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> Cosplay/lolita/j-fashion accounts to follow
> Advice on posting and increasing engagement
> Instagram updates and algorithm conspiracies

> Self-post if you can't handle concrit
> Shit up the thread and derail it with drama. Take it to the farm/LC
> Vendetta post ffs

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I'm going to put on my tinfoil hat and stop using #lolitafashion. I've been getting less likes on my coords than I have in the past. If this continues, then I'll know that I'm just ugly nbd lol

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I keep seeing this posted but wtf is the farm?

Staying on topic though I absolutely love genesisoftheend. Something about her coords just has me enchanted.

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It’s not a shadow banned tag. If a tag was banned it would
>have a warning at the top of the tag page saying it’s been filtered
>the “recent posts” tab would be hidden.

For example, #valentinesday is currently filtered due to recent inappropriate use.

If you can search through a tag, it’s not banned.

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Absolute newfag

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Its referencing a site called lolcow

>> No.10346897

Guilty as charged...this is my first week on here lol

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Has the algorithm changed lately? I get same amount of likes but it's spread over few days. Before I would get almost all my likes on day 1 and only few after.

>> No.10347815

WELCOME :D how do you like it here so far? ^-^ We are berry helpful (hehe) so if you have any questions let us know!! and pls enjoy your stay :3

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p.s w/e you do don't go to lolcow D: . they are very mean >:[ over there and cyber bully strong irl female protagonists within the cosplaying communities.

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stop namefagging and kys out of /cgl/

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>Lolcow poster detected
Stop making up lies about lilypichu >:(

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Oh god, Soup is back.

Can we please talk about how people are shitting up #angelicpretty? I saw belle delphine's alternate account pop up on my feed because she tagged an ahegao post as such. I see this tag all over the place now used by non-lolitas. Has it always been like this and I'm just now noticing?

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I hate trannies so much

>> No.10347959

It must be part of a "kawaii" tag set that people are copypasting. I feel bad that sweet lolitas have to deal with this sort of shit.

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?? Lilypichu is a real girl and her voice is real too

>> No.10348449

I hate them and lilypichu

They all live a cruel existence : (

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Yep cocks are gross but lily is pure like sugar. She’s much happier now with Michael : )

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I follow the innocentworld hashtag and my feed is full of posts from Indian men. I just want to see lolitas wearing IW.

>> No.10348945

Omg, yes it irks me out every time. It is super weird.

Same goes for the #nileperch with effing fish photos.

>> No.10348965

That's... because a Nile Perch is a fish

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Idk but I’ve been experiencing the same thing too...

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How do I take nice selfies clear enough for Instagram? Whenever I use a photo app they’re too blurry, but photos with the regular phone camera are too detailed and show everything. Is it an editing thing?

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Take pics with regular phone cam and apply filters or edits with apps later on. You can choose the intensity/and or just edit target areas that way. I only edit out my dark circles with apps later on because if I don’t I look like I’m on crack and haven’t slept for ten years but with just regular filters it’s soo much.

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I've been experiencing this as well so something must have changed. I'm not complaining though as I'm getting more engagement on my pics than I have before, even if it's over the span of a few days.

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what are some egirl shops that the egirls on instagram shop at?

>> No.10350405

>download wish
>search egirl

>> No.10350406

>account posting explicit images of anime gore and irl self harm and bloody crime scene photos requests to follow me
>report their account
>”this account doesn’t go against our guidelines”

Ok instagram.

>> No.10350502

Idk if it would make a difference but you could try reporting the specific posts

>> No.10350508

I did report the account, but iirc instagram content is moderated by the same type of company that moderates facebook content so they have a high quota of posts to go through and they’ll just reject a bunch of reports because it’s faster than pushing them through.

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I meant to say that I reported specific posts too lmfao. I’m big dumb and tired.

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It’s under hashtag innocentworld_angel, the hashtag was created by the brand

>> No.10350948

Are items from wish knock offs of stuff from taobao or are they the same shit from china?

>> No.10351285

It’s stuff from China. Like taobao you just need to be sure that you look at store reviews before buying

>> No.10351516

minga london, lazy oaf, omighty, new girl order, unif maybe? Not cheap though but defo where a lot of insta girls shop

>> No.10351589

Probably dollskill too but they suck

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Should I block the accounts with no posts and no followers? Several have started following me. They follow mostly lolitas.

>> No.10351756

Do whatever you want. You don’t owe anyone your online presence. If you feel uncomfortable with them following you, then you can remove them from your follower list or block them

>> No.10351757

You can use dollskill like a catalog and then buy the pieces you like from the original brand lmfao

>> No.10351779

Maybe check if they follow brand accounts too. If they are only following people maybe they're pervs but if they're looking at flatlays and mannequins they're probably just shy.

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Thanks anon

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nyart but this is what i do lmao

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I just started a cosplay instagram. I have no intention of hitting it big, but I'd love to be able to interact with other cosplayers and sewing-hobbyists, so I'm trying to make my new account as pretty and open as possible.
Any do's and don'ts?

Also, creating a username is hard as fuck. If anyone has any tricks on coming up with a good one, I'd love to hear it.

>> No.10351883

Try to think of concepts and words you like and want to be associated with. Best to pick things you'd be happy to explain if anyone asked about it's origin. Rhymes and alliteration are great ways to stay in people's consciousness.

>> No.10352059

Thanks, that's really helpful. I'll make of list of things and try to puzzle them together.

>> No.10352355

Especially if you have multi-syllable words in your username, it really helps recall if you have some sort of space between words (underscore, period, etc). I can’t tell you how many times I just read the “appearance” of a username with the icon without actually trying to parse out the words, and then when I see the person at the con I can never remember their handle correctly. Try to keep it simple and memorable.

>> No.10352384

Thank you! I've typically used underscores in my usernames so I'll remember that when I do come up with one!

How important is it to have a sewing/cosplay related term in your username?

>> No.10352390

>How important is it to have a sewing/cosplay related term in your username
Not very. But if you want to mark yourself as a creative, A generic word like "creations" or "studio" is a nice umbrella if you want to do different things.

>> No.10352393

Ah, I'm glad to hear that. I was stressin' trying to shove sewing related terms in. Thank you again for the help.

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File: 710 KB, 750x1000, sticker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I make little accessories and such for fun, and I've got on ongoing giveaway for one that was inspired by Holy Lantern. Stickers are a new thing I'm doing and I've got some /cgl/ related ones!

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How often should I post coords? I want to post regularly but don't want to spam the shit out of people with low engagement posts. Bi-weekly?

>> No.10360050

What other things you post? Your coords might have bad engagement because you post tons of other shit and people have followed you for those (and are not interested of your coords). If you occasionally wear lolita/jfashion weekly basis is good as it won't be repetive. Spamming same coord multiple times just bores the followers.

>> No.10360053

Oh, I was just more wondering where that sweet spot is between "I've seen this person a ton on my feed, tired of this" and "This person hardly posts anything". It seems like any time I go a while without posting something, my first post back get a ton of engagement. Whereas if I post 3x in one week, the engagement kind of tapers off.

>> No.10360060

I’m a cosplayer not a lolita, but I post 1 or 2 times a week. Sometimes I’ll post more than that in a week if I’m at a con that weekend

>> No.10360063

Coord posts twice a week is good. I've seen a few jfash accounts switch to a format where they post once a week but each post is every coord that they wore that week.

>> No.10360065

So as a newish account, I normally only get 40-60 likes per photo, but on my last photo, I got 573 likes which is really uncharacteristic. I only got for two more followers out of it, and a majority of the likes came from Spanish/(some Latin language) speaking accounts. Could someone take a look at my tags whoreing and see which hashtag gave me the intense popularity? Thanks gulls
I tagged #classiclolita #oldschoollolita #handmadelolita #otome #casuallolita #japanesestreetfashion #japanesestreetstyle #jfashion #jfash #eglfashion #egl #music #harajukufashion #harajuku

>> No.10360067

A lot of spam accounts have bots set to like photos tagged with a specific tag. Your "popularity" came from #music and #harajuku, possibly also #harajukufashion.

>> No.10360075

Okay cool! I had music notes on my dress so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I clicked on a few of the accounts during that liked the post, and most had selfies/regular posts and just seemed to be Spanish weebs, would those be spam bots anyways?

>> No.10360078

Can anyone recommend some cosplay dance cover or dance tiktok like accounts to follow?

>> No.10361263

It's possible that the algorithm just picked up your picture and ended up showing it to a bunch of people who are following a certain tag. A lot of people who have kawaii/jfash accounts get a decent amount of hispanic weeb followers, as anime and stuff is really popular in spanish speaking regions

>> No.10361455

Check out

>> No.10361462

Fuck off rosie.doll

>> No.10361482

Not her but ok

>> No.10361570

Does anyone have recommendations for goth gothic lolitas? By which I mean they listen to the music?

>> No.10361598

What types of instas are these? Cosplay? Lolita? etc.?

>> No.10361599

Alright then pinkdreamdoll.

Do you even need to ask? You can tell just by looking at the usernames.

>> No.10361601

Def posted by someone in the pittsburgh comm. All but one are confirmed Pittsburgh accounts.

>> No.10361609

How is knowing they listen to an arbitrary music genre gonna help you enjoy their outfit pictures?

>> No.10361640

There is nothing in those usernames that implicitly refers to either cosplay or lolita. it could go either way.

>> No.10361696

Considering both of Rosie’s accounts were mentioned here, I’m guessing it’s her self posting.

>> No.10361719

It's not really arbitrary. And because I'm looking for lolitas with similar interests besides lolita to follow. Some people post things besides outfit pictures in their feed and stories and I'm interested in that.

>> No.10361754

I doubt anyone is that retarded. Most likely people just looking to watch their frenemies get roasted

>> No.10361772

Probably Naturally Racist. After someone in the comm dumps her she makes passive aggressive posts.

>> No.10361779

I just like those accounts. I only follow a few so far and they’re the main ones I follow. I liked two of them and had the others suggested.

>> No.10361782


What do you like about them

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File: 269 KB, 1080x1208, IMG_20200324_091620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I improve my ig?
Open for any tips :)
IG: colagiirl

>> No.10361845

Photos are shit quality

>> No.10361853

>typical egirl wannabe content

Take pictures with better lighting and quality. Don’t caption your pictures with dumb shit. Pick up a fashion magazine, follow some blogs, and get ideas for outfits.

>> No.10361867

Underrated lolita accounts?

>> No.10361883

stop trying to look asian.

>> No.10362081

I doubt this is really you, but you're very pretty. Your insta is just a collection of you taking selfies though, and you're a normie, so you'd really have to decide on what you want to do with your account before anyone can give you feedback.

>> No.10362086

What do you consider underrated?

>> No.10362114

I like that they seem laid back but are also enjoying the fashion. I just enjoy following them and seeing their updates.

>> No.10362116

Honestly I do this, I am a lolita but for now I have no interest in posting my own coords even though I like seeing others'. I can see why someone might prefer to block me though and I get it.

>> No.10362122

I would say anything under 1k, but im not op

>> No.10362193

Can you elaborate? And what did she do that was racist?

>just moved to Pittsburgh and is scared to death of the crazy ass comm here

>> No.10362208

Nayrt but if memory serves correct, she hosted a meet at a plant or something and she wanted to dress like the mistress of the plantation and the attendees were supposed to dress like the house niggers.

>> No.10362212

She also said that dark skinned girls “don’t fit the lolita aesthetic”

>> No.10362215

Yikes both of these are cringe. Are there caps?

Sage for off topic

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File: 49 KB, 483x242, B549678A-7111-47E4-AE1E-BEBB3BBB6C4C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 54 KB, 483x286, B2604FA9-F0C0-4199-9053-D13B77929E45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, also saying she doesn’t like hijabs with lolitas but calling them “punjabs” because she’s dumb

>> No.10362283



I follow these four and all of them knows about their music, although @mag.sugar is not very gothic lolita.

>> No.10362284

How can anyone be this obtuse. Lordt

>> No.10362302

Yeah this one never happened. The whole thing started when she got started during a chat shoving her whole ass leg in her mouth by saying when she thinks of lolitas she thinks of thin Asian and white girls. She’s ignorant as hell but she’s never gone to THAT extent for sure. She’s more sheltered and dumb than intentionally malicious.

>> No.10362304

I always assumed she was on the spectrum with her literal lack of a filter and inability to reason why certain things she says are inappropriate. Plus I’m pretty sure she’s in her 30s , can’t drive and lives with her parents who pretty much take care of her. Really doubt she’s neurotypical.

>> No.10362345

>Yeah this one never happened
Your right, my bad. I was remembering something that happened during the last few years of the LJ/EGL era. Not her, but definitely happened, I apologize, when your an oldfag you see so many crazy bitches in the fashion their identities start to melt together.

>> No.10362398

Staying on topic here are some old fav accounts and some newer promising ones.

@emmie.in.wonderland -newer account, country classic lolita, embroidery :under 500 followers

@hoshikawa030 -sweet lolita, lower post consistency but very cute coords :under 500 followers

@parumey -consistent posts, style varies favoring red colorways ::under 500 followers

@sixfeetof_frills -consistent posts, gothic and punk lolita. tall lolita :under 500 followers

@littledoeplaysintraffic - daily posts, favors sweet lolita in black colorways and polkadots :under 1k followers

@mllejacquesnoel - daily posts, gothic and punk lolita, mostly floordinates, occassional cat pic :under 500 followers

@masharubi -daily posts, punk and classic lolita, occasional art :under 500 followers

@morelkor -newer account, classic lolita with some punk, occasional art :under 500 followers

Will add more on my lunch break. I follow a lot of gothic and punk accounts but I tried to add some variety.

>> No.10362663

She’s apparently been caught self-posting before though.

Back on topic however...I really like @Rubanrose_emilie. (She’s just barely over 1000subs) I absolutely love how she accessorizes.

>> No.10362678

How dare you post these and not post the comment where she said "sand n*ggers"

>> No.10362711

Wow I actually don’t recall that one. Caps?

>> No.10362725
File: 513 KB, 312x745, Bambinolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would love some concrit. I am also not really sure how tagging works to be honest.

This is my main account so it's not all lolita but I do wear lolita a bit.

There are also loads of cat pictures.


>> No.10362857

Any caps on that? Because I was in on that post and can 99% guarantee that wasn’t said.

>> No.10362859

You're getting there! I would highly recommend cutting the bangs on that brown wig. I know it's scary but honestly, one of the hallmarks of a new lolita is the uncut wig bangs swooped off to the side. It's a really simple thing that can help your coords to look a lot more polished (as long as you don't make a total mess of it, of course).

>> No.10362877

This is fine for a personal account for your friends, but if you want to have a lolita account that other people enjoy looking at for inspo you’ll have to stick to a consistent theme and improve both the quality of your coords and of your photography.

>> No.10362880

These lists are my favorite part of these threads. I personally prefer classic lolita. Can you rec more to follow around 1500 followers or less?

>> No.10362887

It was brought up on lolcow a few years ago. She also has a fetish for dressing as Aladdin for sexual roleplay with her husband.
>Help me im being kidnapped by a punjab he's going to take my pure white virgin flower!

>> No.10362890

This is great, thank you

I'm also looking for tall or plus inspo. Basically girls with different body types, although I follow a lot of plus girls already.

>> No.10362891 [DELETED] 

Does anyone remember when J roomed with "Asami" (a black weeaboo) at Tekko Con so that she could take selfies with her to prove she doesn't hate black people?

>> No.10362953

Why her lolcow thread was taken down is beyond me. Anyone who has spent any extended time around her has stories of the insensitive bulllshit she says or her lack of boundaries. She's constantly trying to be a "kawaii" public figure and openly complains about Asians having an easier time getting picked for modeling. Plus more racist comments shes made publicly.

>> No.10362975

Your coords are cute but your photography needs a little improvement and theme. You seem to favor reds, fruits and flowers. You could get a really cute gingham theme going. I recommend a gingham picnic blanket and baskets for some floordinates. For daily outfit pics I recommend doing a simple background and mirroring your poses. You can mirror your poses by downloading an app called inshot. The fence area in some of your pictures will work perfect for a background. This will helps create a clean and cohesive feed. Selfies should either be a separate post or a second picture in your post.

Best of luck!

>> No.10362980

Never met her in person, but I was told she comments on other girl’s tits a lot? Super creepy if true

>> No.10362995
File: 78 KB, 640x640, 71941983_164250408022987_241764836573780509_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Example of a mirrored coord shot

>> No.10363005

I want to post the messages where she's being racist at rufflecon but I can't without outing myself.

>> No.10363039
File: 332 KB, 310x532, 1585207605065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think I'll end up repeating what other anons said which is good advice. This is absolutely fine for a personal account, but for a fashion forward account I would clean it up a bit going forward. Photography is key but thankfully easy to achieve. An easy way to achieve a consistent IG is, well, consistency. A plain white backdrop like a clean wall is a good start. Your fence behind you in some pictures has potential too, but would recommend to try to get a consistent angle every time and try to remove as much of the road as possible by being closer to the fence. Selfies are ok, I'm not a huge fan but I'm a minority, but you need to have good front lighting and if possible a cute background.

It would also help to be consistent with filters. Start light and try not to go too ham, and I would actually recommend an app like VSCO, lightroom, or one of their ilk to help you out. I prefer lightroom, but it can be finicky to figure out settings. I found vsco to be more beginner friendly.

You don't need to collage photos necessarily these days. Use the scrolling feature on IG, it makes things way cleaner.

I circled several photos which I think would be great as starting points for a good theme going forward. Once you get a feel for it you can experiment with different themes and backgrounds. You can use preview apps to help you going forward as well. In the past, I've used UNUM, preview app, and more recently Apphi. They're all ok, kind of buggy on my android, but they do the job fine.

Best of luck! It's kind of a rabbit hole but imo I think there is an intrinsic joy in a nice looking feed, whether or not I get likes from it.

>> No.10363057

As long as you're not in the same comm as her you'll be fine. Even then most people in her local comm hate her.

>> No.10363086

There was a bit of drama around her bodyshaming @pinkdreamdoll and constantly negging her

>> No.10363104

I'm in her comm and she said these super racist things in a private group chat.

>> No.10363162

I really would love a consistant theme ob my lolita feed, but somehow I can't decide on one. I also can't decide for a substile..

How important is a consistant feed?

>> No.10363181

My experience is more in cosplay insta, but a consistent feed matters a lot for keeping your engagement consistently high on all your content, though it doesn't seem to make any difference in how many followers you get or how much your work is shared (provided your content is all good quality). If it feels too restrictive I recommend just not caring, but if it doesn't make a difference to you it makes building a strong core base easier.

>> No.10363219

What's your wardrobe like, is it all over the place? If you can't decide on one substyle, you could try narrowing down your color palette or using the same background to held tie your posts together.

>> No.10363231

I’m in her comm and talked to her a few times. She’s off, but seems a lot like she might have some disorders. She mentioned needing to take meds and repeated food she was eating. Seems like an eating disorder and an unhealthy obsession with her body features in comparison to others. I DID notice the particular obsession with boob size though.

>> No.10363329

She's totally disordered, she seems to think she's much skinnier than everyone else when she really isn't lol. But she also thinks she's hot too, poor thing must have an ED and 2 glass eyes.

>> No.10363345

This girl sounds like a fucking disaster, please tell me your comm banned her

>> No.10363360

Unfortunately they haven’t

>> No.10363361

Why? She's openly saying racist shit and commenting on people's bodies in uncomfortable ways.

>> No.10363365

This is what I do, all of my main pieces go well with white and I try to keep the same type of lace

>> No.10363391

sadly it is, I really hate myself for it..
Thank you for the advice! I usually take photos on meetups so there are also different backgrounds, maybe I should start there

>> No.10363497

Pretty sure she was banned back when K8 was in charge which was when this all happened. But then she apologized and went to some POC to see how she could learn and change and she got let back in.
She definitely seems like she might have some issues, though. Zero filter, elevated sense of self, OCD like behavior, completely unable to tell if someone is uncomfortable or disinterested, seems to have difficulty doing normal adult things. She acts almost exactly like my high functioning cousin.

>> No.10363505


Also think of doing the same pose/same sort of picture or format. Helps tie everything together.

Maybe look at these accounts posted last thread to get an idea of how to arrange your IG? I'm stuck solidly in grandma couchland, but hopefully these could offer you better inspiration.

Multiple substyles
> circus_frills
> saintyule
> captnk8
> kulain
> beanantea
> elisabethfallen
> notyomother
> lidwinelolita
> minty_candy
> _wedjat_
> chelsie0042
> darkxdelirium

>> No.10363507
File: 95 KB, 750x369, 84FB5C87-A86E-4E4F-9DB2-B5C1A795F85C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just figured I’d give y’all in this thread a heads up, Maki just released a new set of stickers on line

>> No.10363511

At least have an icon and a bio so you don't look like a bot

>> No.10363515

She doesn’t seem to have learned or changed, lol. Also I didn’t even know K8 used to be in charge of the Pittsburgh comm

>> No.10363579

Thank you very much! But desu most of them are not a good example of cohesive feeds... But lovely anyways :)

>> No.10363697

cohesive feeds:

>> No.10364156

Honestly feeds that are too cohesive are really boring. They look nice, but the content fails to engage me.

>> No.10364160

What do you all think of people who post lolita fashion as well as different types of J-Fashion? Any good examples of these types of feeds?

>> No.10364410

Most of this list is great, but the third is quite hideous — why did you recommend her?

>> No.10364417

The 3rd and 4th are both terrible, but if I’m mistaken they are both in the same comm? I thought that Lola had quit Lolita anyways. It’s probably one of the two of them that posted this here.

>> No.10364613

Househaunter is the only good one on this list. The last two are terrible and i want to like royal_kawaii_’s feed but everything is so eye searingly overfiltered that it’s unpleasant to look at.

>> No.10364672

Same here, I get bored really fast by them, I like different substyles and photos!

>> No.10367248

This may be a bit of a broad question but i dont know how else to ask. What is the best way of growing a cosplay account? i've been stuck for a hot min and it can get frustrating when I try to make my content as polished as possible

>> No.10367251

what type of cosplay account? are you focused on creation and the process or are you focused on the finished cosplay and photo? it’s much easier to grow the latter as long as you’re cute, the former is difficult to grow and even the more popular accounts have low following numbers.

>> No.10367257

I post mostly the finished cosplay with a clean shoot but I do a lot of stories/highlights of the creation process since i make 95% of my costumes for competition. I dont do sexy or lewd content and i know thats cheap engagement but i dont want to go there unless the character calls for it

>> No.10367347

Fotm, unironically. Or throwing in some cutesy costumes like a seifuku costume here and there. Also tag spam and basically whoring yourself in tags with stuff like #thighhighs

>> No.10367352

Try doing branches of work related to stuff you’re doing and what you like. If you’re making competition-worthy work, then maybe do detailed write-ups or mini tutorials for different parts of the cosplay. People will come to learn. Make sure your WIP posts are really aesthetic and clean so they don’t feel out of place with the nicer shoots.

Don’t listen to this unless you want a bunch of followers who don’t pay any attention to the work you care about. You could find a niche or aesthetic you fill, and people who like that niche will follow you if they see that you’re fairly consistent. For example, doing a lot of high-detail high-fantasy stuff, a lot of magical girl shoujo cosplay, or a lot of bishounens or something. You’ll have a lot more fun engaging people with the work.

>> No.10367604

Thanks for you help anon! I might start doing posts for my WIPs instead of stories. My worry is loss of engagement, it's sad to admit but i get caught up in numbers (reach, likes etc) and i should probably learn to ignore that.

fotm when you make your costumes isn't it for me unfortunately, i need to have a love for the character otherwise i end up losing interest and wasting money and time on fabrics. I do tag spam to an extent though but i always try to make sure it's relevant to whatever i've posted. People who falsely tag is a pet peeve of mine.
I do a lot of BNHA which is kinda fotm right now so luckily i have that on my side.

>> No.10367605

Does anybody know if cherrycheezys fashion account is down? I tried to look at a coord I saved from her but I can’t find it. Does anybody remember the handle for that acc?

>> No.10368117

How many accounts are too many? I have one for journaling, one for fashion, one for just family and close friends and one personal. I’d like to start another just for books, since that’s cluttering up my main while I’m in the coronazone, but I’m aware that this is getting kind of insane.

>> No.10368126

I have a lot of accounts too (cosplay/costuming, personal, for my dog, and a portfolio account because I’m a photographer) and imo you should only have the number of accounts that you can maintain. For me, there’s overlap with my dog’s account and my cosplay account since I take a lot of my own photos and it’s good to have some variety in your portfolio.
It sounds like your accounts are all super separate so starting a new account sounds like too much. Maybe you could combine your book Instagram with your journaling one? For example, you could have a bujo page of books you’ve read so far and then have photos of those books as the next few posts with your review in the description, and as you read more books, you can post updated pictures of the bujo page.

>> No.10368130

I only have two active ones, one is fashion and the other art. 2bh I only really enjoy posting on the former one cause not only is it easier for me, I get much more recognition from posting my coords than my art sketches.

>> No.10368165

Hello! I'd like to reach more people on Instagram, but currently my IG is full of random stuff from my pets, cosplay, and lolita. Should I have a separate Instragram for fashion? I wear multiple styles of fashion both western and other Jfash, so I'm not sure where to put that. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and have a good day!

>> No.10368212

You need a separate account. Most prefer not to follow lolitas who post cosplay and random life stuff.

Keep your western fashion on your personal account too.

>> No.10368236

You can get away with having lolita + one other thing, like lolita and cosplay, or lolita and cute foods, etc but if you have a bunch of things than anyone following you for one of those things usually isn't interested in the others. Like lolita and cosplay kind of go together, or cute foods or pets, those work together ie people that are interested in lolita, probably would be interested in those too.

My advice would be have a fashion ig (for both western and jfashion, because I think being into both is somewhat rare and that could be your niche), and one for cosplay + pets as long as it's like 70-80% cosplay and 20-30% pets. If you have a bunch of pet stuff, might as well just make them their own instagram.

>> No.10368258

I've been thinking in making a new instagram just for fashion stuff.
Will instagram start pushing it to people I'm friends with in my main account? I don't wanna have to explain myself to normies.

>> No.10368260

Yes, especially if you make a new account and if you follow the same people as you do on your normie account. What I did was make a new account and let it sit for a few months so Instagram wouldn't show me as one of those suggested "new to insta" accounts, although I'm sure only a month and a half would be fine.

>> No.10368261

I won't be following any of my normie friends and I don't follow anyone that does jfashion. It will be a "hidden" instagram account just for me to post and follow people into alternative fashion.

That's a smart move. I'll make it soon but only get active in a month or so.

>> No.10368584

Oh that’s a cool idea! Thanks!

>> No.10370804

My reach got from one week to the other super low and I only get half the likes than usual on my new post. Has anyone similar experience at the moment?

>> No.10370835

Do you keep using the exact same tags over and over again? Cause the algorithm might think you're spam/a bot. It's always good to change them up from time. I have heard that using filters will also make instagram think you're a real person. Multiple pictures in slides or an interesting caption can make a viewer spend more time on your post too and that can become a boost as well for the algorithm. Oh and use 30 hashtags.

>> No.10370900

Same for me, No idea whats going on

>> No.10375196

I've the same problem my constant 10k+ reach dropped to 3-4k from one day to another

>> No.10375202

30 hashtags is not the way to go, it also contradicts the spam idea you have. It seems to be that ig hates people who post too often and wants different content.

Instead of likes its better to use reach as a determination of what is going on, because if the reach high still, then you just have a shitty post. No reach means no chances of getting likes. I dont think the normal ig account has this, but the one for "influencers" shows you reach and analytics that are interesting.

>> No.10375492

anyone have any recs for 2010s pastel vomit sweet lolitas?

>> No.10375511

I enjoy these


but I'm also interested in more recs!

>> No.10376803

I adore @_the_lonely_angel_'s coords. I think she's super underrated and deserves more recognition.

>> No.10376807

I think this is someone posting this to make it seem like a self post.

so on that note, underrated lolita accounts? Preferably under 1000 or 500 followers.

>> No.10376838

No one talks about those cosplayers pretending to be Lolitas for a reason

>> No.10376861

Jumping on board the request train. Any accounts that post lolita coords that could be worn to work? I miss FR’s old Montreal office coords.

>> No.10377058


>> No.10377062

Nayrt but does anyone have recs for small/underrated gothic lolitas?

>> No.10377118

My posts go on trending pretty regularly though and reach more likes than I have followers, as well as gain new followers. It's not contradictory at all to use 30 hashtags that aren't always the exact same. I post every 2-3 days and I already noticed that my lolita coords get more attention than larme ones, for example. You can get all the analytics stuff if you convert into a business account, but I don't feel like doing it because I enjoy instagram as is.

>> No.10377119

It's not a selfpost, I just like her coords and her theme. I never see anyone talking about her coordinates so that's why I assumed she's underrated.

>> No.10377158

reread what I posted. I said it's someone trying to make it look like a self post. you should know by now that you never post individuals to the Instagram thread unless they're amazing, because it's going to look like a self post.

>> No.10377872

>look at all photos I've worked hard on
>realize they've been posted in crappy order/they clash too much with eachother when you look at my overall profile
>don't wanna delete/archive everything

>> No.10377877

Pretty much any good gothic lolita is underrated, let's be honest.

>> No.10377975

It seems like the gothic and oldschool accounds tend to have more non-coord posts than sweet and classic, so I don't sub to them even if I like the outfits.

>> No.10378021

That, or inevitably they post something cringy af

>> No.10378353

I find most sweet lolitas to be incredibly annoying. The young old schoolers are also pretty bad.

>> No.10378424

What do you guys like in an Instagram caption, especially for jfashion? I'm at a loss as to what to say other than a general rundown.

>> No.10378437

rundown is pretty boring imo, its more interesting if theres a small story, something that happened while putting the outfit on, how their day is, anything even slightly interesting for example, but thats just me.

>> No.10379045

not trying to be deep or clever, that shit is super cringe. just some context for where you wore it, why you were in the mood for it, maybe some history of how you got it, and a rundown.

>> No.10379047

Usually just a short anecdote, pointing out things I really like or am proud of, casual chat, nothing too in depth but personable.

>> No.10379048

Good fairy kei/yumekawaii accounts to follow?

>> No.10379206

Please no fucking random Q&A shit

>> No.10380014

I fucking hate those random q&a captions. It’s SO obvious that they’re just trying to boost engagement on their post and don’t actually give a crap about what anyone answers.
“What’s your favorite color/season/fruit?”
Like bitch what’s that got to do with cosplay or jfashion??

>> No.10380017

Just any question being asked seems so insincere now; I instantly dislike + backspace away from a post whenever someone does that bullshit

>> No.10380210

Those random questions drive me up a fucking wall

uWu wHaTs uR fAvOuRiTe fOoD???

>> No.10380241

I actually get more engagement with sincere captions than people who do the random question shit.

>> No.10380249

authenticity is nice. just say what you want to say

>> No.10380484

I know ig doesnt do chronological posts but why does the same users post seem to "stick" at the top of my feed for hours while I have to scroll to see newer posts. If it wasnt my irl friend I would have muted or unfollowed them but this is making me irrationally annoyed at them even though it's not their fault its ig. I've even gone so far to clear my app data and when I do the fees resets but that's really annoying.

>> No.10380644

try deleting and reinstalling the app?

>> No.10380923

If ig is gonna shadowban for reusing tags do I only use the #cosplay tag every 3 posts or just use a different variant each time. Has anyone figured this out if they post only one theme on their ig or their a 100% cosplay photographer

>> No.10380971

IG does that because it shows you accounts that you’ve interacted with the most first. This includes liking and commenting, saving posts, and sending posts. Your best bet is to mute those accounts for a a few days and then unmute them.

>> No.10381452

Are people paying to get more reach on Instagram?

>> No.10381768

You can still mute them for a bit....

>> No.10381891

I reuse some tags every other post, but I also don’t post every single day. I only post once or twice a week currently, so I don’t know how it would affect someone posting daily

Only the pathetic efame hungry ones. Whenever you see a cosplayer you aren’t following on your feed (and I mean your actual feed, not your discover page) they’re only there because they paid to have their posts shown to more people. Honestly it’s completely unnecessary. You can get plenty of followers/likes by learning how to work the system

>> No.10382525
File: 121 KB, 211x212, brilliantkid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that sticker on a salt shaker

>> No.10382542 [DELETED] 

stop shilling yourself, you're shit.

>> No.10382556

Nayrt but that’s mean.
My reach actually started getting way larger when I started copy-pasting tags from previous posts that had done well, so I use almost the same tags on every post. Don’t know if it has any impact at this point though.

>> No.10382558

Who what in your petti? Jesus.I thought we used to like dream cathedral. What happened?

>> No.10382583

Who pissed on your brand anon

>> No.10382729

her quality went waaaay down. she sent anon some stuff that didn't cure correctly.

>> No.10382730

samefag but she was being cunty in a different thread about her quality going down cause someone told her how to properly use resin.

>> No.10382752

Caps or it didn't happen

>> No.10382826

Didn’t she scam a bunch of people on Etsy? Why are people still supporting them?

>> No.10382963

What happened? I've only had good experiences with her.

>> No.10383328

Have a question about multiple accounts. I have ones for art, gaming, and lolita fashion but I want to consolidate them instead of having so many. I don’t feel like it’s a good idea to consolidate them into my fashion account since it might make me lose followers but it seems weird to combine my gaming and art into one account.

Anyone have other similar things on their fashion accounts and see a significant drop in reach and followers for it?

>> No.10383330

Highly depends on what you draw, if it's fanart and/or concept/environment art for games or game-related then it could probably work out pretty well.

>> No.10383333

if you look on her etsy she has like a 1.5 star rating because a bunch of people never got their items

>> No.10383356

search the archives and read this thread. bitch is a scammer and sucks at her "craft".

>> No.10383368

That makes sense! My art is pretty much entirely fanart of anime and games. And OCs for said games....

>> No.10383467

Speaking personally, I unfollow lolita accounts when they start posting a bunch of stuff unrelated to lolita.

You could always give it a try I guess but you may lose followers.

>> No.10383470

Imo it makes more sense to combine gaming and art than fashion and art unless your art is lolita-related, especially if it is fanart like you say.

>> No.10384590

I’m blanking on the handle of that girl who always wears lavender. Once she wore pajama pants under a jsk or something and everyone here shit their pants. Can someone remind me?

>> No.10384703

Tsumiiko or something

>> No.10385102

What's the deal with @hanikami_bear? She has a super huge and really nice wardrobe but all of her pics give me the same creepy AF vibe.

>> No.10385121

It’s probably because of the very obvious eating disorder

>> No.10385126

Maybe the fact that the anorexia is making her look like a walking corpse.

>> No.10385190

wish people would stop twinning with her. they're not helping.

>> No.10385642

I love colossal and daisho so much, but every single time in the last 6 months that I’ve posted a swimsuit cosplay from those cons, the post gets ducking shadow banned. I keep checking and none of the tags I’m using are broken. Does anyone know what the hell is going on with this?

>> No.10385691

Some under 500 lolita accounts...


>> No.10385891

did cherry cheezy ever say why she sold a bunch of her jfash?

>> No.10385893

She said she quit lolita

>> No.10385995

any lolitas that pose unconventionally? coord shots look so stilted to me

>> No.10386008

i think there's an ouji who does fancy action poses, but idk the name

>> No.10386011

That's byakuya_a who is honestly amazing. I usually think ouji looks lowkey retarded despite liking lolita, but they make it look really natural and cool.

>> No.10386025

Lately I've been captioning my photos with my own concrit if that makes sense?
Like I'll say a one-liner or whatever related to the image, then say, "I wore this outfit for 'x' and if I were to wear it again, I think I would try 'y' instead of 'z' and maybe add 'h' too." I think it's a good way to caption but does it make me sound ita and lame?

>> No.10386039

desu i think it's pretty ita. if you know the coordinate needs work/isn't complete, fix it and post the finished one.
one exception, wearing something like comfortable shoes for an occasion where youre walking or on your feet a lot. including that you chose x item to make a coord more practical for x occassion is fine imo. i think it can be nice to see the fashion tweaked to make it work for different occasions in a way thats more practical but still cute, super polished con coords get boring and it's nice to see imperfect but wearable daily coords.

>> No.10386047

Nothing work more against you than pointing out your own flaws. You can do that with friends, but not when posting a picture. Not only you attract attention to these parts of the coord, you also may sound manipulative, like you are fishing for compliments.
I agree, wearing a OTT coord and describing what would be changed for it to be wearable as a daily coord or vice versa seems fun.

>> No.10386053

If you’re interested in doing that maybe start a blog and go into detail. It’s not really good content for a caption, but “fixing my own coords” is great blog content if you are thoughtful about it

>> No.10386055

If you are looking for gothic lolitas to follow, check out recent moitie's coordinate contest. They reveal who posted the coords after they've been eliminated, but nearly all of them were pretty good.

>> No.10386064

>you just want some followers, don't you? Anyways I can give you this tip which has worked wonders for me, while taking photos in portrait mode focus on nearest eye, drastically improves the photo.

>> No.10386071

Yes. I had a horrible experience where I used a pseudonym and was very cautious about who I friended and insta immediately rec’ed my account to a student of mine. Luckily the only photo I posted when I realized was toned down classic but it was awful

>> No.10386076

why not just block all the people from your main account on your 2nd account.

>> No.10386079

She wasn’t even following me on my main account OR following anyone I followed on my main account. I’m not sure if they used phone numbers for recommendations? I soft blocked her and locked down immediately afterwards but honestly fuck algorithms

>> No.10386095

Just checked, all the coords look the same

>> No.10386103

What coords look the same to you?

>> No.10386111

all of them, obviously, everyone is wearing black /s

>> No.10386129

Absolute state of sweet lolitas.

>> No.10386235

I'd go about it differently, how about something like "I really like this coord as is, but I'd like to combine it with x and maybe z next time and see what happens~" just keep it positive anon and don't tear yourself down cause that can be cringy.

>> No.10386367

I'd love to see that as a coord challenge. It would be cool to see maybe 3 different ways to wear the same main piece arranged together on the grid. Then you could definitely go into what you fixed, what you like better or worse about each outfit, etc. Alternatively, this would make great Instagram Story content.

It's up to you how you want to caption your posts, but in my experience Instagram is the place to show your best self. So even if you are criticising yourself, do so in a positive way.

>> No.10389150

Besides posting better cords and the stupid “how’s your fav color” engagement questions, what are some other ways to get comments on your pics?

>> No.10389158

I'm fairly new to ig and I recognized that a few of the accounts I follow comment on their own post with only hashtags, why do they do that? Is this for the algorithm?
I find it cringy and annoying because I like to read others comments once in a while.

>> No.10389165

And of course in the moitie contest two finalists are the edgiest coords possible. This community is dead.

>> No.10389171

Yeah I was disappointed too. They're so similar to each other as well (compared to all the other entries as a whole)

>> No.10389172

we aren't all like that i promise

>> No.10389174

I loved that mostly white and a little bit of black semi finalist coord and was hoping it would make it
I think it's because normies love that bondage shit and there's nothing stopping lolitas at heart from following mmm

>> No.10389176

I’ve noticed 2 kinds of people who do that.
1. Some people don’t want a block of hashtags in their caption so they put them as a comment
2. Some people have a weird vanity about hashtags. They want people to think they’re getting high engagement on posts from followers alone. They keep the hashtags up in the comments for a a day or a few days then delete the comment. It’s easier to delete a comment than to edit the whole post

>> No.10389177

be interesting.

no, but actually. start a conversation. talk about why you love the brand youre wearing or the occasion the coord is for, or how your coord makes you feel, maybe memories associated with a piece. Invite people to share their thoughts and feelings too.

>> No.10389329

The iron gate coord got to semifinals for the same reason the bondage ones did. Iron gate will get votes regardless, because of its reputation in the west (and the west is the main demographic for their insta). There’s a lot more lolitas at heart or sweet lolitas who know nothing about mmm voting compared to people who actually wear the brand, so some “basic bitch” trends were likely to be popular. I hope mmm doesn’t use this to inform new release decisions, because the majority of those voting, likely won’t buy.

>> No.10389613

Thanks for clearing that up.

I can't get what's so bad about hashtags in the posting. I usually put a lot of space between my main text and the hashtags and I think that bothers people less than making a extra comment. It just looks really vain to me and fake, like you said.

What's that supposed to do deleting hashtags after a few days, I'm really confused.

>> No.10389744

I'm mostly on ig for the social/community aspect so when I do ask a question in my caption I genuinely mean it. It's not random crap though, especially lately with the lockdown going on. I like to chat with people in general, didn't even realize that it's an engagement boost until much later.

>> No.10390042

The absolute state of gothic lolita.

>> No.10390066

I need insta help.. I don’t know what to do with it. I have a business account. I took a bunch of what I thought were decent photos, used hashtags, even paid a few bucks for a promotion. It just didn’t work out. I’m trying to sell things and build up a brand. Any ideas?

>> No.10390070

Can we see some of your product photos?

>> No.10390072

Is there a free app or something you can use to do a mock layout for your photos?

>> No.10390075

you need to interact with other accounts

>> No.10390146

How do I do that? Just liking photos? Or commenting and stuff as well?
I’d rather not as it’s not related to cgl at all, so I don’t want to get in any shit with people.
Preview app is pretty decent.

>> No.10390149

Understandable. Anyway to echo what >>10390075 said, you should go thru your tags and start mass liking things you see. From there, find people with a high follower count. Look through their photos and find ones that match your brand aesthetics. Go through the accounts that liked that said photo. Like their photos or comment and engage. You can find more accounts to follow this way too!!

>> No.10390969

What gets a post to start trending? It only happens to me like once every couple of days and I can’t figure out why that post. I did a side by side comparison with the ones that get picked up by the algorithm. Hashtags are the same as any other post. Quality and composition looks about the same. Is it just random? How do I make it happen more often lol

>> No.10391883

Is it weird to put your height on your bio? I appreciate it because I like to be able to picture what people’s clothes would look like on my build, but I don’t want people to think I’m pretending to be a model.

>> No.10391902

Cosplay or lolita? If it’s cosplay, are the posts that trend the same character/from the same series? Sometimes those get picked up hard if it’s a semi-obscure anime but one that’s gaining popularity.

If it’s lolita I digress, as I know nothing.

>> No.10391981

I liked too many posts and now Instagram is blocking my likes. How long will it take for the block to end

>> No.10391982

I can’t help it you all are just too beautiful

>> No.10391999

Consistency, 30 hashtags that aren't always the same and then figuring out the algorithm pattern of when you reach the "peak" of your post (so going from hundreds of likes a day to much less and more spread out). That's when you can post the follow up. I have noticed that some posts boom and then the algorithm calms down a bit, but my "less engaging" pictures will still get more likes than usual. This will go on for a while until the algorithm will pick another post for the boom spike which will be much higher in the like count than the previous one. Rinse and repeat until you get on trending more often and consistently because now the algorithm knows and likes you.

Also keep in mind that while the algorithm is like this now it doesn't mean it won't change anytime. But it's kinda fun for me to figure out the ins and outs of that. Oh and I'm pretty sure it's best to keep a personal account instead of creator because then Instagram won't be interested in butchering your reach and then ask you to purchase reach boosts.

If you wear lolita then it's also smart to coord a hyped up release asap cause that can get picked up for trending as well. And last but not least, participate in the community. Reply to stories, comment, do these "react to my story and I will post my favorite pic of yours" both as giver and receiver.

>> No.10392000

A little bit if it's in the bio, but maybe you could do a faq highlight that covers your height and other things like "How long have you been wearing x style?" or "What colors do you like wearing the most?"

>> No.10395985

I only follow accounts if I like all their posts, so I don't actually bother Liking their posts since then I'd be Liking every post in my feed. I wonder if they will eventually block me for not interacting. I don't want to post anything or comment, so maybe I look like a suspicious account. Do y'all go through your follower list and delete some? What criteria do you use?

>> No.10395990

I guess it depends on the person. I’m not one to red flag accounts that don’t like my stuff but decide to follow me. But I will unfollow accounts that IVE been following that haven’t posted in a while. Why don’t you just like their stuff anyway? Just like them as you stumble upon them so it’s not like after like.

>> No.10396032

>Just like them as you stumble upon them so it’s not like after like.
Do you mean to give them one Like when I first Follow them? I don't really understand this part.

>> No.10396044

....... I like every single post in my feed as long as it's not an ad or something I really dislike

>> No.10396145

I block people who don't engage with my posts or who have no profile pic or posts. It's sus af

>> No.10396160

I find it weird to follow someone and rarely or never engage with their posts. Instagram works more on engagement than follows so by following someone and not liking any or very few of their posts you're not helping. I normally remove people after a while.

>> No.10396225

Nayrt but they probably mean giving likes when you see their updates

>> No.10396334

I guess I'm too boomer to understand it. Idk what an update entails - I just scroll through my feed. And I like to interact as little as possible because of privacy; I know it's impossible to keep your data private from corporations, but I try not to provide extra metrics if I can.

>> No.10396341

If you see a post from them in your feed just like one every once and a while anon, that won't give away any more information then what you're already giving Instagram by fucking following someone. And it'll make you look more like a real person and not a bot. Also why do you think you're protecting yourself by not liking things, but safe while having an account on the site and following people?

>> No.10396425

>why do you think you're protecting yourself by not liking things, but safe while having an account on the site and following people?
I don't think that. I made that clear in the previous post. I just want to keep the data minimal while still getting what I want from the corporation. To have a feed, I must Follow accounts. Doing Likes is extra data that is not required. I'm one of those people who doesn't have the Facebook app installed, deletes interests off the Google profile, turns off interest-based ads on YouTube, opts out on WebChoices, and turns off location services whenever I'm not navigating. I still use Facebook and Google Maps, but that doesn't mean I can't make an effort to reduce the amount of data. It's not all-or-nothing. If people remove me, so be it. I was just curious about how often content creators do that follower pruning and what factors they consider when doing so.

>> No.10396786

Then why don’t you use your web browser and look at the accounts you like? You sound like a pervert t.b.h

>> No.10396817

I'm a pretty literal person. When I said I was curious about how and how often people prune their list, that is all I meant. I'm not aware of anyone blocking me and am not trying to evade any blocks.

>> No.10397388

Although my IG account is mainly a personal, I post pictures from cosplay shoots every Friday morning, since the Social Media marketing class I took said you get the most traffic when people are waking up (and during lunch time, and evening when people get off work). However what I was also taught was that more than 3 hashtags will actually decrease the amount of interactions/finds you will get on your posts, but I don't see how this is possible on IG. Is there any truth to this?

>> No.10397398

Your IG peak time changes based on where most of your followers or people who interact with you are located. I have a lot of followers in Asia, so my peak time is in the afternoon where I live.

>> No.10397399

I’ve attended a lot of SM seminars and from what I understand is:
1.) the time you get the most Interaction depends on your demographic. My demographic is for mainly women in a similar age group, so my most popular time to post is in the late morning/early afternoon.
2.) hashtag smart. You’re allotted up to 30 so think carefully on which ones you want to use. I performed a few experiments before solidifying my hashtag set up. I use about 20-25 alternating from ones that trend in the millions to ones that trend below 20k. The popular hashtags are a small boost in comparison to the lower trending ones. They might piggieback on each other but usually I see the most action from my lesser tags. Sometimes people avoid others with too many tags because it seems spammy, so if people actively avoid your posts then you’ll get less exposure. Also, if you use too many tags you run the risk of getting flagged as a bot and again, your place in the algorithm will drop.

Play around with your tags, and if you really want to analyze your progress, change to a business account for access to stats! I hope that helps

>> No.10397671

I delete them bc I like my account to look streamlined, I have minor OCD about aesthetics and layout.

>> No.10397730

Do you wear a tin foil hat too?

>> No.10397818

Have you guys seen the past the brush challenge in the lolita community?

>> No.10397852

no, I think the closest thing to that is abstaining from huffing the "new-from-the-factory" smell of my purchases. they use all kinds of dyes and chemicals I'd rather not breathe. otherwise fairly normal.

>> No.10397874
File: 98 KB, 1242x672, 6668C245-EA8F-406B-A2AE-2F0FC28E767C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sissy fetishist creeping on a bunch of lolitas

Block away

>> No.10398206
File: 463 KB, 1080x1080, 20-05-22-17-35-27-282_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fear this might be asked a thousand times already but what do you prefer to see jfashion wise: oodt pics with or without face stickers?

I do prefer without but I started to get paranoid with all that fetish blogs re-posting pictures from sm, that's why want to use face stickers now but I fear I might lose followers.

If you don't like pictures with covered faces would you prefer seeing floordinates instead?
I don't want to be super popular I just want a more interesting ig.

>> No.10398260

do any of those paid like sites actually work? my idiot friend is convinced they do, but i am trying to tell her they fuck with your reach. if i could direct her to somewhere that might help i'd do it.

>> No.10398263 [DELETED] 

They make your follower number look bigger. That's it. It's obvious when someone uses it and looks like they're just trying to swing their dick though

>> No.10398265

Photos with face stickers are a thousand times better than floordinates, imo. Floordinates often just don't reflect whether or not something would actually look good worn. I don't think most lolitas would mind the face stickers.

>> No.10398266

They make your number look bigger. That's it. It's obvious when someone uses it and looks like they're just trying to swing their dick though

>> No.10398268

yea i've been linking her stuff about that. she's just convinced it will work out somehow or something. (desu i think she just wants free influencer crap because she found out i got some affiliate codes for circle lenses recently).

>> No.10398285

Nayrt but what other questions would be appropriate to put in FAQ for a lolita? I don’t have a large following so I don’t get many questions but I thing having a FAQ highlight would be nice

>> No.10398307

I actually prefer stickers because then I can focus on appreciating the coord. If you're conventionally attractive, then the sticker keeps creeps away; and if you're not conventinally attractive, then the sticker widens your appeal. Sounds like a win-win to me. The only downside I can think of is that make-up fans might be less likely to follow you.

>> No.10398493

Yes! I think theyre cute and I'm addicted to watching them. they give me a new way to follow lolitas and I've participated in one myself

>> No.10398596

I love it, it combines my guilty pleasure for tiktok memes and lolita

>> No.10399786

Tell her any brand that’s worth your time is gonna see right through that crap

>> No.10401200

It look like an hour, but I found a few accounts that 1) are primarily gothic 2) primarily post coords, and 3) have under 500 followers:

@divinecross (her most recent posts are mostly coord focused, at least)

>> No.10401261


Kind of unpleasant seeing her barely fit into Moitie

>> No.10401293

suit yourself, I got excited to see a bigger girl wearing moitie

>> No.10401316

Just because you can get it on doesn’t mean it fits

>> No.10401317 [DELETED] 

It would be fine if she wasn’t busting out of them like a can of biscuits

>> No.10401330 [DELETED] 

She’s kind of a bitch now IMO. I understand wanting to do new things with your art and go in a new direction but after her “don’t do anything to mention me with my old art/products” she’s just coming off as really ungrateful for the people that gained her the audience she has.

>> No.10401333

You don't know what I look like but ok.

She looks fine to me except one that had full shirring. I think you and the other anon are just over reacting.

>> No.10401337

What? That's not what I saw on her story posts. She looks like she's getting back into lolita more actually and was quitting menhera.

I follow her on Twitter and IG and she said she wanted to focus on her art more and her game that she's working on which includes her art. She just doesn't want to make apparel anymore but you can even still get her art on shirts on Redbubble.

Where did you see her say this? I'm just asking, not trying to be defensive or anything but I do follow both of her SM accounts and I never saw her say anything like this?
Although I wouldn't be surprised because honestly I think a lot of her audience started in the menhera threads here on cgl and I can see not wanting to be associated with this place.

I mean just this thread alone is filled with rumors about her already.

>> No.10401343

Nayrt but she always looks like she is one movement away from ripping her main-piece apart. Her sleeves are pretty much cutting into her arms. I understand wanting to support plus sizes if you're fat but this amount of squeezing herself into dresses can't be comfortable.

>> No.10401348

nayrt, but she said she was quitting lolita and menhera in an old story and trying to more mature styles because she was 25. she may have changed her mind

>> No.10401357 [DELETED] 

She said it on her story about a week ago when she deleted her CherryCheezy account on IG but linked her red bubble so we still give her money for her old designs that she’s too good for now despite building her following on kek. What a cunt.

Why does she need to “distance” herself from /cgl/ when her new art is just a bunch of badly drawn anime tits?

>> No.10401360

Ok your posts come off like you have an issue with her and I don't know that you can actually give out information without sounding biased but your last comment just tells me I shouldn't bother listening to you.
Sounds like rumor nonsense. Typical cgl shit.

>> No.10401365 [DELETED] 

Ok WK. Here’s the link to her red bubble where she’s still gladly taking money for these designs. And you can look on Instagram for yourself to see her OG account deleted


>> No.10401370

can confirm, she put on her story a few days ago that she doesn't want people to @ her old stuff in posts anymore because she's trying to take her work in the ecchi direction

>> No.10401404

I was already aware of the account being deleted but it was because retards kept DMing her thinking she should just hand her account to them. I'd be pretty bitchy too if people did that to me.

I'm not whiteknighting but you sure are throwing all the cgl buzzwords out there in this discussion.
You need to fucking chill and admit you're also biased.

>> No.10401406

does anyone have caps or am I just supposed to believe some random anons online?

>> No.10401433

I don't like her or her art, but when she sold all of her lolita clothes on LM she posted about quitting jfashion altogether to focus on drawing hentai or whatever it is she's doing now

>> No.10401492

there was a story post requesting that people don't tag her in her old art when she deleted the account, yes. no caps because I didn't think to take any, but it sounded a slight bit weird and I was wondering what it's about. not mine or anyone's place to judge though

>> No.10401871
File: 960 KB, 828x1792, 88907434-CD31-4AB3-B4EC-65492F5EDCD7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people were discussing it within a discord server i use, screen cap here from cherry's instagram

>> No.10401958

Yup all those moitie pieces she owns are stretched loose now, RIP.

>> No.10402236

Thanks and this doesn't sound nearly as bad as the other anon was making it out to be.

She's not drawing hentai. I still follow her and her drawings are not that. She's working on a game.

>> No.10403461
File: 434 KB, 750x851, B4F89594-22AB-4281-833A-852D2F6D2868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you follow anyone who has a very small follower count for no reason you can understand?
Pic related has a flawless classic wardrobe, expensive and extensive, and something like 150 followers. She uses all the usual tags too so I don’t think it’s a matter of not wanting to be followed.

>> No.10404093

Is her account new? Sometimes it takes time to build a following even when you have good posts.

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