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Is this the best lolita in existence?

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Is this the best troll post in existence? No

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Who is this?

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your b8 is bad and you should feel bad

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Isn’t that jnigger

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Oh cool, we haven’t had this thread in a while.

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Where is sumipe anon when we need him

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Somehow she still looks a lot better than most lolitas here. Shameful really.

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Okay, I will post this in this thread since I'm sure it'll get deleted very soon.

There is a very little chance of you reading this, Krystal, but I love you. I know you don't swing that way, and I respect that, but I truly am in love with you. When you sold me your Fancy Paper Dolls, I couldn't even wear it because I didn't want your scent to disappear from it. Thank you for giving it to me without washing, I cherish it every night.

Do you remember when we went to Cold Stone together after the big meet for a one on one ice cream date? When you went to the bathroom, I sucked the saliva off your spoon. I know you would think I'm weird for all this stuff but I feel like I've been bottling it up too much.

If you read this, please don't confront me. I don't think I could handle that. Even if you love me back, please don't confront me because I don't know how I'd take it. At the next meet, when we hug, I will sniff your hair. Please sniff mine back if you still accept me, despite my weirdness.

I love you Krystal.

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Fuck I can't delete my post and mods haven't trashed the thread yet. Please report OP so I can stop panicking. This thread was supposed to be gone by now.

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No. Now you must live with the shame forever. The internet does not forget.

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>tfw no yandere lesbian lolita gf

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I unironically think she looks cute.

You dug your own grave. Even if it got deleted, it would stay in the archives forever.

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Is2g I’ll find this Krystal and tell her

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I like the coord. Simple but effective.

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Fucking jnig, she's probably bald by now.

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It's been screencapped for future generations to behold.

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>At the next meet, when we hug, I will sniff your hair. Please sniff mine back if you still accept me

Dude you are a freak.

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Krystal needs to fucking run, not walk, away from Sniff-Chan.

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>not knowing about Jessica Nigri

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>not knowing sperg nicknames for JN
ayrt, fixed it.

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She's not worth knowing, let's be real.

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WTF is wrong w u?

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Fucking hell mate

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Not knowing Jnigger in this day and age

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What the literal fuck

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You thought that love confession would disappear and the mods were like

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I try to be cool with lesbians but then y'all act like this.

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Seconding this. Just as creepy as men - but a more hidden kind and therefore even less easier to spot and avoid...like you might be friends with somebody who thinks of you like that and you don't even know.

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I have never wanted so badly for a post not to be a troll in my life.

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i hope this thread gets pinned

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And this is why we cant have nice things

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I honestly find this endearing and not creepy

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Kys creep

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sorry you've never experienced love

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I wouldn't go so far as to say I find it endearing, but if >>10348445 is not a troll it's possible she's just a young, awkward teen experiencing baby's first lesbian crush? I feel for her if so and I hope she doesn't kill herself out of shame. But also I would run a mile if I were Krystal.

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That aint love, that's mental illness. Sorry you can't distinguish between both you sick fuck

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what the fuck

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If it was a guy you'd say it was creepy.
Too many lesbians get away with bad behavior.

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Please see >>10348949. It’s insane predatory behavior. Normal people don’t fucking suck on other people’s spoons to taste their saliva, even if they are awkward

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Man: Oh man, she's so hot please step on me

People: Wow gross incel get laid

Girl: Omg please dominate me let me suck on your sweaty socks

people: lol girls are so funny nothing to see here

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Did you even read the thread? People are calling out this lesbian predator

>> No.10348956

It's more of a general observation instead of a thread-specific. I see that kind of behavior a lot from lesbians I know IRL.

I'm glad it's being called out here, actually. Needs to be more of that outside of 4chan, honestly.

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Plenty of women including myself have expressed that opinion but we get suffocated by a bunch of SJWs jumping down our throats telling is we’re homophobic. Even on here it happens. A while back I posted to a thread upset that a lesbian in my comm would poke my boobs or tickle me even though I’ve said I’m really uncomfortable with it and my comm told me to pretty much just deal with it, and I was told here it was fine too.

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How did a jnig thread devolve into this classic?

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>I see that kind of behavior a lot from lesbians I know IRL.

It's true, and I say this as a girl who likes girls. So many lesbians I know get these insane, stalkerish crushes on straight girls that get way out of line. I don't know why it is a thing, but it is a thing.

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>be me
>be wage slave working at cold stone
>two lesbians in doll clothes walk in
>lesbian #1 goes to bathroom
>lesbian #2 grabs other lesbians' spoon and succs the slobber off

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If you’re a dyke I’ll make the female equivalent

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