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Last thread >>10333408

Post your unpopular lolita or j-fash opinions here. I'll start:

Milky-chan the Fawn is a shit tier print.

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wrong copy paste. Last thread here: >>10341028

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Milky chan is a God tier print, fight me.

My opinion: wristcuffs look fucking retarded 90% of the time

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very unpopular opinions they are both pissing me off

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Totally seconding your opinion on wristcuffs, I never bothered to get any in the first place bc they'd just look awkward in my coords
I mostly wear classic and would consider wristcuffs a rather (ott-)sweet thing, if you're gonna wear them at all

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As a goth, I love wristcuffs. Get fucked grannykei-chan

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Get fucked manadicksucking-chan. Wrist cuffs don't necessarily go well with classic coords.

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My unpopular opinion is that brand quality is overrated, and I say that as someone who both likes and owns brand.

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dresses that are made in third world factories should not cost the same as ones made in japan

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Classic lolita is boring af unless it’s navy or bordeaux.

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I agree, at least for newer pieces.

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It is but I’ll take daily classic lolita over ott con lolita at anytime.

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Girls with big boobs can still look good in lolita

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This poster suffers from a severe case of dumb

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I've seen it look fine, your opinion isn't much of a hot take, but it is ill informed.

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Most of the time, wigs look better than real hair, unless someone is wearing old school or is blessed with healthy thick hair that they take care of and know how to style

Bangs > no bangs 99% of the time

It’s ok to go blouseless. Only western lolitas ever cared about the blouse rule.

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Black people shouldn’t wear sweet lolita, as its impossible for them to be traditionally cute.

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moshi moshi baito desu

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Oh fuck off with the bait.

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This is the unpopular opinions thread you special snowflakes

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Every single thing Bodyline has ever put out looks like ass and should be burned.

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>unpopular =/= racist bait
here's your (you)

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except their rectangle headdresses

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Agreed. I guess if you compare it to Forever 21 tier shit, it seems amazing, but compare it to normie designers in the same price range and it's really...average.

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I think youtubers like Lovelylor and LWLN suck and have sub par newb content. BUT; I support them and think every one else should as well, if only to support lolita-related content creators && inspire other(more veteran/advanced content) on the platform.

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Somewhat agree. I’m still looking for my first wrist cuffs after wearing the first actively for a year because I find the lace on brand and off brand alike so shitty. Like I’ll drop big coin on other accessories but $30+ for cuffs? I’d rather wear cute bracelets. Maybe one day I’ll find a set at the right price & style for me.

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Specially with shoes. Brand shoes are a s c a m


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Agreed 100%

Yea but Tiddy-Chan’s need to be more cautious and many just boob loaf too hard. My opinion is brands should at least make a size S and L

I agree with all of these.


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Sometimes I feel like brand shoes are okay, but there’s a conventional agreement they aren’t so people may stay lax on wearing replica shoes.

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It's not just expensive because of the quality. It's also 3x the material, the skirt alone needs it in order to be that poofy, and quite often there is extra trims and details and ruffles that take up so much more extra work than your average ordinary sheath dress.

Oddly enough this was why I always thought AP was best value even though I really love IW's style the most. The skirt is wider and bigger, and they have this tendency to put like 3 different types of lace, novelty buttons and frills and ruffles (all of everything) on everything. Even new AP feels worth it because it'd cost so much time and money to get the raw materials and sew it yourself (not including the exclusive print)

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Ah. I don’t condone replicas of anything at all. I stick to taobao personally. Would get bodyline but they won’t restock for another 84 years kek

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no. Just fucking don't. Wait for a good brand resale deal or support a good indie brand but fuck Bodyline. I'd rather burn money than own anything of their trash. Seeing the brand logo font makes me want to throw up.

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Their headdresses are well known and loved but go off.

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Except their shoes

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The new company ruined their shoes, there's a huge difference in quality now.

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For a sec I thought this was chris chan

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i wish ott sweet was still the main substyle in europe. i'm so sick of these shitty ott classic dresses that come from taobao, they all look terrible. i miss the time when group photos looked pastel and cute and not like some LARPers posing in their shitty costumes

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I love classic and am very much not a fan of OTT sweet but I agree 100%. The number of plastic Taobao renfair costumes at the last few events I attended was downright depressing. Most weren’t recognisable as lolita at all. Honestly they sucked by LARP standards too, like you’re cosplaying some epic fantasy queen but your outfit is the quality of a child’s carnival costume. I could tell at a glance that one girl’s shoes had their trimmings hotglued on. I might have respected it as experimental and creative if they had at least made a significant part of the outfit themselves but no, it was all Taobao.

At least OTT sweets wore lolita main pieces from established lolita brands. This Taobao “OTT classic” (bitch, where) doesn’t belong at lolita events at all. They should just wear it to one of Europe’s many fantasy events but then their Budget Titania cosplay would literally be a dime a dozen and they wouldn’t get nearly as much attention for it.

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They can, with a binder

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It makes me so sad that classic used to be synonymous with simple cuts and intricate details and now is mostly associated with looking like a cheap chiffon loofah

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i don't think wristcuffs look that bad, but my tangentially related barely-unpopular opinion is that wristcuffs are often made out to be more necessary than they really are.
i understand the appeal of some sort of wristwear if a dress/blouse is short-sleeved, but bracelets are just way more interesting, accessible and varied than lace cuffs. bought one pair of wristcuffs and have only worn them twice in the 3 or so years i've been wearing lolita.

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Wigs are shit and make the fashion look like a costume 99% of the time. I can't understand defending wigs when they're such a hassle to put on and walk around in all day. They're physically uncomfortable too.
Unless you are literally balding there's no good reason to not style your natural hair as well as you can instead of resorting to wigs.

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Blouseless only looks good on girls with thin arms though

>> No.10347856

I simply love wigs because I can easily change my haircolor to match my coord

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Correct but boring coords are fine. Some people don't like wearing a million accessories to be OTT, and that's okay.

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Agreed. I don’t have a problem with wigs per se but lolitas always go for the cheap obvious ones and it really undermines their point when they cry about it not being a costume.

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They look like they're having so much fun compared to modern meet pics... Why don't we take fun meet pics any more?

Also fairy kei and brands like Lazy Oaf killed deco sweet in the UK imo

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But then there's lolitas whose natural hair is bright green and as short as a pixie cut, they're gonna be the ones you'll call ita when they don't wear a wig. Natural hair isn't always ~loliable~ so wigs are a great option to make a decent coord. The only thing to remember is really just not to get some shitty cosplay wig off Amazon - know your standards

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>I can't understand defending wigs when they're such a hassle to put on and walk around in all day. They're physically uncomfortable too.
No one ever talks about this for some reason. Maybe its just because I have long hair so it's heavier on my head, but wearing a wig for even a few hours gives me massive headaches, not to mention the sweat. I can't imagine wearing one all day.

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i only own one wig and it has never hurt my head. i have short hair though, and the wig also has short hair. maybe your wig is too heavy?

>> No.10347901

This. My hair is heavy enough that I get headaches anyway, with a wig on top I might as well stay home since the pain would make me do that anyway

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A lot of lolitas I know take their wig off on the ride home from the meet-up for this reason. Some of them also wait until they arrive at the meet-up venue to put their wig on. Most of these people only wear lolita for meet-ups, and the daily lolitas I know don’t wear wigs at all.

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They fucked up the sizing too and now I can't seem to get a pair that fits now that they switched to s,m,l, etc.
Original wristcuff hater here, and I totally agree! I already don't care for them, and the way that I hear so many people talking about how they're ~essential~ irritates me to no end. I've had noobs give "concrit" on my coords that was literally just "add wristcuffs it's not a complete coord without them". They were never a requirement wth. I'll stick with bracelets thanks.

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I think underskirts look like shit 90% of the time. The materials rarely match, the layers most often look awkwardly too long and they look like uneven bedskirts just tossed on for most people. Embrace the thigh, it looks better than forced chiffon ruffle layers with your cotton dress.

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I find wristcuffs irritaring to wear. I mean they get dirty so easily, I don't understand how people can deal with eating while wearing them or take them off and put them back everytime they get in the way. They are definitely not functional for me in the daily life but events also usually involve food. I have one pair that has been worn like 1-3 times since I bought them 5 years ago.

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This. I hate how people always say "lolita isn't a costume!!!" yet they insist our coords aren't complete unless we wear an often unnatural colored wig. I don't know any other fashion where you have to wear a wig for it to be acceptable to wear it out. I really think it destroys the "daily fashion" mentality.
On that note, dark hair looks cute in sweet lolita and I wish people would stop telling girls with dark hair to wear a light wig to match the pastels of their coord because 1) maybe they don't suit lighter colored hair, 2) I think wearing pastels actually make a great contrast to dark hair, and 3) lolita is not a costume. We should not have to wear wigs if we have hair that can be styled nicely.

>> No.10347912

I'm so with you on that. They aren't essential, and depending on the style you wear as well, can end up easily looking an ita-tastic mess even if tge cuffs arent hand made messes. I just don't like them, full stop, even expensive brand ones. At a push they only really work in sweet I'd say.

>> No.10347913

Nobody but itas and newbs thinks like that though, they're the ones who take teh rulez too seriously

>> No.10347914

Unnatural colored wigs aren’t common anymore. When people tell you to wear a wig now it’s not for the color more often than not unless you already have unnatural colored hair like bright blue and it doesn’t go with your coord. You’re being told to wear one because most lolitas who don’t also don’t put in effort to balance their hair with their coord.

And most people think darker browns and blacks look fine with sweet. this whole post reads like you stumbled upon a blog from 2012 written by a newbie and it’s your entire frame of reference for what’s acceptable in lolita.

>> No.10347917

I still see people even on this board who say you need to wear wigs to have a complete coord as well as saying dark hair doesn't "match" with sweet, so I was just responding to that. If you don't think it's a problem anymore that's fine, I'm glad that just means we agree.

>> No.10347919

Oh fucking boy, a handful of people on anonymous site have a dumb opinion. What ever shall we do?

>> No.10347920

I said it was a dumb opinion myself. You can stop being mad now, it's really not that big of a deal.

>> No.10347921

>people on this board

Still itas and newbs. CGL can be extremely rule obsessed even when the rules don’t work for the person or coord. Plus the amount of actual newbs on here is huge so take CGL advice with a grain of salt.

>> No.10347923

You’re dumb though, acting like it was something really common. But now you’re backtracking because your dumb comment got called out.

>> No.10347924

Stop derailing the thread with your shit and just move on already. Nobody cares.

>> No.10347926

>I said a stupid thing and people noticed so now I’m telling people to move on because I’m too embarrassed to admit to saying a stupid thing

But anon, people ALWAYS say that coords aren’t complete without a wig, right?

>> No.10347928

I agree with you soooooo much. I don’t even think they like lolita, just fantasy princess dress up. The whole look is just shoddy

>> No.10347936

I am not hating on cheaper dresses but I keep giving Taobao a chance only to be disappointed. The dresses usually look cheap and fit me funny (this one I get is a personal problem). So, I sold them and stopped buying them. Friends said try accessories instead, so I did. Everything I got had a cheap, handmade feel. Not good handmade, but something you might make last minute. Plus they all have the cheap chain pearls now which cheapens the look.
It is cheaper, but not so cheap that it is worth looking worse. A $70 dress isn't that much cheaper than a $100 brand dress used.
I want to find something I like, but I just haven't. I don't think I am bougie, I just feel like I am always filled with regret when I buy something from China. Am I just looking at all the wrong brands?

>> No.10347937

No. Taobao is garbage 100% of the time

>> No.10347942

I think red maria and sweet dreamer are pretty good for the price range. I also keep giving taobao chances only to be let down. I keep telling myself to stick to brand but it's hard to resist when taobao pics look good cause they're shopped to perfection.

>> No.10347943

*cheap ass Taobao below $100

>> No.10347946

Something about photos when its just the same photo flipped or them doing a slightly different pose flipped really bothers me. it doesn't look good. I know it's to fill the instagram square but there are so many other options.

>> No.10347947

No. All taobao.

>> No.10347949

Krad Lanrete is better quality than AP lol

>> No.10347950

Sure Jan

>> No.10347953

I agree wholeheartedly with you on this. I’ve never been impressed with anything from TaoBao that I’ve ever bought. It’s always been a let down on one factor or another, at the very least.

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The only accessories worth buying from taobao is sweetdreamer

>> No.10347961

New AP quality is awful but it's still always better quality than taobao. However new AP's price isn't worth it for what you're getting, while taobao can be despite the worse quality because of the low price.

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File: 188 KB, 1629x1236, 071AD48C-C37B-4B8B-90D4-21EB0BED404E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate these style blouses. They look cheap and crappy 98% of the time and a button up blouse with a proper collar nearly always looks better. I’m so sick of seeing people recommend them

>> No.10347973

taobao is great for shoes, purses, and some accessories, but it can definitely vary.

>> No.10348014

Congrats, you have seen larpers and lolitas at heart give shit advice. You should check the archives and see for yourself how all those people who exposed themselves in the ita thread as posters are either mediocre or itas themselves.

>> No.10348030

There’s a lot of people out there who wear wigs daily and it’s no big deal. You must be a non-black person, because for black girls wearing wigs is just another accessory and not “costumey”. It’s also 2020 and unnatural colored hair is main stream, they sell pink hair dye at CVS now.

If a wig makes your coord costumey, you’re wearing a shitty wig or the wrong coord.

>> No.10348038

Amen. Especially when it's a pastel sweet cotton AP dress, it looks so jarring.

>> No.10348049

Ah yes, the fatty blouses

>> No.10348050

>If a wig makes your coord costumey, you’re wearing a shitty wig or the wrong coord.

>> No.10348059

Agreed. I would rather see a border or collage with outfit details.

>> No.10348062

Obese people look ugly in lolita.

>> No.10348065

Short and stumpy lolitas don't belong in the plus-size lolita tag. They can wear the exact same shit as normal-sized lolitas.

>> No.10348066

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion, at least not on cgl.

>> No.10348079

I'm so glad ott sweet is no longer that popular (still too popular imo lol)
After Safiya's video about lolita normies were surprised that you can be an all black pirate etc themed lolita - and not just pastel vomit. The fashion would be way more accepted, less misunderstood and less fetishized if people were primarily exposed to elegant classic or gothic coords.

I hate wigs so much. It's always girls with the ugliest cuts and nastiest limp or fried hair who simply throw on a wig because they insist on wearing their own hair half shaved and dyed pink in their non-lolita time. I'm not saying everybody needs to have perfect hip length victorian style hair, just keep it in somewhat nice condition and it'll fit any coord.

Black girls also look a hundred times cuter with natural hair. Even the most professional wigs look cheap.

>> No.10348081

OTT Sweet is coming back, brace yourself badtaste-chan

>> No.10348082

god yes, it always looks so stupid

>> No.10348085

Naw, by the time it's back you will look too much like a hag to wear it without looking like an ageplayer

>> No.10348087

I’m tired of seeing girls with ugly or poorly styled hair. Ruins the outfit

>> No.10348088

This is the heaviest projection I’ve seen in a long time

>> No.10348089

Binders just push boobs into armpits. It's very uncomfortable and looks bad

>> No.10348093

>Am I just looking at all the wrong brands?
Possibly. I've gotten good quality pieces from Infanta and Magic Tea Party.

>> No.10348094

These are the best option for anyone with breasts above a B cup. Very hard to find button downs that will fit big breasts.

>> No.10348096

But some of these look costumey too, particularly the ones in pink wigs.

>> No.10348097

Yes!!! These are so cheap looking and there are much better options for plus size/large bust if you aren't lazy and stingy

>> No.10348099

This isn’t true at all. I’m a 32DD and most AP blouses fit just fine. Why are you lying???

>> No.10348101

Lies. I have big breasts (36DDD) and all of my blouses are brand blouses or bodyline. one of my brand and most of my bodyline ones are unshirred, too. But Most of them are fully shirred. But they could go much larger than I am, too. There’s definitely room

>> No.10348103

Clarification: cheap, affordable blouses. Most Taobao only goes up to 100cm bust

>> No.10348104

>if you aren't lazy or stingy
My point still stands. Save up for a better blouse.

>> No.10348107

Second person you quoted. I have regularly found $40 brand blouses on mercari that are either new or practically new.

>> No.10348112

I’ve gotten most of my brand blouses by being patient and checking secondhand sites. I’ve paid under $25 for the item and then shipping on top of that, so still less than $50. Just don’t be lazy. You can dress really well even as a cheap bigger person if you don’t succumb to the desire for instant gratification

>> No.10348117

But do they fit larger sizes?
I know there's some by Maxicimam out there but other than that I can't imagine brand blouses fitting anyone with a cup size larger than a or perhaps a small b

>> No.10348120

There’s brand blouses that fit 115cm. fuck off you LARPing troll

>> No.10348122

Fully shirred brand blouses fit my big boobs just fine, DDDs. Bodyline’s shirred blouses go way larger than even the sizes on their website indicate, like up to 120cm.

>> No.10348124

Several people with large cup sizes answered you question dumbass

>> No.10348125

If you've never owned a brand blouse maybe you should keep your underinformed opinion to yourself. Also, cup size doesn't mean much. A 44B probably isn't going to fit a brand blouse. A 32DD likely will.

>> No.10348131

You must be kidding those two are one of the trash brands

>> No.10348134

Is filling the Square even important any more now Insta supports more shapes?

>> No.10348135


>> No.10348137

That is not cheap whatsoever. Taobao ones are less than $20 new.

I would never buy a blouse (or socks) secondhand... blech. There's nothing wrong with chiffon blouses.

>> No.10348139

Wear undershirt under your blouse won’t ya

>> No.10348141

My experience with them has been very good for the price range. Of course something like Krad that is 3 times more expensive will be better, but for budget brands, these are great. I'd say trash brands are ones like Diamond Honey which feel like plastic.

>> No.10348143

LARPing troll confirmed

>> No.10348144

Not wanting to buy things that people sweated directly on to makes me a larping troll? Uh okay. I happily buy jsks and accessories secondhand.

>> No.10348146

Do you not wash your items?

>> No.10348149

It would still gross me out to wear something that someone else sweated (possibly heavily) in no matter how much they washed it. Not everyone is into used-everything and that's ok. There's plenty of other options.

>> No.10348152

I’ve seen some retard troll with this exact same bullshit before. If you wash your clothes properly there’s no chance of another persons sweat being on you.

I sure hope you don’t touch doorhandles, use public toilets, or sit in public spaces if you’re so concerned about touching other people’s sweat.

>> No.10348155

$40 is absolutely cheap. Get a better job or get better at budgeting and stop comparing prices to shitty mall clothes.

>> No.10348160

minimizer bras > binders

Wear a binder if you absolutely need it to fit into something, but it's not a good look. You'll probably want to coord with a bolero or cardigan.

My boobs look 100% better in a mimimizer bra or unpadded bra with the straps as short as I can comfortably wear. If I have plenty of shirring room, I always grab one of those.

Most people using wigs don't know how to trim the bangs, wear or style them. I still see people grab some 2009 plastic twintail wig with hot pink and neon blue and insist it's how it's done. Oh and they don't know how to store or care for them.

Whereas my thin hair only looks good in a beret or boater. I'm putting a wig on.

>> No.10348165

Congrats, you don't understand how boob sizing works.

>> No.10348169

NAYRT but height wise, you can only do pictures that are 4:5 ratio (or was it 5:7? I'm not super sure, but there is a limit). A lot of people's phone cameras have a "taller" ratio than that so unless you took the picture with the IG limits in mind, it's very likely that either your shoes or head would be getting cut off if you upload it as is.

>> No.10348175

>I'm not saying everybody needs to have perfect hip length victorian style hair, just keep it in somewhat nice condition and it'll fit any coord.

I have cherry red hair with a mostly red wardrobe. I wear wigs because red on red looks terrible together and ruins the color balance. Wigs are also easier to style and maintain styles better. No need to worry about greasy bangs and limp curls halfway through the day which will happen to every hairstyle unless you have thick pin straight hair.

>> No.10348189

Id rather see healthy straight natural hair that was well-kept but not curled than a wig. Wigs always makes it look like a costume. Even nice wigs, you can still tell it’s a wig and it looks like a costume unless you’re a black person because they’re more expected on black people. Most white people only wear wigs for costumes.

>> No.10348190

> it looks like a costume unless you’re a black person because they’re more expected on black people

This is some lazy b8

>> No.10348196

Alright, Big Tiddie Binding advice incoming:

Minimizer bras will ALWAYS look better than a binder. If you have to bind to fit something, your best bet is to skip binding all together as either have it altered or sell the damn thing for something else. Binding can reduce your measurement, but it doesn’t make the mass go away, just redistributes it weirdly and fills out parts of the dress that should not be filled out at as such.

The only time I advise to wear a binder is to reshape your bust and hold it higher in something that already fits. Example would be AP sack dresses. Totally good to wear a binder with these because it will flatten your chest but the dress will have tons of excess fabric to drape and hide your unfortunate boob bind mass

>> No.10348197

Wigs are not what’s going to make Lolita look like a costume. If you’re already wearing a big ass bow, platforms, an apron, whether or not you wear a wig isn’t going to make the coordinate look more or less costumey to normies.

>most whites people only wear wigs for costumes

Not true, plus white women wear fake hair for extensions, ponytails, bangs, etc. Thanks to Kylie Jenner and the instathot aesthetic, normie white teens are wearing wigs like mad.

>> No.10348215

I'm white and I bet you wouldn't be able to tell I'm wearing a wig. You must not have seen good wigs.

>> No.10348218

I’m white and I’ve literally had a hair stylist compliment my “hair” when wearing a dreamholic wig. But sure, you can totally tell whey time.

>> No.10348219
File: 62 KB, 1024x467, 1582764661352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most con girls are thots.

>> No.10348231

I would like an example of short and stumpy v. plus size lolita

>> No.10348234

thanks you for the info!

>> No.10348235


They are pronably referencing people who, despite seeming large or chubby proportionally, are very short so can look or be very fat at their height while still being a relatively small size overall and have an easier time fitting lolita than maybe a taller or larger shouldered person of average weight.

Plus size in lolita is such a varied definition, not sure why they dislike short chubsters using the tag if they need more spacious garments or to style themselves in certain ways to be presentable too.

>> No.10348236

Fully agreed. Healthy natural hair always looks better and anyone who is vaguely familiar with wigs can tell, even with the high quality ones.

>> No.10348242

This. Also lower production runs = higher costs. You’re either nuts or stupid if you think a $200 sweater from Nordstrom is the same as a lolita dress from a small fashion house (aka brand)

>> No.10348257

I’ve bought 5 dresses off taobao in the past year and keep asking “why do I hurt myself this way”

>> No.10348258

Dead ass agree but that money

>> No.10348260

Nah you think?

>> No.10348270

people who scream sweet is ageplay automatically come across as mentally challenged

>> No.10348279

No, it's not. That's your personal opinion. I wouldn't pay that much for a blouse even if I made six figures, because there's simply no reason to pay so much. It's not like it has a unique art print on it like jsks do, it's a basic solid color item.

>> No.10348280
File: 39 KB, 250x333, 6C59C733-A7C4-4E49-926B-732615F46CE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I doubt you’ve ever even seen an AP blouse in person. There are tons of cute details that go into them that make them just as unique as JSKs

>> No.10348285

>assuming everyone is a sweetfag

>> No.10348286

anon, $40 is not expensive for a blouse, even for normie clothes. the only thing you can get for cheaper is like big box clothes for teens.

>> No.10348291

When there are tons of options to get a similar looking blouse for half that price, yes, it is. You need to learn what an opinion is.

>> No.10348292

You can say the same for moitie blouses too. You’re just either new/retarded

>> No.10348296

>owns this in pink
I don’t see how anyone would be begrudge paying more than $40 for a blouse.. specially like this. Hell I paid about $60 for this pre owned. Well worth it

>> No.10348297

Blouse is one of the shittiest thing to sew. Even with basic one it needs a lot of patterning to be fitful. Also cheap ones have cheap sleeves, expensive ones patterned and such they're more fitting.

>> No.10348298

I have it in pink and the whitexpink colorway I posted and it’s by far my favorite blouse cut. It’s literally perfect and I would unironically pay $200 for another color in good condition.

>> No.10348301


AP or not, having blouses with good detail work that match your wardrobe is so important, a far as the "<$20 brand new" taobao blouses you generally get what you pay for... and if you're in this fashion and can't fathom dropping only $40 for a few good quality staple pieces I can't imagine you're ever going to look very good

>> No.10348305

I own an indie brand and no, still overpriced.

>> No.10348306

/cgl/ has the absolute most stereotypical brandwhores, yikes. This fashion is not inherently expensive. One can wear 100% indie and still accurately represent the lolita silhouette, just as people wearing head to toe brand won't automatically look good. Looking good is about coording skills, not who happens to be wearing the most expensive shit, especially when it's not even the main piece we're talking about.

>> No.10348307

this blouse is beautiful and only makes me madder about new AP

>> No.10348310

So because I think $40 for a blouse that’s NWOT isn’t expansive I’m a brand whore? Retard

>> No.10348315


>> No.10348316


>> No.10348317

I’m smashed and a filthy phone poster. I didn’t mean to trigger your autism anon, my bad

>> No.10348326

I think if someone is afraid of wearing lolita because of "what people might think" they shouldn't even think about wearing it.

>> No.10348329

objective fact isn't opinion.

>> No.10348330


>> No.10348336

>This fashion is not inherently expensive.
You're right. And $40 for a blouse is not expensive in this fashion. Even if you're buying indie, Lady Sloth's blouses go for $60-$80 brand new, and I've never seen one of those IDD mesh blouses go for less than $80, even used. Getting something as detailed as that AP blouse that was posted for $40 is a STEAL.

>Looking good is about coording skills
And you're also right about this. However, part of looking good and having coording skills is being able to pick out items that are good quality and look it. You can buy as many $20 Taobao blouses as you want because they "look similar enough" to the latest Baby blouse and match all the blues in your dress but the truth of the matter is that they're cheaply made and they look it.

>> No.10348340

Too short hem is ita. Underskirts are ita too.
Wear dresses of proper length, lolita should be knee-length not mini

>> No.10348348

I wear it around the house, bite me

>> No.10348375

I have stopped buying taobao dresses , I had a few and sold all but 2 gothic dresses. The quality is ok but the lace is always off and some dresses go for like $80. For an extra $20-$30 I can get a brand piece second hand if I get a good deal. I’ve only owned printed taobao dresses and can’t speak on non print pieces .

>> No.10348378

Fully agree with both these points

>> No.10348379


>> No.10348381

But instathots aren't in the same circle of women who also wear lolita. Who do you hang out with, that this shit is normal? The only people who wear wigs that I know are chemo therapy patients.

Sure Jan. How about you learn how to take care of your hair and then flex about that looking good?

According to that logic tall lolitas must use the plus size hashtag (which kind of is insulting) while obese midgets who can somehow squeeze into stuff are considered "normal"...?

>> No.10348383
File: 1.24 MB, 1242x1921, EB4B43E1-1644-41F7-B8CD-E932F9EF503B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But instathots aren't in the same circle of women who also wear lolita.

Do you think alt-fashion is segregated now? Kylie Jenner is in the news daily and one of the most followed women on Instagram. When she wears a new wig it gets articles for gods sake. And with white celebrities like Kylie removing the stigma, other celebs like Cardi B and Ariana Grande got more open about fake hair. Ariana Grande even has a song with a lyric about buying hair.

Maybe you just aren’t in tune with pop culture or are surrounded by older people, but the 25 and younger demographic is open about wearing wigs. Look at all the youtubers out there bragging about their wig collections.

>> No.10348387


I don't think tall lolitas need to use the tag (or that anyone needs to use any tag really), I just think it's weird that the op of that comment thinks that the short and stumpy people (the ones who are actually fat) shouldn't use a tag with a connotation that people in it are larger/fat when the short people also still have more difficulty buying lolita than a non fat short person and might need reference or resources for coording for their body type.

>> No.10348390

>removing the stigma
You're talking as if this is some huge important thing. The Kardashians only brought bad things upon us, fake hair included. And I neither hang with Ariana Grande nor any youtubers, so despite my friends and I being <25 we don't do nor need that shit.
It's actually sad when people think that normal hair is not enough or not pretty enough, because with the right care everybody's can be.

>> No.10348391

Nayrt but those are celebrities, not normal people. I’ve had this conversation with friends, family and coworkers and they’re pretty adamant that full wigs (not extensions) are for costumes and cancer patients. Black women in my country either wear their natural hair or head scarves. It’s frustrating because I do wear wigs with lolita (but not out of lolita) and my friends and family point to this as proof whenever I try to explain that it’s not a costume. They only accept my more toned down outfits with natural hair as actual fashion. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, idk.

>> No.10348397

Same here. Why do we do this?

>> No.10348400

Ok ita

>> No.10348401

I've been disappointed in almost everything I've bought from taobao. The only things I still use it for are shoes, and extremely basic accessories (like those plain flat velvet bows from sweetdreamer). I do have two blouses from Aurora & Ariel that are very nice though.

>> No.10348456
File: 19 KB, 150x355, 1579601722012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita only looks good if the skirts are 3 inches above the knee or longer. Skirts that hit mid-thigh or above look horrible to me.

>> No.10348460

You're trashing indie blouses so uh yeah. Typical brandwhore behavior.

You don't know what the word "objective" means. When there are many similar options available for half the price, the more expensive item is OBJECTIVELY expensive. It's subjectively not, if you deem it so.

Spoken like a fullset wearing brand ita. Sorry you have zero coording skills.

>> No.10348467

it's objective because expensive just means "a lot of money" and $40 is not a lot of money. expensive isn't really comparative to the cost of other things. also, i don't think anyone is saying you need to buy brand, just that you're cheap as hell. like i said before, most tops are going to be $40 in normie fashion unless you buy from primark (but even then the quality is so bad you spend the same amount replacing cheap tops)

>> No.10348470

nayrt but $5 is not a lot of money but if a banana was $5 I would call that expensive

>> No.10348473

> They only accept my more toned down outfits with natural hair as actual fashion.

Well that sounds like a you problem, not an objective fact about fashion. I’m sorry you live in a boring country

Or maybe people just like having options? Sometimes people wear wigs with Lolita, sometimes their real hair.

>> No.10348477

I bought a couple of these for Summer because it gets really hot where I live and sold them promptly because the fabric doesn't breathe. Better off with a cotton blouse.

>> No.10348478

again, that's relative to how much you're used to them costing.

>> No.10348484

u would pay $5 for a banana?????

>> No.10348492

Sorry you're used to shitty mall clothes but most people who care about fashion and textiles know $40 is a great deal for a structured blouse. Enjoy your shitty chiffon half shirts.

>> No.10348493

>Similar looking
Oh, I figured out the problem. You assume things look the same when they really don't. Anyone who actually cares about clothing construction can see the difference between a brand blouse and some taobao shit.

>> No.10348495

You're missing out, I love some of my blouses as much as my favorite JSKs, they're so detailed and lovely that it's a delight just to look at them - even more to wear them.

>> No.10348497
File: 917 KB, 1119x628, screencapture-www-photocollage-com-1582822244320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's an expensive, frivolous, completely aesthetic based luxury hobby. I don't understand what is so wrong or controversial about this concept. I don't understand this entitled attitude. You can't out-coord poorly made pieces. There is nothing wrong with being looking out for pieces by brands who consistently put out good quality items. Something tells me you don't actually appreciate the small detail work like laces and buttons.

Taobao blouses aren't "similar." They look like it from a distance sure but up close, they don't compare. If you just want to dress up like a princess for your photo shoot where you can work the camera I guess they work. But in real life, everyone is going to notice this cheap, sloppily sewn on lace. Lolita is not a costume and we should not be wearing things made with costume quality materials.

Most of all, it's sad that you think all the time, skill and materials put into designing and creating these beautiful items are only worth $20 at best.

and if all you care about is "coording skills" and you're one of those that complains about how every plain, well rounded lolita oufit isn't experimental enough for you, please leave and do some other alt-fashion

>> No.10348505

I don't even like sets, I have enough burando to mix and match whatever I want. Sorry you're too ita to comprehend that though.

>> No.10348507

>full set

I don’t wear full sets myself but you are delusional. Full sets are boring, not ita. I can only think of a few actually ita fullsets and it’s mainly because the mainpieces themselves are trash.

>> No.10348511

if they were normally that price. but it's not expensive, just overpriced. paying $5 for a banana is not going to break the bank. same with paying $40 for a blouse. if anon wants to say it's overpriced sure, but it's not expensive.

>> No.10348513

I agree completely

>> No.10348514

ehh i guess, but expensive can also be relative to everyone. $40 is nothing to me but it could be a lot/expensive for a poor person

>> No.10348518

If $40 is a lot for someone, they shouldn't be wearing lolita.

>> No.10348522


>> No.10348524

Yep, this is the main point that seems to be lost in most of this price discussion. Lolita does not have to accessible to everyone.

>> No.10348571

Guess I will use my neon pink asymmetrical hair with my classical outfits then, I’m sure it will look great

>> No.10348612

See >>10348079
>It's always girls with the ugliest cuts and nastiest limp or fried hair who simply throw on a wig because they insist on wearing their own hair half shaved and dyed pink in their non-lolita time.
You're proving the point, womanchild.

>> No.10348623

they were being sarcastic.

>> No.10348637

My natural hair looks even better, but go off. Wigs serve a double purpose for fashion and damage prevention, fool.

>> No.10348648

>damage prevention
From what? The air? Your hair won't get damaged just because you don't cover it by a bundle of fake hair lol

>> No.10348650

Fun fact, you can damage your hair with too much sun/UV exposure. Especially if it has been bleached or undergone a treatment such as a perm. Maybe educate yourself before speaking on topics.

>> No.10348654

>worrying about hair damage after bleaching or perming your hair
maybe don't do those things lmao

>> No.10348656

Learn to read. You don’t HAVE to do any of those things to get sun damage in your hair, just that it makes it more severe.

>> No.10348665

You really are retarded aren't you?

>> No.10348666


I'm pretty sure they mean they can change color and styles without hair damage by wearing wigs.

>> No.10348669

I'm the anon they replied to and yes. Heat tools and products damage your hair so it's nice to prevent that sometimes. UV is also a thing although not what I meant originally.

>> No.10348670

And stuffing it into a tight net and then pulling a rats nest over it, sealing it off from any fresh air is much better, amirite?
I don't even wanna know how much sweat gathers under the wig while you're "protecting" your hair from the sun.

>> No.10348671

It’s not like I’m running a marathon, why would I sweat as much as you’re describing? Wtf are you doing that you’re sweating so much on a daily basis?

>> No.10348691

Sweat doesn't hurt hair. And I've never sweated as much as you're describing, you sound like a roleplayer.

>> No.10349317

I've been wanting to start a lolita "Flex" thread, but I know people would instantly hate on it.

I know some would be scared of sharing specific items or getting doxxed (if people are really that crazy), but lately I've been obsessed with images that are just grotesque overload. Maybe it's just the sales posts on mercari/fril of people selling off their whole wardrobes for thousands of dollars? And all of it is in a single picture?

But no. Really. I don't want it to even be about people competing with each other - I just want to see some ridiculous, beautiful images. Have five Chick-Chans? Line those bitches up and take a picture. Got every colorway, and duplicates, of Milky Planet? Throw that shit at me. A collection of 200 necklaces on your wall with tags? Give me that sweet EGL gore. I want to be disgusted and mesmerized.

>> No.10349322

Perms, irons, and even UV lights can damage hair anon, I'm horrified to imagine how shitty your hair looks

>> No.10349337

wig-chans go home

>> No.10349363


Ah, this hits hard. I had a phase of posting similar things to tumblr, but while it got a lot of notes it also got a lot of negative comments, and on cgl people started bitching about lolitas showing off. I even made it clear in some posts that it's combined stuff from my friends, not even all my own stuff and still there was so much bitching about showing off and being materialistic and how people could have looked up brand blogs if all they wanted to see was groups of same things grouped together. Eventually decided it wasn't worth the trouble, downsized my wardrobe and deleted my tumblr.

I've always wondered if it would work better on an anonymous board, but I think you'd always have the odd sour grape with too much time that tries to match up the background or wardrobe images to find out who this person is.

>> No.10349367

You can also just spray UV protect and conditioning leave in like a sane person as an alternative

>> No.10349369

This breaks my heart. I probably would have loved your images.

That's why I think people would freak out if I even tried a "flex" thread. When people see a lot of brand in one place, the instinct seems to be to hate on the person and claim they are a hoarder/don't deserve any of it. The root of it all is probably jealousy. Which makes me sad. I think having such an expansive wardrobe/collection is great and should be documented. I love seeing crazy images whether or not it's an individual's items or a group of friends'.

>> No.10349371

This is not the 50s Karen, normal people do neither perms nor wigs nor any other of those things. Just don't get weird cuts, don't dye it (unless you're old), don't use heat too often, use some masks now and then, and it'll easily look good enough to not having to cover it with nasty fake hair.
You're not a vampire who'll die from sun exposure, plus most of us don't live in the literal sahara. Hair was originally for protecting our skin and body, so thinking hair is something that instead needs to be covered is just wild. What do you think people did before the Kardashians started that wig trend? Be bald at 30 because their hair got burned off? Do you only go out wearing a niqab and sunglasses, since afterall UV hurts your skin even more? lol Leave wigs to the people who actually need them due to illness.

>> No.10349373

The problem with sweet is it's expensive to but all the matching parts and hard to incorporate off brand stuff

>> No.10349375


>> No.10349390

Your ‘normal’ appears rather narrow. It seems like you don’t understand that your opinion isn’t wildly unpopular for the “Karens” you poke fun at (and likely fit in with) and is rooted in small town white American “culture”. How very dull you must be.

>> No.10349393

jesus frickin christ, calm down

>> No.10349398

You can do all kinds of shit to a wig that you can't do to your real hair without damaging it. Also, I think your post needs to be longer to get your point accross.

>> No.10349400

>Leave wigs to the people who actually need them
Da fuck? How is buying a wig different from buying anything else? Lolita wigs aren't made with donated hair, dummy, it's synthetic.

>> No.10349403

You're the Karen.

>> No.10349414

Black people get perms and relaxers all the time, like wtf are you even going on about you sperg.

>> No.10349417
File: 142 KB, 1200x1200, 603c1e166fe8b6115476bfcb9ffb61cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No1curr but to add my own two cents on the neverending wig discussion, I think it's okay to wear wigs as long as they match your coord, look somewhat realistic and are of decent quality (yes, they exist - look further than Amazon and Lockshop, avoid wigs like pic related because they always look like crap). Also people tend to forget that wigs need to be taken care of, it's not hard to not be a nasty greaseball with a ratsnest hairstyle, like at least bother to wash and comb it regularly.

Wigs aren't EVIL if you do it right, Karen-chans

>> No.10349418
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you: the sun damages your hair, you absolutely must wear a wig!
>also you: you're narrowminded, because you're against wigs
My point still stands, real hair (your own real hair) is always best hair.

>> No.10349426

Oh Karen, more than one person is responding to you, but okay. Whatever makes you feel better. Keep being a dullard.

>> No.10349427

You're acting as if this isn't super bad and damaging and only done because racist muricans push the narrative that only their hair is the only acceptable hair type.

>> No.10349429

That doesn’t mean people don’t get them. Nobody said it isn’t unhealthy for hair, it was just stated that people use the term ‘perm’ for relaxers. Karen just needed clarification.

>> No.10349430

It's not cultural. One celebrity and some instathots wearing wigs for the camera is not a good indicator for what society thinks. It's still seen as weird, especially for white people. I'm not white and used to wear wigs daily as a late-teen and 3 of my teachers asked my mom under four-eye conversations if I wear them because of an illness.

>> No.10349434

Good thing what white people think isn’t the sole indicator of what is ‘normal’. Doesn’t the US have a small community orthodox Jewish people that very normally wear wigs? Seems pretty cultural.

>> No.10349435

I'd love that too, but just to repost and laugh at them when the inevitable economic crisis hits and all of it will be worthless and unsellable.

>> No.10349437

In some countries the society is still mostly white.

>> No.10349438

How would those teachers react to a sew in?

>> No.10349440

Weirdly enough that was considered normal, several girls in my year had them. Me too at some point.

>> No.10349462

Save the laughter for releases and rereleases when lolita market becomes even more saturated than now so they won’t sell shit back.

>> No.10349465

Binders look like shit. It does weird things if you have too much breast tissue and a little boob loaf or just buying a generous cut it fat superior.

>> No.10349466


Ironic that they post Misako who uses clip on hairpieces and other wig pieces frequently for updos, etc.

>> No.10349469

y'all sound bitter af

>> No.10349475

>Just don't get weird cuts, don't dye it (unless you're old), don't use heat too often, use some masks now and then, and it'll easily look good enough to not having to cover it with nasty fake hair.

If most lolitas did this you’d bitch and moan about their boring plain hair. Unless you’re leaving your hair down all the time or blessed with thick, pin straight hair, doing Lolita hairstyles is going to take some damage- “weird cuts” (layers and bangs, the hime cut), don’t use heat too often (impossible to avoid if you have bangs, want to curl or straighten your hair)

>> No.10349476

Nah, I have a very big wardrobe myself but flexing collectors are cancer. If they don't wear what they own and are bracing themselves with how rare and expensive their belongings are, they are in for a very rude awakening.

>> No.10349477

Implying they will sell it

>> No.10349486

Unless you are lucky and have long, thick hair, often the use of hair pieces really can help give a good balance to an outfit. Fine hair sometimes just doesn't work on its own, especially if you have a bigger, more elaborate outfit. The use of hair pieces, real hair or synthetic, can just give a bit more pop, while also being a good balance between just your natural hair and wearing a wig if you need a fancier hair do. It's a good option. Different styles though suit different looks. If you are going to opt though for a wig or hair pieces, at least invest in something that looks decent. I'm certainly glad the recent trends have been more towards a natural look ratger than cheap, nasty twin tails wigs everywhere.

>> No.10349488

That said, I reckon that wigs or hair pieces aren't essential for an outfit. If you can look good with just using your natural hair, awesome, if you need or want to supplement it with decent quality hair pieces, awesome. If you want to wear a full wig, awesome, but like with hair pieces, make sure they're decent, and looked after, as they aren't instant fixes. Like with real hair, they require maintenance.

>> No.10349494

Nice projection, anon

>> No.10349503

Am a white people in a very while people part of America and myself and at least two coworkers wear wigs on the regular with no one ever reacting oddly. May be very regional, or more of a big city thing.

>> No.10349544

It's fine if you don't like them but it's dumb to consider them ott sweet. If you like classic why would you not want to wear nice lace on your wrists?

>> No.10349545

Not every colour you have on your body has to be the same as your clothes

>> No.10349547

>white people in a very while people part of America and
ok mutt

>> No.10349551

The majority of Moitie designs look cheap and tacky.

I find it ironic how a lot of people only consider punk lolita acceptable when it's a cookie cutter red tartan coord, when by definition, punk should be about breaking conventions. I feel like anything else that isn't that stereotypical image of punk lolita gets shat on even if it's well coordinated.

>> No.10349573

People who think lolita is all about looking as expensive, perfect, and cookie-cutter as possible do not understand the concept of lolita.

>> No.10349575

I don’t mind fat girls in lolita. I think they look cute and soft, which adds to the look overall. People who get mad over seeing fat people having fun have their own issues to work out.

>> No.10349579

Agreed with both of these

>> No.10349580


>> No.10349586

Wearing a wig that's the exact same colour as the clothes is obviously not what they meant, use your common sense.

>> No.10349588


>> No.10349596


>> No.10349601

Lolita has lost its original concept and has became too fucking expensive even for indie/taobao shops.
i got into lolita around 2015 i bought 1 brand dress and sold it a year later because i could not afford this fashion.
god forbid you wear anything that doesn't look like brand or is brand
i haven't shopped for a dress in 2 years. If someone can actually give some shops that are budget friendly then by all means send them.

>> No.10349608

Lolita's prices have always been the same...

>> No.10349635

You can just say you are poor. 5 years ago isn’t a long time when the fashion as we know it is around 20-30 years old. And the economy hasn’t shifted a ton in the last 5 years...if anything there are more and more cheap Taobao junk now than then.

>> No.10349643

Aside for a few minor increases due to tax, prices have barely changed at all. Go look at scans from the early GLBs, and prices have hardly changed since the early 2000s. Currency exchange rates cause greater price differences.

>> No.10349644

rofl just say you're poor and go

>> No.10349653

>its original concept
>i got into lolita around 2015

>> No.10349670

What country is this?

>> No.10349704
File: 125 KB, 564x846, F8E62244-77A4-4571-8494-B345FFA92AEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My unpopular opinion is that I don’t care if a wig looks “fake”, especially if it’s in a pastel or other unnatural color. Uncut bangs and shiny wigs are annoying, but I have no issues with wigs like pic related.

>> No.10349733

same. it looks super cute so who cares?

>> No.10349747

Agree, it looks really good with ott sweet

>> No.10349781

This is exactly the kind of reply I would expect and why I said this in the unpopular opinions thread.

If you think collectors are "cancer," I hope you also view those who alter brand the same way. In fact, I much rather collectors exist because when they decide to sell (if they sell), you have a much higher chance of getting an item in amazing condition that's been sitting about for 10+ years... which has otherwise been destroyed by others.

Not sure what the "rude awakening" you're talking about is. But your post seems more like jealousy.

>> No.10349782

honestly just be a lonelita and wear what you want instead of caring about those kind of people. indie brand wearing lolitas are still lolitas no matter what this board's trolls say.

>> No.10349785

this definitely makes it look more like a costume though

>> No.10349788

Do you know how expensive a 25000¥ dress was in 1999? And Baby, AP, and Meta have hardly raised their priced from that in 20 years. J et J is one of the only brands I noticed track inflation properly

>> No.10349843 [DELETED] 

Those flats are disgusting and ruin their coords.

>> No.10349849

This irritates me so much, people bitch about the quality going down but don’t understand that it’s because the cost has essentially gone down By not raising with inflation. Fast fashion and cheap Chinese knockoff’s have ruined people’s understanding of how much a quality garment should cost, so the brands can’t raise prices to keep up with inflation and instead have to make a poorer quality product as their prices essentially drop over time

>> No.10349857

hard agree and no idea why people are denying this. I don't own maybe taobao pieces, but someone can wear head to toe brand and look worse than someone wearing taobao simply because one has a better eye for colour/coordinating. Wearing brand is not an easy way to look good. You still have to have a good eye in head to toe brand or high quality pieces.
I can't defend complaining that a "40 dollar blouse is too expensive" though. you can get really nice brand pieces that are good condition for cheap. I bought a short sleeved black btssb blouse for 15 bucks on mercari which was in really nice condition and i wasn't competing with anyone for it, either. I don't think these situations are uncommon.
I hate wigs but in OTT i really love them. if these girls weren't wearing wigs people would still think they were wearing costumes, anyways, so who cares?

>> No.10349927


Feels like this outs your situation as a poorfag -- do you really need to recoup money on your "collection" that badly when you're "done" with a lifelong hobby?

There's girls out there rich enough to spend money on 5-digit designer purses that they throw out after the trend/season is over, why is it so hard to believe some girls spend it on $300 dresses without caring about the resale value?

>> No.10349951

This, people bitch about poly honey cake but for a college student a $300 dress is a lot more affordable than what it would cost for nice colorfast japanese printed cotton fabric. And no, your nasty thin spoonflower fabrics aren't representative of what nice quality printed fabrics should cost

>> No.10349954

Yeah we get it you're poor and shit at budgeting

>> No.10349956
File: 403 KB, 561x366, 93287543958734895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10349958

>embrace the thigh
This. I personally think dresses look best when they fall just slightly above/at the knee. Most new brand dresses fall just below the knee for me even though I'm not that short by asian standards and I find it really unflattering and frumpy.

>> No.10349960

start the thread anon, I need this.

>> No.10349963

where did anyone say that they don't wear the shit they own tho

>> No.10349965

I'd like a thread like that, even if I'm not able to contribute

>> No.10349967 [DELETED] 

Did you read the post chain?

>having a big wardrobe outs you as a poorfag
Your whole post is implying things I didn't even say or talk about and arguing against those, so there's nothing I can really reply. I'm saying those who only collect without using will have a shit time once we enter an economic crisis.

Most of the ones with big wardrobes I know don't.

>> No.10349970

Did you read the post chain?

>having a big wardrobe outs you as a poorfag
Your whole post is implying things I didn't even say or talk about or implying the actual opposite and arguing against those, so there's nothing I can really reply. I'm saying those who only collect without using and only care about the rarity and value of their items will have a shit time once we enter an economic crisis.

Most of the ones with big wardrobes I know don't.

>> No.10349982


Not the big wardrobe. The focus on the value, be it the resale value or "how expensive their belongings are".

If these girls are buying $300 dresses with full knowledge it might be worth $0 when it's time to sell, then I just don't see how or where the "rude awakening" is going to come from. Big-wardrobe anon just assumes all they need to care about what their wardrobe is worth for some reason, rather than treating it as an entertainment expense that's fully written off.

>> No.10349983

With old Moitie, I think their non print items are much better quality than their prints. I think new Moitie just looks inferior from what I’ve seen online, I haven’t seen anything new in person though.

>> No.10349985

I came here to post this! I took a little break from the fashion and when I came back people were suddenly acting like wrist cuffs are a must-have when before they were just another accessory. It's baffling to me. Even people who should know better like Lor I've heard say things like "I didn't even have wrist cuffs on!" as if it's a given.

>> No.10349987

Lor seems to think you need some wrist accessories or decoration but not neccesarily cuffs. I disagree that you really need something on your wrists in every style.

I wear old school and prefer long sleeved blouses and cutsews but even short sleeved coords for me feel better without wristcuffs.

>> No.10349990

The posts are talking about people who focus on the value and rarity. Stop arguing against walls.

>> No.10349995

Unless you’re wearing normie looking classic, Lolita will always look like a costume to normies. I don’t see it as a costume so why would I care that someone is wrong about how I dress?

>> No.10350023


Yes, but they also both automatically assume girl is going to be crying her eyes out when it's no longer trendy, because for them, the dollar value is high, expensive and difficult.

In reality the rich girl probably doesn't even register the value, maybe it costs her like some fraction of her trust fund paycheck. Why would you think she's gonna be upset her collection is no longer rare and valuable? She'll probably throw it out somewhere when she's done playing with it.

>> No.10350030 [DELETED] 

Jesus, read the posts again slowly, no one itt even talked about trends. It's not that hard to understand.

>> No.10350031

>>10350023 #
Jesus, read the posts again slowly, no one itt even talked about trends. It's not that hard to understand. The talk is about apples and you accuse it to be about cucumbers.

>> No.10350033


>> No.10350038
File: 39 KB, 700x466, Strawberries-Arnaud-edited.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


.....I can't even tell if you're misreading on purpose anymore so this will be my last reply.

It's just a comment that their focus on the dollar value (and that the girl must be upset when it drops) is what makes them seem like poorfags, because to them the dollar value is important whereas to the rich collector person, it's just not even relevant.

Gonna close with a pic of some expensive dessert that costs $9.85 million, which is probably more than the price of most girls' wardrobes. Still turns to shit after you eat it.

>> No.10350045

Wheres this straw rich woman coming from? Do you even into Lolita?

>> No.10350054

Anon's being dumb, but the point still stands. This is an expensive hobby, where people who get into it treat it as just a hobby. Resale value means nothing.
If you're spending money on a hobby fashion that should be going into savings or living expenses, then lolita is too expensive for you. The money you spend on dresses shouldn't make you panic over another recession.

>> No.10350059

Replicas are bad, being shitty to someone because of them is even worse.

>> No.10350064


Being shitty to people is bad, and producing and buying replicas is being shitty to original artists.

>> No.10350090

agree. you can't act morally superior when you're also an asshole.

>> No.10350093

usually the replica wearers are the assholes though.

>> No.10350101

It focuses on value and rarity because it specifically addresses flexing people who care about those things and no one else.
>If they (...) are bracing themselves with how rare and expensive their belongings are
>those who (...) only care about the rarity and value of their items
>The posts are talking about people who focus on the value and rarity
Honestly, it can't get any more clear. Learn to read instead of skimming.

>> No.10350108

>Buying something that is technically illegal is >bad, but hurting poor people's feelings is worse
Sounds like you're an ita, have worn a replica, and/or are close with a replica buyer.

>> No.10350153

I've always hated Honey Cake and still do

>> No.10350181

Even if I don’t agree with acting that way and don’t think it would be worth it even if it were morally ok, I can understand the motivations of someone who wants to buy something for a lower price, what is a little bit harder to understand is why people would want to hurt other’s feeling just for the sake of it. Notice I’m not talking about explaining why replicas are bad, I’m talking about being simply mean to replica buyers and saying it’s ok because ‘muh they bad’. It just seems you want to feel superior to someone and treat them badly to feel better about yourself and is using replicas as an excuse, but you do you.

>> No.10350183

Same. It’s so fucking tacky.

>> No.10350189

Sitting here in my Catherine OP, it's absolutely great quality and wonderful to throw on as daily wear. My new Silent Moon is much nicer than my old one too. But I'm never buying their accessories ever again, they're the cheaper bullshit ever now.

>> No.10350191

Glad to hear it. I’ve heard a lot of negativity about the quality going downhill so that’s reassuring.

>> No.10350194
File: 66 KB, 400x400, 85c8c5f4-945d-5059-90bd-898baeaa3184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imo it's more that their new designs aren't really the aesthetic people want now! In the years they were hard to buy, Moitie gained this almost mythical association with perfection and luxury... And CD Japan didn't carry a lot of the random homeware stuff and daily designs they put out in Japan whereas wunderwelt carries everything. Also, their old designer who is now the designer of Fairy Wish had a great eye for unique fabrics and patterning - she used all sorts of weird textured fabrics in Moitie and her brand made that semi-famous corduroy jsk with the floral panels for her own brand, pic related. Once she left, there was a definite dip in fabric quality, but that was ages ago before the current Tanaqro/Wunderwelt era.

>> No.10350197

Also their "new" designs are mostly rehashes of old ones or collabs, which is disappointing.

>> No.10350202

I sort of like it because it's kitschy and tacky but I'd never spend more than 150 USD
really baffles me that this is a highly sought out print

>> No.10350204

What's an example then? I'm thoroughly unimpressed with high end normies brand quality. Everyone makes crap now.

>> No.10350215

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but I seriously don't get LWLN and Tyler's on-screen personality.
I've seen videos of her interacting with people at cons and when she's in her normal self, she seems okay. But in her videos, her voice is one tone (is it meant to parody that certain youtube drama news host??) It doesn't work. I can hear the ups, downs, the drags in her voice without even listening, and just by looking at her face on mute. I don't even think that's nitpicking because it's so boring to listen to that it doesn't interest me in any of her other content.
Her jokes and roasts are kind of a stretch, some are borderline childish and silly (insert any excretory matter; puke, piss, dump..). I'm sure she's lovely in person but why this persona? I'd genuinely like to hear the gossip, and her frock talks but the way she presents herself is just.. I can't see how anyone finds it entertaining.
I wouldn't really say anything about Tyler because I haven't met her in person, and who even cares about my opinion right, I can just keep these things to myself and carry on. But she has such a following! To the point where people tag her in comments in a ~scandalous~ post on CoF (granted, some posts ARE garbage) like "Wow I can't wait until you talk about this" or "I'm reporting to Tyler". I think it's sweet that there are lolita internet personalities and they have fans, but I seriously cannot see what all the deal is with her.

>> No.10350233

I never liked her voice either. Just doesn’t sound right, especially wearing lolita.

>> No.10350257

I think it is supposed to be like a news anchor. I agree, the format isn't interesting to me.
I think people are itching for lolita media and many support her on principal. I watch them in the background when I get ready for meets more or less for that reason.
We don't have a lot of really good lolita youtube either so I think it is also a matter of being "the lolita youtuber". That is not her saying that, she just kind of is. Her and Lor.
There isn't that much to talk about in regards to lolita for videos so I don't know what type of videos I would prefer instead.

>> No.10350293 [DELETED] 

I hate when people with Jfash accounts post unrelated shit. Some dumb bitch i follow is crying about her health and having to get surgery on Instagram. Nobody cares.

>> No.10350343

She's doing a bit of a mid-atlantic accent which was common for radio in the 50s and still sometimes gets used for radio and news. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a bit tongue in cheek, but I can definitely understand why people would find it annoying.

If it's her voice that's bothering you, she doesn't put on that tone in her I'm Telling Tyler series which is more about individual issues and questions rather than the latest community drama, so you can always try those?

But ultimately, if you don't like her content, that's fine.

>> No.10351039

Princess sleeve blouses are yucky

>> No.10351921

It’s more that I don’t like being bothered by random people. I really like the fashion I just wish people would leave me alone.

>> No.10351932

I actually like Tyler, but the way she keeps leaning from side to side/towards the camera gets on my nerves

Pls stop

>> No.10351957

I like Bodyline. Honestly as happy with hunting down the older nice bodyline pieces as brand. Every piece of taobao I've bought has been worse quality than bodyline which is really annoying waiting months for a jsk and the fabric is so flimsly.

>> No.10357390

I've seen way too many shitty, obvious wigs for this to be true. Plus if you have long hair, it makes your head look swollen to store all of it under a wig. I think natural, well styled hair (with bangs of course) always looks better.

>> No.10357779

It’s just as cringy to talk about yaoi at meetups as it is to talk about kinks. Honestly, do you really think straight women talking about homoerotica getting them off might make gay folks at the meet uncomfy?

>> No.10358043

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion. The ridiculous anime-obsessed weebs always assume all other lolitas are like them, when half of us are just in it for the cute clothes.

>> No.10358228

I think there's a fine line between being an anime obsessed weeb and openly talking about porn in a public setting.

>> No.10358246

Who cares? I don't really understand why it matters that much. The people who wear lolita know it's not a costume and that's all that matters.

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