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Momocon is a few months away so let’s get this thread going

>What are your thoughts on the convention moving to Hall B?

>Are you looking forward to any guests?

>Any horror stories from last year?

>What do you think will be the most cosplayed character/series?

>Are your cosplays finished?

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I hope Hall B has a cozy courtyard like the previous years, especially late night parties and cyphers.

I'm not big on guests or celebrities, ProZD just kind of walks around and minds his own business so running into him again would be cool.

I hosted the Cosplay Dance Battle panel and in comparison to the year before, this was an absolute trainwreck. One of the sweetest girls I've ever met dislocated her knee on her turn to dance, and I honestly just froze and didn't know what to say or do. On top of that, the panel had too many contestants, my staff got out of line, Momo staff had to interfere and give a speech about safety and alcohol and yadayada. It was bad. I was worried we wouldn't be accepted again, but I just got an email the other day saying we've been confirmed and I'm tightening the screws with my staff in preparation. I hope that girl's okay.

Most cosplayed characters are still gonna be Demon Slayer and MHA, at least for another year or two. I'd honestly prefer that over the armada of Kiritos in recent.

I just ordered the finishing touches on my Majima cosplay, and I'm building a portable DJing turret for late nights in the courtyard. I'll post pics when it's all said and done in a few weeks.

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>What are your thoughts on the convention moving to Hall B? I don't know. My first time going. heard it is bigger.

>Are you looking forward to any guests? Phil LaMar and Justin Cook, I guess.

>Any horror stories from last year? Nope

>What do you think will be the most cosplayed character/series? Whatever flavor of the month

>Are your cosplays finished? lol

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You were accepted again? hoooold the fuck up, no you are not. You were specifically flagged not to have a panel again. If you are who I think you are, you changed the name and your name to get in. Fixing that now.

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Are any of you young enough to remember when momocon was free and full of the worst weeaboos to ever exist?

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Raising con prices filters out the worst of the shitters. Same goes for con hotels.

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I....didn't change my name? Do you wanna email me about it?

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Implying they don't still get in

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Oh fuck what just happened

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Hoping this con doesn't get cancelled.

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It already is. They just haven't announced it yet so they can bathe in that sweet sweet insurance money and not have to pay the volunteers

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I'd be surprised if it cancels. Its over 2 months away. Most governments and businesses are only closing for about 1 month, until mid april.

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Well get your party hat our now! Because it's going to be a big surprise!

Wuhan is still empty despite what the chinese say. That shit has been going on for months now. If you think this shit is going to clear up in 2 weeks, you are delusional.

As I said, they already are cancelling, they just can't say it publicly because that would ruin their insurance policy and they would not be able to make any money.

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>If you think this shit is going to clear up in 2 weeks, you are delusional.

the point of the current cancellations is to flatten the curve. It likely won't completely go away any time soon, but the goal currently is to slow down transmission rate.
a lot can change in 2 months, so we'll have to see how it pans out.

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That's hopeful stuff, the nations that flattened the curb and stifled case growth were also homogeneous, economically strong and collectivist nations and they've been at it for almost two months now. The west has a much stronger don't tell me what to do attitude and inner cities much more chaotic, as we can see with parts of Europe and the US now. You're likely to see small businesses and some retail begin to open up again if things calm down, but major events are pretty screwed till Autumn/Winter if they're lucky. The only reason you see one month closure statements is it's disastrous for panic even more so than now if they say batter in for as long as they should. "Let's extend it" is easier to digest than "See you guys in summer"

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Do you work for the con?

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It's some anon who thinks they know how cons work posting the same shit in a ton of threads. Same shit happened in the Sakuracon going "well they have to wait till a day before! for insurance money!" even though it was canned today

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I like how people think cons have insurance money to cover them when insurance companies made sure they were excluded in early January when it started to flare up.

No one is getting any insurance money you dumb shits.

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With everyone flooding stores and stabbing each other over TP, you actually believe that shit?

Their dates were off by a couple of weeks or so but they have been right about every con so far that claimed they were going to "push through"

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>With everyone flooding stores and stabbing each other over TP, you actually believe that shit?
yes? What does that have to do with that I said?

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Closest physical contact next to actually fucking.

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Exploring new 2020 dates. Don't get your hopes up.

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Momocon sure has come a long way. I was just looking at my 2010 T-shirt from when it was just a thing the GATech anime club did in the student center over spring break.

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Fucking told you. Next time you will listen.

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Too many in fucking denial.

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Oh but wait there is more! They are trying to postpone but there is no available time or date available at the venue to postpone to, so they are still stalling. It is a full cancel.

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>As I said, they already are cancelling, they just can't say it publicly because that would ruin their insurance policy and they would not be able to make any money.
Who’s really delusional here

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I am not confident they will be able to reschedule, Given how busy the GWCC is.

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Obviously your naive self, faggot.

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I think it's safe to say, Since Cheeto extended the orders until April 30th, that Momocon 2020 is definitely postponed if not cancelled.

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Momocon is going to be postponed till late summer or fall at best.

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Do you guys think AWA will survive this year if Momo doesn't?

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60% percent chance it will survive just like Momocon.

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Like >>10367030 said, The GWCC will not have space during those time, I am sure other events have already taken the space. It's sad to say, But unless this COVID-19 shit dies down, Momocon is kill and AWA is up next on the chopping block. They already issued a statement saying hotel booking has been delayed - they claim to have no intentions of postponing or canceling, but at this point the entire 2020 con season is up in the air.

Momocon is kill, They are stalling for as long as possible so they don't have to issue refunds or anything... I think they might have some sort of insurance that will cover them in the event they get canceled out of their control.

If for some reason the con doesn't get cancelled, I highly doubt they will have half of their turn-out. So many dealers, artist and guest that have had to take drastic measures to keep money flowing in which means they won't have it for a con, Same goes with attendees.

People may not want to realize it, but the "Weeb economy" as we like to put it is going to take a huge hit and we will probably see a drop off in cons and the community for a while.

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why have none of you considered they are using this time to look into booking at a different venue?

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The only other venues large enough in GA to take that many people at once would be the same hotel(s) that DragonCon is held at, Which they tried before and failed at.

Even *if* there is another venue spot large enough in the area, They are probably dealing with the same shit as the GWCC. Not to mention they have a contract with the GWCC and moving to another venue, even in the pandemic would be a breach of contract.

Either you aren't from GA or have no fucking idea what you're on about. MAYBE they could move it to the Cobb Galleria, but same issue. Any other convention centre is too small or not likely to be available.

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Where the fuck do you put a 40k show in Atlanta that is spaced out in large exhibit halls ya dumb shit? You can't pull a AWA or DC by cramming it in buildings.

They can't just waive a wand to announce what they're doing. It takes tiiiiiiiime but then they have to deal with impatient fucks who demand answers nooooow.

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This. There aren't any other venue spaces in GA large enough for Momocon to be comfortable. It's not possible. D*C and AWA are pushing it as is.

They are likely to postpone until 2021, because I am pretty sure they have contract with GWCC as I previously mentioned, moving to another event space would be a breach - and that's even if they can find another space.

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If you went by their real attendance of 29k you could.

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