consumption ratio, never drink alcohol.

"Drug" is such a huge category comprising everything from painkillers to caffeine to heroin. Lumping them all together is the height of blind stupidity. If we want to talk mountains of evidence, let's talk about the mountains of evidence that psilocybin is completely harmless and highly medically significant and yet it continues to be treated as a dangerous substance.

>> No.10476533 [DELETED] 

It's akin to telling people they should never have a glass of wine or drink with friends because drunk driving accidents happen.
Don't be stupid about it and you'll be fine.

>> No.10476534

"According to a new poll released Monday, 52 percent of Americans over 18 have tried marijuana at some point in their lives. The survey conducted by Yahoo News and Marist Poll found that not only have most adults in the U.S. smoked pot, 44 percent of those who tried it once still use it today.


Despite marijuana still being federally classified as a dangerous Schedule I drug, on par with heroin, American attitudes toward the drug have changed over time. The Yahoo-Marist poll found that, out of the respondents who have tried pot at some point, 65 percent are parents. In fact, people who are current marijuana users are slightly more likely to be parents, at 51 percent."

Joke's on you, the parents are the ones doing pot.

>> No.10476535

no but i might think about her before doing things which are both illegal and stupid and would bring shame to my entire family

>> No.10476536 [DELETED] 

muh western civilization is being destroyed!

>> No.10476537 [DELETED] 

Don't you have anything better to do like cry because you're an asexual freak?

>> No.10476538

ayrt fwiw I'm not against drugs, "Don't do acid, kids" is tongue-in-cheek, considering this girl died in such an embarrassing and preventable way

>> No.10476539

we're talking about acid... do you not know how to read

>> No.10476540

Ah OK.

Yes, but I've seen you posting here before about how the evil weed is going to bring dishonor to your family or whatever.

>> No.10476541 [DELETED] 

Anon was talking about all drugs not just acid, idiot. Weed is a psychedelic like acid and both are harmless as long as you're not acting like a retarded druggie taking 50 hits of it and expecting to have a chill night.

>> No.10476542

i have no idea who you're assuming me to be but ok? you really think a conservative fashion doesn't have multiple conservative people involved in it?

>> No.10476543 [DELETED] 

You're broken and nobody will ever love you because you're a dry prude that hates sex and anything that brings anyone unenjoyment. Go die you joyless cunt.

>> No.10476544

spoilers doing drugs at all makes you a retarded druggie

>> No.10476545 [DELETED] 

Nobody cares go spout your retarded conservative views somewhere else where someone cares. Cry more because "muh western civilization is being destroyed" and kill yourself while you're at it. Lolita isn't conservative either you fucking moron.

>> No.10476546

>modest fashion that comes from an extremely conservative country which also happens to be very anti drugs
>lolita is not conservative!!!!

>> No.10476547

Your posts are so consistently the same in tone that it's easy to tell it's you.

>> No.10476548 [DELETED] 

Are you an incest baby? That would explain why you're so fucking stupid and hard headed about something you're completely wrong about. Weed is legal where I am so eat shit. I bet you don't act this stuck up about alcohol even though it's a drug and is vastly more harmful that LSD or weed could ever be. Go drink yourself to an early grave.

>> No.10476550 [DELETED] 

She's probably having a BPD episode and can't tell how consistently retarded she sounds

>> No.10476552

ok keep being delusional ig??

things being legal def make them totally ok and not bad, i mean look at tobacco am i right. go tell your parents about being a pothead and see how they respond

>> No.10476553 [DELETED] 

Its obvious it's you bpd chan. You're the only one who gets triggered every time sex or drugs are mentioned and you're sperging is all very much the same. I could tell it was you when you were saying that all asexuals should kill themselves, I could tell it was you when you were crying about being asexual, and I can tell its you now. Go cut yourself or something.

>> No.10476554

i have never been asexual and am kind of a slut tbf, but ok delusion-chan. a lot of us are anti crime around here, just like most people are.

>> No.10476555 [DELETED] 

Do you get this worked up about alcohol?Or are you one of those wine moms that thinks her alcoholism is cute and ~quirky~ ?

>> No.10476556 [DELETED] 

you're anti crime? Oh i thought it had nothing to do with legality?
God you're retarded.

>> No.10476557

you never answered how your parents feel about having a druggie daughter. aww, they'd disown your nasty ass, huh?

>> No.10476558 [DELETED] 

So you're a slut but you call yourself conservative and you choose to take the moral high ground about drugs, even ones that are legal, because it's not about legality but you seemingly have no problem with alcohol even though it ruins families and kills people all the time. Does that actually make sense to you?

>> No.10476559 [DELETED] 

I wonder how your parents feel about you getting your pussy stretched out every day since you're a slut. Im sure they would be proud of their conservative daughter that takes cock all the time.

>> No.10476560

ntayrt but did you miss the part where the majority of american adults have smoked weed. Honestly you sound like you have a fucked up home life if you're this obsessed with how your parents view you.

ntayrt again but my parents smoke weed and again you sound like you had a fucked up childhood. Nobody's normal parents disown their kid even if the kid makes what they consider to be a wrong choice. They help them and talk to them.

>> No.10476567 [DELETED] 

One of my favorite memories is doing lsd with a couple of my lolita friends and making cookies. It was kind of challenging for us but lots of giggles were had and it was overall positive.

>> No.10476572

based and cute

>> No.10476582 [DELETED] 

Thanks anon. I hope to make more memories like this.

>> No.10476596

Lolita sure covers your body, but I don’t understand why people keep calling something that calls so much attention and occupy so much space modest. It only adds fuel to those conservative tards speach.
Also, Japan may have some conservative characteristics, but it’s a diverse country with diverse people and groups of people with different values. Lolita wasn’t created or is worn by conservative japanese, it’s an alternative fashion for christ’s sake.

>> No.10476599 [DELETED] 

There's a reason why onlyfans sluts seem to love sweet lolita. It is far from conservative...

>> No.10476600 [DELETED] 

There is no use arguing with them. They've been confronted with their faulty logic many times but they just deflect and start calling you names because they're a retard

>> No.10476603 [DELETED] 

There is no use arguing with them. They've been confronted with their faulty logic many times but they just deflect and start calling you names because they know they can't argue their point consistently.

>> No.10476608 [DELETED] 

Wtf I just read this whole conversation going on and people think the drug anon is me. I don’t really care about drugs and what people do with them as long as they’re safe.

>> No.10476610 [DELETED] 

I'm laughing so hard. There are a lot of crazy bitches on this board, it's hard to tell them apart.
I actually like you bpdchan, I bet we would be friends.

>> No.10476611 [DELETED] 

Wow really? I’m surprised. What makes you say we could be friends?

>> No.10476613 [DELETED] 

I'm bpd and I spend a lot of time here out of boredom. Sometimes the way you talk sounds like me. I assume you're into lolita? I guess I think we'd have things in common that's all. Maybe I'm just projecting because I'm insane.

>> No.10476617

kek this thread attracts all the /cgl/ crazies, here's the scrote who keeps ranting about how sweet lolita is for sloots

idk what that was about but anti-drug anon has definitely posted here many times before. You can always tell it's her because her sticking points are "durg illegal so it bad" and "your parents would be ashamed".

>> No.10476620

It only bothers me how frequently those arguments are used. If it was only one crazy girl from 4chan I wouldn’t care to be writing anything against it, but damn, I can’t stand how some lolitas think they are so much better than other girls and such an exemple of morality from a conservative point of view when most conservatives or even non conservative normies consider us freaks.

>> No.10476622 [DELETED] 

We sound pretty similar then. I come here out of boredom a lot too, and to have a place to vent and go crazy in a place where it’s not unexpected. I’m a lolita, yes. I think we could be friends too, so here’s a throwaway email I just made:
[email protected]

I look forward to talking to you, if you want to.

>> No.10476624

The biggest difference between BPD chan and ati-drugs chan is that anti-drugs chan has a weird obsession with parents.

>> No.10476626 [DELETED] 

I feel the same. Also because I can't understand how that 22 year old who takes acid once a year is a druggie loser but wine moms who mask their alcoholism with quirky t-shirts are totally acceptable. It baffles me, and yeah plenty of conservatives would probably hate this fashion and dub us all attention whores.

>> No.10476630

It's impossible to be a "druggie" for acid or shrooms anyway because they have zero addiction potential. Nobody is out there selling their bodies for more lsd lmao

>> No.10476631 [DELETED] 

Lmao true, I mean mental addictions exist but yeah it's not comparable to crack the way anti-drugs anon seems to believe it is.

>> No.10476636

Yeah fair, I shouldn't say zero, cause you can develop a routine dependency for all kinds of stuff. But that also includes like, video games and potato chips.

>> No.10476637

It was a hoax to fuck up another guy's life. She is still very much alive and weird as fuck.

>> No.10476647 [DELETED] 

I’m going to bed now. If you decide to email me >>10476622
I’ll respond in the morning.

>> No.10476681

She wasn't talking to birds, that's some daily mail bullshit. She was on a jog in early evening before the sun set. She had headphones in. He chased her down and stabbed her repeatedly in an open space, and fled. It's awful that daily mail would choose to sensationalize it just because she's nicknamed Princess Marcie, but not surprising.

>> No.10476693 [DELETED] 

Why are men so terrible?

>> No.10476752

Howdo you clean a wired headbow? I don't want it to rust

>> No.10476758

Oh wait, really? I was always under the impression she was. I always felt like the articles were weirdly sensationalist and a little gross about it. Too much focus of her "odd" hobbies, not enough about law enforcement proving its incompetency again.

>> No.10476804

disassemble and reassemble it. there are also people who yolo it, but you can imagine how that might go.

>> No.10476806

In that article the talking to birds thing is quote from the murderer. The article has a couple pictures of her in lolita but doesn’t mention it in the text. I know Daily Mail is a rag, but do they even manufacture quotes?

>> No.10476814

yeah, there are a lot of other articles where they either combine quotes to fit the narrative or just make up stuff. they get called out on it a bit.

>> No.10476832

Do you have any proof of that?

>> No.10476834

Follow their social media, check their official websites often, and subscribe to Lolita Updates on Facebook. If it’s for taobao brands, check their Weibo often.

>> No.10476858

At the end of one of the lolita general threads recently, one anon mentioned that a Chinese lolita had gotten murdered and that the video of her dying was going viral on Chinese websites. I couldn't find any information on it when I searched, though.

>> No.10476860

how do you write "lolita" in Chinese? Maybe try that plus the word for murder?

>> No.10476899

Does anyone know if the Cream Cookie Collection OP and High Waist JSK have the same torso length? (So from shoulder to waist seam?) They look to be the same but it is hard to tell.

>> No.10477074

What are some tips for someone who is selling some lolita clothing for the first time? I don't want to fuck it up but I bought some pieces I realize I don't like much on me.

>> No.10477079

Find lolibrary entries for the items you are selling (if not make sure you take measurements and decent photos, either flat on a surface or on a dress form)
Search through past listings through lacemarket to see how much the items you own tend to sell for, adjust price accordingly
Get a rough idea of the shipping costs beforehand

>> No.10477080
File: 123 KB, 388x594, 20151025131719-04f3756d-me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old schoolers, what A-line petticoats do you use? I guess I'm looking for a bare minimum/low profile poof. I'm thinking of going with a melikestea classy A-line with 3 layers of voile, but I worry it's gonna be too poofy.

>> No.10477129

Classical Puppets daily A line

>> No.10477131

Why would you want information on that? If it’s real the snuff video’s just going to come up. Fuck the internet, fuck this species.

>> No.10477145

I hand wash it and then blowdry it. no chance of rust if the metal isn't wet for very long.

>> No.10477167

lo娘 according to the anon who posted about it, but like I said, nothing came up when I searched. Maybe you'll have more luck than me though.

Calm down. It's not that I want to watch her die. I was just trying to answer OP's question (they wanted to know if any lolitas have died, I heard that someone did, but I can't tell if it's true or not since I have no official source other than that one post on cgl).

>> No.10477211

Call me stupid but all I can find on their Taobao page is the hoopskirt and two long OTT pettis. But Devilinspired and Lolitawardrobe have other petticoats from Classical Puppets, how is that possible? Is that stock that they bought ato resell and is just discontinued from Classical Puppets or something?

>> No.10477330

What is the best way to handle a payment plan when selling through LM?

>> No.10477433


A PayPal invoice that allows partial payment with an initial minimum that is your agreed upon down payment. And tell them the down payment is non refundable to make sure they're serious.

>> No.10477461

Why do so many fatty-chans willingly give themselves boobloaf even though its a well known phenomenon?

>> No.10477553

I know taobao is mostly hated on cgl but can I get an honest opinion on Diamond Honey. From somebody who has actually purchased a dress from them. I know it's not going to be ~burando~ tier but is it okay?
I find some of their prints super cute but if the quality is terrible then I'll just save up for something better.

>> No.10477640

I've bought one of their gingham dresses, a blouse and their printed socks. The dress was really poorly made with really weird choices about the construction, and way to short to wear as lolita.
The blouse was okay construction but the lace wasn't up to brand standards, and I really liked the socks because the print was decently clear and they were stretchy and comfortable.

>> No.10477691

If youre into gothic why not consider MMM underskirts? Beautiful lace and very soft, light, and comfortable to layer


>> No.10479551

can anyone recommend me some more sites like closet child?

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