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We have a ton of bitching and feels threads so let's have a positive one.
Talk about something you're happy about relating to cosplay/lolita or a story of something positive that happened pertaining to the hobby. I'll start.
>tfw I can tell my cosplay skills are improving

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>tfw an old lady comes up and fawns over you and chats with you about how your outfit reminds her of some of the things she used to wear

I literally cried.

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>i had a smile at work even though i'm depressed solely by thinking about the upcoming con and potential friends i could make

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At a meet up an older woman walked up to me and said "Oh is this some kind of fashion group?"
This made me happy. People always assume it is a costume for some play or something and it was just nice to have the correct thing be their first guess.
I am not mad when people guess wrong, but it made me smile.

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>be cosplayer
>feel lonely
>try to make cosplay friends
>everyone has their own cliques already and aren’t open to letting in new people
>feel even more lonely
>want to quit cosplay because of it
>one day see a mutual post on their story about feeling the same way
>immediately message them
>we bond about it
>meet up with each other at the next con we went to
>have a good time talking
>don’t want to quit cosplay anymore

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I tried lolita hoping to make friends at first, then my personality got in the way as it always does. Went out to a concert, not hoping to meet anybody but got complimented and made a decent friend. Everything turned out better than expected!

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I volunteer (2 days a week) at a care home for elderly people and the old ladies absolutely adore my clothes and ask me regularly if I bought something new, they usually want to see pic of what I bought. It's so cute they like Axes Femme, Fint and other J-Fash brands, even lolita (I mostly own old school BtssB stuff and though I don't wear that to "work" I showed them my collection as I have a private pinterest board where I keep track off my wardrobe). I actually started dressing up more when I go there, just to impress my ladies hehe.

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Thought my hair was too long for a cute hairstyle for so long so I just didn't bother, actually did a bit of troubleshooting and practice and it actually looks good on me.

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>Girl who bullied me in high school had her onlyfans leaked and is melting down on twitter
It's the simple things in life

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Ignorant asf here but what is Onlyfans and is it relating to nudes?

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Nudes for pay, so yes

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2 years ago I found out the girl that bullied me in highschool is dead

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>Normies keep telling me I should make an Instagram account for all of my outfits
I don't plan on it because I'm kind of camera shy, but it's really it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when they say that, like they genuinely like what I'm wearing

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Congrats to both of you!

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I've been working on a project for someone else for a really long time and I'm so tired of it. I was feeling really unmotivated and uninspired but now that I'm finally almost done I've been getting really excited about being able to work on my own projects again. I bought GLB Extra 2 and OnS 7 and I'm looking forward to improving my drafting skills.

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That's cute as hell

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I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can afford to buy more non-normie clothing, and it’s making me so happy. Snatching up Jesus Diamante clothes that I adored when I was just getting into jfash feels so good, and I feel like my outer appearance is starting to reflect my inner self much more. Several randos have called me a princess, which gives me all the warm feelings

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Even better

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I finally managed to sell a costume I was trying to sell so that's been nice. I've also been making good progress on my current costume. I've found a great balance between crafting, adulting, and playing video games

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Skankho gets what she deserves *karma*

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That's awesome anon. I want to take sewing lessons, are you a new or veteran seamstress? I'm guessing very skilled cuz you make things for other people? Ons issues are awesome, especially the earlier ones. What pieces are you planning make? Please post your lolita projects in the sewing thread, people like you are inspirational!

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I finally confessed to my crush last year and we started dating this month. He likes my style (I wear a lot of lplita or general cute pastel or girly ruffly things and always tells me how cute I am but he isn't creepy or into it in a sexual way and we hang out and watch anime and play D&D and share memes together; it's the best kind of relationship a weeb daily lolita like me could ask for :)

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Wholesome as FUCK, best wishes to you two

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I've been sewing on and off for a pretty long time but I wouldn't say I'm particularly talented and in fact I got in a little over my head with this project I'm trying to finish! I've learned a lot though and I'm just going to keep getting better. I'll definitely post to the sewing threads. Thanks for the encouragement :)

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nice! What kind of hairstyle anon?

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You confessed to him? I'm jelly. I wish you all the best

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Yeah I'm super happy to have found a person I can be close to and comfortable with emotionally. I was worried I'd get rejected and it'd ruin our chance to stay friends but I went for it and somehow it worked out.

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>In Vegas for business
>Some cons going on while I'll be here
I've been to cons before, but this time I'm going to try cosplay for the first time. I might just do something simple with a green morph suit and a business suit, but I'm going to try.

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I just bought my first lolita skirt, it was pretty cheap and common but to me it represents finally having the freedom to wear what I want. I wanted to wear lolita since high school but my parents wouldn't let me so it's pretty exciting

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i made my friend a present for her bday and her and all her other friends super loved it!

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I really badly wanted a lolita bestie for the longest time and then I realized I already have one! We’re planning so many fun cords together and it’s her birthday soon and I’m having so much fun making her gift <3 I had no idea our personalities would vibe so well but I’m really glad that we somehow connected ;v;

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Best of luck anon. I remember the feeling of finally putting on a costume after years and years of wishing I could

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god im so envious of you. literally all i want in a relationship. shame that the hobby seems to attract so many weirdos and pervs

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>have a hard time motivating myself to make friends in college since I'm still close with my hs friends
>kinda lonely but too shy to try anyways
>feel way more confident in social skills when in cosplay, over the past few conventions have met people, exchanged contacts, and talk regularly with them
>meet often irl too
Feels so good

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I finally got my dream bag & I love himbs

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is it an usakumya?

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I gained 14 lbs over the course of a year so I decided to lose not just the weight I gained but 34 lbs in total.

So far I lost 13 lbs and if I play my cards right I'll lose the rest of the weight by the end of June. I'm excited for potentially being able to fit into unshirred MM or MmM! Probably not due to my massive ribcage but it's a nice thought.

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Good on you anon, keep up the good work.

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Follow up: I finished the project and handed it over to the person I was making it for. Unfortunately my sewing machine broke down, but since this is the positivity thread, I'll say I'm grateful my grandma is kind enough to offer to help me pay for repairs. I got my issues of OnS that I ordered in the mail and my first project is going to be a matching bustier/skirt set that when worn together looks like a JSK. Just gotta wait for my machine to be repaired!

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People are so sweet about my lolita outfits, like 95% of my street interactions are really positive and kind. People tend to be bemused but delighted at the same time. It's such a boost to have that kind of happy reaction from people.

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i've been totally disinterested in lolita for the past couple of years because I moved to a city with a very active comm to a city with barely any meet ups so my dresses have been collecting dust.
then like the other day I'm back on it. I'll probably never be active in the comm i'm in now because every meet up is full of itas. But i'm wearing lolita like for the everyday and I love it

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i've been totally disinterested in lolita for the past couple of years because I moved from a city with a very active comm to a city with barely any meet ups so my dresses have been collecting dust.
then like the other day I'm back on it all of a sudden. I'll probably never be active in the comm i'm in now because every meet up is full of itas. But i'm wearing lolita like for the everyday and I love it

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What substyle do you wear, anon?

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Happy for you, anon! Wish I could relate.

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Same, when I wear old school sweet. Goth usually means people don't say shit

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Mostly sweet/classic. I wear pastel sweet sometimes. It's still cold where I live and people seem to really dig the BTSSB coats I have.

I'd be cool with that too. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with rude remarks like I imagined I would before I started wearing the fashion. The worst I've gotten was some really poorly-dressed teens might or might not have been laughing at me, which, meh.
I've been wearing it since summer 2019 fwiw.

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No its chick chan

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when i wear classic or sweet classic i get compliments out the ass from old ladies. but when i wear goth i feel like less people want to approach me? does anyone else get that?

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Only bad comments I have received have been from creepy old men saying I am sexy in some way or some dumb kids yelling about my bonnet. Otherwise the comments are always super friendly and nice and it's so great.

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I'm the anon from >>10356439
and I think goth isn't really that "different" from western goth fancy styles when it comes to most people, whereas sweet/oldschool/classic/etc are quite "new" to their eyes, so it draws more attention. Most people see someone in all black, whether it be vinyl pants and torn fishnets, to velvet fishtail skirts and victorian blouses, to goth lolita shit and assume it's all the same.

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3 of the girls who called me a whore in high school got pregnant before 20, and another one got chlamydia

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I had a friend with giant cow tits and she called me a disgusting whore for dating 2 boys in one school year. Shes fucking everyone on tinder as we speak because her mom died and she has a void she can’t fill

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this is the positive thread. two wrongs don't make a right. these are just regular feels.

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>Sailor Moon boots came in after almost more than a month
>It completes my cosplay for upcoming cons
>The package came from China

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>called me a disgusting whore for dating 2 boys in one school year
Well that parts understandable

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She dated more and our other friend used to get dick pictures from 20 year olds when we were freshmen. My relationships lasted a week because I was shy so i ended them. Somehow im the whore

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Only antisocial weebs and high school children think dating is the same as being in a relationship.

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>bunch of events cancelled due to coronavirus

But I save money so that’s a positive

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Wait, high school freshmen? Sounds illegal to me.

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No offense but isn't it really weird to wear a fashion and invest in a wardrobe in order to make friends?

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Crazy thought but maybe she changed and wouldn't call you a whore today. I'm sure you weren't a perfect teenager either, you certainly don't sound like a good person now.

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She's probably still a teenager or she wouldn't be posting dumb shit about things that happened in her freshman year of high school.

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Who knows. She also stole money from me and never returned books i lent her

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I suggest going to therapy if you're this bothered

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This makes my heart happy, anon, and I’m glad you were able to share that moment with her.

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>bunch of events cancelled due to coronavirus
>thank god I'm antisocial and didn't really look forward to them anyways

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I ran into a girl I used to work with a week or two ago. She recommended me a photographer friend because "you should really be keeping high quality photos of what you wear, it's a wonderful thing. It makes me really happy to see you wearing your fashion stuff and doing your thing". We never really got along well the whole time we worked together (personalities clashed a lot), but it meant a lot to me cos most of my former coworkers treated Lolita as my "weird hobby" T_T

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sounds like you really know how to pick your friends; i agree with anon about therapy. sounds like you still have a lot of growing up to do

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I’m having a pretty shit time right now, but it gives me hope for the future, reading all these happy moments. I’m glad for all of you :)

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Same, let's do our best.

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Ever since I took up running and began avoiding sweets, I lost the 5 lbs which I had recently gained! I'm so proud of myself and I can't wait to show myself off in cosplay when this is all over. Weighed myself this morning and was 2 lbs under my goal weight. Plus running is a nice way to get out of the house and get my mind off things.

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Congrats anon! Running also improves your cardiovascular health so you are also getting that bonus!
nice bro!

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>your ladies
my heart

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