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Stop posting weird things so this one doesn’t get deleted edition

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I know im a poorfag and I know nobody cares but im going to say it
Im really sad about sweet prices rising the way they are rn
I've loved sweet lolita since I was 12 years old and finally when I have the money to drop on 300 dollars dresses, the prices skyrocket twice as much. It makes it so not fun and completely unattainable. It really sucks

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I feel you anon...

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I stopped wearing lolita because every time I went outside, normies wouldn't leave me the fuck alone. I don't want to get stopped multiple times or giggled at when I'm running errands. No, I'm not Alice, I'm not in a play and I'm not looking for a neckbeard daddy dom despite dressing in sweet lolita. Fuck normies and fuck ageplayers. I still get upset when I think about these instances. I still like the fashion but that shit made me so exhausted that wearing it wasn't worth it anymore.

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I'm getting back into lolita after a few years' break and I'm really worried about this. I just don't know if I can handle that level of attention anymore - I don't even know how I did it to start with, I've always been very shy. I think it's because when I was younger, I was much less socially aware and on some level it sort of didn't sink in for me how weird it was for a person to dress like this. I got comments, but if they were mean I was able to think "Well, that's their problem, not mine, I can dress however I want". After a few years of distance, I now realise that yeah, it's super weird to dress that way for no reason. I hope I can be as resilient as I was when I was younger but I really don't know if I can get it back.

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Covid might be a good time to do it honestly since everyone's more prone to leaving each other alone

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Stop wearing pastels and people will stop being retarded. I wear jewel toned sweet or classic now, left pastel sweet because I hated the attention

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Come to the Taobao dark side.

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there's a girl in my comm who wears kigurumi doll suits and heads with lolita. it's only my personal opinion, but it looks so... wrong with lolita. if she'll bring one of her kigurumi heads to a meet i'll cringe so hard...

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Often when I need to go out for a quick errand I find myself changing into something less attention grabbing at the last moment. I haven’t worn many of my more elaborate dresses this year simply because I don’t have the energy to deal with the attention anymore. I’m so tired.

I wear toned down classic and still get comments all the time. Last weekend I was wearing a simple VM sailor OP with a sunhat and sandals and someone sarcastically asked whether I got lost on my way to a wedding. Most of the time I dress my lolita main pieces down with cardigans, plain legwear and normie shoes but that hasn’t stopped people from approaching me to ask “what’s going on” or imply that I’m overdressed and committing a faux pas. The only time people leave me alone is when I’m wearing something more gothic leaning, I guess because people are familiar with goth as an alt fashion and don’t feel the need to correct me somehow?

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My boyfriend brokeup with me and I just feel really ugly and depressed.

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I'm >>10469238 and I feel the same way as you! I've never touched pastel sweet, my main style was toned down classic and I would get tons of comments, e.g., "You look like you're from a Jane Austen novel!" when I'm wearing a basic ass JM JSK with a light petti. Yet I got almost nothing when I wore gothic. I think you're right, it's that normies can mentally anchor the gothic style to something they're already familiar with, but anything outside of that seems to blow people's minds.

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I feel you. It's fucking exhausting to deal with. What I personally hate the most is when people sneak pictures without asking. I didn't used to get too much harassment when I lived in my hometown, but since moving, it's been a nonstop struggle.

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Me too anon. Let’s comfort each other?

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The worst part is he hmu like a week later to say his life is going really great and hes dating someone else like damn bro you broke up with me you already won -_-

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I bet she’s thinner than you

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She's "buff" apparently guess he's into that.

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Doubt his life is going that great if he's having to message the girl he dumped a week ago to flex on her.

Also don't reply to scrotes trying to push you deeper into despair, dummy

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No convention this year because of corona-chan.

Not that I mind considering last year was a huge success for me. There's only so much sexual stuff you can get away with in public and I wouldn't want to tempt fate again this year.

Sad to hear, hope you'll get better. You shouldn't feel ugly for that, there must be another reason he won't tell you about.

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This. The guy appears to have a fetish for degradation and desperation. It's a pretty normal thing for guys to have sadly

Just tell him you found someone better yourself and watch him go full retard

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AYRT and one of the few times I wore gothic I got asked if it was Halloween. I was on vacation in Japan at the time so it made me even sadder to get heckled by a store clerk in English. Haven't had the nerve to wear Moitiè since

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Thanks anon-chans, ya'll know how to make a girl feel better <3

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My first boyfriend did this the day after he broke it off while I was in the hospital. Being high af as they wheel you into surgery, sobbing because this dude just keeps going pretty much spoiled my view of dating.

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I want AP to re release more dresses DAMMIT
Honey cake was fine but I want moreeee

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Oh man, that sucks anon! What a deflating thing to hear when you're on vacation, and how incredibly unprofessional of that store clerk (you'd think they'd be used to all sorts of weird foreigners anyway).

The only times I've worn gothic, it's been in a city that has a fairly visible goth/metalhead scene, so I think I just get lumped in with them. It's not like I didn't turn heads, but double-takes were the worst I got.

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I’m calling bullshit on this one. “Is it Halloween?” Isn’t an insult the Japanese use to mock what people are wearing. And it’s well known enough that people in Japan, at least in major cities, would see displays for things for sale involving it at major stores. And then, on top of that, it’s assuming that a Japanese store clerk would be bold enough to do that which is also incredibly unlikely unless you went to one of the few known shops where the shopgirls are rude like the laforet AP shop. Which I doubt because most people who wear moitie aren’t going to be going into AP

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Giving you faggots Honey Cake was the biggest mistake, the literal "if you give a mouse a cookie" of lolita.

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Yo what the fuck, who does that?

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Fuck em. You deserve better.

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My bf just dumped me and it’s hard to find comfort with just myself. I want a bf or gf to cosplay with.

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How about a friend instead?

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I already have friends who cosplay with me but I’ve always wanted to do couple cosplays. Just to be cute, you feel me?

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I'm sure AP is wiping their tears with 10,000 yen bills

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I feel like I've come a long way since I started in lolita a few years ago but now when I look at my wardrobe it feels like I've lost most of the versatility I had in my closet in the beginning

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I think what this >>10469358 anon meant was that if you don't care if its a boyfriend or a girlfriend well...

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Hey it's not my fault their recent releases are ugly

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Wtf I’m sorry anon. One of my ex’s kept doing this over the years, when he thinks I’m single he will hmu and bring up that she’s a great lolita too. I just kept saying that’s great! It was strange that he would think to hmu if his life was that great since we don’t talk otherwise, but whatever. I just kept it vague, I’m happy too (and did not mention I’m still into lolita in case this is some weird competition boner for them, I’d rather those two think I left the scene if that’s what this is), happy you are doing great!

>Turns out it was not great. People project for a reason.

Take care of you, anon.

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Giving you a life update after an entire week is beyond pathetic. You can safely disregard this trash.

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This. I got into lolita at a bad time. Most of the new stuff is either ugly or doesn't stand out enough for me to want to buy it.

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are we from the same comm, anon? one girl popped up in my comm today with this thing, it was fucking weird.

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>cosplay I commissioned is finished ahead of schedule and shipped today

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i really want to kill myself but i don't want to part with my hard earned burando.

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What's going on in your life?

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>Oh no, I deliberately wore bombastic attention-grabbing clothing in public while doing mundane shit like grocery shopping, and now people are paying attention to me! How dare they speak to me!

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as discussed in other threads, in other countries they have the decency to talk about you behind your back instead of annoying you and demanding your time and attention

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Shut up scrote

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Nobody cares what you think scrote

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Hard bonets look stupid with short sleeves

>> No.10469559

Just out of curiosity, how does Moitiè look? I'm a new lurker.

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This is the feels thread not the hard facts thread

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Then I’m feeling bad about the coords with hard bonnets and short sleeves

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I feel like I'm having this weird identity crisis with lolita right now and nothing excites me enough to want to purchase anything. I have things coming in the mail and I already feel bored. I'd like to make an old school inspired skirt with a million pintucks and see if that helps me, but right now nothing feels worth getting.

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why would anyone keep in touch with their exes? i block them instantly after a breakup, regardless of who initiated it. there's never any reason to continue talking to an ex (unless you have kids together ig)

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Randomly came across a user on Lacemarket who gave me a really petty negative review back in the Livejournal days. I just saw she has a few negative and neutrals and I can't stop chuckling.

>> No.10469605

I’m friends with two of my exes because they are nice people, our breakup wasn’t bad and both are mature enough for this, but completely understand when people don’t want to maintain any contact

>> No.10469607

Different anon, in my case the distance was too big of a factor but we still get along fine.

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Taobao is gross

>> No.10469622

Not every single breakup or divorce has bad feelings behind it, my father has several exes he still gets along with fine.

>> No.10469632 [DELETED] 

Its weird to hang out with a bunch of people you used to fuck. Especially if you have a current partner.

>> No.10469633

Not my fault you couldn't hold yourself back.

>> No.10469634

personally i do because i prey on people who i can use and break up with them so they are the ones still into me. they're useful.

>> No.10469637

When the relationship was relatively healthy, just not right for those two people. Especially if they were part of the same social circle.

I agree with you though if your ex is the type to contact you just to tell you how happy they are with someone else. Block and delete.

Back on topic
> good feel
> watched a bidding war and the person I was rooting for won
> enjoying it vicariously since they outbid me into the dust

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i wore western goth long before i ever wore lolita and i agree. grow a pair, girls. this is not a fashion for the weak.

>> No.10469641

Wow, you're a piece of work.

>> No.10469644

Maybe it wasn't an insult but it made me feel awkward. Doubt me if you want but it was the sleeping garden long jsk, haven't worn it since

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Purple and orange is mine. They have some plain solids and stuff lately also, this is one of the wilder pieces

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Most people fuck when they're in relationships. Very few people wait until marriage and honestly it's a weird thing to feel superior about if you did, but you're a scrote so I know I'm wasting my time with this one.

>> No.10469649

I'm just talking from what I've known in my parents' experience. I guess times change.

>> No.10469650

Let's hope no one ever dates you again. I kinda suspect you're just an edgy virgin incel though.

>> No.10469652 [DELETED] 

My bad then. Times have definitely change, there's no pressure to get married and the stigma of premarital sex is pretty much gone so most people fuck at some point. I'd personally prefer it if my bf wasn't friends with people he had sex with but that's just me I guess.

>> No.10469655

What kind of response is this. It's considered strange if you DON'T fuck in a relationship, more so if you've been ina long term one. Men are far too horny to hold back and it has always been like this since the beginning of time. The only time where it's not considered weird not to fuck with your significant other is if the relationship lasted less than a month and if they're litterally kids.

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I lost 30lb with the intention of looking better in Lolita and I still look like shit. I can't look at myself anymore.

>> No.10469666

I was never very close with my siblings. I’m the only guy with three older sisters so it’s hard to click with them, but they been very supportive ever since my ex broke up with me. Tonight we all FaceTime each other (well they dragged me into it) and our whole family talked and laugh for a couple of hours straight. I was quiet at first but I lightened up and actually laughed for the first time since forever. Tonight was nice. Also downloaded tinder just to check out my options when I got a match. I closed and deleted that shit fast cause I realized I never been on a conventional date before and I don’t no how that shit works.

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Why don't you think it looks good?

>> No.10469674

i am a woman, sorry.

>> No.10469676

>wear classic
>buy dress with shitty proof photos for $100
>it comes in perfect condition, NWT, all detachable parts included
I love this

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I miss conventions

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I'm really tired of lolitas that treat the fashion as nothing more than a status symbol. They want everything to be as expensive as possible just so they can flex, and then it becomes this huge dick measuring contests that totally sucks the fun out of a hobby that some of us just like because it's cute and we have fun putting coordinates together. This isn't even exclusive to lolita fashion, it's just assholes in general that get some sort of joy out of stealing the fun for anybody that isn't as wealthy as them.

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>he used to send me a picture of his pets everyday
>suddenly nothing


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As a guy passing through, why are there even females on 4chan. What the fuck are y'all doing here?

>> No.10469722

Stop being boring and talk to him too

>> No.10469737

Lmao does she look like Noi from Dorohedoro?

>> No.10469749

Turns out you can type without a cock.

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> FEMALES? On MY internet? Why are y'all not in the kitchen?

Did you time travel from the 1950s or something?

>> No.10469767

what makes you think we're female?

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do girls like ginger boys?

>> No.10469780

i hate seeing furries in lolita. i just hate it so much

>> No.10469784

Women on a board regarding women's clothing? Preposterous!

>> No.10469786

Me too

>> No.10469787

No. Fuck off

>> No.10469788

but the weird things are the most interesting

>> No.10469789

please just stay on tumblr

>> No.10469791 [DELETED] 

Cool but acting like women don't use the internet is retarded scrote mentality

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>went to Japan in late January thanks to a working holiday visa
>wanted to work a lot, get experience in the tourism industry, make friends, visit the country, buy a shit ton of merchandises, manga and clothes
>corona-chan ruined everything two weeks after I arrived
>bunch of job interviews got canceled, didn't earn enough money to buy everything I wanted so only bought sportswear and "normal" basic clothes thank go everyone is a womanlet in Japan just like me
>eventually caught covid due to the mask shortage but couldn't get even one consultation for anything because there weren't enough tests and beds in hospitals in Tokyo and thought I was gonna die first from lack of oxygen for the first month, then from constantly shitting myself to near death, only "food" that kept me alive was coca cola
>all of this for two months
>spent only 2 months working as a French teacher and 5 months in Japan in total
>couldn't even buy a cute coat my size because of closed stores
>couldn't go to Disneyland and Disney Seaworld
>couldn't go to Comiket
>couldn't go to the Fire Emblem Expo
>couldn't hang out with old friends who moved there way before me as much as we wanted because I didn't want to infect them and their boyfriends
>now looking for a job in even more of a pain in the ass, all my career plans has been ruined on the long term and even though borders are opened for residents since last week I can't go back to Japan because I don't have enough money anymore
Well at least I'm still kind of alive, right? Positive thinking!

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Does anyone feel sad that they weren't able to wear lolita when they were "supposed" to? (Age 18-25) Especially sweet lolita.

I've been somewhat into lolita since I was 20 but I've never worn it consistently in the last six years. Thing came up, and I didn't feel like wearing it in university for several reasons. I'm 26 now and thought about wearing it more this summer. But I accepted a job offer in Alaska and there's no way I'm bringing up any of my dresses up there. After this I wanted to travel more or work abroad and I don't feel like bringing my dresses there.

Can't believe I've already aged out of sweet. I guess I might as well sell off my entire collection because I'm not dedicated enough.

>> No.10469802

>But I accepted a job offer in Alaska and there's no way I'm bringing up any of my dresses up there.
Why not anon? tfw am a lolita living in Alaska. We could be friends.
I didn’t get into buying lolita until early college but I wanted to wear it while I was a highschooler so I feel you. Just live your best life now!

>> No.10469808

I'm not going to "grow a pair" if it means people are still going to treat me like a freak show every time I leave my house. If you dress like an autist, you're going to be treated like an autist, and I don't want that. Leaving the fashion and hiding my power level has done wonders to my self-esteem and people are treating me with respect again. I wish I could still wear the fashion for myself but wearing frilly little girl dresses isn't worth ruining my social life and getting harassed all the fucking time.
>i wore western goth
Yeah figures, wearing gothic lolita saves you from the worst encounters.

>> No.10469811

I am flying into Alaska and will have no car so it's not practical. I don't want my dresses to get ruined. I'm also going to be working full time around kids. Plus people in Alaska seem judgy of those who dress up.

>> No.10469812

I kind of regret that I didn’t dive as hard into it as I wanted. I devoted all of my time to my studies and made sure to dress ‘professionally’ to class so I would make a good impression. I lived with my parents to save money but felt guilty about spending any of that money on frivolous things so it all went into savings. I kept telling myself that I would indulge in my hobbies later once I had my own home and a career. Now that I have my own home and a career I have no energy to even leave the house on my days off let alone get dressed up. I put off joining my local comm for the same reasons, and only realized too late that it’s almost exclusively girls aged 18-25 who are living with their parents and DO spend most of their money, time and energy on lolita. A few could even be considered e-famous. The majority of the more active girls have lived in Japan for student exchange or gap years, or have at least spent a few months there on holiday. Meanwhile I haven’t been able to leave the country for a holiday for the last decade.

I’m only a few years older but haven’t been able to connect with any of them because our lifestyles are so different. They probably see me as a boring old hag. I wish I’d allowed myself to travel, dress up and maybe run a fashion blog when I still had the time and energy for those things.

>> No.10469818 [DELETED] 

You're probably the type that thinks girls who show skin are "asking for it" when they get raped

>> No.10469822

Femcels exist. Either way, you sound like a terrible person.

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>> No.10469825

none of these people realize they're being used, and they're happy. everyone is using others if you really think about it, i have just accepted myself.

>> No.10469828

Key word: they don't realize they are being used. If they realized, do you really think they'd still be happy?
Relationships are about give and take. You're just taking and making excuses for yourself.
Anyway, enjoy your sorry excuse for a life.

>> No.10469837

Taking advantage of scrotes is based though, only thing they're good for

>> No.10469840

sounds like you don't understand people.

>> No.10469849

Are they really being used if anon remains friends with them afterwards?

>> No.10469850

Not sure if you're trolling or just extremely retarded.

>> No.10469855

Yes? You can use your friends, and anon clearly said she was doing that.

>> No.10469858

my SS is pissing me off because they are wasting time on fril trying to consolidate my order from one seller when the listings are both available for immediate purchase. just buy the damn dresses!

>> No.10469864

you sound like someone who is too pathetic not to get used.

>> No.10469872

Ooh, someone's mad.

>> No.10469875

The only one who sounds mad is the one who is moralfagging about a complete stranger on 4chan.

>> No.10469876

Nah, >>10469864 is clearly mad.

>> No.10469878

Eating some good soup

>> No.10469896

Only if they're 2D.

>> No.10469899

I've been getting into programming lately and wrote an auction sniper program for lacemarket. Except I never actually bid on auctions.

>> No.10469907

That actually does look extremely Halloween, anon.

>> No.10469908

Why for LM? It’s already extremely easy to snipe on. Unless you mean for the convenience of when the auction ends, then I can see a definite use for it.

>> No.10469910

My friend has a room open in his house and I really want to move in. Unfortunately I lost my job due to corona a few months ago and haven’t been successful at finding a new one. Life sucks.

>> No.10469911

Yeah it's for convenience

>> No.10469913

>Most people fuck when they're in relationships. Very few people wait until marriage
its not that binary. plenty of people don't wait until marriage, and also don't have sex on the first date. Some relationships only last a few weeks or couple of months.

>> No.10469927

>letting other people dictate what you wear
you were too weak to be a lolita from the beginning.

>> No.10469931

You didn't read my post completely
>The only time where it's not considered weird not to fuck with your significant other is if the relationship lasted less than a month and if they're litterally kids

>> No.10469938 [DELETED] 

Is it really that bad to never fuck the person you’re dating, even if you’ve been together for multiple years?

>> No.10469939

it's not bad, it just isn't typical. who cares?

>> No.10469961

>tfw my looks have started to fade
Thank you Jesus

>> No.10469966

weaklings need to gtfo

I'm a ugly fatass, so I'm getting to get treated like shit no matter what, might as well wear what I like

>> No.10470023

I am somehow elated and relieved today that I only had to spend several hundred on an AP accessory, rather than some truly insane amount.

Two years ago I would have cringed.

>> No.10470060

I spent the last decade admiring jfashion aesthetics and working towards building up my wardrobe and decor. I'm finally getting to a place where a lot of what I own fits my ideal aesthetic but I can't shake the feeling that it's all been a huge waste of time and money and feeling like I should just sell all my items and live a minimalist lifestyle and cut all my weeb hobbies to just focus on my career. Like I still love the aesthetic but the whole community feels shallow and I don't think I'll ever be cute enough to fit in no matter how hard I try to make friends. Nothing makes me happy anyway so what's even the point

>> No.10470065
File: 369 KB, 750x725, 668D0046-7166-462C-B3B4-BAA7D8651D6D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also feel this feel strongly

>> No.10470073 [DELETED] 

Just do it anon. If you don't like it you can always sell things and recoup most of your money. Then doing minimalism later. It will feel better that way and you won't have as many regrets.

>> No.10470075

This is directed towards avid congoers, what has your experience been when trying to completely cut someone out of your life despite having to see them at most cons you'd end up going to, along with them being involved in your various friend circles?

>> No.10470077

>Never be cute enough to fit in
This only matters if your posting your trying to make accrue instagram came. So it actually doesn't matter
>Abandon hobbies for your career
As an actual workaholic who wants to die, don't do this

>> No.10470078

I had a stroke writing this, but you get the idea

>> No.10470081

>go to convention
>see person I'm no longer talking to
>turn 360 degrees and walk away

mind you my only experience is with someone who's cosplays didn't overlap with mine so I wouldn't see them at photoshoots or meetups but cons are pretty big its easy to avoid people

>> No.10470083

>Nothing makes me happy anyway so what's even the point
Me too but at least you can look cute, who actually wants to focus on their work

>> No.10470093

Depending on your reasons for cutting them out of your life, your friend groups might appreciate knowing your side of the story honestly. Some people who I interacted with on a semi regular basis got outed for being predators recently and I was really glad to know the truth about them since they'd always kind of given me bad vibes but everyone seemed ok with them so I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt until the whole story came out. I honestly wished I'd known earlier since it's gross thinking about how I hung out with such a creep so many times before.

As for me all the people I've ever had to ghost on were easy to avoid by just cutting out the whole friend group and finding other people to spend the con with. If they found me in places where I couldn't avoid them I'd just be polite with them until I could ditch again. If their behavior was so bad that you couldn't handle even that much interaction with then you could always find a staff member and report them for harassment if they won't leave you alone.

>> No.10470096

i fucking hate my comm. didnt like them much before covid but now they're not taking any precautions just so they can have a good time. selfish bitches.

>> No.10470100

Two options:
A. Make them jealous by buying cute masks and posting coords with them online from home.
B. Wait for one to get sick and watch them scatter.

>> No.10470103

God forbid people don't take a sub 1% death rate seriously. Did everyone just forget "flatten the curve"?

>> No.10470106

3% of those in the US who have gotten it have died. That's 1/33. I'm sure you know 33 people. Would you really be okay with one of them dying because some people had to go for high tea?

>> No.10470111 [DELETED] 

I broke up with my cheating pug-faced boyfriend who I had the ick for anyway, and I feel hotter than ever.
Let me lend you some of my confidence. Men are temporary.

>> No.10470112

dude there's so many sweet dresses that aren't being scalped right now. Just go after pieces that aren't heavily desired, or even solids.

>> No.10470116

Wait, people are still scared of covid?

>> No.10470118

I’m going to kill myself tonight

>> No.10470119 [DELETED] 

Me too anon. Tired of this bullshit, seriously, I am so fucking done.

>> No.10470122 [DELETED] 

Please, steal this Instagram: [email protected]

>> No.10470124 [DELETED] 

I kinda wish AP would do rereleases of all of their old prints in poly. I know cotton feels nicer but they fade so badly even after like 5 years, meaning the dressss i just got that are like 7 years old are bound to look like shit in the near future. I just got Cottoncandy Shop in black and it's faded to SHIT. It's not even that old of a dress.

>> No.10470136

Don't, there are more cute dresses to wear and you might also have pets. That's the only reason I'm still around, but it works well enough.

>> No.10470173

What method
Would you like to die together?

>> No.10470180

Since were talking about dying, is it selfish that I don’t want to sell or give anybody my wardrobe before killing myself? I don’t have any lolita friends anyways.

>> No.10470184

Don't kill yourself, but also put "stuff my coffin with brand" in you will.

>> No.10470193

Hardcore agree. I prefer poly since it doesn't wrinkle so easily

>> No.10470194

Wish I had the guts. I've got literally nothing to live for these days. If you have even one thing left to live for, reconsider. But if you've got nothing, I understand.

>> No.10470195

>funeral pyre
>burn it all with me

>> No.10470202

I used to fell this way Anon and because of it I would take long "breaks" from lolita and basically ignore that part of my closet. I would kill myself working for a few years and then make a career move and take a few years to spend on lolita and enjoy down time before diving back in.

Now? I try to think of lolita as weekend clothes and break my weeks down into lolita-time and not lolita-time instead of my years. I'm keeping a more level head when it comes to the fashion while also feeling productive in my career and social life. Its super nice! And I never miss an excuse to dress up for a fancy brunch or concer.t

>> No.10470204

Not selfish but it sounds like you haven't given up yet. Do you care who has the dresses when your gone? Even if you write a detailed letter of instruction for what will happen to them do you think someone will actually follow it? Or will they just get tossed into the trash or donated.

>> No.10470206

>Even if you write a detailed letter of instruction for what will happen to them
I’ve always been a bitter person and I’d rather burn them with me than have anyone else wear them

>> No.10470208

Cotton doesn't fade so badly if people just knew how to take care of their clothes (not drying them out in the sun, not using harsh soaps/washer cycles/etc). I have a few pastel sweet prints with tags that are 6-7 years old and they are very vibrant. Then I have things that are 3 years old that were badly kept by the original owner and they look 10 years older. I just wish people would stop destroying their dresses.

>> No.10470229 [DELETED] 

Are people that retarded that they just throw 300+ dresses in the washer and then dry them in the fucking sun?
When I got my first brand dress I was so anxious about ruining it that I looked up everything I could about the best way to take care of it.

>> No.10470236

I machine wash my jetjs, it has nothing to do with price

>> No.10470240 [DELETED] 

I give less of a shit about my cheap clothes than my expensive ones because they're harder to replace, is my point.

>> No.10470243

A lot of dresses have sun fading on one side now because girls stored then on rolling racks too close to windows.

>> No.10470295

Any anon from Georgia here and wanna hang

>> No.10470331

>turn 360 degrees and walk away

>> No.10470332

East coast worst coast

>> No.10470333

How do you know anon isn’t from the beautiful republic of Georgia — საქართველო?

>> No.10470339

>Turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away

>> No.10470372

How tf is anon gonna find a friend here then? They’d probably be the only Lolita/cosplayer there! Deduction my dear anon

>> No.10470373

I bet that not talking to them turned your life around 360 degrees

>> No.10470428

My point is that even if you say in your letter or will "I want my dresses to burn with me in a pyre" would someone actually see it through? I hate to break to it any suicidal idealists but after death people will do what they think is right with your belongings. Unless you have someone you know will have legal authority over your estate and do EXACTLY as you ask them to most family or friends will half ass it out of grief or not follow through.

>> No.10470443

...a will is a legal document

>> No.10470481

I’m fully ready to wear lolita whenever I go out now now that I’m being able to take part in the hobby but I can’t help feel nervous about others’ reactions
But then I remember even in my normie clothes (I’m talking a pair of bell bottoms, platform shoes, and a big fluffy pink jacket/coat for ex) I get intensely stared at by people and have gotten to the point someone took pictures of me on the train- I don’t get how or why because I live in a big touristic city?
So honestly? How different is it going to be if this is already what happens to me whenever i decide to be a little fun with my clothes? Im totally looking forward to wearing my dresses out to my heart’s content after realizing this

>> No.10470484

i was supposed to go to canada tomorrow to find apartments and prepare to move but now i am postponing my move till like the end of the year again. fuck i am so mad.

>> No.10470501

I kind of want to just start buying most of my AP new from AP
It feels like pissing money away. I've always been a used shopper to save money. But there's just something exciting about buying stuff new. Is that stupid?

>> No.10470505

Half of yall need a therapist to talk to honestly

>> No.10470506

Bf has dumped me because I am a crazy fucking bitch that can't get my shit together. Now I have nowhere to go. I want to kill myself, im tired of everything. I have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

>> No.10470507


A gross underestimation

>> No.10470508

Can I have your stuff?

>> No.10470513

you know what. good for you, anon. I'm happy for you

>> No.10470520

Half of the jfashion scene does

>> No.10470523

ngl this mindset carried me through some tough times.

If my life is a mess anyway and I'm incapable of finding pleasure in every single thing that once brought me joy, then fuck it, I can at least look cute. Doesn't even matter if I'm shit at makeup, hate my pear shape and am taller than all those pretty jfashion models. I don't have to look at myself all the damn time, just gotta wear cute clothes.

>> No.10470525

Again, really underestimating the number. I would argue it’s over 80%

>> No.10470527 [DELETED] 

At least you’re not an apple shape

>> No.10470529

It really angers me when the people with the most desirable body shape complain about it.
Try having no ass and huge shoulders

>> No.10470531


>> No.10470549

therapy is just a jewish racket

>> No.10470551 [DELETED] 

>Apple shape
>most desirable body shape

Are you blind?

>> No.10470554

I think they mean pear is, but that's still wrong. Hourglass is by far the most desirable.

>> No.10470555

Maybe you shouldn't be a crazy bitch then

>> No.10470556

LOL clearly you don’t know what an apple shaped body looks like. I’ll take my rectangular silhouette over that any day. I mean, part of the “rules” for dressing for that body type is to avoid embellishments on the waist! And ruffled skirts. And high waisted. Poor souls

>> No.10470558

You retard, I was agreeing with them and adding on that it bothers me when people like pear shaped anon complain about their body type when some of us are shapeless like apples.

>> No.10470560

>Hourglass is by far the most desirable
I disagree if you're going by titty hourglass and not shoulder hourglass. As a pear, I can have all the luxury of big boobs with none of the commitment. Whether it's a push up bra or fat transfer implants, I feel like no boobs and big hips is the best of both worlds.

>> No.10470561

He cancelled with me last week :(

>> No.10470562 [DELETED] 

That makes sense now. You’d have to be either blind, severely retarded, or both to think apple shapes are anything but disgusting, let alone okay to have at all, let alone actually desirable.

>> No.10470577

A flat chest is certainly not the most desirable in any context, by men or women.

>> No.10470588

Wrong. I've had countless men tell me they would be perfectly happy with a flat chested woman as long as she has a fat ass.

>> No.10470591

Those men are called pedophiles, so congratulations.

>> No.10470593

The golden ratio is tits =< ass. A flat chest but nice ass is forgivable, but a flat ass and big chest is literal ayylmao.

t. scrote

>> No.10470595

Yas kween cope with your flat ass!

>> No.10470596

Rather I have an hourglass shape with both tits and ass, thank the lord for my luck at having the perfect body shape.

>> No.10470597 [DELETED] 

>apple shape with big tits and flat ass

Kill me while covering your eyes so they don’t bleed

>> No.10470599

Yes because a woman with full hips and an ass totally looks like a child.
Nice cope hank hill ass

>> No.10470603

I'm sure lol

>> No.10470605

> spoon shape but all the fat is in my upper hips and not anywhere near my ass and gigantic shoulders and barely any tits

Same anon

>> No.10470607

You sure are mad, flattie. Sorry you're so jealous of of us who look like real women.

>> No.10470608 [DELETED] 

Apple shapes should be forced to stay home at all times so they don’t have to make anyone they walk past vomit. They’re as bad as corona

>> No.10470610

Key word here is "forgivable" meaning it's not ideal but acceptable. The most desirable is still equal amounts tits and ass, which this poor anon can never have. She sadly has to look like a Pixar cartoon instead.

>> No.10470611

let's be honest

you're all ugly anyways

>> No.10470612

Nah, I've got ass for days that would your boyfriend do a double take. Nobody cares about your saggy cowtits. Matronly isn't the same as womanly just fyi

>> No.10470615

You can have small tits without being flat chested anon. Not every guy likes sagging milkers.

>> No.10470616 [DELETED] 

Especially me, an apple shape. Everyone else in this thread is a perfect model in comparison

>> No.10470617

Considering my man gets both amazing tits AND ass in one tight package, nah. But keep coping as your poor boy whacks it to boobjob porn while you sleep.

>> No.10470618

i agree, apples are the ugliest

>> No.10470620

Have fun when your cowtits are down to your knees at 35! So hot, right?

>> No.10470622

Massive cope lmao. I can only imagine your bucket of tears upon finding all your bf's big titty porn.

>> No.10470623

That explains a lot LOL

>> No.10470626

you're an actual retard if you think every guy likes gigantic tits

>> No.10470628

why are you gay

>> No.10470629 [DELETED] 

Screw tits and ass, know what we can all agree on? Apples are hideous and should kill themselves before they cause more damage to the eyes of anyone who sees them

>> No.10470630

Oh honey, not every guy. Just most of them. I'm sure some nice little pedophile will accept your 12 year old boy looking body just fine.

>> No.10470631

I've seen all my bf's porn and it's all ass stuff mostly with some girls that have average sized chest. Sorry about your saggy cowtits though, must suck not being able to fit into anything without looking fat and matronly.

>> No.10470632

because I love women whether they have small or big titties

>> No.10470634

I don't trust ass guys at all.
>Poop comes out of there
>I want to stick my dick into it
Hard pass.

>> No.10470635

Me too

>> No.10470636

> "anybody without saggy H cups looks like a child!"

>> No.10470637 [DELETED] 

Tits don’t matter. What really matters is not looking fucking pregnant when you’re not just because your gross apple belly bulges out

>> No.10470638

Speak for yourself. I'm downright pretty despite being a man who has been playing contact sports basically his whole life

>> No.10470640

>make a "life sucks but at least I'm cute" post
>mention my body shape
>come back to this

I fucking love you all

>> No.10470641

Anal is good porn material, but actually doing it is another story. It's like fantasizing about tentacles.

>> No.10470642 [DELETED] 

Please always appreciate not having an apple shape. You’re beautiful for not having one

>> No.10470644

Again, I can control my breast size with money.

>> No.10470645


>> No.10470646


Hello demisexual-chan

>> No.10470647 [DELETED] 


>> No.10470648

what if I'm inverted triangle :(

>> No.10470649


>> No.10470650


>> No.10470651

You wish, homo

>> No.10470654 [DELETED] 

Do you look pregnant?

>> No.10470655

Do you bleach your asshole as well?

>> No.10470657


>> No.10470661

the first time i saw a lolita i yelled "it's a lolita!" and my friend told me to stop being retarded
she was chinese so she probably didn't understand but I'm still embarrassed

>> No.10470664 [DELETED] 

Then you’re okay

>> No.10470671

I bought a dress listed as Perfect condition, it got here and it’s fucking yellowed with sweat and there are stains on the front bow and suddenly the seller doesn’t want to reply to my message anymore
I’m going to give her 24 hours before I send her another message

>> No.10470675

Yeah. When someone's messed up, its next level messed.

>> No.10470691

it's cum

>> No.10470693

He sounds like he regrets you and is attempting some shit manipulation to plant a seed in your mind that he is desirable to either get back together with you later or be a fwb. Leave him on read, he will seethe.

More importantly:

Men are overrated, anon. Friendship with other girls is the only true happiness.

>> No.10470700

You sound like those people who blame middle school girls for wearing spaghetti straps.

>> No.10470725

I apparently had coronavirus and now have antibodies, but I’ve had insane fatigue for like 5 weeks after getting “better”. This shit fucking sucks. I can’t do anything. I was working out every day but now I can’t. I don’t feel comfortable riding my motorcycle and I still feel like shit. I’m just sleeping all the time.

I got some medicine that helps a bit, but still. I have enough issues I don’t want to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. Hopefully I won’t but honestly I’m scared.

>> No.10470730

Have you given meth a try? It’ll put some pep in your step.

>> No.10470731

I used to take adderal and honestly it just made me a horny asshole and killed my creativity. Maybe if I snort it though. Right now I’m just finishing up the steroids the doctor gave me and sleeping a ton. Definitely feeling better but still kinda wish I was dead

>> No.10470732

I feel like this all the time and I don’t have antibodies. Sounds more like quarantine depression than anything to do with getting sick.

>> No.10470749

Dude who has to deal with fatigue from fibromyalgia here.
What are you eating and drinking per chance? Sometimes missing an essential amino acid or two makes a lot of difference. (Careful with supplements, food's a better solution.)

>> No.10470757

looks like someone's never tried it

>> No.10470759

we're all lesbians.

I'm in the same boat. Wear the frilly dresses or frilly shorts. No one's going to treat you better if you don't.

>>turn 360 degrees and moon walk away

NYART but i have plans for my funeral outfit. I'm also leaving instructions to jut get rid of as much fat or meat as needed to make sure i fit in it when they bury me. It's the last event I'd ever be attending unless they exhume me, so why not?

go back to /pol/ you lout

>> No.10470796

The weather is depressing but at least it’s not hot :):):):)

>> No.10470798

I have this anime picture frame faced down on my bed. I just moved and I haven’t found a place to put it yet. anyways my mom walked in, picked it up and stared at it for like 10 sec then she put it back down and left without saying anything. I wonder what she was thinking about

>> No.10470799

>jut get rid of as much fat or meat as needed to make sure i fit in it
Do you not even fit in it now, anon.....?

>> No.10470807 [DELETED] 

Lmao, can women ever do anything on their own? You can't even come up with an insult that isn't derivative. "Scrote" is just the female form of "roastie".

>> No.10470810

Whatever you say scrote

>> No.10470812
File: 3.28 MB, 635x640, 1569115493548.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has about the same impact as a black person calling whites crackers.
Maybe repeat it a few more times and I might get a inkling of guilt for disturbing your roast flap measuring competition.

>> No.10470813

You sound upset scrote

>> No.10470814

Probably how disappointed she is with you

>> No.10470816 [DELETED] 

>tfw actually has unnaturally long roastie flaps

Please kill me.

>> No.10470819

Stay mad, scrote

>> No.10470828

>u-ur m-mad scrote!!
Thanks for proving my point, you dumb birds.
It's okay, extra meat just means more to play with.

>> No.10470829

>blessed with baby face
>obsessively chew lips and cheek for majority of life
>baby face is now Benjamin Button Baby face around mouth because of this
Feels really really bad. Anons who also do this, please try to stop before it's too late and you're looking into the cost of a mini facelift at 29.

>> No.10470835

U good there scrote?

>> No.10470837

Sperge harder scrote

>> No.10470851
File: 14 KB, 225x350, czwz3gfqcqr41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay seething, scrote.

>> No.10470857

You chew your lips and cheek? Wtf. Even then that’s on the inside how would it affect the outside

>> No.10470858

They’re not really comparable

>> No.10470860


>> No.10470861

i'm happy to just call you an incel instead uwu

>> No.10470868

only he can save the thread!

>> No.10470874
File: 142 KB, 600x472, woman-biting-cheeks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a body focused repetitive behaviour, like skin picking, pulling out hair, etc. The creases come from twisting up the mouth to nibble. Also overworking the chin muscle creates dimples and creases. It's called morsicatio buccarum and it really bites.

>> No.10470877
File: 1.61 MB, 504x458, 1583209475407.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The two words are functionally the same (opposite sex bad), except for the fact one is an ad hoc reaction to the other.
There are several other cases of this, like "moid" (blatant copy of "foid"), and chud (basically "cuck";is more used by generic lefty woke trannies but still), so the pattern is still there.
Even if we were to extend the discussion beyond language, the "femcels" here and on crystal and lolcow are carbon copy of incels except their issues of contention are a 100 times more petty (ew he looked at me while I wear this extravagant lolita dress?). Most the time I can't even tell if it's genuine or parody.

>> No.10470879

I fit now, It's just in case i get fat or something before I die. Some lethal conditions cause the stomach to bloat out like a starvation victim i've heard, so better safe than sorry.

>> No.10470882
File: 99 KB, 595x380, c vs gl 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Times like this i think of all the gulls that wanted C and GL to be separate boards and i can't help but feel you'd land on the C part of the divide.

>> No.10470887

A carbon copy of incels would be complaining about not getting sex and a million other sex related whinings. That's not applicable to women so no, not carbon copies

>> No.10470891

they mean personality wise. and i agree desu.

>> No.10470895

Personally wise incels are wholly obsessed with sex, that's their entire existence. So still no.

>> No.10470896

Ahhhhhh I was literally doing this and then read your comment.

>> No.10470900

Incels think women owe them sex because they're men and they get angry because they don't get it. Pretty sure most women have a really easy time getting laid due to how many desperate guys there are. Also, men don't usually deal with things like having people grope them or having people demand sex (sometimes with force). Guys have issues but they're almost always different and most guys choose to ignore what they don't understand. It's easier to assume you understand the situation when you definitely don't.
Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk. I shall return to the millennial mothership now.

>> No.10470901

no, they are obsessed with thinking women hate them.

>> No.10470902
File: 270 KB, 639x679, 1516787285949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cut that shit out! Don't be a premature granny-chan like me. If you find yourself doing it while scrolling your phone, put your phone down until you stop.

>> No.10470906

ahh yes all those healthy sub65 year olds just dropping on the street

>> No.10470907 [DELETED] 
File: 620 KB, 1081x1920, dream_guy_37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey ladies =p

>> No.10470911
File: 59 KB, 500x300, put-your-dick-away-37457788[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10470924
File: 82 KB, 728x455, full-metal-panic-sousuke-sagara-chidori-kaname-wallpaper-preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to couple cosplay so fucking bad but I don't have a girlfriend.

>> No.10470927


>> No.10470929

But anon the only reason I came here is because I wanted to see some cute girls in dresses (not sexually of course) and bully femanons. Cosplay is shit; why would I want to look at some shitty 3DPD imitation of a particular character when I can look at that character in infinitely cleaner and prettier 2D all I want?
>A carbon copy of incels would be complaining about not getting sex and a million other sex related whinings.
Okay, so you agree with me then.
You are basically proving my point.
>It's easier to assume you understand the situation when you definitely don't.
Rings a bell don't it?
Look, neither side has an accurate picture with what's wrong with the other. Your idea of what an incel is is about as accurate as an incels idea of how the average woman is, i.e. almost entirely incorrect. Incels are the way they are because they are ugly (in a way they can't fix), are autistic or some combination of the two. I'm not even sure where this "think women owe them sex" bit comes from: in my type larping as a woman in old /r9k/ most of them cried about not even being noticed by women or not being able to contain their spaghetti to even be two meters near women, let alone be in the circumstance where sex between them and a woman is even in the question.
>men don't usually deal with things like having people grope them or having people demand sex (sometimes with force).
Yeah, we have to deal with shit like the draft, getting called a faggot and ostracized for expressing even a hint of emotion (even by the women who complain about men not showing emotion), getting labeled as ugly for being average looking, getting circumcised (amerimutt exclusive), alimony and child custody being favored towards women, having women lie about rape (yes, that happens!) and being essentially guilty until proven innocent, having to share literally everything with women yet women still get to keep their spaces, etc.

>> No.10470931

My apartment is like 30 miles from a wildlife. This year is the most mentally exhausting slog of my life and now a fucking fire is making me wish I could just get on a plane going to literally any developed nation other than the US. If I was rich, I'd just go on a week long yacht trip or something. Daily life is exhausting right now.

>> No.10470932

and people wonder why we hate men

>> No.10470934

Sorry about your unfortunate face

>> No.10470937

you morons are why america is still so fucking diseased and far surpassed every other country in both cases and deaths

>> No.10470939

Richfag here, yacht trips are really boring unless you’re stopping off at places to get wasted or something. But that’s risky with corona. Being drunk on a boat is only fun for short periods of time. Sorry to burst that dream

>> No.10470943

I'd take boring over being stuck with fires, rona, riots, and cheetolord. My regular daily life is boring. I would cry if I could afford to actually be bored for a week.

>> No.10470946

Lmao @ those first world problems

>> No.10470948

I’m just saying if you were really in a position to be able to do that there would be much better things to do instead

>> No.10470950

Wow even the pubes are shaved!

>> No.10470951

>Okay, so you agree with me then.
not a single woman here complains about not getting sex. we could all get it at the drop of a hat if wanted.

>having women lie about rape
thanks for confirming you're an incel yourself

>> No.10470952

Yeah. I wouldn't be stuck hoping everything I own doesn't get burned up in the coming days. I just wanna do _something_ other than sitting here hoping I make it through yet another disaster of 2020.

>> No.10470954

Newfag and I fucked up the formatting there but idc honestly

>> No.10470955

I just want a fucking hug at this point

>> No.10470956

It's depressing that even hugs are dangerous now. I'm repulsed by physical contact so I don't miss them but I'd give you one anyway, anon. Shit sucks right now.

>> No.10470957
File: 20 KB, 304x394, 67165048_3463301957029387_7726296842928914432_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of you posted a bare ass cosplay online, how would you feel knowing that a male friend saved the picture?

>> No.10470958

i mean, do people hug you when there's not a virus? we've got a lot of incels in here today

>> No.10470959

>not a single woman here complains about not getting sex
Not here, necessarily, as this is a cosplay & EGL board, but on any of the female-oriented imageboards that I know for a fact many people crosspost to absolutely.
>women lie about rape
>thanks for confirming you're an incel yourself
What? I didn't say all women lied about it. You are actually deluded if you think there aren't circumstances where women have lied about being raped or sexually harassed.
And you pick that out of all of those to complain about (at least you picked something unlike >>10470946). Do you think the others are legitimate or do you simply don't want to address them because you might contradict your whole "we totally aren't female incels" idea. Because it's absolutely incel behavior to disregard people's genuine problems just because they are the opposite sex. I did not deny sexual harassment isn't a problem, but you act like men must have it easy; most likely we both have it pretty shitty right now. You want to keep up this antagonism between men and women up even though we both know how that is going to turn out in the long run.

>> No.10470960


>> No.10470962

poop doesn't come out of ur buttcheex tho

there is no actual difference between titty men and ass men, round squishy things are just fun to grab. face is the ultimate discriminatory factor.

>> No.10470963

>Because it's absolutely incel behavior to disregard people's genuine problems just because they are the opposite sex.
it's called being smart enough to acknowledge the fact that women are an oppressed group and men are not. men factually have far easier lives, white men in particular. read a book and look up stats bruh

>> No.10470964

Anal is both disgusting and painful. I breathe a giant sigh of relief every time a guy tells me he's not interested in it

>> No.10470965

>Tfw you have chronic angular cheilitis
>tfw no matter how careful you are it looks bad
I’m glad everyone is wearing masks now, it saves me from awkwardly having to explain that no, I don’t have herpes.

>> No.10470966
File: 44 KB, 750x406, Them days.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what are the gulls of the lovely board arguing about this time

>> No.10470967

Thank you

Yeah, problem is most friends I'm close enough for that with live far away and there's this whole pandemic thing going on

>> No.10470969

Cases and deaths of oldies and fatties (how will America survive without such cornerstones???)

>> No.10470970

My friend do you trust whomever finds your will to enact your wishes to not just ignore it or rip it up? Or have you given it to a lawyer in advance? Its more complicated than you think.

>> No.10470971

People's unhealthy friends and their elderly grandparents are at risk. You obviously don't have a family but you should be a little less of an edgy asshole.

>> No.10470972

>I feel like no boobs and big hips is the best of both worlds
t. random passerby

>> No.10470973

>the fact that women are an oppressed group and men are not.
Categorically incorrect if you live in the West.
>men factually have far easier lives
>look up stats bruh
Suicide rate: 3x higher for men
Homelessness: 70% men
Life expectancy: Higher for women
Death at workplace: Exponentially higher for men
Homicide victims: 4 times more men

>> No.10470975

Men should stop putting themselves in those situations then. They’re just asking for it.

>> No.10470976

>Incels think women owe them sex because they're men
I ain't even the rest of this shit. Women are so much worse for this. I swear all of you think smiling, saying hello, and batting your eyelashes is supposed to get any guy at any second. It's like you all forget that men have their own lives and not everything is about you.

>> No.10470977
File: 1.83 MB, 800x800, ED62FF58-2E82-4792-9BCD-0C0BFBE8C765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi there, me. What are you doing here
My dream couple’s group is either Nice/Jaccuzzi or Issac/Miria from Baccano
As time goes on it seems more and more unrealistic, but at least I’m at the proper weight to do those characters now.

>> No.10470978

Correct outside of the west, and getting sexually harassed, raped, and having health conditions ignored by doctors 24/7 sucks ass in the west too. But of course I wouldn’t expect a scrote to understand that

>> No.10470982

But ppl like dimples. That’s all I got everything else was too confusing to understand.

On the topic of boobies. I’m not dissing it or anything but the thing (starts to with an a) around the nipples. not a fan of it being too big.

>> No.10470984

Soooo what are you doing to help men in need?

>> No.10470985

>doesn't actually counter anything
>"heh, I'll just repeat what sounds like something the stoopid men would say, that will show him"
And you are surprised when we treat you like children.
>getting sexually harassed, raped
You need to specify because nowadays those words have very little meaning. Getting stared at too long is sexual harrassment.
>having health conditions ignored by doctors 24/7 sucks ass
Again, mind being more specific, or perhaps some stats?

>> No.10470989

>doesn't actually counter anything
You're doing the exact same thing though.....

>> No.10470990

>hurr-durr you gotta be specific about what is rape
gee it’s no wonder why women are beginning to hate men more and more everyday
>please spoon feed me!
a simple google search brings up several articles for that scrote

>> No.10470993

Men legitimately just tell women to avoid getting raped though. Like we hadn’t thought of that before. And like it’s somehow our fault. So now that you’re seeing it reversed and applicable to men you think it’s stupid? Reflect retard

>> No.10470995

>sexual harassment and rape have very little meaning

Please do the world a favor and kill yourself.

>> No.10470996

That’s the name. I was trying to remember what their names were cause that’s the picture my mom picked up

>> No.10470998

Damn my mom asked if I called my ex or if she called me. Nah nigga first rule in NC. How she gonna do me like that. I’m tryin to recoverrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.10471002
File: 157 KB, 454x408, meb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck are people replying to this MRA scrote? Don't you understand he's probably touching himself right now?

>> No.10471004
File: 114 KB, 480x330, 1533160987902.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not like the other men.

>> No.10471005

>You're doing the exact same thing though.....
I countered the fact that men supposedly have "easy lives" with actual statistics. The best I get in return is a "oh yeah! well, um, we get raped and doctors don't listen..." without any statistical backing.
>gee it’s no wonder why women are beginning to hate men more and more everyday
Okay, so? Which is more dangerous to the other sex: women hating men, or men hating women? You don't have the strength to back up your hate; your hatred is about as impactful as a chihuahua's. Men hating you means you will get your rape culture you pretend exists. Feminist action is equal parts male action as we allow you to have the rights you have now. Men can easily take those away and figuratively and literally fuck you over at any moment and there would be literally nothing you can do about it.
>So now that you’re seeing it reversed and applicable to men you think it’s stupid?
Because it isn't rape we are talking about in terms of men, it's murder. There are times where, yes, you can minimize your chance of murder, but it isn't as easy as what men claim about minimizing rape by not wearing certain clothes. People are murdered for way more complex reasons.

>> No.10471006

You are fucking stupid if you think a woman wearing certain clothes is a reason they get raped. Most rapes occur with someone the woman knows. Trusted people. Not just some random dude who was overcome with lust because a chick was wearing spaghetti straps and daisy dukes.

>> No.10471007


> 76% of congress are men
> 72% of seats in state legislature are men
> 82% of governors and 77% of mayors in the largest cities in america are men
> 95% of fortune 500 CEOs are men
> 88% of homicide are committed by men

Indeed, it does look like men are also suffering under the patriarchy; a system which puts exclusively white wealthy men in positions of power and encourages violence in men from an early age, and demeans and devalues women and people of color. It's almost like this is exactly what we're trying to get through to your dumb ass.

>> No.10471009

Opinion discarded

>> No.10471010

actually, you are more likely to get killed by a stranger than raped by a stranger

>> No.10471012

I mean according to your type, statistics are invariably separate from opinions so....

>> No.10471013

Can’t wait for this thread to get nuked

>> No.10471014

>muh patriarchy
A female vice presidential candidate put thousands in prison for truancy and minor drug violations, and joked about it
A female presidential candidate got Americans killed in a warzone that she helped create as secretary of state

>> No.10471016

I somehow think that the 75+% majority of men running the country would have a little more of a hand in war, homelessness, workplace deaths, and life expectancy in the country than a singular female presidential candidate

>> No.10471019

Let's not forget the law mandating everyone who works in California's entertainment industry must pass a background check was basically not enforced by the same VP candidate as attorney general. Unsurprisingly, a number of Weinstein-like figures later came to light after she left.

>> No.10471024

Men are murdered at higher rates because they're essentially dumb animals incapable of regulating their emotions, so they kill each other over stupid shit like being looked at wrong. Men are the majority of murderers as well as murder victims. Why is this an issue that women should give a fuck about?

>> No.10471028

True as fuck. I know women can be shit sometimes but god damn I'd feel so much safer in a world without men. Being a woman is like being prey.

>> No.10471030

Gulls can't help themselves. They see bait, they take it.

>> No.10471031

Just subtly sharing the emptiness with other anons to not feel as lonely, me.
I had a whole daydream fantasy about this the other day. Dreaming up con shenaningans and stuff.
Someone also recently told me how I really looked close to Tohno Shiki and since then been thinking about going as him with a girl dressed as Arcueid or Kohaku.

>> No.10471032

And who is doing all of this to men? Is it? Could it be?....No it couldn't.
What the fuck should women do about it huh? Y'all victimize yourselves and then victimize women even further by preying on them and taking advantage of physical differences and then you expect us to stick our necks out for the same group that likes to terrorize us? No thanks b.

>> No.10471045

Here are the other halves of those stats you posted...
Suicide rate: caused by society telling men that asking for professional help makes you weak and men believing it
Homelessness: the majority of homeless people are mentally ill (see above)
Life expectancy: men have higher rates of heart disease and often choose careers that are more dangerous
Death at workplace: (see above)
Homicide victims: same 3-4x increase can be seen in the sexes of murderers

Ya'll wanna blame women while simultaneously begging them for attention and ya'll wonder why women hate guys like you. Gee willikers.

>> No.10471046

This is why I hate women.

>> No.10471050

Anyone who spells it "y'all" deserves death.

>> No.10471052

That's literally how you spell it, though.

>> No.10471053

you are retarded

>> No.10471054

Ya'll are funny. I don't actually care how it's spelled. Just like how you shouldn't care if a stranger on the internet says it.

>> No.10471056

So is causation, fortunately...

>> No.10471060

This is the only correct option. It's combining "you" and "all." The apostrophe goes between the letters you remove.

Do not = don't (removes o)
She is = she's (removes i)
They will = they'll (removes wi)

You all = y'all (removes ou)

>> No.10471061

Who said I cared? I just find it funny that you're getting mad at people for spelling a word right.

>> No.10471062

I'm not mad though. I don't care. It's a word I use sometimes. I even tried to make it obvious that I didn't care by using the classic "if you [thing] you deserve death" joke. I didn't even try to bait anyone and yet I've got people jumping at the imaginary hook. Pull your undies out of your ass and calm down.

>> No.10471065

You should take your own advice,
sperg. Nobody's overreacting here besides you.

>> No.10471067

I'm not the one sperging over a rando's apostrophe usage. I'm just finding this whole situation pretty funny. First thing that's made me smile in days desu.

>> No.10471069
File: 509 KB, 1410x603, moid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being so cranky about your genetic inferiority that you go to the girl's dress up board to pretend you're oppressed

>> No.10471070

No one here is sperging. Pointing out that you're wrong isn't sperging.

>> No.10471072

That's your 4th post about it. I'm literally telling my coworker about this shit and she's laughing too. It's an apostrophe. I don't care if I use it incorrectly. You care more about it than I do.

>> No.10471074

Have you considered this is an anonymous imageboard and not everyone responding to you is the same person?
Anyway, people corrected you because you came off self-righteous when you were clearly in the wrong. Say shit, get hit. Deal with it.

>> No.10471076

Did anyone see that pic of Silento’s booty hole

I fucking hate twitter

>> No.10471079

I assumed it was the same person because I don't see how more than one person could care this much about an apostrophe. I have clearly offended the entire grammar police force. I'm going to continue spelling it the way I want to. I never said my spelling was correct. I said I don't care if it isn't.

>> No.10471080
File: 53 KB, 1011x322, durrr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is all just an elaborate troll.

>> No.10471082

Ay I’m getting hella likes on tinder. How do I view it without paying :0

>> No.10471083

ok, sperg

>> No.10471084

I accept your surrender.

>> No.10471089

Wow Zenigata you caught me. I uploaded a stupidly huge image and then reposted a smaller version. It's a conspiracy.

>> No.10471091

so you're delusional AND a sperg. got it

>> No.10471180

be me, OP
comes back after half a day
what the fuck did i say about not posting weird shit!?

>> No.10471183

The innate war between gulls and maleposters will never rest, anon.

>> No.10471249
File: 88 KB, 532x668, 1595137359161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>small chromosome!!!1! lol!!!
>doesn't know that a second X is functionally useless outside of reproduction
An amazing display of female intelligence.
This is middle school biology. The second chromosome only exists so that a mother will guarantee give off an X in her eggs while a father can give off an X or Y. Men are encoded with more genetic information as the Y chromosome is the differentiator of sex, not X; which isn't in itself enough to say that we are necessarily superior than women. We have the entirety of human history to show for that.

>> No.10471281
File: 70 KB, 889x855, 1569073988723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've tried to help, they just don't stop.

>> No.10471291

You've been caught being unnecessarily retarded. You can stop trolling now.

>> No.10471326

No, you posted a hugely stupid image as per >>10471249.
You are also autistic enough to care about the image being "huge" even though it was small enough for 4chan to let you post it and all images are fitted to browser width when expanded anyway.

>> No.10471450

>Started saving up for my dream dress
>See it everywhere now

Feels bad

>> No.10471465

My feel:

>see Vanilla-Chan socks on LM
omg yes
>dirty soles, rubbed off logo, threads coming unwoven

Which dress?

>> No.10471629

Anyone good at math? I need a math tutor:]

>> No.10471631

not sure how I feel about how we are talking about clothes like they are stocks...

>> No.10471665

>tfw no cute gf
>tfw all women I meet are thoughtless sociopaths
>tfw the romantic lovey dovey relationship I always dreamed of is slipping away as I grow older and more jaded
>tfw coming home every day to an empty house

>> No.10471716

dl tinder. swipe thru their pics and picture yourself being in a relationship with them. close app, reopen and repeat to get someone new(that way you don’t have to talk to anyone). It’s like living thru multiple relationships.

>> No.10471793

Kill yourself.

>> No.10471937

>be 4'8" from malnutrition as a child
>every dress too big
>every waist too low
>buy $30 liz lisa dress on a whim
>looking at myself wearing it
>"holy shit"
>put a petticoat under it
>finally, perfect lolita silhouette

I am so happy, and I finally understand why everyone thinks liz lisa is slutty lmfao if I was even close to average height this would be obscene

>> No.10471980

That’s not nice and is against 4chan tos. I was just tryin to help you out here. It’s ok I won’t report you because I am magnanimous

>> No.10472000
File: 14 KB, 227x236, cute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wish i had jfashion friends. or just non-normie friends irl in general so i could bond over the same type of thing.

>> No.10472028

new bread

>> No.10472033

new soup

>> No.10472066

>be 4'8"
cute and short pilled

>> No.10472109

Did you like how I used a big word. I been reading and it’s expanding my vocabulary

>> No.10472110

We probably shouldn't until page 8 or so.

>> No.10472124

Wrong. Lots of men at least are okay with, if not prefer flat chest with wide hips and big ass.

>> No.10472191

My dog is snoring and sounds like it sleeping so comfy while I can’t sleep. I should wake that lil bitch up

>> No.10473366 [DELETED] 

Stolen bike guy here. I still don't have my bike because it was found so far away and the paperwork do move slowly. I was gonna post a picture of me hugging it but instead you friends will have to enjoy my nice fluffy friend reaching for a sticc

>> No.10473417

>Uh oh! You've been noticed. You're now obligated to engage in conversation with me. Should have been more boring an/or not in my field of vision, retard!

>> No.10474417

>just woke up. it’s 2pm
My sleep schedule

>> No.10474579

other thread got nuked, rip

>> No.10474827

this thread is our secret little club don’t tell anyone. we can gossip about other anons and janny wouldn’t care because it’s auto saging

>> No.10475728

>tfw no cosplaying gf to hold down and spit on her face

>> No.10475890 [DELETED] 

I'm just so sad

>> No.10475900

Why are you sad anon?

>> No.10476018


olivia have you been talking to junior again?

>> No.10476120 [DELETED] 

I hate my body so much.
I'll never be able to afford breast implants to fix my tuberous/saggy breasts because I'm a loser that never went to college. It sucks so much to be ashamed every time i take my shirt off in the bedroom. It sounds so so dumb but I was so excited when I was little to finally get boobs and when I realized all my friends had pretty ones and mine were ugly, it hurt so much. My cousin would make me fun of me for not wearing a bra and comment on how saggy they looked, I was 12.
I know it could be worse but I fucking hate seeing them in the mirror and feeling inferior to all my female friends.

And no I'm not a fucking scrote so fuck off. I'm just sad and hopeless because I can't stop thinking about how much I hate my chest and how I'm too poor to ever be able to fix them.
I just want to wear bathing suits and not feel ugly in comparison to everyone else. I want to be able to fit shirts correctly and have them look good for once. I want to be able to take my shirt off in front of my partner and not feel embarassed. I hate it so much.

>> No.10476121 [DELETED] 

Bump bump

>> No.10476122 [DELETED] 

Am I a fucking loser for not wanting to go to college?

>> No.10476130

My ex had the same problem she even made an appointment to see a gynecologist (I think that’s what they’re called idk) but that fell thru cause of covid. I told her they looked fine and all but, like you, it was more of a body image thing for her. Idk what to tell ya anon. you should work on w/e you can and for the stuff you can’t there’s no point in stressing over it. big saggy boobs on slim girls look good too imo so if you’re bigger maybe try working out and that might help with your body image. As for the college drop out thing. I dropped out of college as well but there’s a bunch of online stuff you can do now especially during COVID. I’m trying to get my life on track now so I’m looking into doing pharmacy tech. Depending on your state you can either self study and take the test, join a program and apply for financial aid or work for something like CVS and they’re train you until you have enough hours to take the test. You don’t have to do pharmacy tech it’s just an example but that’s what I’m doing. There’s also IT programs or if you’re into CS (too hard for me) there’s that too.

>> No.10476132

Depending on what you want in life. Life is a bit harder without a college degree tho, but if you don’t know what you want to do yet I wouldn’t go till you figure it out. I wasted a lot of time just going without a set plan plus I wasn’t very motivated. I wish I had someone to guide me back then cause being an adult is so fucking hard sometimes.

>> No.10476137

It’s auto saging big dummy

>> No.10476138

No. I went and it was fucking useless. Within 3 years a recession hit and 83% of my colleagues were out of a job. Took a decade to recover and forge my own path

>> No.10476157 [DELETED] 

I am already thin, and my breasts are pretty small while also being weirdly triangular shaped (literally like orangutan tiddies, not exaggerating, thats what they look like). Idk. All I want is to get them fixed because I feel like I've missed out on something people associate heavily with femininity.

I'll look into the pharmacy tech thing and things like it, it actually sounds like something I'd be interested in. Thanks anon.

>> No.10476178

That doesn’t sound bad at all anon. Just gotta find a cute pair of swimsuit that suits you. You could probably get your bf’s opinion on it too just for an outside perspective of things because we’re really critical of our own images. Well at least I am so it’s hard too tell if things look good or not. Kids are mean especially girls, as seen from this board, so I wouldn’t take what was said to heart. If you wanna go thru with it for you tho you can use it as a goal to motivate yourself to finish a program/degree. Good luck out there don’t be so hard on yourself

>> No.10476182 [DELETED] 

You're really kind anon, I appreciate that you didn't shit on my plan to get plastic surgery. A lot of people do that because they're trying to help or dissuade me from potentially harming myself, but I really do think I'd be so much happier and more secure with my body if I did it. Anyway thanks again, you're right, I'm gonna try to work towards that goal use it to motivate me to better myself overall.

>> No.10476351

I’m glad you cheered up anon. those people are probably close to you so they mean well imo. maybe they’re against it because they want you to know that they care about you and if they aren’t against it you might feel sad and it’ll reinforce the idea that you don’t look normal like the other girls. Idk I’m not very good with words so it’s hard to convey what I want to say sometimes. I really like the saying “it can’t be helped” I tell myself that when things are out of my control so there’s really no reason to be stress over it. As for the potential harmful thing I think breast implants are kinda like getting braces. some ppl need ‘perfect’ teeth to feel confident about themselves some don’t. I gotta study today to reach my goals too so good luck out there we’ll pull thru

>> No.10476895
File: 1.30 MB, 828x1441, 7E9D77AD-F6DE-4431-9FAB-F20734DD1ED6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my cat came back to visit

>> No.10476927

New edition y'all


>> No.10477417

Sigh... I just wanted to meet my potential new friend.

>> No.10477419

People could have ignored the troll. It was kind of embarrassing to watch that argument.

>> No.10477423

I guess gulls will never not take bait

>> No.10477454

Got the dremel flex shaft attachment and it's an absolute GAME CHANGER. I used to hate prop-work, mostly because it's really spooky. but reading up on tutorials online (ie. use strokes in the direction of the dremel spin, use a stone bit to get the perfect sanding finish, seal with a heat gun) actually gave some excellent results. Really looking forward to painting this next prop. It's a bit janky, sure, but it's a lot more complex that my previous ones.

>> No.10477486

Not for long apparently.
It's probably just better that we keep using this one until it dies naturally.

>> No.10477510

I fucked up.

>> No.10477561


Man I’m getting anxieties. Gf gonna call me when she wakes up but I dunno what I should talk about

>> No.10477569
File: 80 KB, 640x480, 59377A04-33ED-4209-B1CA-93EFB7D4A726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My cat is dumb it keeps running away from me mfer

>> No.10477658
File: 26 KB, 481x386, EhwEuTNXkAQT22i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats with 4chan discord autists and unfriending when you dont respond for awhile

>> No.10477668

Waited all day and night but the call never came. I guess she got cold feet? this kinda hurts worst than before

>> No.10477752

I ended up catching feelings for a guy who is into pretty much most of the same niche shit as me, but the catch is that he's actually more emotionally detached than I am. first time I've been on the receiving end of my own bullshit and boy does it make me feel like I'm getting poetic justice delivered hot to my door.

>> No.10477777

Did you try letting him know how you feel?

>> No.10477989

I want to cosplay with friends and shit (after lockdowns ofc) but I must have BDD because I cannot stand my face or any part of my body for that matter. Not even makeup would help with how I feel. I thought about using those kigurumi masks but they said that would look ugly so I'm already out of options unless I stick with 2B but cosplaying as something you've never played seems corny.
If there's one good thing about mandated mask shit that may or may not be enforced in the future at cons it's that I can cover half of my face and feel a bit more secure.
>inb4 just work out/surgery/therapy
I think I'm considered healthy weight wise by my doctor, surgery is moneys, already in therapy, just bitching here

>> No.10478154

don’t you feel like you’re someone else when you put cosplay on? I don’t have bdd but I do feel insecure on some occasions. I feel that cosplaying makes me act differently. I feel more confident. mandated mask are nice and sometimes I wear glasses, they seem to help too.

>> No.10478223

There are definitely more cosplays that hide your face than just 2B, plenty of masked and helmeted characters around.

>> No.10478295
File: 423 KB, 647x639, Dalek[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got you

>> No.10478627
File: 71 KB, 800x765, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting back into fairy kei for the first time in 5 years
>see it's all thrown up neon and shitty western brands, full of fakebois and snowflakes

>> No.10478649

listening to lil peep while working out. I’m gonna beat up every anon that ever bullies me once I’m stronger

>> No.10478657

>lil peep
zoom on outta here

>> No.10478668

what do you listen to then bitch

>> No.10478675


>> No.10478682

Why are white people so fucking ugly.

>> No.10478694

All that hate age them fast as fuck

>> No.10478706

I just wanted music recommendations desu, but that’s not really my taste.

I used to listen to alternative rock but I dunno I’m more into lofi beats and soft vocals now. found this dude call hevel on sound cloud recently and his voice is pretty nice to listen to, but that stuff doesn’t help me when working out so I just listen to w/e hypes me up.

>> No.10478714

Why are they such awful hate-filled creatures anyway
What made them like this

>> No.10478731

Because of their shortcomings

>> No.10478732

Idk anon those eyes and freckles are pretty cute

>> No.10478854


In all my years on 4chan the one time I got a lot of (you)s was when I asked months ago about period cramps in the feels thread. I doodle, I write, I make 3D, I customize things. I do it for my own amusement of course, but half the fun of a joke is when you share it and see others laugh. I don't like how I never get help in the appropriate boards either.

>> No.10478944

Had another "last tea party". Due to the whole plague thing, it was a small ordeal. Just me, her, homemade sweets, and some tea. This time, the person giving up lolita was my best friend. We spent hours chatting and reminiscing over all the memories we had made over the past six years that we had been wearing the fashion together. Funny memories, scary memories of getting harassed by strange men, our regrets over what dress she didn't get a chance to wear.

It was very bittersweet. I'm not one to cry, but I ended up tearing up a bit when we talked about the first time we met. It's not like we'll stop being friends or anything, so I'm honestly not 100% sure why I cried. It's just the longer I stay in this fashion and the older I get the more I see the door of revolving faces come and go. Some people who quit lolita we end up not talking much afterwards, while others, I manage to keep a bond with.

It makes me wonder when the day will come that I might move on from this fashion. It's been twelve years of wearing it and I'm nearly thirty at this point. It's hard to imagine myself growing out of it, but I had heard the same phrase from many other lolitas that eventually sold their wardrobes and went on to different things.

All my lolita friends are gone now. It's just me now. So, I guess it's about time to join a comm again. Maybe I'll meet new and exciting faces. Another person to share tea with frills with.

I'm a little sad, but I'm keeping optimistic since I'm sure there's wonderful people out there I've yet to meet.

>> No.10478951

>save a photo on IG so I can upload the user's coord onto my computer
>a day later
>coord is gone

>> No.10478952

Good job, anon. You've become what you fought so hard against - a racist.

>> No.10478962

:( hopefully you guys have other hobbies you share in common so that you can still talk about those stuff.
If their ig was public you might be able to google it to see if its on some third pt site

>> No.10479032

lmao chud, read theory

>> No.10479065

Not racist, just observing facts.

>> No.10479212

>racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
>"white people so fucking ugly"

Replace "white" with any other color, and people would be screaming.

Sorry that you can't make hating on white people #trending. You're just a hateful human being.

>> No.10479234

I don't hate white people as people. I just hate that I'm white and ugly. I wish I could be Asian instead.

>> No.10479282

I got a haircut and and it turned out good :]

>> No.10479299

>make plans with bf to go to a cute cafe that just opened
>wearing lolita because it's a cute cafe, of course I am
>bf says a mutual friend wants to come
>ok sure
>mutual friend asks to invite two other friends
>ok sure
>other friends invite even more friends without permission, friends of friends invite more friends without permission
>shits getting out of hand, there are people coming that I barely know
>friend of a friend goes "oh yeah [anon] you probably shouldn't wear anything that looks like a costume! We're already going as a big group so I don't want to draw too much attention!"
>adds on some shit about "muh social anxiety", other friends take her side

Fuck you, I'm not the one who turned this into a goddamn field trip.

Fuck sake I just wanted to quietly sip tea and eat macaroons with a small group.

>> No.10479324

Seeing pictures of white lolitas and Asian lolitas in the same thread just depresses me, because the Asians always look so pretty and the white ones always look so old and ugly. I hate being white and ugly

>> No.10479349

just tell ur bf he owes you another trip
stop fetishizing Asians

>> No.10479361

nvm I miss longer hair :[

>> No.10479365

>tfw haven't had a haircut in like 7 years

>> No.10479382

damn dude why not?

>> No.10479389

At first it was just because I was too lazy but then the long hair kinda became my thing so I figured I might as well embrace it

>> No.10479401

I almost feel bad for them, who'd want to live looking like an uncooked turkey with a manjaw, but then I remember they gentrified my neighborhood and criminalized me. So yeah, fuck you.

>> No.10479406

how long is it now?

>> No.10479410

It's been pretty stagnant at like 70cm for a while now

>> No.10479414

oh I’m dumb, when you said 7 years I though it would be longer, but that’s a nice length. I bet you get a lot of compliments

>> No.10479419

Yeah the reaction is generally positive when I actually go outside

>> No.10479428

good for you dude

>> No.10479472

>tfw no gf to listen to The Birthday Massacre with

>> No.10479507

sounds pretty good anon. you have ok taste in music

>> No.10479730
File: 295 KB, 360x270, 1436576184170.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When's a good age to end your ho phase and settle down?

>> No.10479751


Russians are white and asian. Not to mention how visually distinct the various "yellow" peoples are. You make me want to slap you violently.


Be more direct with your man.

>> No.10479753


Uou were born a whore and you will die a whore. I pity whoever ends up being your meal ticket.

>> No.10479756

when you meet someone you want to settle down with

>> No.10479764

Being an incel should be a bannable offense. Just.. go.

>> No.10479765

I'm 36 and I haven't found anyone worthwhile, just bland guys with no real career and no concept of emotional labor.

>> No.10479770

I dunno maybe relocate? settling is just being a ho till you find someone you want to be exclusive with. Just do you and it’s not like everything will be picture perfect once you find someone like that. you just gotta keep moving forward and do what makes you happy. I’m sure as you get older the people that you date will be able to fill those requirements easily.

I was going to re word some stuff but too lazy meh

>> No.10479777

Spoiler: That's basically all of them.

>> No.10479781

Well shit

>> No.10479867

Holy shit, EXPRESS YOU FEEELINGS goddamit.

I'm tired of people like you who goes to a italian basket weaving imageboard and says this shit, if you disapprove what your bf did, fucking tells him.

Nobody can read your fucking mind, be an adult.

>> No.10480116
File: 21 KB, 441x396, 1564643043146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, because telling a guy what you're feeling directly has ever worked. You should be a relationship counselor.

>> No.10480150

This. I’ve done shit that has made people annoyed with me over and over until they ended up ignoring me entirely because they never fucking told me I was bothering them. How is someone supposed to know what not to do if no one tells them it’s an issue?

It works a whole lot better than not saying anything at all.

>> No.10480176

Always MUCH better than saying nothing. You're just finding excuses to be a lazy ass.

Relationships require work and efforts, I don't get these people who are with someone but the second they has to put some boundaries or express their needs they just crumble, sabotaging their relationship and the other person with it.

Your remind my my good-for-nothing ex girlfriend who always gave me the silent treatment instead of just saying what was up so we could try to find a solution.

>> No.10480195
File: 108 KB, 640x480, FD3C0347-7C80-463F-8FB6-E7215F1887EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my last ex was like that too. we can’t read your minds bros.

shittt I ended up in Huntington Beach. I thought we were going to Coronado Island. last time I been here was ax with friends. we rode tandem bicycles to the beach it was fun. a certain tripfag from /a/ lives here I hope he doesn’t know I’m here.

>> No.10480247

after having left lolita for several years, i just bought my first dress upon coming back and i can't even begin to describe how happy i am to finally be back! i finally feel comfortable enough with wearing it out in public, along with being more confident in my ability to style clothes and have a consistent wardrobe that i'm ready to get back into the fashion,

>> No.10480395
File: 32 KB, 554x480, DgsVqZnW0AAfYuc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Always wanted to go to conventions and cosplay
>Never had the money and was too embarrassed
>Decide fuck it, this year is gonna be it, i live alone now so who cares, i'm gonna make some cosplay and go to gamescom
>Pick out cosplay i wanted to do, research materials i needed and how to get them, start buying some stuff, practicing sewing etc.
>Corona hits
>No conventions and lets be honest next year is gonna be the same
>I probably won't have motivation then
>It won't be the same then
stop cucking me corona-chan
I can't even imagine how this is for people who have cosplay as their main hobby

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