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Let’s share & discuss the worst designs the dear brand metamorphose temps de fille has made. I love meta but they have made some crack shit in the past!

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i really like that actually...

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I have a weakness for lacemonsters desu

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This fuckin thing. Literally bedsheet regretsy kei

Please see yourselves out

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Everything from meta is some crack shit

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This dress gives me hives

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Unpopular opinion: Hospitality Doll and Die Walkürie are hideous

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They have some really nice tartan stuff but all of their prints are absolute trash and it’s a mixed bag with their solids.

What about hospitality doll do you find hideous specifically? It’s pretty basic as far as a nurse-look goes. DW I understand because of its historical connotations. I guess you could argue that Hospitality Doll isn’t really “lolita”

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I like their older 2000s prints, nowadays not so much. Love watching people’s reaction to the tom foolery either way! Kek

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My first piece was a meta tartan, but even back in 06 when I was a tasteless tacky babby I couldn’t get into any of their original prints. The telephone print is cute but that’s such a meme now

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Room print 2008 is adorable and ppl can fite me on that

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Personally I like their all-over prints way more than the border prints. They don't seem to release them as much now but stuff like Old Emblem, the rose print, etc are super cute and wearable. And their tartans are great I agree.

The craziest shit I ever saw from Meta was pleather jammies. Like a bloomer and camisole set made of pleather. Lol.

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It’s a total ita magnet

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>The craziest shit I ever saw from Meta was pleather jammies. Like a bloomer and camisole set made of pleather.
I need this.

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I unironically like Juicy Basket, but pink is the only acceptable color way. Black is.... intriguing. The rest are trash.

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This shit right here. Literal clown clothes.

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Why limit this thread for just Meta

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Because meta is notorious for this shit. We’ve had threads in the past about general ugly burando. Let us lovehate Meta

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I agree. Baby and Aatp have a bunch some serious dumpster fires that rival meta.

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Then make a thread for Baby and AATP

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>not admitting Meta is best burando

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Other brands can't produce bad pieces, only Meta.

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But Meta ugly pieces are still loveable in their own way. Ugly Baby and AaTP is just ugly.

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Lovely lor is quaking

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I love meta & I also love to shit on meta kek

Meta is best brand & dumpster fire, two in one!

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That's my dream dress fuck you

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All the luv salt-chan x

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I also weirdly love juicy basket in black lol. It reminds me of a slot machine

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The black colorway was cute! I think that the accessories are the worst part of this collaboration...

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I love it in red. It just looks like you're a human picnic!

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I liked the choker, saw it on wunderwelt the other week but missed out. I don’t see it in this pic tho

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Honestly,Meta might be a dumpster fire but it's an endearing dumpster fire. I love it. It's a good kind of tacky. Fight me

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OP here, completely agree. I just love discussing and hearing people’s opinions on some of their deemed “worst” designs haha

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Their velvet pieces are also really nice.

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Lmao Anon! Holy fuck!

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I need it what is the name of it?

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There is an fb group called “what is that dress (Lolita fashion)” that maybe able to help out

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Teddy Goblin

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Teddy goblin is great, call my taste bad if you want.

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Your taste is bad, anon.

But so is mine. Teddy gobelin is top tier.

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I love this actually, the cute and print are great. Kinda reminds me of wallpaper people had in 70's or grandma's sofa.

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absolutely and completely unbased of you anon

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this is cute as hell

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God the “print” is just awful and tacky. If they went full 50s-diner-inspired with the design it wouldn’t be so bad, but these muddy colors and clumsily mixed styles styles make it worse.

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What, like how can it give a nice silouette with a cut like this ?

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Talk shit get fuckin hit anon

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That tacky print is still not cute. And what's with the other pink print besides the Barbie logo? Why is it all darker in color?

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I'm glad people love Teddy Gobelin enough to fight the same way I do

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it's cute but every coord I see with it is awful.

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