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Old thread : >>10337274

There are a TON of posts to catch up on, I'll dump until I get tired of it.

Went to a fashion show with miho matsuda, baroque, krad lanrete and more today

Dress: btssb
Blouse: i do declare
Wig: lockshop
Everything else offbrand

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Sometimes you just want to wear something to feel nice, even if you're not doing anything important.

Instagram is @househaunter

Bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Op, Bag: Alice and the Pirates
Ribbon brooch: Innocent World
Shoes, Socks: Offbrand
Wig: Lockshop, restyled

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Cthulhu chan desu!

A friend of mine once said lolita fashion often looks like people trying to cosplay random things like cake and bookshelves. Here is my Cthulhu cosplay then.

JSK - Violet Fane
Lace choker - @mystic__arts_ca
Everything else - Taobao

Details of dress, accessories and makeup in comments.

Concrit welcome:3

Instagram @elobot00

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Belated valentines picture with my beloved usakumya ~

Dress/ Headbow: Angelic Pretty - Memorial Cake
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Btssb - Usakumya
OTKS: Angelic Pretty
Shoes and Accessories: offbrand/ taobao
Other Dress: Angelic Pretty - UnBirthday

Instagram: candy.carnival

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This has already been posted.

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I'm just going chronological by the last few posts in the old thread, if somoene was posting out of order in the old thread there will be some reposts. I don't have the time to double check the thread for every coord, there are almost 100 that haven't been posted.

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First coord of the year. Opted to wear this comfy dress because the weather was warm,and also haven't been wearing it for a while.

More details in comments.

Dress: Mary Magdalene
Hairclip and earrings: Osewaya
Bracelet: not sure but it was in the Träumerei goody bag
Lace Socks: Sweet Dreamer Lolita
Everything else: offbrand

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You have time to dump, you have time to check

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